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Hyrule Warriors gameplay round-up: Alternate costumes, co-op, Jukebox and more
By Reece Heather on August 25th, 2014
Now that Hyrule Warriors has launched in Japan, it's no surprise that the whole game has been recorded and uploaded across the internet. It may be a minefield of spoilers out...
A Zelda News haiku
By Amanda Vanhiel on August 24th, 2014
We announce this week's Zelda News with a haiku: Conceptual art Link be a lady tonight ZU staff on ice Enjoy the video! [youtube]IgzuAxd9ZvE[/youtube]
The first commercial for Super Smash Bros. 3DS is brief but brilliant
By Reece Heather on August 7th, 2014
Nintendo has just begun to bring the relentless hype train to the attention of the general public with the first Japanese commercial for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. It's...
Watch Lana summon the Deku Tree army with her spear
By Shawn Taylor on August 4th, 2014
Lana has quite the personality. One minute her cute demeanor is shining through like the bright sun on the canopy of Faron Woods, and the next she is laying ruin to her foes left...
IGN and Nintendo Treehouse: Hyrule Warriors details, more Darunia footage
By Reece Heather on August 1st, 2014
Following their recent impressions of a playable Hyrule Warriors demo at San Diego Comic Con, the IGN crew also held a live stream to chat with Nintendo Treehouse's Daniel...
Sheik’s harp is the master of elements in the latest Hyrule Warriors trailer
By Shawn Taylor on July 31st, 2014
Last week we learned that three Ocarina of Time characters would be playable in Hyrule Warriors: Ruto, Darunia and Sheik. While the former two have already been featured in their...
Nintendo releases “Features” trailer for Hyrule Warriors
By Daniel Benavides on July 29th, 2014
Nintendo has released a new trailer for the upcoming Hyrule Warriors, titled "Features". The trailer shows off many of the characters and locations previously announced, with...
Here’s some gameplay footage of Gerudo Valley for Super Smash Bros. 3DS
By Reece Heather on July 25th, 2014
Nintendo World Report have been uploading some very appealing content to their YouTube channel of late, providing us with new footage of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. The team...
Epona USA brings high-speed racing to The Legend of Zelda
By Victoria Fiorenze on July 17th, 2014
The Legend of Zelda series may be one of the best known RPGs in history. The games meld together sword fighting, puzzle solving and simply awesome adventuring -- but what about...
Fi gets fierce in the new Hyrule Warriors trailer, plus higher resolution Famitsu scans
By Reece Heather on July 14th, 2014
I am 90% sure that you'll find Fi far less irritating in the new Hyrule Warriors trailer, and 100% certain that those Bokoblins don't stand a chance against her deadly...
The Zelda Universe staff tries out Hyrule Warriors
By Amanda Vanhiel on June 26th, 2014
During E3, a few of us were lucky enough to try out the upcoming Dynasty Warriors spin-off, Hyrule Warriors. We've put together a video of our first-hand experience with the...
Fighting as Link against Master Hand in Smash Bros. is more intense in first-person
By Kristie Hale on June 6th, 2014
With the release of Super Smash Bros. 4 coming closer, it's no surprise to see fan works of the series popping up. Recently, Filipe Costa, a YouTube animator, created a...
Meet Dylan, the 13-year-old retro game collector
By Reece Heather on June 3rd, 2014
Allow me to start this post with a recommendation: check out Pete Dorr on YouTube. He's a hardcore video game collector with a room crammed with an insane amount of games,...
Nintendo releases European Minish Cap Wii U eShop trailer
By Reece Heather on May 28th, 2014
With the Minish Cap out tomorrow on the European Wii U eShop, Nintendo has released a trailer for the release. It shows the introductory story sequence, as well as some gameplay...
Zac Efron and Dave Franco geek out over Zelda
By Daniel Benavides on May 15th, 2014
During their press tour for the movie Neighbors (or Bad Neighbours as it's known in the UK and Australia), actors Zac Efron and Dave Franco made a visit to Geek Bomb, where they...