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the dark side of the legend (T)

my only note to start out is that any similarities between the dark being and sith lord emperor palpatine is just because sith powers are AWESOME. in the reality of my fanfic they mean nothing.

Part one: the fourswords
Chapter one.
the Minish Woods; southern Hyrule; year 115
The dark figure flew through the woods toward the source of darkness he had sensed within one of the minish. He would need minions to better execute his master plan.

He shrunk down to the size of a minish and quickly moved to a small workshop house in a mushroom. There was a young minish with silver hair, and an old one with green clothes. The dark being flew to the ceiling and waited until the elder one left.

The young one was indeed the source of dark power he had sensed. He flew behind him and layered his dark influence over him.

"I sense great power in you, young one... First, take the item of greatest power you can find. Then report back to my fortress. my 'eye in the sky' will guide you there. now, go!" He vanished, leaving nothing but a yellow and red eye. It flew up to the ceiling, and the boy moved toward the back of the room without even thinking, and picked up a red cap just as the old minish returned.

"Vaati!" He said, running to confront him. "What are you doing!? I have told you-" "You no longer command me, old man" He said in a cool, dark voice, just as he shifted into a larger, darker form.

"Vaati! Look at yourself! It's not too late, give the cap back!" "Why would I do that, you senile fool? You have no control over me!" He charged a powerful ball of dark energy and fired it at the panicking figure. It evaporated around him, revealing a malformed cap with eyes and a long bill like a duck.

"W-what have you done?" He gasped. "Only a fragment of what I am capable of!" He disappeared to a clover where the dark eye caught up to him. "I'm ready. Lead the way."

The eye rolled somehow, then with a large flash, they were both gone.
__________________________________________________ ____________________

They reappeared in a dark chamber with the dark being shrouded in darkness where he sat. "You have done well, my apprentice. You possess natural dark skill, even without the cap... You are certainly worthy to work at my side." He said in an indescribably dark voice.

"N-now wait!" Vaati stumbled. "I could have killed Ezlo with ease! Why should I work under y-aghhh!" He began to choke and saw a pale right hand belonging to the dark being, slowly clenching. There was a small black triangle under his middle finger.

"Gagh! O-okay! Nugh! You win! Your the boss! He dropped to the ground, stood up, and brushed the dust off of his cloak.

"Master." He bowed. "What will you have me do?"

"Your task is a simple one, especially for one as skilled as yourself. Find for me the light force."

Vaati seemed taken aback, but then said, "As you wish master."

"The easiest way to do this would be to travel to the picori festival as a mysterious swordsman, win the sword fighting contest, and take it from the chest it is sealed in. The beast of the winds the legends speak of, who you were reincarnated from, claimed this power as his own, before he was sealed there. Should something go amiss, you have all the time in the world to find it and bring it to me. I stand against time. Now go. Take a sword of your choice from the armory and do as I have said."

"Yes master." He said, and with another bow, he left the chamber. "Now," the dark being said, standing up. "I've got some business only I can attend to."
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Re: the dark side of the legend (T)

Chapter two

Hyrule castle town
Vaati entered carrying a long but thin sword. There were royal knights and a few volunteer towns people were setting up tents, lights, and other things necessary for the festival. He walked over to two soldiers finishing setting up the arena for the sword contest.

"Excuse me," He said to the unoccupied soldier, "I would like to enter the competition."

"Awright, name?"He said. "Vaati." "M'kay Vaati, you're entry number 8, you'll be in the fourth fight. You're lucky, that was the last spot! 'Eres hoping you'll get more in a few hours." "thanks."

He travelled out of town, unsheathing his sword. "Now, let's see if I can figure out how to use this."
__________________________________________________ ___________________________________________

The dark being trudged through the misish woods once again, but this time he went much deeper, to a stretch of forest that was filled with tall, grey trees, where it was impossible to differentiate between anything. He continued on until he reached a tree with a cavern in its base. He travelled through the caves, flying across gaps when need be. Eventually he reached a large door of stone. He opened it, entered, and it shut behind him. There was a tall, human shaped woman with an indescribable shade of green and purple skin. She hadn't noticed him enter, and was facing the other way.

"Hello Majora." He said in his ever cool but dark voice. "It's been awhile. Though isn't this kind of an Inconvenient place for a lair, in the gateway between Hyrule and Termina?"

Majora spun around, mild surprise on her face, which then settled into a disappointed squint. "Oh, It's you... I though we agreed to stay to each others territory, Xekora. What reason could you have for breaking this agreement?"

"We both knew this time would come, my dear." He said, flashing his right hand, showing the black triangle on his palm. "My time has come and I don't intend to miss it."

"Well," Majora said, flashing her right hand, revealing an upside down triangle right underneath where Xekora's was, "I'm sure it won't mind going under new management!" She summoned two short-swords and settled into a battle stance.

"Well, if you'd rather the party!" He summoned a long sword, flowing with darkness. A sword meant for two hands, easily balanced in his right alone.

She charged at him and smashed both swords on his as he rose it up to block them. He charged a ball of energy in his left hand and fired it at her, launching her back against the wall. He then summoned a knife, similar to his sword in appearance, in his left hand.

He charged at her and swung his long sword, barley being held back by her short sword. She came down with her other one, being blocked by his knife. They struggled for a moment, then the pressure on both sides gave in and they spun. Xekora lunged down and slashed at her feet, but she had just enough time to jump and avoid it. He kicked off the wall to give himself time to stand up and ready himself.

They fought like this for well on an hour, both getting exhausted but never giving in. She charged at him yet again and in one fell swoop she knocked the knife out of his hand and blocked against his sword with both of hers.

He smiled smugly, as though he had won, and before she realized her error, the knife came down and landed firmly in her right shoulder, nearly cutting it off.

She dropped both swords in pain and attempted to remove it, and Xekora pulled his sword back to finish her. She stopped and looked in desperation at him, and he launched at her. He removed his sword, and she fell to the ground. In her dying breath, she pulled fourth all her remaining power and put it all in her face, creating a power brimming mask.

Xekora picked up the mask and absorbed a large amount of its power. He put it down and saw on his palm, his black triangle had become a diamond. "I apologize, Majora, but I need the entire dark force. But if you ever get out of this mask, and find it in your heart to forgive me, call me." He stooped down and pulled another mask from her pack. It was a simple, seemingly harmless looking mask, almost disturbingly so.

"My god,... it's perfect! That's one less thing for me to do, must be my lucky day." He retrieved his weapons, sent them back to their magical storage, and left, whistling.
__________________________________________________ ___________

Vaati skipped his way through the competition, using his dark magic as a hidden advantage.

"The winner, vaati!" The announcer yelled, thrusting his hand up in the air, and vaati did his best to look flattered and stir up excitement in the crowd, but he knew the hardest was yet to come.

In the back of the crowd, he saw a young girl dash out of the town, blond hair billowing behind her. He sensed... something in her. A slight tug of power.

However small, he felt he should remember it, it may come to his advantage.
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Re: the dark side of the legend (T)

Chapter 3

Zelda ran just south of Hyrule, toward the home of Smith the blacksmith, and his grandson and her childhood friend, Link. She knocked on the door and entered, afterward smith yelled upstairs for Link to wake up. He trudged downstairs, not bothering to fix his messy hair.

"There you are!" Zelda said. "You Didn't forget about the picori festival today, did you? Come on!"

"Wait!" Smith yelled, sheathing a just- finished sword. "If you're going into town, take this to minister Potho for me." He handed it to Link, who took it and slung it across his back.

"Alright, then, let's go!" Zelda ran out the door, and Link waved goodbye before dashing after her.

They made their way into Hyrule castle town, which was covered in decorative lights, tents, stalls, and people in celebration for the festival. Zelda dashed from stall to stall, working his way through the crowd to keep up.

Eventually he caught up to her, just as she won a stall game. "Congratulations, princess!" The vendor said. "Now choose a prize!" She presented three items. "There's this beautiful jewel," A huge rupee, "This priceless accessory," A heart container in the form of a necklace, "Or, this teeny tiny shield."

Zelda considered it for a moment, then said, "I'll take the shield."

"Oka- What?" She asked in disbelief.

"I want the shield."

" Are you sure? What about the jewel, it's shiny! Or-"

"Nope. Just the shield."

"Okay, your choice..." She handed Zelda the shield, who handed it to Link.

"There! now you can defend me!" He scratched the back of his head, then posed with the shield before him. "Perfect! Now, let's head to the castle, the ceremony starts soon."

They dashed toward the castle to the north, and stopped when a creature hiding in a bush fired a seed at Zelda.

"Ah! help!" She yelled. Link dashed in front of her just as it fired another seed, deflecting it back at the creature. It stood up, dazed.

"I apologize, I merely came to do business," It said, "But sadly, we deku shrubs have a tenancy to fire out seeds when we talk. Anyway, this isn't going anywhere, so I think I'll head home." He tunneled into the ground and disappeared.

"That was weird... Let's keep moving." Zelda said, already moving. Link hurried to follow.

"Ah, good you're here." Minister Potho said as they arrived. "Come, it's starting." The three of them walked to the front of the castle as the king and four knights stepped out and took their positions.

"For years, we have celebrated this sword," The king spoke as a fifth knight carried the famed chest- and- sword out of the castle and set it in the middle of the grounds. "Once used to save our beloved land! Now, the winner of the sword-fighting competition, Vaati, shall enjoy the honor of touching it!"

Vaati stepped fourth, dark violet robes billowing behind him. "Now, if all goes well, the light force shall be mine!" He whispered a bit too loudly, as everyone seemed to hear it. Before anyone could react, he flew toward the chest and wrenched the sword from it, breaking it in two. The chest opened, unleashing several dark spirits, but then was empty.

"What?!" He shouted. "The light force is not here..."

"Don't move, Vaati!" Zelda yelled, stepping toward him.

"Foolish girl!" He said, launching a spell at her, turning her to stone. Link dashed at him in anger, and was swatted away and launched into the castle wall effortlessly.

"Curses, this complicates things..." He floated out of the castle, and Link lost consciousness.
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Re: the dark side of the legend (T)

Chapter 4
Link awoke in the east room of Hyrule, a medical room. He walked out into the throne room, Zelda standing on his left side like the statue she had become. The king sent his knights out of the room and addressed him.

"Link, you saw what has happened to Zelda, and know something must be done. Unfortunately, I must send you to take care of this." He handed Link the two pieces of the picori sword. "You must go into the Minish woods to the south and ask the picori to fix this sword."

"The picori?!" Potho asked disbelievingly. "Surely you're joking, your majesty?"

"Alas, I am not. The picori are very real, but they can only be seen by children. This is why I must send you, Link."

He nodded, understandingly. "Well then," Potho said. "You should take the sword you were going to give to me. There may be monsters out there, since the dark creatures were released from their seal, so a weapon will serve you well."

He nodded to both of them and made his way out of the castle, noticing four trees in a square pattern, an unusual patch of dirt in the very center. He put it in the back of his mind and continued on.

He made his way to the minish woods, and heard someone scream for help. He ran to the source and saw several octorocs huddled around what looked like a green cap. He killed them, and the hat spoke to him. It actually wasn't a hat, but a creature with eyes and a beak.

"Whew, thanks, kid!" It said. "What're you doing in these woods, anyway?......... To fix the picori sword? Well, the village is shortly down this way, you could try asking the elder there. Mind if I tag along?"

He hopped onto Link's head, essentially becoming his hat, and Link made his way further south.
__________________________________________________ ____________________________

Vaati observed from the shadows everything Link did after their first encounter. He watched him team up with his old master, saw him conquer the earth temple, take the earth element, and receive his mission from the Minish elder. He followed him up Mt. Crenel, retrieve the fire element, and get the repaired picori sword, renamed the white sword by minish blacksmith Melari.

Link then made his way back to the castle town, where he learned about kinstones, magical objects, when fused, provided good luck. He took the sword and the elements to the sanctuary in the castle, and fused the elements into the sword, allowing him to make a single clone of himself. He exited, and Vaati decided to pay the team a little visit. As they passed through the four trees mentioned earlier, Vaati appeared before them, making the trees like a wrestling ring using thorny vines.

"Well well, hero." he said, mockingly. "You certainly seem to be doing well!..."

"Vaati!" Ezlo said. "Link, stop him!"

"... But I'm afraid I can't allow you to go any further." He threw out his hand, and several moblins appeared. "So long." He disappeared, and link managed to fight them off, releasing the thorns.

"Well, I suppose I should tell you how I knew him..." Ezlo said. He told link about what had happened when Vaati took the red cap, and when he himself became one. "He is capable of destroying the world... We have to make sure we destroy him first!"

As they made their way to the western swamp, they saw a strange, green clad person sitting on a stump, on a cliff. They climbed up to speak to him.

He introduced himself as Tingle, a thirty- five year old 'forest fairy', and convinced himself Link was one too. He took out a kinstone and fused it with one of Links.

"You should try to find Tingles brothers!" he said, "When you fuse kinstones with all of them, something amazing is sure to happen!" Link climbed down and found his brothers, Ankle and Knuckle, and David Jr., someone who was obviously only pretending to be a sibling. After fusing with all three, he saw a vision of a ladder leading down in the center of the four trees. He traveled there, went down the ladder, and found the magical boomerang.

Then he climbed out and headed for the western swamp.
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Re: the dark side of the legend (T)

Very interesting. The thing with the black triangle that majora wields reminds me of an idea that i had for my fanfic!
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Re: the dark side of the legend (T)

Originally Posted by Silver View Post
Your grammar is horrendous. Attempting to read this scalded my retinas.
Silver rather than just bash it try to point out the mistakes he made.
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Re: the dark side of the legend (T)

one, I noticed how you used that for yours, I'm interested to see what will become of both. two, what do you propose I do about it? if you notice something I can fix, point it out, and I'll fix it.
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Re: the dark side of the legend (T)

Originally Posted by Silver View Post
Your grammar is horrendous. Attempting to read this scalded my retinas.
Play nice, Silver.

Your fan-fic is off to a good start, Electricut. One thing I would recommend is capitalizing the first letter of each sentence. A little good grammar goes a long way. Keep up the good work.
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Re: the dark side of the legend (T)

capitalization done, happy now nazi? I have a bad tendancy to forget that, but I'll make sure to remember from here on.
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Re: the dark side of the legend (T)

No, I am not happy.

Many sentences in this have excessive punctuation. You can have one question mark, one exclamation point, or one of each, but no more than that. It's either one or none.
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Re: the dark side of the legend (T)

chapter 5

Vaati continued to watch Link as he trudged through the swamp and got to the temple of the winds. He conquered the ancient tomb, only to learn that the people of the winds had taken the element to their new home in the clouds. He did, however, receive the ocarina of winds, which allowed him to travel to specific spots using a bird to carry him.

Then a new plan formed in his mind.

He traveled to Hyrule castle when he was sure only the king was inside. He swiftly turned him to stone, hid him in the castle dungeon, and assumed the form of the king.

He then telepathically continued to watch Link as he melted his way through the glacier in lake Hylia and claimed the water element. He then climbed the eastern mountains, rode a tornado up to the wind peoples home, and claimed the wind element.
__________________________________________________ ____________

Link returned to Hyrule castle, snuck around the guards who were now guarding the castle by order of the king, and got into the sanctuary. He fused the last of the elements into the sword, fully becoming the four sword, and letting him make four of himself. A new passage then opened in the back of the chamber.

He went inside and saw a legend depicted on stained glass.

long ago, a powerful demon of the winds began terrorizing Hyrule. He took the light force and became nearly unstoppable. When all hope seemed lost, a hero arrived with a sword given to him by the picori. He slew the demon and sealed him within his sword. And the light force was released, and kept by the royal family and its descendants. This final one had a picture of Zelda, or someone similar.

"So, it's within the princess!"

Link spun around to find Vaati standing behind him. "thank you, hero, for letting me see this! Now if you don't mind, I have a light force to extract!"

He floated out of the sanctuary, and Link followed, only to see that the castle had been turned into a dark fortress. he saw all the castles inhabitants turned to stone in this room, except zelda and the king. He freed them all using sword beams that turned them back for some reason, and made his way down to the dungeon, where he found the king's statue.

"Thank you link," He said after being released, "But you need to get to the tower where Vaati and Zelda are. Here, use this key." He handed link the key. "go on, I'll only slow you down were I to come."

Link made his way to the door which the key opened, and followed that corridor to the tower.

Vaati was there, and Zelda's statue stood before him. there were magical strings connecting the two. Link ran up, and the strings broke.

"You! You've interrupted the process! I did manage to get most of the light force, surely it will be enough to kill you!" He transformed into a very tall sorcerer form. There were winged eyes circling him. Link slashed the winged eyes with his sword, then slashed a large eye that appeared on his chest. After a few minutes of this, he collapsed to the back of the field.

Next, he transformed into a huge eye with eight smaller eyes surrounding him. He used his bow to shoot at them until two red eyes were visible, then the small eyes shattered, and he slashed at the huge one. After a few times of this he evaporated and showed no sign of returning. He freed Zelda and she hopped off the pedestal she was placed upon.

"Link, you saved me!" She said. "Hurry, we need to get out of here." They made their way to the entrance room, when the whole castle started to collapse. almost all the doors were blocked, including the main entrance. "Quickly, the sanctuary!" Zelda said. "It's our only chance!"

They made their way through the crumbling castle, but when they reached the sanctuary, a blood-curdling laugh echoed through the room, and Link vanished. He re-appeared in a battlefield, Vaati before him. He now was a huge eye with four closed eyes under him, and two arms with claws at the ends. He struck one into the ground, and link had to dodge to avoid getting hit by it.

He blasted it with the cane of pacci, an item he obtained in Mt. crenel. he shrunk to the size of a minish and entered it. He searched it and found several eye pedestals, one not looking outward. He slashed at it and exited as the claw exploded.

He did this with the other one, but had to light a lantern to see and do this. Then he transformed into four links, then when Vaati shot beams from the four eyes, they all swung their swords and deflected them. they hit the eyes, and Vaati was destroyed.

The red cap floated down, and landed on Zelda's head. It began to glow and release the light force. In a bright flash, two things happened. One, the cap disintegrated. And two, Ezlo floated off links head, and transformed back to his normal minish form, but as large as Link and Zelda.

"I'm back to normal..." He said. "I'd almost forgotten what it felt like! Thank you. Both of you. Now, regrettably, I must return to my people. Goodbye..." he shrunk down to normal size, and disappeared from sight.
__________________________________________________ _______________

"You disappoint me, Vaati." Xekora said, Vaati kneeling before him.

"I'm sorry master. Please give me another chance, I will not fail you again."

"For your sake, I hope your right. Now, go hide in the temple in the woods to the north. I'll provide the cover story."

"Yes, master." They both vanished, and Xekora began spreading whispers of Vaati being sealed in the temple, and he placed the four sword in the pedestal there.

"Now we wait. It may be a hundred or more years until the right moment, so I will alert you when it is time." He teleported away, and Vaati flowed into the pedestal to wait.
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Re: the dark side of the legend (T)

chapter 6

year 205 (four swords)

Link and zelda finally made their way to the shrine where Vaati and the four sword were sealed. "Here we are." Zelda said. "I brought you here because I sensed a disturbance in the seal. Wait here while I check." She walked slowly up to the four sword, and a dark arm reached down and grabbed her.

"Ha! Now the light force will be mine!" He swooped down and ran through Link while doing so, knocking him out. When he awoke, three fairies floated near him. The red one spoke.

"Link, Vaati has taken Zelda and plans to take the light force! you must take the four sword and stop him!" Obediently, he walked forward and took the four sword from its pedestal, and he split into four beings, each with its own color: red, blue, purple, and of course, green.

they all charged out to begin their quest and end Vaati.
__________________________________________________ _____

Xekora observed the new Link as he passed through the sea of trees; a section of the minish woods; talus cave; an icy cavern deep in lake hylia; and death mountain; the new name given to Mt. crenel. for each area he went through, he obtained one of the three keys that would open Vaati's palace.

After death mountain, he traveled there, and relived each of the places he had gone before in magic rooms. After going through those rooms, and a few normal ones, he made it to Vaati's chamber.

"Ah, you've come!" he said. "I won't make the same mistake I did last time, I'll kill you first, THEN take the light force!"

after a long, hard battle, Vaati was vanquished once again, and the castle fell to the ground.

"P-please, master!" Vaati gasped, once again being choked by Xekora's dark magic. "Give me another chance! GAH! Please!"

"I ought to kill you right now for how pathetically you failed me." He said. "Still, you're all I've got at the moment... I will provide you one more chance. But fail me again and..." He unclenched his hand, and Vaati fell. "I swear, master. I will not fail you again."

Once again he pretended to be sealed away, but this time zelda, and six maidens, placed a spell on his temple, and for another long period of time, he remained in that pedestal, the four sword stuck in it.
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Re: the dark side of the legend (T)

chapter 7
year 300(FSA)
A powerful, dark figure approached the dark mirror, slowly observing it while he walked. He now stood in front of it, seeing only his own reflection. He tapped into his vast expanse of dark power, opening the portal hidden inside. He pulled fourth several dark forms, shapeless, yet human at the same time, from the depths of the mirror. He showed them an image of their target, another young boy named Link. They all simultaneously transformed into dark forms of him. He sent them off to guard specific places, then exited the hall into a portal.

He appeared in the main body of Hyrule and began tossing his minions into the various eight sections of Hyrule. Finally, he traveled to the shrine where the four sword rested. He effortlessly swept aside the six maidens, and released Vaati from his seal.

"Who are you?!" Vaati asked. "I wasn't supposed to be released until Link arrived!"

"You would not have been able to escape had you waited. now you can do what you need to." he said in a cool, dark layered voice.

Vaati entered the land once again, and began terrorizing hyrule, and the other figure strode off again, only to be met by Xekora.

"You impress me, young one. Surely you will be more help to me than Vaati has been. I'll offer you the same deal, find an item of great power, then report back to me."

He nodded, smart enough not to question him as Vaati had. Xekora disappeared, leaving his eye once again. The warrior then strode off, obviously going to get the item of great power he was going to get anyway.

He arrived, barely himself, with a golden trident in his hands. "Excellent work, ahh..."

"Ganondorf." He replied.

"Ganondorf. A pleasure meeting you. Now, go assist Vaati. I have no doubt he will fail again, you will take his place when he does.

"As you wish."

He warped away, as did Xekora.
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Re: the dark side of the legend (T)

chapter 8

Once again, Link found that he needed to go after Vaati and rescue zelda. He took the four sword, and set out to rescue the six maidens and zelda in the eight sections of hyrule. The water level had gone up considerably, so hyrule had become more of a large island. when he began his adventure, he lifted a large rock and tingle climbed out. he once again matched link to a forest fairy and told him of his tingle towers. Link traveled to all of them throughout his adventure.

He traveled through lake Hylia and a cave next to it to reach Hyrule castle where he met and defeated phantom ganon and rescued the blue maiden. Next, he traveled through the east coast of Hyrule to the village of the blue maiden, into the eastern temple. He rescued the yellow maiden there and continued on.

He then traveled to death mountain; up its foothills, down the mountain path, and into the tower of flames to rescue the green shrine maiden. He went to the fields and safely escorted a farm girl, malon, back to her home at the lon-lon ranch. He then rode their horses through the swamps to infiltrate Hyrule castle once again. After a fierce battle with dark link, he rescued the white maiden from the ghost lord jalhalla.

Next he traveled through a dark world portion of Hyrule, the lost woods and Kakariko village. He fought phantom Ganon once again and rescued the red maiden. Then he traveled to the desert of doubt, where he obtained the pegasus boots that the first link used. He used them to speed through the desert, reach the pyramid temple. The trident that rested had been stolen by a man of the desert tribe, Ganondorf. He remembered this as he rescued the purple maiden and continued on.

He traveled through a frozen section of Hyrule, through the ice temple, to the tower of the winds, where he defeated Vaati and rescued Zelda, but had to escape when Ganondorf destroyed the tower.

He then traveled to the palace in the sky, where he reached the dark mirror and fought dark Link. After he killed dark Link, another one emerged from the dark mirror. He continued like this until Zelda sealed the mirror. Link thought he saw one escape and fall to earth, but it may have been his imagination. He made his way to the palace of the winds, where he fought Vaati again. After he was defeated, the palace collapsed, and he and zelda found themselves confronted with ganondorf. Link fought, while protecting Zelda, and eventually defeated ganon. Then he and Zelda returned home.

"You have failed me for the last time, Vaati!" Xekora said, both his apprentices before him.

"Please, master!I-" "NO! I gave you three tries and you failed. Ganon-" he pointed at him, then Vaati. "-Kill him. Kill him now." Vaati's face contorted with rage, then he charged at Xekora in anger, only to be stabbed by Ganon's trident. He fell to the ground, and two objects fell from his fading body. Xekora quickly grabbed one, his black diamond becoming a trapezoid pointing to the top left of his right hand. He picked up the other one, a small waker with wind like designs. he shrugged and set it aside.

"ganon, the four sword." He presented it to Xekora, and he took it, smashing it in half with his bare hands. "I hate this thing, might as well get rid of it." He opened a small portal, and threw the waker and the sword halves into it.

"now, a human body may do you some good." he said, addressing ganon. "Search Hyrule for a body capable of housing your dark power, then do what you need to to obtain the triforce." ganon looked confused by this. "yeah, they kicked the middle part out of the triforce, so it's a triad now. I'll take care of the missing chunk, you go for the other three."

"Yes, my lord." he bowed, then left the room. Xekora resumed what he was doing before the conversation, fusing a huge pile of force gems into his blades.
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Re: the dark side of the legend (T)

chapter 9
western Hyrule; year 460; Gerudo desert

Ganondorf flew through the desert sands much like Xekora did oh-so-long ago. He sensed a ridiculous amount of dark potential in a young Gerudo, it just so happened that this child was the next king. His mother had died in the great war that was raging all across Hyrule. The twin witches, Koume and Kotake had been raising him since then.

It also happened that they shared the same name, Ganondorf, that is what caught his attention. He entered the desert colossus, the base twinrova used to hide themselves from the rest of the Gerudo. He located the young king and entered his body, and met an alarming wall of resistance.

He tried to retreat, but once again was immobilized by this child's immense mental strength. The boy slowly sapped his strength, taking his dark power and certain memories as his own. In his dying breath, ganondorf gasped:

"Master... I have failed you... Let this boy... take my place... ahh..." The gerudo king took the last of his power, and cast away most of his memories, save one. It was the way to enter Xekora's fortress. He picked up the gold trident cast away on the floor, and his favored sword, and used the memory to travel there.

He warped to the spot standing before Xekora's throne. "Wh-.. Who are you?!"

"I am ganondorf, king of the gerudo." He said with much more authority than anyone would expect from a ten year old boy. "I have easily overcome the agent you sent, and he requested I take his place."

"Hmmm... I didn't really send him for you, just a vessel of dark power." He said, contemplating. "But, seeing as you have proof you bested him," He motioned to the trident in his hand, "and even resisted its transformation, you have proven yourself a much worthier apprentice. Now, take up his mission, do what you need to do to get the triforce."

"Yes, sir." He exited, and when he got back, mounted his black steed. He rode through the haunted wasteland, a task anyone else would find impossible. He donned a cloak in the Gerudo fortress, so as to not to attract attention in castle town, and rode out of the desert valley.

He rode out of the sand and into the green land of Hyrule field, and dismounted next to the drawbridge leading into Hyrule castle town. There was currently a battle going on in Death mountain trail, so there were no soldiers to stop and question him.

He effortlessly entered the temple of time; no-one on the street wanted any trouble at times like this, so he was unnoticed. All that was there was a triforce symbol on the ground, and a tablet that said something along the lines of 'put the three sacred stones here.

Realizing there was nothing he could do here, he quickly thought up another plan. He traveled up the slope to the castle, all but one guard were gone fighting. He raised his pike when Ganondorf approached. "Halt!" He yelled.

"Wait, I have business here." He said, lowering his hood. "I am the king of the gerudo, I wish audience with your king for an... alliance." The soldier looked suspicious for a moment, but then lowered his pike. "Alright, I guess you can go then." Ganondorf strode through the castle and quickly reached the king. the guard had gone ahead to inform him, so right when he got there, the king said:

"What business have you, Ganondorf?"

"An alliance. I would like to request an alliance."

"Your race has been famous as thieves and bandits. Why should I trust you?"

"My mother died early in the war, leaving me with the twinrova sisters. I was raised away from the rest of my race, not knowing the way of the thieves. And being their king, I can command my people to work truthfully alongside you."

The king considered this, Ganondorf made a good point.

"Too many good people have died in this war." Ganondorf said more quietly. "I want to end it before too many more of me are created. Orphans of war..."

"I the world became polluted by people like you.." the king said, holding out his hand to the young boy, "The world could be a lot worse. I accept your alliance." They shook hands. "Although, I must ask... You're only about as old as my son. How does a ten year old boy raised away from his people make such a good king at such a young age?"

"Well," He responded, "being the only male of your tribe in a hundred years, it requires, and comes with, certain skills. Now, I shall return to my people to alert them of the good news. Send a messenger to the desert when you need our help, I will make sure my fortress guards let him through."

He made his way out of the castle town and re-mounted his horse. Phase one had gone perfectly.
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Re: the dark side of the legend (T)

Hmmm, very interesting indeed. How long before OOT does this take place exactly?
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Re: the dark side of the legend (T)

forty years. it provides ganon and the prince(the king we don't see in OoT) time to grow up and for link to become adopted into the kokiri.
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Re: the dark side of the legend (T)

Chapter 10
Thirty long years passed with no sign of the war stopping in sight. The four races fought alongside each other; Hylian, Gerudo, goron, and zora, while the shadow clan fought fiercely against them. The Kokiri, people of the forest, somehow managed to stay completely neutral in this brutal war.

On the eve of the 491st year in Hyrule history, the Hylian alliance divided to fight on two fronts. The Gorons and Zoras made their way to southern Hyrule field, careful to lead the enemy away from Lon-Lon ranch. Meanwhile, the Hylians and Gerudo marched to the Gerudo fortress, which was under attack.

The Hylian king, old as he was, still fought alongside his men, and his now-good friend Ganondorf. The two kings and their armies flooded into the valley, where a fight between the few remaining guards and the shadow clan was already raging.

The battle raged for several hours, at which point the two kings found themselves deep in the haunted wasteland, faced with five ninjas of shadow. They both drew their swords and lashed out at them. Three instantly fell, and the other two laid direct hits to the both of them. The king of Hyrule readied himself and cast dins fire, killing both ninjas and turning some of the sand to glass.

"Well," the king said, wiping the sweat from his brow, "looks like that's all of them. We should head back to- aghh!" ganondorf elbowed him in the back of the head, and he collapsed to the ground. "What're you doing?" he yelled.

"The world shall know that you fought valiantly, and I did everything I could to save you."

"What about our alliance?! I thought we were friends!"

"Remember when I told you about the skills being king comes with?" He said, placing his boot on the fallen kings head. "One of them is acting. Goodbye, friend." And he brought his boot down.

Meanwhile, in the kokiri woods, a woman stumbled through the tall, grey trees, covered in scrapes and blood, her belly bulging with a barely unborn child. She made it to the small patch of houses made in giant tree stumps. She collapsed, and caught the attention of one young, green haired girl. She rushed over.

"P-please..." The woman gasped. "Make sure... my son.... is taken care of... watch over... Link..."

And so, on this day, two lives ended, and one began.
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Re: the dark side of the legend (T)

yet another recounting of ocarina of time... oh well, has to happen some time

chapter 11
Ten more years passed, and halfway through them, the war finally came to an end, with the holy sages sealing what remained of the shadow clan in none other than the dark mirror.

Deep in the kokiri woods, the young link slept heavily in his treehouse home. Suddenly, a soft, somehow bright sounding voice penetrated his dreams.

"Link... Link, wake up! ugh, how can the fate of Hyrule rest with such a lazy boy?!" He shrugged himself awake to find a bright blue fairy flying over him. Could it be? He thought with excitement. could I, the only one in the forest without a fairy, finally have one?!

"Finally, you're awake!" She said, bouncing around. "Come on, we have to go to the great deku tree!" He obediently got out of bed, grabbed his wallet, and climbed down the ladder out of his house. Saria was waiting for him there, she was the one who found his mother. Link had aged ten years, but she literally hadn't aged a day.

"Link! you finally got a fairy!" She said. "Congratulations! Oh, the deku tree wants you? well, better not keep him waiting!" He nodded and started off to the tunnel, hopping on the platforms to get five rupees. He and saria had been best friends since he was born. Then there were the know it all brothers, Fado, and the twins, who were friendly but he didn't know as well.

And then there was Mido. They absolutely hated each other, Link wasn't even quite sure why. Mido was standing guard at the passage. "You! what's that fairy doing following you around?!.... The deku tree wants you? Well, if HE needs you, you won't be any help without proper equipment! come back when you have a sword and shield." He grinned triumphantly.

Stupid mido. I'll show him! He thinks I don't know about the kokiri sword! He actually discovered it on accident, exploring all of the forest. He traveled up to the training ground, and through the crawl space. There was a boulder rolling around, and a few rupees in small alcoves. He collected them, then found a chest on a patch of raised ground. He opened it and removed the kokiri short sword from its depths.

Now I just need to find some money to buy a deku shield. He exited, and began combing the tall grass for rupees. When he was done, he helped two of the brothers remove some weeds and rocks, which also yielded some rupees. Having more than enough now, he went to the kokiri shop and bought not only a shield, but a pack of deku sticks and seeds as well.

"WHAT?!" Mido said when link showed him his equipment. Now link wore a triumphant grin. "What are you doing with the kokiri sword?!... Oh well, I suppose the deku tree would want you to use it... Well, get going!" He moved to the side, and Link traveled down the road to meet the deku tree, his new fairy flying behind him.
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Re: the dark side of the legend (T)

Okay, I admit that I’ve only read the newest part. I opened it when I was browsing the new stuff on the fanfiction forum.

I’m sorry, but it does not impress me. Granted, it’s better than some of the stuff that’s been posted on here, but not enough to match up with anything beyond the mediocre.

Your newest part is a boring retelling of Ocarina of Time. I have read some good novelizations of OoT, even one great one which now resides in Showcase, but you have failed to add anything unique or interesting. The moment I read it, I instantly wanted to skim and figure out where it got good. What’s worse is how you clumsily integrate game elements into the story. Why is Link able to find random rupees in the strangest of places? This works for a game, but not for any story other than a parody.

Onto the next issue: description.

The way you describe everything is horribly bland and boring. You hastily summarize everything that everyone does as if you don’t really care about deepening the story. It’s probably not the best example, but I would recommend checking out my original for an example of decent descriptions. If anything, it will be an improvement over what you’re currently using.

And then there’s the dialogue. You’ve done nothing new. It’s the exact same bland stuff from the early parts of OoT. Add your own stuff.
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