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News and articles about The Legend of Zelda (NES)
The Legend of Zelda brought to life underwater
By Morgan Lewis on April 22nd, 2015
Kelsey Kronmiller, a talented artist in her own right, decided to bring both The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. to life in underwater form. She started her creative...
Gameplay video showcases Collectible Badge Center’s retro Legend of Zelda set
By Reece Heather on April 22nd, 2015
Collectible Badge Center is a Japanese-exclusive 3DS app that offers users the chance to unlock special "badges" to customise the 3DS home screen. This is done by allowing players...
CD-i song asks the tough questions
By Michael Bowerman on March 31st, 2015
What's up with Link? What is Ganon up to now? What's for dinner? These are the real questions to be asked when it comes to Zelda CD-i. Luckily, we have the answers given to us,...
Aonuma discusses the original Majora’s Mask
By Michael Bowerman on March 18th, 2015
Nintendo Everything has posted a final translation from the Nintendo Dream interview with Mr. Eiji Aonuma. In this excerpt, Aonuma discusses quite a bit regarding the...
Majora’s Mask 3D: Aonuma and the art of porting
By Michael Bowerman on March 10th, 2015
In a recent interview with Game Informer, Eiji Aonuma sat down and spoke on the latest Zelda release for the Nintendo 3DS, Majora's Mask 3D. Over the past week, we've been given...
Bring Ganon’s fury in latest Hyrule Warriors DLC
By Michael Bowerman on February 18th, 2015
Even though recent DLC was released for the Wii U exclusive Hyrule Warriors, we already have a date for the next DLC pack. On March 12, players will be able to download the Boss...
Eggs-ellent: Easter eggs spotted in Majora’s Mask 3D
By Michael Bowerman on February 17th, 2015
Many games have Easter eggs sprinkled throughout; little bits of coding the developers threw in to reference other games, movies, shows, and whatnot. Majora's Mask 3D released...
Netflix is reportedly bringing The Legend of Zelda to the small screen
By Morgan Lewis on February 6th, 2015
According to the Wall Street Journal, Netflix is reportedly in the early development stages of creating a Legend of Zelda television show. Supposedly being thought of as a Game...
Legend of Zelda speedrun world record broken
By Victoria Fiorenze on January 27th, 2015
For some of us more casual gamers, the original Legend of Zelda title for the NES may take around ten hours to complete. However, the art of speed running has become increasingly...
Hyrule fantasy board game has been “localized”
By Michael Bowerman on January 23rd, 2015
Reddit user zmilts has done something very unique, and pretty darn cool: He has recreated a 1989 Zelda board game in English. After acquiring the Hyrule fantasy board game,...
Zelda titles included in Nintendo’s weekly sale
By Victoria Fiorenze on January 23rd, 2015
The latest Nintendo Direct revealed a plan to bring several generations of games together each week for a 'throwback sale.' This week includes two Legend of Zelda titles, and NES...
Boss fights: Artwork features Link’s epic battle, amongst other iconic rumbles
By Michael Bowerman on January 18th, 2015
Many gamers remember playing iconic bosses in games; whether it was the first time facing off with Bowser in Super Mario Bros., taking down Mother Brain in Metroid, or surviving...
Music to my ears: Zelda Symphony discount code available
By Michael Bowerman on January 15th, 2015
Love music? Love the Zelda franchise? Well, you're in luck! For all North American shows, fans who plan on attending a Zelda Symphony concert can get a 15% discount on tickets....
The ninth day of Zelda-mas
By Veronica McKinny on December 21st, 2014
So as is now the habit of each day in our observance of this momentous occasion, we have additional lyrics of our song to share! Please enjoy today's segment. "On the ninth day...
Fanart Friday: The Legend of Zelda goes retro
By Morgan Lewis on December 5th, 2014
Today is the release date for Ultimate NES Remix in North America, and to celebrate this occasion we at Zelda Universe have decided to go retro with this week's Fanart Friday....