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Old 04-27-2012, 01:05 PM
Kai Rogers Kai Rogers is offline
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Zelda's Timeline Fault!!!

Okay fellas, here we go.

I'm going to try and make this short, and since we all already know the timeline for the games (if you don't, look it up) and we already have played Skyward Sword and beaten it (if you haven't and wish for no spoilers, STOP READING THIS!!! It is recommended not to continue if you wish for no spoilers). So let's get down to it:

This theory involves Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, and a little bit about the new TLOZ games coming out in the near future.


Zelda SS houses the language of the Ancient Hylians and we are now able to read this new font and type it as well thanks to one code-cracker we all know and love: Sarinilli. But did you realize it also holds another language??? That's right, TP's Modern Hylian! This Modern Hylian is seen on the doors housing Zelda in the Sealed Grounds, written on some walls in the final temple in the Goddess Statue, and possibly in other sacred places I may not have searched for precisely.


So, two languages of Hylian are seen in SS, and according to the canon timeline: SS comes first and TP is last on one of the branches of the timeline. How could this be? Why put a modern language in such an ancient time? Here's where the theory comes in. The Ancient Hylian is the original language, so we can put that aside, just keep in mind that the Ancient Hylian is normal and the Modern Hylian is not. If both languages are mentioned and seen in SS and both languages on exact opposite ends of the timeline spectrum, how could this even be possible? Either the authors of the game/timeline simply messed up in either writing the timeline or designing the game OR this was all on purpose. If it wasn't an accident, then we should see another game in the future that comes before SS and (just like OOT) should have something to do with time travel in which case the new Link brings back some of the new language, possibly in, oh, you know... the Book of Mudora from ALttP?

The Book of Mudora was used in ALttP to translate the Hylian text on the Pedestal of Time in the forest and could possibly be connected to SS and TP. Time travel could be responsible for this theory and therefore would create yet another branch in the timeline from which Nintendo could produce many more Zelda games by using it as an excuse by causing another split-time branch.


So to wrap it all up, we should see another game in the future that comes before SS, relates to time travel and the legend of the Hero of Time, and may just be the most stereotypical Zelda game in the franchise... Maybe Zelda Wii U? We won't know until it happens. If none of this is correct though, then it was just another fun theory to post on the web and they made a small mistake in the game design.

I have put much thought into this theory and for those who would like to either add ideas or even rule out the possibilities of my theory, then don't hesitate to post.
-Kai Rogers
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Old 04-29-2012, 04:54 AM
Norebo Italy Norebo is offline
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Re: Zelda's Timeline Fault!!!

Wow you put a lot of thought into this. I wonder why nobody replied.
Also, welcome to ZU theorizing! =D

I think both TP and SS Hylian are both to be considered part of the same era. I mean, in TP we can find writings in very ancient places (such as the Temple of Time), meaning that that alphabet has been around for a very loooong time. It can be seen on the broken time gate in Lanayru Desert in SS too, go figure.
Given this, and adding the fact that both languages are based on English, my guess is that they're different "fonts" or "styles" (like in real life) used to write the same language at roughly the same time...
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Old 05-01-2012, 01:16 PM
Kai Rogers Kai Rogers is offline
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Re: Zelda's Timeline Fault!!!

Thanks for the welcome.

I realize that this is just a game and that the languages aren't real and the timeline was all made up, but its a language nonetheless and a time frame that needs to be stuck to. SS happened first, then branched off somewhere amongst the three other timelines, TP is second to last. Either way, SS happened first and therefore I'll point a strongly disagreeing finger at Modern Hylian. To me it's ludacris, shenannigans, blasphemy, you get the point... When something doesn't make sense, it tends to make the rest of it (or at least a good chunk of the story) make little to no sense too.

Questions are meant to be answered and mistakes are meant to be fixed. Either this Modern Hylian is one huge mistake (little if you dont care about storylines, but then again who doesn't... it's freakin' Zelda!) or we have some poking around to do when the next couple games come out. I'm pretty sure that even without this fluke/questionaire we're (as a Zelda fan community) definitely going to be doing some prodding through the Zelda games to discover their secrets. If anyone has something to add to this theory, please do, wether it's complimentary or contradictory, some new information to play with would help. Thanks.

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The languages evolve and between SS and TP: maybe a few hundred years happened, 600 is my guess. Judging by how quickly languages recycle in the Zelda timeline, one or two other languages needed to be cycled inbetween Ancient Hylian and Modern Hylian. Just a guess.
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