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View Poll Results: Do you believe in the double MM timeline theory as a valid possibility?
Yes 1 6.25%
No 15 93.75%
Voters: 16. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 09-28-2009, 11:51 PM
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Re: Do you believe in the double MM theory?

^How does your ALttP make sense? I might ask.
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Old 09-28-2009, 11:54 PM
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Re: Do you believe in the double MM theory?

^ Can you please just go and read both Hombre and myself's posts on the topic. Two different threads explains it. And, if nothing else, ALttP is on the AT.
Watties -__^

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Old 09-29-2009, 04:00 AM
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Re: Do you believe in the double MM theory?

Originally Posted by xoɹǝpnpɐpןǝz View Post
The rules don't apply to the paradox at the end of OoT, like I said earlier.
Changing the rules of an already established fact doesn't make your theory valid; it changes it into fanfiction. This sort of fanfiction is what we call "Alternate Universe" or AU. MM never happened on the AT because it's an impossibility with Aonuma's confirmation of the timeline split, but in your situational Zelda fanfic world this is a complete possibility.

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Originally Posted by Erimgard View Post
Dan Owsen was talking out of his ass.
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Old 09-29-2009, 05:09 AM
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Re: Do you believe in the double MM theory?

I posted a thread a week or two ago and eventually I lead to the conclusion of MM appearing twice on either side of the timeline. I want to know who thinks yes and who thinks no.
And you should know that you don't make a thread about a topic that already exists and isn't oldeer than a month. You can always ask a moderator to add a poll to your already existing thread instead of making a new one. It becomes very ineffective since you have to assume that everyone reading this thread read the last one.

This one is a goner. I'll make sure your other thread gets a poll if you just send me the link

EDIT: Oh yeah:

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double, theory

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