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Sidequests: Reuniting Kafei and Anju
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Joining the Search

Day 1, 10:00am – Mayor Dotour’s Residence

The quest to reunite these lost lovers begins bright and early on the first day. Link’s first stop is at the Mayor’s residence in East Clock Town. Once inside the reception room, you must enter the door on the right. There, you’ll find the mayor’s wife (Madame Aroma) and Toto (The manager of the Indigo-go’s band of Zoras). Link has business with Aroma, however, so you’ll go speak with her (She happens to be Kafei’s mother). After a brief conversation with her, she admires your dedication and rewards you with Kafei’s Mask (Why does she own a mask that resembles her son?) which, when worn, will let people know that you are searching for Kafei.

The Secret Meeting

Day 1, 1:50pm – Stock Pot Inn Reception Counter

At this time, Link must visit the Stock Pot Inn located in East Clock Town. Anju should be checking in guests, so you are to go confirm your reservation (I have a reservation?). Apparently, a Goron who goes by your name with “goro” attached to the end (i.e.- “Link-goro”) made a reservation here, but the scatter-brained Anju will give you the key to the room, thinking that you have made the reservation (Later that night, you’ll see a Goron sleeping outside the Inn). Once you have confirmed the reservation, visit the now-unlocked room upstairs to collect 100 rupees from the chest. Return downstairs and don Kafei’s Mask. If you speak to Anju after the postman delivers her a letter and while wearing this mask, she will be thrilled that you are searching for Kafei and will request a late-night meeting with you in the kitchen of the Inn

Day 1, 12:00am – Stock Pot Inn Kitchen
Anju has requested to meet with you at this time to discuss her missing fiancé. Apparently, the letter that she received from the postman earlier was from none other than Kafei himself. Following a short conversation, Anju will ask that you deliver a letter that she has written in response to a mailbox before the postman picks up the mail the following day. You can either: 1) Deliver the letter to a nearby mailbox right away as instructed (recommended) or 2) Use the letter as toilet paper by bringing it to the man who resides in the toilet of the Stock Pot Inn at midnight of any night, earning you a piece of heart. The latter, however, will end the sidequest in failure.

Finding the Lost One

Day 2, 3:10pm – Laundry Pool

Now, you didn’t think that you were going to go through the entire sidequest without seeing Kafei, did you? Well, if you visit the Laundry Pool at 3:05pm on the second day, the postman will deliver Anju’s letter (the one that you deposited) to Kafei himself (Isn’t it great how the postman is the only person to know of Kafei’s whereabouts? I suppose it is his job… Anyway, I digress). You’ll see the postman ring the bell next to the laundry pool, and a child wearing a yellow mask will exit from the door by the wall (If you were curious enough to check this door beforehand, you will have noticed that it was locked from the outside). This door was left unlocked for this brief moment while the child visits the postman outside. Here’s your chance- quickly go to the door and hide inside.

Day 2, 4:10pm – Room behind the Laundry Pool

You’ll go up a flight of stairs only to find what looks like a rather cramped bedroom. If you wait until 4:10 pm (The child needs an hour to read his letter?), the small child with the mask will come up the stairs. When he stops near the boxes, that’s when you should speak to him. He’ll remark your clothing style and will say that Anju mentioned you in her letter. After resting his trust in the fact that Anju had faith in you, the child reveals himself to be Kafei. Tatl makes a few snide remarks as Kafei explains his entire story- After being changed, he went to visit the Great Fairy in North Clock Town only to have his wedding mask, the Sun’s Mask, stolen by “some prancing man with a grinning face,” (This just isn’t his week, is it?). He admits that he cannot show his face to his Anju without the mask, the promise that he made to her. However, he wants her to know that he will still make the promise to her, so Kafei will hand you the necklace that he is wearing- the Pendant of Memories. He asks that you deliver this to Anju and keep the conversation you two just had a private one.

Day 2, 4:15pm – The Stock Pot Inn

Quickly run to the Stock Pot Inn and deliver the pendant to Anju- she’ll be waiting at the front desk. Once you hand it to her, she’ll be shocked that you spoke with Kafei. This is understood to be Kafei’s promise to her that he will return with the Sun’s mask, and they will be wed. Anju has understood this and has made her own promise to wait for Kafei rather than run away.

Day 2, 9:00pm – The Stock Pot Inn, “Knife Chamber”

If you visit your room at the Stock Pot Inn on the second night, you can eavesdrop on an interesting conversation between Anju and her mother in the next room. Her mother begs her to leave the city with her and to escape the falling moon, but Anju’s resolve is strong. She knows that her love will come for her no matter the cost, and she has decided to wait for him.

A Very Curious Man

NOTE: The following events will not occur if you rescued the bomb shop owner’s mother on the first night during this three-day period.

Day 2, 1:00am – Curiosity Shop

If you enter the curiosity shop at this time, you’ll witness a short scene in which the “prancing man with a grinning face,” known as Sakon, will attempt to sell the stolen bomb bags that the bomb shop owner’s mother was supposed to deliver on that first night. The man behind the counter isn’t too happy about receiving stolen goods, and rips off Sakon in return.

Day 3, 1:00pm – Room Behind the Laundry Pool

You’ll return to this room once again on the final day. However, rather than Kafei, you’ll find the man from the Curiosity Shop inside. Once you speak with him, he’ll say that he’s watched Kafei grow up, and cares for him. Kafei is gone- apparently every time Kafei saw Sakon, his blood would boil and he would chase after Sakon. Now, Kafei has actually gone all the way to Ikana Canyon to find him and retrieve his wedding mask. The man will end the conversation by giving you Kafei’s beloved Keaton Mask and a priority letter to his mother.

Breaking, Entering, and Racing

Day 3, 6:00pm – Ikana Canyon

Arrive at the large boulder at the end of the river in Ikana Canyon a little before this time because from 6:00pm-7:00pm, Sakon is going to be slowly working his way over to this large boulder. Behind this boulder lies Sakon’s secret hideout, and Kafei knows this. This is why you’ll find him hiding behind the small pile of rocks outside. Join him there in awaiting Sakon’s arrival.

Day 3, 7:00pm – Ikana Canyon

Promptly at 7:00pm, Sakon will arrive at his hideout and enter beyond the large boulder (Make sure that you are not seen by Sakon, or he will run, and the entire sidequest will end in failure). This is yours and Kafei’s chance- quickly duck into the cave while the door is open. You’ll find yourself in what clearly looks like a thief’s hideout- there are piles of stolen goods and boxes laying about the place, it’s dark and there is a door right in front of you. Enter through the door, and after it slams shut behind you, you’ll find Kafei staring at his precious Sun’s Mask which lies only feet from him. He’ll move forward to retrieve it, only to set off a round of alarms. The two doors on either side of Kafei will instantly shut, and his mask will begin moving along a conveyor belt toward a pit from which he’ll never retrieve the mask. He will swing around and ask you to step on the switch before you, and after a moment of hesitation, you should press the switch.

The switch will open the door on the right, and you will begin playing as a confused Kafei. Yes, for once, you are controlling someone other than Link. Therefore, move Kafei into the room that follows, and you will find four blocks surrounding a blue switch. Push the topmost block onto the blue switch, and it will open the left door in the previous room.

Your control will revert back to Link, and you should proceed into the now accessible room. Inside, there are a few pots and a Deku Baba. Defeat the Baba, and the next door will open on Kafei’s side. Lead him into the next room and you’ll see some switches of various color. Yellow switches will slow the conveyor belt, red switches will accelerate the conveyor belt and you already know what the blue switch does. Hit the blue switch and open the next door on Link’s side.

Move Link into the next room and kill the now two Deku Babas to open the next room on Kafei’s side. Move Kafei through to discover a yellow switch and a red switch both surrounded by blocks and another blue switch at the bottom of the room. First, move the left-most block down, and then pull the center block to the left to leave it on the yellow switch. Then proceed to push the middle-bottom block down to leave it on the blue switch, thereby opening the next door on Link’s side.

Here’s the final room on Link’s side- you’ll encounter a Wolfos. Defeat it quickly to open the next door on Kafei’s side. Move him into the last room and press the closest switch to Kafei. This will open the next door on Link’s side. Move him into the next and press the remaining switch. This will end the entire sequence by closing the trap door at the end of the conveyor belt, allowing Kafei to grab his mask. He will tell you that now that he has it, he will run back to Clock Town (he’s crazy…) to meet his fiancé there.

A Choice to be Made

Day 3, 12:00am – Clock Town

After soaring back to Clock Town, you now have four and a half hours to make a choice and to get some more cool stuff out of this entire sidequest. Remember that letter that the Curiosity Shop man gave to you? Well, it needs to be delivered to Madame Aroma. You can either hand deliver the letter to Aroma (you’ll need the Romani Mask for this), or you can hand the letter to the frantic postman at the post office. If you choose to deliver the letter to Aroma yourself, enter the Milk Bar, don Kafei’s Mask and talk to Aroma at the bar. She will be so thankful that she’ll reward you with a new bottle that’s full of Chateau Romani. If you take the other route and give the letter to the postman, he will resolve his inner-conflict of whether or not to flee the city and deliver the letter to its recipient. If you choose the latter, then follow the postman to the Milk Bar, watch him deliver the letter and be relieved of his duties by Madame Aroma and follow him outside. Once he stops outside the bar, talk to him to receive the postman’s hat. This hat allows you to check any of the mailboxes in town, and you might find something hearty in the first one you check. Make sure that once you do this that you are not late for the last scene. Hurry across the street to witness the final scene in this epic romance.

Last Moments

Day 3, 4:30am – Stock Pot Inn, Staff Room

The time has finally arrived- If you wait with Anju in the staff room of the Stock Pot Inn, you’ll see Kafei enter at 4:30am (1:30:00 remaining on the clock). He slowly opens the door, enters the room and closes it behind him. He and Anju look one another in the eyes for a moment, and then they quickly throw themselves into the other’s embrace, creating one of the most romantic and emotional scenes in any Legend of Zelda title. They exchange their masks, and make their vows to one another. You and Tatl are their witnesses, and as such, receive the Couple’s Mask, a memento of this occasion. The last words from this couple are as follows: “Please take refuge. We are fine here. We shall greet the morning… together.” Anju and Kafei know only that they want to be together forever. Whether this forever exists on Earth or not is up to Link.


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