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Wolf Demon (Rated T/M for extreme violence and gore)

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own ANY of the zelda characters.
I ONLY own the non-nintendo characters like Junior, and etc (even though it's highly possible for the yeti in TP to have a yeti child in the next game...remember the ending with the heart and mansion?).

Do not copywrite my story!!

Wolf Demon

Chapter 1

A white wolf was walking on a snow slope looking for food. She looked up at the tall tree with giant frozen leaves in hope for some keese. The wolf's stomach growled, she hadn't eaten for more than a week. Her body was so skinny, that you can see her ribcage. She also had abnormally shorter fur than the other white wolves or wolfos...which are far more aggressive. The wolf started to rest on the one of the tree's roots. Her crystal blue eyes finally closed and she fell asleep.

The wolf woke up in a warm room and she laid sretched out on the red couch. She noticed some bread covered in a little bit of butter on a silver plate in front of the couch. The wolf jumped off the couch and sniffed it and then gorged down on it. She then heard one of the doors open. She turned around to see a large yeti wearing a brown hat or turban.
He said, "I see you're up already and eating food, uh. Want more?" He held out a piece of red meat and the wolf put her ears back. White wolves and wolfos alike watch out for yetis in Snowpeak Mountains. Yetis are known to kill and devour wolves and wolfos with ease. One weak punch to the head by a yeti can knock them out. The wolf stared uneasy at the unpredictable yeti.

She thought, "I wonder why he didn't kill me when he had the chance...
Probably just to fatten me up then kill me in my sleep."

The yeti said, "It's okay. I'm friend, not foe. You too skinny for me anyway. Besides, our family don't eat wolves no more, uh. You trust me."
The wolf thought, "Well, his eyes don't lie... I guess I can trust him...for now...He'll be my source of food..."

She walked over and took the piece of meat and swallowed it whole. The yeti said, "Me Yeto, uh. I have wife and kid in kitchen. You go see them since you part of family now."
The wolf followed him into the kitchen filled with a variety of gourmet food scents. Two other yeti were standing near a giant black pot that was filled with gourmet soup. The small yeti looked just like his father.
The female yeti said, "I see wolf better, uh. She's so skinny...Junior, go grab her some meat."

Junior, the young yeti nodded and walked off and put a massive amount of meat on a plate and placed it in front of the wolf. She gorged it all and stretched, she was full. Yeto said, "I'll let her go outside for fresh air, Yeta, uh." He opened the other door and the wolf walked outside.
Yeta asked, "What we name her?"
Yeto shrugged and replied, "Maybe Link can help, uh. He come over soon."

The wolf laid on the snow and stretched once more. Then, three wolfos jumped out of the deep snow and surrounded her.

"Can't you give a wolf a break already?" The wolf growled, a little annoyed.

One of the wolfos growled, "It's alright, guys. She's too skinny for us."
The other wolfos buried themselves under the snow and the wolfos barked, "What are you doing here? Those yetis eat wolves and wolfos and you know it!"

The wollf thought, "These wolfos must've been raised by wolves when they were pups...which explains how they speak in a more civilized langauge." She then barked,""I didn't want to wind up in this mansion either, cannibal. Why do you care about a wolf like me anyway? Most of your kind don't even care about each other."

"It was just a warning. Oh, and by the way, we wolfos do care about each other!"

"So that you can eat each other..."

"Your kind does the same thing!!"

"Not as much as wolfos do it."


The wolfos buried itself and somebody opened a door. The wolf turned around and saw a human. Yeto said, "This is our pet wolf. We got her recently, uh." The wolf walked closer to the swordsman and he patted her on the head. The wolf had never seen a human before. The human, Link, asked, "What's her name?"

"She not have name yet, uh. We still trying to figure out."

"How about Luna? She does have pure white fur compared to all those other dirty white wolfos. Just like the moon."

Yeta asked, "Can you watch her for awhile, uh? We have to go to Yeti Mountain, far away place. We not want to bring her to a place where yetis gorge down wolves. Please, Link."

Link replied, "I'll take Luna back to Hyrule with me. I don't do so good in cold temperatures for long."

Yeto said, "Go now before you get frostbite, uh."

Chapter 2

They were at the entrance to Zora's Domain when the wolf stopped in place and growled at the unknown scent coming from the tunnel.

Link said, "It's okay, Luna. It's just the fish and zoras you smell."

Luna stopped growling, surprised at what he had said.

She thought, "How did he know why I was growling? Oh well, nothing that important."

They walked through the tunnel and Luna closed her eyes as she walked into the bright light. She then opened one eye halfway and then opened both eyes to stare at the odd scene. Luna jumped when she stepped on the dirt and grass. She then felt the hard ground and then started to get used to it. She followed Link to a small wooden building built on the river. A woman said, "Hi Link. Nice wolf, I like it's smooth pure white coat. It's rare for a wolf to have white fur."
Luna thought, "Not where I come from..."
Link replied, "Thanks, Iza. Is it okay if I can rent one of your boats?"
Iza nodded and he paid her some rupees. He and Luna got into a canoe and Link started paddling down the river. Luna put one paw in the rushing river and quickly drew her paw back, stunned. She never came across a rushing river in Snowpeak Mountains especially at a warm temperature. When they were getting closer to the mouth of the river, a butterfly landed on her nose and she look cross-eyed at it in curiosity before it flew away. She then tightened her claws into the wood as the canoe went over a small waterfall. When they got off, she started to sniff around.

When Link and Luna arrived at Castletown, people stared at the large wolf as they walked through the small, overcrowded town. A beagle started to bark rude things at Luna. She growled at him and stood over him. He ran off in fear and she thought, "Pipsqueak...All bark and no bite..." One soldier raised his spear at her. Link said, "Hey! She's with me bud. It's not like she's a monster." He pulled Luna away by the neck scruff, resulting her to nip him, for him to know not to be pulling her that way. They then walked into a bar and a fat cat hissed at her. Luna laid on the wooden floor next to Link. He was sitting on a chair talking to his four friends.

Chapter 3

Shad said, "I've come across this book in the Sacred Woods. It seems to be a prophecy."

Ashei asked, "What does it say?"

Shad answered, "It says:

A girl with a wolf on her left shoulder will bring death to a city.
Destroy her, for she is a wolf demon.
The first sign of her appearence is countless, strange deaths of animals.
All eight spirits will fall, the Wolf demon will rise.
The wolf demon will slaughter all, only one can stop it.
His name is Majora, he lies in the place where music sings all day and night.
Only one song can resurrect him from the dead.
The song is one that heals broken souls.
Find the song in the sea of sands, find Majora before it's too late.
For all living and dead at are steak.

Auru said, "I've heard of that one before by a Gerudo woman in the desert.
It's just another legend of how the world will end."

Telma said, "Well, I hope it doesn't come true. I don't want to see my poor Louise dead."

Rusl said, "I think it's time for us to get back home Link. I'm having a bad feelng of what may happen in the future."

Auru chuckled and asked, "Did the scary story scare you, Rusl?"

"No. I've been....ahem...having nightmares of what may happen to Hyrule and Ordon lately. Besides, I have a newborn to take care of."

Ashei said, "See you guys tomorrow."
It was morning in Ordon Village. Luna was sleeping on the ground tied to a tree next to Epona. Four kids came and Talo yelled, "Link! Get up! Fado needs you at the ranch again!" Link walked out of his house and walked off with Epona. Colin said, "Hi Luna." He scratched her behind the ears while Talo was practicing his sword fighting skills on a dummie with Beth and Malo watching. A monkey ran towards Luna and squeaked somehing at her. Luna lunged and the rope snapped. She followed the monkey into the woods. Colin yelled, "Luna! Come back!" He ran after them until he saw them standing before a dead cat. It was Sera's cat. It's throat was ripped apart. The other kids caught up to him and Beth screamed. Colin said, "Luna, bring the cat with you. We have to tell Sera."
Beth opened the door and exclaimed, "Mom!" Her mother, Sera, asked, "What is it?" She saw Luna carry her dead cat in. She yelled, "Put my cat down you mutt!" Luna put it down and rolled it over to show that it had left the world in a gruesome way. Sera held her cat and tears flowed down her cheeks. She said, "And after she just had kittens..." Sera used one finger to slowly close her cat's eyelids since they were wide open when she died. Colin said, "I'm sorry, Sera." Sera asked, "Where did you find her?" Malo answered, "Not too far from the spring. The monkey and Luna found her first." Sera said, "I'll make a grave for her. You kids go home. I'm very sorry for you to see something as terrible as this." Talo and Malo walked home while Colin and Luna started to walk back to Link's house. When Colin tied Luna to the tree again. Link arrived with Epona. He noticed blood on Luna's mouth and asked, "What happened?"

Chapter 4

Luna was lying down in the ranch next to a baby goat. Link was riding Epona trying to chase the goats into the barn. After he was done, he rode home with Luna following him. She pricked her ears up and so did Epona. Both animals stopped in place and Link asked, "What's wrong?" A piercing sound was heard only by the animals.

Epona stood on her legs frightened while Luna ran off towards the place where the sound was coming from. She finally caught up to it. A large creature known as King Bulblin was riding on his boar, Lord Bullbo. He was carrying two kids, one was Colin while the other was Beth. Luna caught up to the boar and nipped it on the side. The boar cut her off and then kicked her in the face with one hoof. Luna jumped and bit King Bulblin in the shoulder and held on. He tossed the kids aside and grabbed her by the neckscruff. King Bulblin was about to punch her but something glowed on the wolf's left shoulder. Luna's eyes suddenly, glowed dark blue and she bit him in the face. Luna scratched his arm so badly, that the fat started to slip out of the wound.

He tossed her aside and made a u-turn and grabbed Beth and Colin. Luna's turned back to normal and she continued the chase. She then heard hoofbeats behind her and Epona ran past her. Luna sprinted meeting Epona's speed. King Bulblin rode off towards Kakariko village with Link on his tail. He took out a horn and blowed it. A large group of Bokoblins appeared behind boulders in front of the entrance. They shot fire arrows towards Link. One of them hit Epona in the neck.

She turned the other way and ran in a panic. Luna continued running dodging every arrow and jumped over the boulders that King Bulblin had jumped over right before the ambush. She slowed to a stop next to a cave that was near the spring. Suddenly, King Bulblin hit her on the head with his club, knocking her out. He grabbed her by the neckscruff and dragged her through the tunnel past Colin and Beth who were tied up. King Bulblin put a chain around her neck that was connected to an iron ball. He grabbed the iron ball and Luna and walked toward the exit.

Bulblin tossed both the item and wolf into the deeper part of the spring. He evily chuckled and grabbed the kids, got on his boar and rode off. The spirit of the spring, Eldin, appeared above the deep section of the spring. He used his light to change the wolf into a human. The chain slowly slipped off of Luna. She floated to the surface and Eldin used his magic to place her in the shallow water. In a moment, Luna started to cough out water and she started to breathe again. She then got up on all fours and noticed that she was human from her reflection. She white hair, pale skin, red lips, wore a light blue tunic and same-colored pants and boots. Eldin said, " You're lucky I saved your life, otherwise I could've let you drown."
"What did you do?"
"I turned you into a human so you can slip through that chain around your neck."
Link and Epona appeared and Link looked around. Then, he noticed Luna and Eldin.
Eldin said, "You're too late. King Bulblin is too far away for you to do anything about it."
Luna said, "Sorry I wasn't able to stop them, Link."
"How did you know my name?"
"Link, it's me...Luna."
Eldin said, "She's no longer a wolf, now she's a human. Under the circumstances, you need to teach her how to be a human."

Chapter 5

Link and Luna got off Epona at the Southern Entrance to Castle Town. Link said, "If we're going to get Beth and Colin back, we need to gather information about King Bulblin at Telma's Bar."
Luna nodded and they walked into the town towards the alley. A soldier said, "I'm sorry, we're just about to evacuate everybody out of this forsaken place."
Link asked, "Why? Is there something wrong?"
"A plague has broken out and not just that. Animals have been found mutilated around the place. We're moving everybody that's not affected yet to Kakariko Village. Oh, and here comes the crowd now."
A large crowd was walking toward the southern entrance/exit and Link said, "We'll help escort them to Kakariko."
Once the crowd was at Kakariko village, the inn and a few other houses were extremely overcrowded. Telma was holding her cat Louise and she said, "Looks like a part of the prophecy is coming true. Animals dying from an unknown cause, everybody leaving Castle Town...It's coming together."
Ashei said, "Looks like you were wrong Auru."
Auru replied, "That may be...but the one who caused everybody to leave was the girl from the prophecy remember? The one with the wolf mark on her left shoulder."
One of the soldiers overheard the conversation and asked, "What prophecy?"
Telma replied, "Certainly, no of your business I'm sure, honey."
"Well, if you don't tell me...I'll put you under arrest for assisting the one who caused all this rucus."
Telma and her friends fell silent.

The soldier had told everybody in the area including Princess Zelda about the prophecy and Zelda told the whole crowd about the situation and continued, "...If you don't turn yourself in, Wolf Demon...We WILL find you. We had blocked all of the exits with soldiers and gorons. The sooner you turn yourself in, the lighter the consequence will be...starting now."
Everybody started to murmur to each other and Zelda said, "AND to make you even more tempted to turn yourself in, soldiers will be searching for you by inspecting each and every girl, one by one."

Later that night, Telma exclaimed, "If those cowardly soldiers ever get their hands on me, they got another thing coming!"

Ashei said, "Not so loud, Telma. The more aggressive you are to the soldiers, they're going to get even more suspcious of us."

Suddenly, somebody yelled from outside, "Aah! Another one!"

Link asked, "What does she mean by, 'another one?"

Shad looked out of the window and said, "Oh my..."

Luna asked, "What?" She and Link looked out of the window to see a group crowding around a giant dead bird. Its insides had been ripped out of its chestial region and its head was not connected to the body. Then, a sheer cry came from the spring and the sky turned black and orange. Then, everybody had noticed a portal was in the sky and a Shadow Beast came walking from the spring with golden blood dripping from its tentacles coming from the mask. Everybody ran out of the inn. Link took his sword out of the sheathe and ran towards the creature and slashed at it. The sword had no affect and the Shadow Beast scratched him across the chest, making a huge gash there. Link's sword fell a few yards away from him and Luna picked it up. It started to glow white to light blue. The Shadow Beast ran towards and jumped at her. Luna ducked and held the sword upwards as the beast's stomach was slashed open and it fell on its side as its insides poured out of him. It then exploded into black squares that floated up to the sky and regenerated the portal. Luna asked, "You okay, Link?"
"Do I LOOK okay?"
Link opened a bottle and a pink fairy came out and healed his wound.
He asked, "Can I have my sword back now?" Luna handed him his bloody sword. Link washed it in the spring while everybody stared in amazement.

Chapter 6

Luna was exploring the Kakariko Graveyard. She noticed a golden ant near one of the grave stones. She picked it up and ran one of her fingers down its fragile back. She then noticed that one of the gravestones had a strange marking on it. Not the one with the symbol of the Zoras, a different symbol, shaped of a wolf. She then felt air flowing between the cracks. Luna pushed it aside and discovered a tunnel. She crawled through it and found a cave. She walked around the empty darkness and found nothing. No bugs, no rocks, just plain nothing. She then felt something hit her head and she collasped on the floor. She then woke up in a clearing that looked exactly like the clearing between the Ordon Spring and Ordon Village. A giant black and orange orb hovered before Luna and consumed her. A dark man floated before her. He said, "Well, well, well...It seems that I'm in the presence of the Wolf Demon. I'm honored."
"What? Who? Where? I don't see the Wolf Demon."
The man chuckled and replied, "You're the Wolf Demon, how can you not know that? It's written all over your shoulder."
"You're a liar and evil. It's written all over your scent."
"Pretty good nose. But I'm not a bad guy, the humans that surround you are. When they figure out that you're the Wolf Demon, they will not hesitate to kill you. I can provide a way for you to protect yourself."
"Well, whatever it is...I'm not buying it."
"Very well, I'll deliver it to you anyway...In time. So long."
He fire an black orb that hit Luna in the shoulder and she instantly woke up from her sleep. She shook her head and crawled through the tunnel and walked back to the inn. She noticed Rusl was there and she thought, "What is Rusl doing here?"
It seemed that he was talking to Link about something.
Rusl said, "Everywhere in Hyrule except the Lanaryu province is strange. The monsters, the sky, and everything else is messed up. Link, we must go to the Spring in Lake Hylia before one of the monsters get the Light Spirit."
Link nodded and they got on their horses and rode past the guards. Luna said, "Something's going on with the spirits...This must be part of the prophecy...There must be a way to get past those guards..."
She looked around for an exit that was not blocked but couldn't find any. Later at nightfall, she noticed a dead cucco in the brush and said, "Great...another one." Luna thought, "What if I am the Wolf Demon?" She noticed a strange white marking exposed on her left shoulder. It was in the shape of a wolf. She pulled her sleeve up a bit and walked into the inn. She started to walk up towards her room before a soldier said, "Halt." He grabbed her by the arm and continued, "You're coming with me."

Chapter 7

Luna asked, "What for?"

"You'll figure out."
Luna figured out what he meant and struggled.

A voice asked, "Why don't you pick on someone your own strength?"
The soldier flinched when he saw that it was Telma that said that.
She said, "You leave her alone. You're just afraid that you might end up like the animals, so you pick on innocent women. Oh, and tell your princess that too."

The soldier ran off and Luna said, "Thanks Telma."

"No problem, honey. I'll do anything to help a friend of Link's. I believe I never catched your name."

"Call me Luna."

"Luna? Hmm, that's funny. I remember Link having a wolf named Luna too."
"He named it after me."

Before Luna can continue walking back to her room, Telma asked, "Are you guys just friends or...?"

"No, we're just friends. Why?"

"Just curious."

Luna walked into her room and found a flying head creature in her room looking for something. He asked, "Have you seen my dad?"
"I believe I did not..."

"Oh, he doesn't look exactly like me, he looks more of a cucco with a head of a human and the feather color is golden brown."
Luna remembered spotting the bottom half of a cucco with the same color that the creature described in the brush after she left the graveyard.
She answered, "I believe I did saw him..."

The creature asked, "Where is he? Is he okay?"
Luna shook her head and the creature asked, "Is he...dead?"
Luna slowly nodded and the creature asked, "Can I see him?"
He followed her to the corpse and when he saw his dead father his face turned green at the sight. Luna said, "We should bury him. Oh, and by the way, what are you guys?"

"We're the Oocca. We live in the City in the Sky but we come down here if something bad happens. Oh! I forgot to introduce myself! I'm Ooccoo Jr. I was named after my mother. Mom...she must be still in Lake Hylia...I must go there before something else happens!"

"Well, we can't do anything about it. I've heard there were new monsters about and that it's too dangerous to go now. We must get rest before we go."

Luna looked around and then dug a hole with her bare hands. She picked the dead Oocca and was halfway done burying it before...
"Whose goes there?"

Luna and Ooccoo turned their heads. Shad was holding a lantern not too far away from them, but not close enough to see them. Luna squeezed through a small opening underneath a house that was next to her. Ooccoo Jr followed and Shad came closer and shouted, "Wait! I just wanted to--"
He noticed the half buried oocca, its head was sticking out of the dirt. He took out a book from his jacket and checked something. He asked, "No way, a real Oocca? What's it doing here?"

He unearthed the rest of the body and then said, "By Din. I guess the Wolf
Demon is now attacking animal-related races too or that it made a simple mistake and tried to bury it soon after..."
He looked around and unknownly took one step closer to the hiding spot where Luna and Ooccoo Jr were hiding. Ooccoo Jr flew out of the opening and exclaimed, "Hello!"
Shad fell back by surprise onto his back. Ooccoo Jr asked, "Are you okay?"
Shad took off his glasses and cleaned them with a small cloth, then put them back on. He asked, "Are you a--?"

"Oocca child, yes. My family came down here for your people's help. Me and my father were separated from my mom when we tried to escape from Lake Hylia. Every Oocca are seeking refuge from our city. Dead bodies are being found there so we left for our safety. They sent me and dad to get Princess Zelda's help. The Wolf Demon did not just attacked Hyrule, but our own city! How can we not see something like that come into our city?!
Will you help me get to the Princess?"
Shad nodded and walked off with Ooccoo Jr. Luna squeezed out of her cover and thought, "Sucker."

After trying to persaude the guards to let them talk to Princess Zelda. Shad was walking homem asking a million questions about the Oocca race.

Ooccoo Jr said, "You sure ask a lot of questions, mister. How do you know so much?"

"My father found books and ancient artifacts of your people's race near Lake Hylia. It was his dream to to find and meet the Oocca and the City in the Sky. People called him crazy even after his early death. He wanted me to fulfill his dream and I guess I've completed half of it."

"Wow. Maybe after this crisis, I'll show you how to get to the City in the Sky."

When they were inside the inn, Ooccoo Jr flew into Luna's room. He said, "Good night, Shad." After the sound of a vase breaking was heard,

Ooccoo Jr said, "...Ouch..."

Luna closed the door all the way and asked, "Where have you been?"

"Trying to alk to Princess Zelda about the crisis in Lake Hylia."

"You mean, you were telling the truth?"

"Yeah. Shad looked like a nice guy."

He yawned and flew over to the dresser and slept on the pillow that laid on top of it. Luna got into her bed and fell asleep.

Luna was a wolf pup running around in a cave. An adult wolf came in with a piece of meat. She dropped it in front of Luna and the pup ate it. Luna barked, "Mom, when's daddy going to come home?"
"I don't know...honey. I just don't know."

The wolf actually knew what had happened but didn't want to tell the pup the truth. Barks and bays of dogs were heard outside along with wolf growls, yelps and so on. Luna peeked outside and saw dead white wolves on the ground. The last one just had her head ripped off and Luna barked, "Auntie!"

Her mother grabbed her with her jaws and ran off. Three German Sheperds followed her while something held the others back with leashes.
Luna's mother soon found a fox den and dropped Luna in it. A white fox barked, "What's going on?"
"Please watch Luna for me, Todd. The rest of the pack were just killed. I'll drive the son of jackal Sheperds off my tail while you find a safe spot for you and Luna."

Todd quickly grabbed Luna and ran off when he heard the barks of the Sheperds. The dogs ran after the fox since they didn't see the mother wolf. Luna's mother barked at them and the dogs ran after her. Luna barked, "Mom!"

Todd growled, "Shut up or you'll give us away!" Luna bit Todd in the nose and ran after the dogs. By the time she finally caught up to them, her mom pounced on one of them and snapped his neck. Another dog leaped towards her. Luna's mother ducked and used her claws to rip his stomach open. The last charged at her and she sidestepped and bit its nose and crunched it in a second. Three more hounds came to the scene and one of them was behind the wolf. The other charged at the same time the other one did. Luna's mother jumped out of the way and the dogs bit each others neck and killed each other. The wolf jumped and killed the last one. A dog charged silently from behind and Luna barked, "Mom look out!"

The Mother wolf quickly snapped the dog's neck and tossed it at the other dog. The dog jumped out of the way and bit her thigh, disabling one of her hind legs. Two other dogs appeared and grabbed a hold of her neck. Suddenly, Todd grabbed Luna and ran off after the dog tugged the mother wolf's head in two different directions. Luna was silent the whole time with the whole scene repeating hrough her mind. From the bite in the thigh to the sound of ripping. Repeating, over and over again. She heard Todd growl, "Darn humans and their dogs."

Luna woke up sweating, she sighed and thought, "Just another dream of my past..." She wiped the sweat off her face and got up. Luna opened the window and the sunlight came in. Ooccoo Jr flew around her head and said, "You're up early."

"I guess it's time to go."

"What about Shad?"

"Just leave him here. We don't want anybody slowing us down."

She jumped out of the window and ran for the safety of the spring. Luna jumped over the waterfall, then into the tunnel. Ooccoo Jr yelled, "Wait up!" He finally caught up to her gasping for air then rested on her shoulder. Luna walked to the end of the tunnel and found ten soldiers and gorons waiting outside. Ooccoo Jr asked, "How are we going to get past them?"

Luna noticed some vines and above them was an exit. She jumped and grabbed the vines and climbed out of the cave. Ooccoo Jr said, "Dang, you can see almost all of Kakariko up here."
A fire arrow flew past them and Luna turned to see that there was an archer or two up on the lookout post.
"Darn it, forgot about them," she thought. Then, a voice yelled, "What are you doing up there?!"
The guards had tooken notice of Luna and Ooccoo Jr. Luna said, "Oh crap."

Chapter 8

Luna jumped off of the cliff and ran towards the gaurds. The Hylian Soldiers lifted their spears in fear while the Gorons stood their ground. Luna jumped over them from wall to wall of the cliffs that formed the path. She landed on a unattended chesnut horse and rode off. Ooccoo Jr was sitting on her shoulder the whole time.

When they were at Lake Hylia, Ooccoo Jr said, "We have to get down there if we want to get my mother out of there while avoiding the Redeads."

"You know, mummified zombie-like creatures. Their scream and looks can paralyze you. Might want to be careful..."

"Is there anyway to get down there, other than jumping off the bridge?"

"Well, there used to be another way...but the person who owns a house nearby panicked and sealed off the exit. Either way, you still have to jump off and land in the water or land by cucco or the natural way."

Luna noticed a black cucco nearby and got off the horse. She tied it to the fence and slowly sneaked up on the cucco and picked it up. She jumped over the bridge and the cucco's wings flapped so hard and fast that they were slowly gliding. Ooccoo Jr followed closely behind until Luna landed on a small island. Nothing out of the ordinary was found. Luna looked around once more and said, "Funny, I don't see any Redeads..."

Ooccoo Jr and the cucco suddenly flew away and took cover in the bushes. Luna asked, "What's wrong?"
She looked behind her to see a Redead was about to decapitate her. She jumped out of the way and got behind it as its sword hit the ground. Luna pushed it to the ground and did a flip over it and ripped its head off with her teeth when she landed and backflipped. She spit the nasty-tasting head out and the creature exploded into black smoke. Ooccoo Jr said, "Okay, now we just need to get my mom. She's supposed to be our new Royal Family messenger just in case anything happens to dad...She and the others are in a cavern near the lookout tower."

Luna noticed the tower and took off with Ooccoo Jr behind her. She hopped from platform to platform or bluff until they reached the blocked cavern. The entrance was blocked by boulders and guarded by Redeads. Luna noticed a Bombling nearby and snatched it. She quickly tossed it at the Redeads and they were blasted into pieces. Luna walked towards the cavern before she heard a noise behind her. She turned around to find nothing. Luna moved one boulder out of the way and she noticed something moving on the ground. She looked down and her shadow slithered away and transformed into a giant shadow Lizalfos in physical form (non-transparent). Luna and Ooccoo Jr were frozen with fear and the Oocca exclaimed, "Watch out! Bazooka!"

Luna noticed a missile/bomb-like thing coming towards them. They jumped out of the way as the giant shadow lizalfos got hit in the back. Smoke blocked the view of what happened, all was heard was a cougar-like groan and boulders crumbling. Once the smoke cleared, the lizalfos was gone and the entrance to the cavern was clear too.

Chapter 9

Link, Rusl, and a large group of Ooccas came out of the cavern coughing out dust. Rusl asked, "Where did that explosion came from?"

Luna shrugged and they looked up. On the bridge was Shad, Ashei, and Auru, who was holding a bazooka-like weapon. Luna said, "That explains the explosion. Even though now we have more protection, how are we going to get the refugees out of here?" Link said, "I know a shortcut, but there's only one way to bring them there...We have to go underwater, it'll help avoid the Redeads, but only I can get through the current and stay underwater for a long time with the Zora Tunic and Iron Boots. So we have to bring two or one at a time."

Luna asked, "Where did you get the Zora Tunic from?"

"From the grave of the former King Zora. I think Prince Ralis makes some too, but it's impossible to get over the falls."

"Watch me."

Luna jumped into the water and swam towards the falls. She climbed onto a rock that was next to the small waterfall and from there, she jumped from rock to rock upstream. Then, when there was wasn't anymore rocks or boulders, she jumped into the water and swam upstream nonstop without getting pushed back by the current. When Luna reached the middle, she climbed onto a large rock and laid there exhausted. She thought, "It would be much easier if I was a giant wolf, then I could just go through the stream as if it was nothing."
Her mark glowed and she transformed into a giant wolf twice as tall as Ganon in his beast form.

She said, "Perfect."

Luna walked through the rest of the river until she reached Iza's place. Iza and her Zora employee ran or swam away in fear. Luna smashed the building and ran off towards the falls. She transformed back into a human and said, "I can get used to this."

Luna found a route behind the waterfall and jumped from bluff to platform and so on until she reached the top. She walked from there to the Throne Room. Luna bowed before Prince Ralis. She knows how and why to do that back in Kakariko Village when the villagers bowed before Princess Zelda.

Luna said, "Your Highness, there's been trouble at Lake Hylia. My friends and I are trying to get refugees out of there but the only way to do so is for us to take a shortcut to Kakariko Village which is underwater. Can you spare two Zora Tunics for a friend of Link's."

"Wait, don't you need Zora Tunics for the refugees too?"

"Well, they don't exactly need them. Only me and a friend."

"Well, anything to do for an old friend of mine."

He gave her two Zora Tunics and she bowed again saying, "Thank you, sir."

When she left, she thought, "I hope that's the last time I kiss up to royalty."

Chapter 10

Luna helped Rusl out of the water at the Zora Shrine, which was behind the Kakariko Graveyard. All of the Oocca were there and they walked through a small tunnel their size to get to the graveyard. Link said, "After we find a good spot for the Ooccas to rest...I'm going to get some rest myself."
"Me too," said Rusl.
luna crawled through the small opening and escorted the Ooccas to the small tunnel next to the spring. The soldiers were about to say something before Link and Rusl arrived to the scene. Ooccoo said, "Thank you for your help. Now, about the City in the Sky matter...where's your princess?"

Ooccoo Jr said, "I tried telling the princess but the guards wouldn't let me and a friend of mine meet her."

Link said, "I'll help you two meet her later. All we just need is rest."

Luna said, "What's that thing near the Shaman's place?"

Link and Rusl asked in unison, "Huh?"

Suddenly, barking was heard not too far away. A beagle was barking at a tree that was next to the Shaman's house. Then, something invisible knocked it down and a gash appeared on the dog's side. Link took out his bow and fired an arrow at the tree. The arrow stopped in midair and blood dripped from the arrowhead. Then, an unearthly screech was heard and a thud was heard.
A black figure slowly became visible. It was something crossed between a wolf, giant keese, and shadow beast. It had big keese-like wings on its back, body and markings of a shadow beast, head of a wolf with tentacle-like things on its lower jaw and top of the head, black claws on its fingers and toes, sharp silver fangs about two inches long, and a tail with an arrowhead shape at the tip of its tail. It was slightly bigger than a Shadow Beast. The crowd gasped in horror when they saw the beast. The arrow that Link fired had hit the side of its neck.

Rusl said, "There must be a few more creatures like this in Hyrule, the City in the Sky, and in the woods in Ordon Village...We should go there before anything else happens."

Link asked, "Were you able to see it, Luna?"

"Yes. Why? You couldn't?"

He shook his head and asked, "Do you see any other ones around here?"

Luna scanned the whole place and replied, "Nope. I guess this one came here alone."

Link said, "Come with us to Ordon, we need you to spot the whatever this creature's kind is."

Luna was riding a white stallion, Link was riding Epona and Rusl was riding a black horse. When they were riding though Faron Woods, Luna made her horse stop. Link asked, "What's wrong?"

"There's five of them up ahead near the spring. I'll pinpoint they're exact location. Can't you see their shadows?"

Rusl and Link noticed unnatural moving shadows that were both on land and in the spring. Link took out his bow and fired a few arrows. When the third arrow hit its target, Luna said, "Oooh, that's going to hurt even in the afterlife..."
After all of the bodies of the creatures appeared and exploded, they moved on. Then, the horses started to act uneasy and Luna looked up and said, "Do not look up..."

Link and Rusl looked up anyway to three dead Ordon goats on the branches. The branches held them up like cuccos on a stick. Luna said, "Must've been a recent kill. They look fresh."

Blood dripped from their wounds and a drop hit Epona in the eye. She reared on her hind legs and then ran off. A loud thud was heard from the distance and Rusl and Luna made their horses continue. Link was on a tree branch 15 feet off the ground. Link said, "Don't ask." He slid off the branch and hit the ground. Luna and Rusl dismounted their horses and Rusl helped Link up.

Then, three kids came running and Talo asked, "What was that noise?"

When they saw them, Beth exclaimed, "Link! Rusl! Thank goodness you're here!"

Rusl asked, "What's wrong?"

Malo replied, "The goats at the ranch are dying! They just fall down with wounds on their bodies!"

Chapter 11

Malo was right, goats were being slaughtered at the ranch. Their necks were sliced and they fall after being wounded. Others were picked up in midair and their horns or heads came apart from their bodies. Luna exclaimed, "There's one!" There was a goat hovering in midair with blodd coming from its neck.
Link fired an arrow and it hit its target narrowly missing the goat.
Luna said, "That's odd...They all just vanished right after you hit that monster."
Rusl said, "Well, at least it's over...for now."
He started to walk away and Luna scanned the whole place and said, "I thought I saw another one..."
She sudddenly then exclaimed, "Watch out there's one in front of you!"
Luna transformed in front of them and grabbed a hold of the creatures's neck. It seemed that she was hanging on to something in midair to everybody else. The monster screamed and Luna twisted its neck with ease.
A voice yelled, "Whoa!"
Link looked to see it was Talo with Malo, Beth and Colin. Malo said, "That's so awesome...Teach me how to do that!"
Rusl yelled, "What are kids doing here?! We told you to stay put!"
Colin replied, "But we heard a scream..."
Beth finished for him, "And we decided to come over here to see what happened..."
Link sighed and said, "After this, don't tell anybody and I mean ANYBODY about this. Okay?"
The kids quickly nodded when Luna threatened them with a growl. After they left, Rusl asked, "So, you're the wolf demon?"
Link said, "Come on, Rusl. So she can turn into a wolf, it doesn't mean that she's the wolf demon. Besides, even if she were, why would she help us?"
Luna turned back into a human and wiped the blood off her face.
Luna said, "I'm going back to Kakariko to check up on the Oocca. See ya later."
Link was then left alone in front of his home.
He thought, "If the killings of the animals and the city evacuation were caused by something else, then some other person's here to blame. Whoever it is, he or she's going to strike the last four spirits but all the Light Spirits are gone in this world...
That's it! Their must be spirits in the Twilight Realm! I think Midna said something about seeing me later...But how, where, and when? Rusl did say something about the hour of twilight... But how am I going to get into contact with Midna?!"

Chapter 12

Luna was in Castle Town wondering if the sickness was caused by something else. She had lied to Link that she was giong to Kakariko Village for that reason. Luna transformed into a wolf before she entered the city. She sniffed around for any human. Some of the scents were new or recent and they all went in the same direction. She followed them until it reached a crowd in front of a building. Somebody was on the higher platform. It was the doctor of the city, he exclaimed, "Come on! Someone has to go to Kakariko to inform Princess Zelda that it was just a simple flu that broke out and is now under control!"

Luna thought, "Wow...That's just wow..."
She trotted off and thought, "Okay, NOW I'm going to Kakariko Village."
She transformed and got on her horse. The horse thought, "Lazy wolf/human thing, she can get there almost as fast as me." Once they were there, the soldiers ran off while the gorons stood their ground at the fast-approaching horse. Luna made her horse jump over them and made it halt a few feet away saying, "I love scaring the crap out of people in the afternoon!" She dismounted her horse and a voice asked, "What brings you here to Kakariko Village?"

Luna turned around and saw Princess Zelda standing before her. She thought, "That was fast..."

Luna replied, "I came to inform you that it's safe to go back to Castle Town now."

"What about the plague that's going on there?"

"What plague? There hasn't been one there at all! Just a flu breakthrough that's it. Right now it's under control, so you can go back home now."

All the residents was at Hyrule Castle Town, the Oocca tribe were inside the castle. Luna was walking with Ooccoo Jr in wolf form outside the Castle Town Southern Entrance. Ooccoo Jr was able to understand animal langauge since his race was closer to animals and the Hylian Gods than the Hylians and other races. Luna laid on a large stone and Ooccoo Jr said, "At least the worst is over more animals dying, no plague, no other worries! Looks like the Wolf Demon is just a legend after all."
Luna licked the dirt off her paw and the sun finally set. A voice shouted, "Ooccoo Jr! Where are you?!"
Ooccoo Jr said, "That's my mom. Gotta go. Good night, Luna!"
Luna watched him fly off and she relaxed her head. Then, four skeletal beasts rose from the earth and growled. Luna ran up the stairs and the beasts didn't follow. She thought, "There's another way to get rid of them, just walk onto the cement."

The beasts dove back into their lair and Luna rested behind a small tree that grew in a small garden with a couple of other ones. She instantly fell asleep. She was a wolf pup again. Todd and Luna were behind a couple of rocks and the hounds were close. One of the dogs that killed Luna's mother was a white-and-black German Shepherd with green eyes and a scar on his right eye. The other dog that killed Luna's mother was a Greyhound with one ear, one blue eye while the other was brown with a scar across his left blind blue eye. The last one was a white-and-gray Husky with blue eyes. He was a more experienced dog with scars all over his face, neck, legs and parts of his back and sides. He was the one who bit Luna's mother in the thigh. He and the other dogs were sniffing around. The husky growled, "I can smell...a fox...and either a wolf pup or fox cub..."

The greyhound barked, "I think it's just foxes, Smith."

"You sure, Tokimune? I think there's one more wolf we have to kill. With the fox as a sidedish."

The Shepherd pricked up his ears and barked, "Come on, let's go. Master's calling."

"Give us a minute, Blue."

Then, an explosion was heard and Blue barked, "Time's up!"

The dogs ran off and Luna woke up. She rubbed her eyes with her right foreleg and sat up. Then, a sound was heard not too far off and Luna turned around. A white cat was nearby. It was Louise, she had pounced a small rat and was eating it. She noticed Luna and meowed, "Who are you?"
Luna growled, "Does it really matter?"
Louise meowed, "Luna? Is that you?"
Luna barked, "Which one, human or wolf?"


Louise walked over and sniffed Luna. She meowed, "Yep. It's you all right. What are you doing out here?"


"Come over to the bar. Don't worry, no human's gaurding the Southern Entrance nor is lurking about right now. I can get snacks for you if you like."

"Tempting, but I'm okay."

"Telma's serving roasted cucco."

"I never eaten one."

"Well, you're going to love it! Follow me."

Luna followed her into the alley and then barked, "Wait, if you're master's cooking food, why did you kill that rat?"

"I felt like hunting today. You get weird cravings when you're pregant."

"You're pregant?"


Louise walked inside the bar and Luna heard someone approaching. She ducked behind a few crates as a soldier walked by. He entered the bar and Louise walked out right before he closed the door. She was carrying a cucco leg and Luna ate the bone and all. Louise meowed, "Want to come to a meeting with me?"


Luna followed her until they were greeted by a bunch of cats and kittens. Louise meowed, "Hello, everyone! Looking great as usual, Gengle."
Gengle, one of the calico cats meowed, "Thanks, Louise."
Louise introduced Luna to the cats and footsteps were heard. All the animals turned around and Telma was standing there. She exclaimed, "There you are, Louise!

Chapter 13

Louise meowed and Telma said, "You know better than to--."
She stopped when she noticed Luna. Telma said, "Hey, aren't you Link's pet wolf, Luna?"
Luna barked and Telma said, "I wonder how you two got separated...Anyway, want to come over to my place for awhile?"
Luna just barked while thinking, "Mostly to just kill some time."
Telma said, "Well follow me, hon. You too Louise."
They followed Telma into her bar that were full of soldiers. The soldiers were so happy, they didn't notice Luna walking by. Telma placed a plate full of cucco in front of Luna. The white wolf gorged down on it since the cucco was so tasty and heard, "...I wonder if all this Wolf Demon nonsense is true or not...Only two things of the prophecy are explainable, but the skys and all the monsters are still around like last time."
Luna turned her head to her left, she saw Auru, Ashei, and Shad sitting at the table again. Ashei said, "I wonder if the monsters have to do with the spirits at the springs...You can hear their crys for their light."

Auru replied, "You should see the strange things occuring in the Gerudo Desert. There's some light shining from the Mirror Chamber. You can see it all the way from Lake Hylia! I'd try to investigate it, but the way to the chamber is heavily guarded by monsters."

Shad asked, "Can't you just blow them away with your bazooka?"

"Even our weapons can't get rid of them! We need Link and another skilled fighter to come with us if we're going to investigate it."

Then, a soldier came into the bar and Louise hissed at him when he walked by. Luna engaged her senses and noticed that he had a black aura surrounding him and his scent meant that he was a threat. The soldier took notice of Luna and walked towards her. Telma asked, "Aren't you going to have something to eat, hon? Cowards need to eat too you know."

The soldier transformed into one of those Shadow Beast Hybrids that looked similar to the ones in Ordon and Kakariko except two feet taller. It roared at everybody and they ran off except for Auru, Shad, and Ashei. The monster took one step towards them and Luna jumped and bit its left shoulderblade. The beast grabbed her with one hand and tossed her at the wall. Luna got back up and pounced on its back. She bit its right wing and snapped it.
She jumped off just before getting herself decapitated by its jaws. She growled at it and the marking on her shoulder glowed for a short second. The beast growled at her and then lunged at her five feet in the air. Luna used her claws to rip open its stomach and rolled out of the way before the creature landed on its side. Its insides poured out of its wound and Luna pounced on it and shredded its throat.
The beast exploded into smoke and Auru said, "Looks like we have a new recruit on our team."

Chapter 14

Link, Auru, Ashei and Shad were riding boars they found not so long ago while Luna walked on the hot sand. Link arrived at the bar hours eariler to meet with them. The boars oinked or squeeled at Luna when she got close and she got back a few feet away. Even though she cuold not tell what they were saying but can tell what those foreign words meant by their body langauge. She trotted alongside one of the boars that didn't care about her. It was the one Shad was riding on behind the group. The boar was panting really hard from exhaustion and old age. It soon became slower and slower with each step and then stopped to take a breather. Luna instinctively licked its face in encouragement and it continued moving. Ashei asked, "Where are those monsters you were talking about, Auru?"

Link said, "Yeah, I don't see any monster for about a mile."

"We're not in their territory yet. AND it's too dark to see one."

Luna pricked her ears and ran off ahead of the boars. Ashei asked, "What is she doing?"

Auru dismounted his boar and followed her until he said, "Don't move. I see a bonfire up ahead."

Luna crouched down and Link took out his Hawkeye while Auru took out his binoculars. A large group of Bokoblins and their boars surrounded the fire. There were four lookout towers with one Bokoblin on each one. Link said, "I never seen this many Bokoblins before."
Auru said, "Neither did I. Last time I was here, there numbers were cut in half."
Link took out his bow and shot four arrows and took out the lookouts. He exclaimed, "Take cover before they find us!"

Everybody rode on their boars off into the distance leaving Luna alone. She dug a hole and buried her in it with her own paws and nose two feet underground. Hoofbeats were heard running past her and after a moment, it they were heard again except they were going in a different direction. After they were gone, Luna stuck her head out of the sand and then walked out of her hiding spot. She stalked them towards the fire and crouched down a few feet away. She then slowly got closer and closer and then elimated all of the Bokoblins without detection. Link and the others came and looked around for any other monsters and Auru said, "Wow..." Luna trotted off.

After they got rid of the annoying Bokoblins at their camp. King Bulblin jumped from the rooftop of his lair in front of them. Luna growled and lunged at King Bulblin. He swung his axe and hit Luna. Her neck was slightly sliced but was minor since she immediately jumped back right when the axe hit her throat. Link fired an arrow and hit Bulblin between his eyes.

He took the arrow out and snapped it into two. Luna seized her chance and bit his thick neck and hung on. Link somersaulted and when he was behind Bulblin, he jumped and swung his swords diagonally, slicling his opponents back. King Bulblin grabbed Luna by the tail and tossed her at the wall. He said, "Stupid mutt..." He noiced Auru and the rest of them and comtinued, "I give up. Here's keys for kids' cage." He walked off and Link opened the door to Bulblin's lair and Beth and Colin came running out and tackled him. Auru said, "Ashei, you can take them home. We'll handle the rest." Ashei motioned the kids to follow and they walked through the lair and then into the temple known as Arbiter's Grounds. When they entered the Grounds, Shad stopped when he saw that quicksand was flowing almost everywhere. Link and Auru leaped platform to platform and Shad exclaimed, "Are you guys crazy?! There's quicksand everywhere!"

Link shouted back, "You better get used to it!"

Auru shouted, "This is the least of it!"

Shad looked around for another way to avoid the sand but couldn't find one. He sighed and leaped platform to platform until he reached the semi-last platform. The platform splitted into two and he slipped off. Luna grabbed him by the collar of his jacket and jumped over the broken platform and onto the cement floor. She dropped him and took a breather. Luna thought, "I hate this place...I have to admit that Snowpeak is much better than this."

Link and Auru walked into the other room without them and Luna tugged
on Shad's jacket. He got up and opened the door for her and they were in a room that was all-cement except for two small corners. Shad looked around and asked, "Where did they go?"
Luna sniffed around for their scent and she followed it until she found four items: Link's sword, sheild, his Spinner, and a single black eye spectacle with white markings on it.

Shad said, "Something attacked link and Auru...but what was it?" Luna whined and she picked up Link's sword by the handle carefully and walked over to Shad. He said, "Oh no, I don't do violence." Luna barked without dropping the sword and Shad replied, "All right. Just for now." After he got geared up, and placed the Spinner into his special pocket that shrinks the items so they can fit. When he picked up the eye spect, he examined it and asked, "I wonder what this is for?"
He shrugged and put it in his pocket. Shad followed Luna until they reached a circular room. The door automatically closed behind them and so did the other exits.

A black sword was held down by a bunch of ropes with papers with red symbols attached to them. Luna sniffed the sword and growled. Shad examined the papers and riped on off the rope to take a closer look. Luna barked, "You idiot! What the heck are you doing!?"

The papers disinergrated and the sword started to float before them. Luna backflipped out of the way and growled something not-so-nice to the human. Shad fell back in surprise and his glasses fell off as the eye spect flew out of his pocket. While Luna was dodging whatever was swinging the sword, Shad was feeling around for his glasses. He said, "I can't see without my glasses." He accidently picked up the eye spects and looked through it.
The spects mave have a limited field of view, but he can see the demon holding the sword. He then noticed his glasses on the ground and took off the eye spects. He put his glasses on, then attached the eye spects to them. Luna barked at the demon while dodging the swings of its sword. Shad drew his sword and sheild and stabbed the demon in the back. It shrieked and Luna got a hold of its neck and ripped it off. The demon exploded into black dust and Luna barked, "Thanks for that save. I can' dodge forever, you know."

"I don't know what you just said're welcome?"

The doors unlocked themselves and the wall in front of them moved sideways to reveal another room.
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Re: Wolf Demon

One thing that’s almost immediately apparent here is how you switch tenses. The first paragraph starts in present tense (though right away it appears shaky) then, a few paragraphs in, you’re mixing both tenses together. Pick one and stick with it.

The next big thing is your descriptions. They are bland and lack personality. In the second paragraph, you even list off the contents of a room. This is unnecessary. Not only does it give the reader no reason to want to go on, it’s useless. Don’t give us a list of things in the room, describe it to us.

I also find it extremely strange that wolfos are talking in this story. When in the series have they ever talked? Do they suddenly speak Hyrulian? If they aren’t elaborate. Make a mention of them barking or howling at each other to communicate. If they have another method of talking, mention that.

That is all for now.
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Re: Wolf Demon

Sorry, bad habit of doing that with my other stories I used to put on word.
Thanks for reminding me, I seriously forgot puting the barks and everything since they speak in animal langauge.
Oh, I'll add this fact:
Only a few Wolfos can speak when they are raised by wolves, not their own kind because most wolfos are savages killing each other or wolves in starvation or all the time since food is scarce in Snowpeak mountains.

I'm going to put that part in the story and edit it.

Oh, I also did the descriptions just in case somebody has never played Twilight Princess (possible). I'll just go back and erase them anyway.

There, all fixed up.
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Re: Wolf Demon

Please don't triple post.

Next time, use the edit button, thank you. :3
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Re: Wolf Demon

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demon, wolf

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