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Re: (Zgen) Evil’s Bane [T]

Oh wow! *Bump* This story definately deserves to be at the top great read Doran_Bladefist! I love the whole adventure aspect you have going on. Really epic. Anyways, great job and I look forward to your continuation. Btw, if you don't mind, I was wondering if you could review my story titled DarkLight. It hasn't gotten any replies yet and I'm not sure weather or not I should continue to chp.2. I really want to though, so maybe I will anyways, but critiques do always help. Also, don't feel obligated to read my fic. if you don't want to, it's perfectly fine with me. Just keep on writting!

"It is not bigotry to be certain we are right; but it is bigotry to be unable to imagine how we might possibly have gone wrong" ? G.K. Chesterton
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Re: (Zgen) Evil’s Bane [T]

Thanks to Linkpk and Link101Hyrule for the boost. It's always nice to hear that someone wasn't bored to tears!

As always, if anyone notices anything awry; spelling, grammar, story conflicts/forgotten plot devices; please let me know. I want to continue to get better at this for the sake of my novel.
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Chapter Seventeen: "Ghosts"

“The passion of friendship will soon blossom into a righteous power and through it, you will know which way to go...”
- Sheik
Chilled to the bone, Link gyrated and twisted in the flowing darkness underneath the cursed mountain, the light at the end growing closer and brighter. Whisper, tired and worn, found it hard to navigate the boisterous undertow and was clinging for her life to Link’s tunic. Link himself was unable to control any of his motion, instead saving his energy in case he would need it once they reached the approaching shore.
Not thinking to grab his sword as the cocoon failed, link had to curl and bend to avoid it’s razor edge as it moved about him in the water, dancing dangerously with the glint of evening flashing upon the steel. Like a River King intent on purging his waters, the sword seemed to have a mind of it’s own, knowing exactly where to slice and jab at his defenseless opponent.
Totally absorbed by the feral blade, Link failed to notice that the current began to quicken as the light approached.
Then, like fire spewing from the mountain’s belly, Link and Whisper exploded into the radiance of day, the cusp of a waterfall at their feet. Link clamored to find something to attach to, but came up empty, his hands gliding smoothly on the glassy rock. He thought to use the Eventide to escape into the mountainside but decided against it, lest he become trapped within the solid core or walk into a fiery conflagration of molten rock. Death Mountain may be quiet, but dead she was assuredly not.
Taking his chances with the waterfall, Link flew into the air, the pool of water some hundred feet below. Escaping the water, Whisper flew out into the open air, turning only to see Link plummet over the edge. With all the energy he had left, Link leaned forward into a dive, aligning into that form the Zora had taught him, oh so long ago. Hands in front of his face, holding his feet together, and making his body as straight as possible. Knifing the water below just as a spear pierces armor, Link shot down to the bottom of the river with the speed of an arrow, the force of it nearly crushing all the air from his lungs.
Refocusing his mind, Link barrel rolled to the right to return to the surface just as his sword came shooting through the water. In all it’s lethality, by only a few feet did it miss the hero, driving itself into the cold, murky base of the river. Swimming over to the sword-embedded, Link gripped it and pulled it from the muck, holding it high; his ghostly adversary subdued. Shoving off with his feet, he broke for the surface and left the water like a newborn leaving the womb. Taking in the deepest breath he had ever, he felt like he was reborn; alive to fight another day.
The River King, in all his fury, would have to go without.
Link dragged himself ashore, thanking the Goddesses for solid ground at last. It seemed a lifetime that he was trapped in the underground waterway, as if the life he had led was taken away and erased from the tapestry. The world around seemed so different, smeared, altered. But he knew, without a doubt, that nothing had changed. There was a war to be fought, and he was the only one who could do it.
Rolling on to his back, Link’s body glistened in the sun and his head went dizzy. He fought the urge to fall asleep, but didn’t have the stamina to resist. Unwillingly, the hero drifted off into a twisted and shallow repose, his mind full of dark thoughts and the convoluted monsters in his dreams.
Link felt a gentle pressure over his entire body. He didn’t know what it was, but it was inviting, warm, and benign. Floating away, he let the deep sleep take him.
Then, like the searing pain of a cattle brand against his chest, Link snapped awake and reached for his sword, only to find himself lying on a bed. Bewildered, Link glanced around the space, realizing he was inside a crude house. Small and sparse, it seemed neglected and rarely used, the long, reaching arms of woodland trees clawing through the walls. With only one window, Whisper resting peacefully upon it, the room had soft streaks of yellow light dancing upon the dusty surfaces.
“Good to see you awake.” A familiar voice said. “Never thought I’d see you again, let alone in my wood.”
Link turned to the sound of the voice, coming from the nearby entrance that was closed only by the aid of a ragged sheet. Leaning against the worn timber, draped in an emerald cloak, was Cale, a crooked grin on his face.
“I say welcome again to the forests of Creydo, Link of High Rule. I must say, it’s been an interesting few days with you running around. Patrols of Ersatz around every nook and cranny, fires billowing from the depths of the cursed mountain, an army amassed at it’s slopes. What have you been up to anyway?”
Link kept his secrets to himself, ever wary of another possible betrayer in his midst. He didn’t feel any apprehension with Cale, but he didn’t think himself lucky enough to escape again if the event were to repeat.
“Well, I suppose that would be a silly question, because, you see....” The woodsman was hesitant, trying to find the easiest way to put it. “I’m not much a man for words, Link, so I think it best to just show you.”
Reaching into the folds of his cloak, Cale pulled out a metal chain, a Keystone attached.
Link quickly shot his sight to his right hand. Both his stones were still there, his grip apparently never leaving them even while he slept.
“Yes, this one is mine. Whose, may I ask, is the other that you carry?”
Link’s eyes averted, the painful memory of the Sheikah village still near.
“Link, you must tell me. There are precious few Keystones in this myriad of existence we call a country. Every single one is critical. If but one were to fall into the wrong hands, Veritas could very well be entombed, Lady Mara and the rest of the Highlanders doomed to an eternity of darkness.”
Link looked the woodsman straight in the eyes. How did he know of such things? How could a simple woodsman have discovered Veritas? Was he taken too?
“I know you have questions, Link. I will answer all if you but tell me the name of the one whose stone you carry.”
Link relented. No harm in telling the woodsman about something that was already passed.
“Esclabor?” Cale seemed surprised. “You are sure of this?”
Link nodded his head. Nothing, not even the pain of death, could make him forget the man’s name.
“By the Goddesses.” The man cursed. “The army at the mountain; they’ve found the Sheikah village?”
“By the voice of another.” Whisper’s voice came into the room, her luminous white body sitting on a windowsill.
“Whose?” Cale asked.
Link was taken aback. Cale could understand the fairy?
“Esclados, the chieftain’s son. He pretended to help us, and in doing so kept Link asleep for two days. Even I thought he was a friend to us. But, in the end, he brought the armies of Ersatz down on us.”
“Trouble.” Cale said. These are dark times, little fairy. Brother against brother has become our way, and, I fear, it is but beginning.”
“No.” Whisper said strongly, lifting off the windowsill and floating towards the center of the room. “It is ending. Tonight, come the stroke of midnight, everything will end unless we find a way to stop it!”
“What are you babbling about, fairy?” Cale obviously hadn’t any tolerance for Whisper and her kind. “ ‘Come the stroke of midnight’ indeed! The army of Ersatz is out in the mountains hacking through brush and rock, Link is here. What possible harm could com to him while we are in Creydo? That’s at least a three day march for an army that size.”
Whisper’s color turned dark, her body’s shade fading to a glossy black. “Did you not hear what I said?!? He is coming back!”
Cale lost all color from his face. Unable to process it, he brushed it off and put on a sarcastic smile. “Hah! You almost had me there, fairy. I think you’ve eaten too much of your fairy dust, fairy.”
Link, for the first time in his life, felt truly afraid. Whisper’s body again began to change color, this time exploding into a fiery red. Her size seemed to double and the air around the room became dry and warm.
Whisper neared Cale’s cadaverous face, his cynical grin long gone. “ fairy!”
The room ignited in a blazing inferno of light, heat, and static. Cale was blown out the doorway into the forest and Link was thrown out of the bed and onto the floor on the other side. Gripping a nearby root, Link cinched his eyes shut as the maelstrom of power erupted. Cale had unleashed something terrible into the world.
The sky seemed to turn dark and the wood of the cabin began to melt. A soft hissing noise could be heard, slowly building higher and higher. Whisper’s body was lost within the storm, the intensity of the light consuming her and ravaging the surrounding space. Link thought to run, but found himself trapped in a corner, the door and the window too far away.
Then, the space growing deathly quiet for a moment, Whisper’s form detonated in a whirlwind of fire, wood, and earth, Cale and Link tumbling like leaves in the wind as the wake flowed over the countryside.
A root sticking painfully into his back, Link rolled over onto his stomach, charred wood and earth sifting off his body. Cale, too, was covered in the remains of his cottage, lying a few feet away. The entire area was covered in choking smoke, the smell of sulfur and dirt heavily prevalent.
“Now look what you’ve done!” Whisper’s voice came through the smoke. “Couldn’t just let it alone, could you?”
Link sat up, popping a crick in his neck. Squinting his eyes to the clearing mist, he could see a lone figure walking towards them. Tall and sultry, it was a feminine shape that swept through the smoke like an ghost wandering the afterlife. Curiously, the smell of lavender filled the hills, making Link’s mind settle and relax.
“I didn’t want you to see me like this just yet.” Whisper said as she approached. Her voice sounded different, lighter. Almost like that of another. “But, I suppose, it was bound to happen.”
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Re: (Zgen) Evil’s Bane [T]

That was great! Your story is very interesting and very entertaining!
I'm looking forward to the next chapter
Thanks for the sig Rheks
I have been adopted by Metamorph!
Too many pictures in my sig! So sad...
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Re: (Zgen) Evil’s Bane [T]

Wow Doran! Yet again, another great chapter. I must say, the suspense you hold in the story is very good. Can't wait to see, or read I should say, Whisper in this other mysterious form you have her in.

"It is not bigotry to be certain we are right; but it is bigotry to be unable to imagine how we might possibly have gone wrong" ? G.K. Chesterton
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Chapter Eighteen: "Destiny"

“This is Hyrule's final hope....”
- The Great Deku Tree
As slowly as wind erodes rock, the mist cleared around Whisper’s feet and her body entered into sight. Wearing a long-flowing dress of white and purple, accented with ornately fashioned gold, Link saw someone he had forgotten. It was a dream. It had to be. Distrusting his own eyes, he blankly stared. Cale, on the other hand, broke out into a rolling laughter.
“Link?” The illusion said, unsure of the hero’s thoughts.
Her voice was the same as he remembered. His distrust ebbing away as darkness flees from light, Link was unable to hide his elation any longer. Standing to his feet, he couldn’t take his eyes away from hers. They were as blue as Zora’s Sapphire; as caring as the morning sun; holding the kind of strength that kings could only dream of. Her skin was flawless, light and smooth. She was the same as she was before; unchanged by the seasons of time. Link thought that in that very moment, among the mist and trees, that he was dead.
“I am sorry, Link.” Zelda said, her eyes glistening with regret. “I wanted to tell you so badly...but....”
The two stood there face to face and just looked into each others eyes. Neither felt words could frame the emotion of the moment. There they were, two friends forged by fate and divided by destiny. One, the way of the warrior; the other, the way of the martyr.
Seeing the lack of progress, Cale feigned a cough. “You’re the biggest fairy I ever saw.”
“And you the strangest Hylian I ever saw.” Zelda answered, her sight staying on her friend.
“Ah, so you know?” Cale answered, pulling his hair back. “My father couldn’t believe it when he saw it, but there they were. Cut ‘em off, he did. Said I wouldn’t look normal with them. Said I’d be ‘thrown into the wild’. Ironic, how I did that to myself anyway.”
Link glanced over and saw the deep scar tissue at the tops of Cale’s ears. They were indeed Hylian, the tips lopped off and crudely rounded out at the top.
Zelda turned her attention back to Link. “Thrice now I’ve deceived you, Link. But I was not expecting this meeting. I never thought I’d see you again. After...that were dead. At least, we all thought you dead. It wasn’t until years later that I realized the truth of it, when your shadow came.”
Link’s attention was grabbed.
“When you and Ganondorf were taken into the Master Sword, the evil within you both was left behind. The Master Sword is of purity. A cleanliness that no evil can touch. This may sound strange, but in fact you were trapped in the sword with all the goodness that was left in Ganondorf.”
“But now, the evil of him that remained in the world has taken it’s toll. It may just be his shadow, a phantom of the dark lord, but evil absolute is it’s mantra. You know this, as you fought your own shadow once. He, too, is still loose in the land. I was hoping time would slow him down, but, in the end, he only grew stronger.”
Cale was perplexed. “Are you saying that my own shadow that trails me by day can jump out at will and stab me in the foot?”
“No, it is not so simple.” Zelda said, her eyes unwavering from Link’s. “When Link first touched the Master Sword, the evil within him was banished out into the world, making the man that is what Link could not be. He isn’t so much Link’s shadow, as the name would imply. He is the darkness that dwelled within him. That piece that is within all of us. Link had to be pure to wield the blade."
“It was this dark stranger that sealed me within the fountain of essence. For ages I waited for someone to free me. I just didn’t think that it would be...” Zelda took a step towards the hero. “You...again.”
Link’s heart was thundering like a wild horse’s gallop through the forest.
“But why a...fairy?” Cale asked, his strange disdain for the fairy folk never-ending.
“I had Venus, the last of the Great Fairies, make me as such soon after Hyrule fell.” Zelda responded, her voice masterfully hiding the sting. “The only way I could think to hide was to surround myself with others that looked just like me; in a place where few would tread. It worked, but only too well. I became so used to being a fairy, I nearly forgot everything. I was choosing to forget everything. It wasn’t until the shadow came again to the fountain that I remembered, but by then it was too late.
“You don’t know how frightening it was. Link’s shadow looks nearly identical to him. I thought Link had returned when I first saw him. I opened the kingdom gates...and then...he....” The princess trailed off before cutting away from the memory. “I thought Link mad before I realized it wasn’t truly him. The things he did to the kingdom...after that, I ran away. There was nothing left for me in Hyrule. I wanted it all to disappear.”
Link fabricated a closed-lipped smile. He could see the pain in Zelda’s eyes. It was hidden deep within. Her very core was infected with it. To a stranger, they wouldn’t have the slightest inkling, but to Link, who knew the Princess as he knew himself, the anguish was so strong he could almost feel it radiating from her. He hadn’t the stomach nor the heart to ask about it. He knew that if Zelda wanted him to know, she’d tell him.
“And so here we are, in the old land that was Hyrule.” Zelda glanced around the woods, looking for some resemblance of her old home. “So much has changed...yet the darkness remains.” She turned to Cale, breaking the link with her friend. “How close are we to the Temple of Time?”
Cale frowned. “Where?”
Link reached out and put a hand on the Princess’ shoulder. He at once felt he should remove it, as he could physically sense the dark memories within her, but held firm and pointed to the north. He was close to where he entered this strange world. He wouldn’t forget it even if it was ripped from existence.
“There?” Zelda asked, gazing through the trees to the setting sun. “And Ganondorf?”
Link nodded, his gaze also to the diminishing sun of dusk.
“Wait a minute!” Cale stood up, brushing the debris of his clothes. “I thought you said he was coming back, not that he was already here!”
“And I also said that his shadow was in the land, didn’t I?” Zelda was in no mood for dancing around with the woodsman.
“ suppose you did.” Cale scratched the back of his neck, feeling quite the fool in the presence of the two teenagers. “So? What’s the plan then?”
“We don’t do well with plans, do we Link?” The Princess finally came around with that warm smile of hers, breaking her vexing melancholy.
Link gave a weak laugh, knowing all too well the failures that led to the victories.
The Princess took in a deep breath and folded her arms, the temperature in the wood slowly starting to drop. “I think we need to visit Mara.”
“Agreed.” Cale said, not wishing to spend another night in a forest which he now deemed dangerous. “By midnight, you said?”
“Give or take. Time is not important here. What is important is that we make the right choice now, for we will not receive another.”
Without another word, Cale walked back to the ruin that was his shack and began sifting through the debris. Zelda and Link looked on, curious as to what the man was up to.
“Aha!” The man exclaimed, finding what he was after.
“What is it?” Zelda asked of the woodsman.
Cale stood up with a wrapped parcel. Dusting off the charred wood and shredded leaves, he walked over to Link and handed it to him.
“I believe these belong to you. I tried my best to make you fit in with the rest of Ersatz, but I fear that those clothes never truly fitted.”
Link pulled the string that was holding the package closed tight, the flaps falling away and revealing his green tunic.
Zelda smiled.
“A hero’s garb.” The woodsman said, hinting to his own emerald cloak. “We forest people must stick to our roots, yes?”
Link nodded. There were trying times ahead, but now, with the help of his friends, it didn’t seem so bad.
The trio walked off to the north with Zelda taking the lead, all the while none of them noticing that the Triforce of Courage on Link’s hand began to shine a just little bit brighter.
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Re: (Zgen) Evil’s Bane [T]

Cool chapter. Probably one of my favorites so far. I like the part where you mention Zelda saying to Link, "We don't do well with plans, do we Link?" Haha, lol, hillarious. Great job Doran.

"It is not bigotry to be certain we are right; but it is bigotry to be unable to imagine how we might possibly have gone wrong" ? G.K. Chesterton
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Chapter Nineteen: "Schism"

“So, you think you can protect them from’ve got guts, kid.”
- Ganondorf Dragmire
After the hero donned his familiar tunic, Link, Zelda, and Cale all made their way through the forgotten forest of Creydo; a land long since bereft of citizens, save the woodsman. It was a quiet, solemn hike for the three. Albeit enjoying each other’s company, each of the Hylians held to their own, words unable to come to form. Link was focusing on the terrain, ensuring Zelda was heading in the right direction; Cale was constantly watching in front of and behind the group, keeping an eye out for spies and hidden attackers; Zelda was lost deep in her thoughts, hardly even noticing the landscape pass her by.
Reaching an arcing crest of rock and earth, Link stepped in front of the Princess, silently motioning to her to stay behind. Just over this next ledge was where Link awoke in this place: the ruins of the Temple of Time and Hyrule Castle. He didn’t want Zelda walking into a trap that surely lay in wait. For what bait could be more tempting than the shattered blade of Evil’s Bane?
Inching his sight over the hill, Link spied the skeletal remains of the gate to the Sacred Realm, it’s sallow granite clawing into the sky like the hand of a corpse. Resting dangerously in the middle was the Pedestal of Time, it’s patron blade extruding from the carved rock. The rusted steel lay deadened, scarred, and cancerous, leaving little hope to be had.
Zelda came up behind Link, gently peeking over the hill to the ruins below, Cale close behind.
“Any sign of ‘em?” Cale whispered.
Link shook his head. The feeling of saturating darkness that he felt before wasn’t present in the grove this time. But even without the proximity of evil, the temple imposed a sacred notion upon the hero, begging him to stay clear of it’s borders. Nothing would dare enter here, save under the threat of absolute peril. Link thought it time to test that theory.
Vaulting over the hill without hesitation or fear, Link drew out his sword and flew into the grove. Defiantly taking position within the inner circle of the fallen temple, he gave a stern look of grit and determination, sweeping his sight around for any sign of intruders. This was his turf, and no shadow of a dead man was going to take it from him again.
Zelda and Cale watched intently from the ridge, waiting for something to attack. Seeing nothing was to come, the two glanced at each other, rose to their feet, and walked down the embankment to join their friend.
Link was disconcerted. This was the place where all things were to end, time and time again, and yet there was no person or thing in sight. Gripping the hilt of his sword tightly, he found the lack of an enemy more unsettling than having one present.
Zelda neared the shattered blade and placed a gloved hand on it’s surface, running it upwards against the aged steel. A gentle sigh escaped her lips and she closed her eyes.
“This is it?” Cale asked, squinting his eyes. “This is the blade that defeated Ganondorf?”
Zelda nodded, not wishing to speak of it.
Cale looked to Link, sizing him up. “And it was you that wielded it?”
Link didn’t respond. He just kept his guard at the upmost readiness.
Biting his lip, Cale shook his head and folded his arms. “So, what are we to do then? I thought we were going to Veritas to see Mara. There isn’t anything here to be had, save ghosts and gravel.”
Link’s ears pricked up and he spun to the east, blade at the ready. Following suit, Cale reached into the folds of his cloak and drew out a short sword, stepping in front of Zelda to protect her from whatever beast would dare enter the grove.
“Link of High Rule.” A darkly female voice said, her location unknown. “You’ve come far on your journey, only to come full-circle to the beginning.”
“Come on out, witch!” Cale bellowed at the voice, intolerant of spooks and spirits. “And I’ll give you a new beginning!”
“Cale?” The voice said, surprise hidden within the tones.
The woodsman lowered his guard and looked to the sun, it’s warming rays just about to disappear underneath the horizon of trees. “Do you wait for darkness, or does darkness find you?”
“If I cannot bend evil, then I shall move heaven.” The voice replied just as the last glint of sunlight faded into nightfall.
“Mara.” Cale said, his face sporting an animated grin.
Stepping into the hazy grove, the Lady of Veritas came through one of the fallen spires, a handful of other shadow-people following close behind. Link relaxed his grip on his sword, but kept his senses sharp and searching. There were even more tempting targets to be had now.
“It’ been a long time, woodsman.” Mara said, her face betraying a closed-lip smile. “I pray your time in Ersatz hasn’t been too...unpleasant.”
“Not at all, not at all.” Cale sheathed his blade, his anxiety relieved.
“And you, Link.” The shade said, turning to the hero. “You’ve done well in your journey so far. May I ask, how did Whisper fair? Where is she?”
Link glanced over to Zelda, her small frame hiding behind Cale’s billowing cloak.
Mara looked concerned. “What has happened? Is the oracle alright?”
Cale stepped aside, letting Mara see the Princess in their midst.
Link’s jaw dropped. He didn’t notice it before, as Mara was colorless and ghostly, but her and Zelda had such an uncanny resemblance they could be sisters; opposite sides of the same coin. Mara looked a little older, a woman in her prime, but Zelda still had that guise of youth wrapped deceptfully around her.
“Whisper?” Mara caught her breath and held her hands up to her face. “Is that...are you....”
Link couldn’t tell, but is was as if Mara were weeping without tears. Looking over to Zelda, he could see that she was fighting with all her strength to keep from doing the same, the emotion threatening to shatter that shield of fortitude that she bore.
Zelda walked up to Mara and placed a gentle hand on her cheek, the feel of the Lady’s cold skin flowing through her. Zelda couldn’t remember the last she saw of Mara, but knew it had been quite some time; ages, perhaps.
“I take it you two know each other?” Cale asked nervously, having never seen Lady Mara in such a state before.
“We’ve only met once...long ago.” Zelda said, her eyes welling up. “I have dreamed of you, Mara.”
Mara reached out and placed her own hand on Zelda’s warm cheek. “And I you...mother.”
Link’s stomach churned and he lost all focus. His attention and his gaze was drawn to the teary reunion between mother and daughter in the grove, and he was powerless to stop it. He couldn’t believe it. He wouldn’t believe it.
The moment was shattered by a long, roaring laugh filling the sky and the feeling of peace and serenity quickly absconded. Dark and heinous, the sting of evil blanketed the Hylians, dread and fear taking root.
“Poor little Zelda.” An unfamiliar voice said, grating like bones under rock. “Alas, the years have not been kind to my Queen.”
Zelda put a hand to her heart. “It’s him.”
Thunder rolled across the sky and the burgeoning stars darkened. Frothy clouds of billowing ash enveloped the roof of the world, and terror began running rampant. Link wanted to kick himself for bringing Zelda here. It was inevitable that villainy would follow, and he had let it happen. He had chosen their burial plots, as well as those of Veritas. Perhaps even the fate of the entire world rested on his decision to bring fate to it’s end.
“I’ve been waiting a long time...Link.” The unseen voice said the hero’s name with such hatred that the boy’s hair began to stand on end. “And here, you have even brought me a gift: my Queen and daughter. Such splendidness to be had.”
The wind picking up into a violent gale, lightning shot down from the sky and struck the blade of the Master Sword, completely shattering the remains and cracking the Pedestal of Time. Link and the others fell back, shielding their eyes from the shards that sung through the air like the tips of barbed arrows.
Reacting to the blistering wind, the once mighty towers and arcs of the temple’s roof began to crumble and falter, the people below at the mercy of cascading rock, glass, and mortar. Link started to run to the hills, but turned back and saw Zelda laying on the ground, her body motionless in the building maelstrom. Doubling back for her, he passed the fleeing Cale and the other shadow-people, some of them disappearing into the rock and earth.
Mara, too, ran to Zelda’s side. The two picking her up by her arms, they dragged her limp body away from the center of the temple and into the relative safety of the trees, shielding the Princess’ body from flying debris with their own skin.
“Why leave, pets?” The voice centered in the temple around a swirling vortex of darkness and smoke, right above the broken pedestal. “This night has not yet ended.”
A very violation of the laws of existence, Link’s dark double culminated and breathed life as he entered the sacred grove. His eyes burning red with malice and the lust of revenge, he again echoed that caustic s****** and flexed his power into the realm.
“As you can see, little pet.” Dark Link said with a condescending tone. “I’ve come a long way since our last meeting in the Water Temple.”
The shade stepped forward and motioned to Link to come forward with the lacerating curl of a dark-gloved finger. “Now, with that pathetic little knife of yours broken, we shall see who the victor will be!”
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Chapter Twenty: "Ride the Lightning"

 “Here is gathered Hyrule's bloody history of greed and hatred....”
- Voices in the Shadow Temple

Standing in the eclipse of his own, Link’s rage flared. No injustice, no retribution, no befoulment had ever bled so bitter as this. His pall shadow had pushed the boundaries of reasonable sanity to the nth degree, and the hero was powerless to take it back. Rushing over him like the death of a species, the destroying of Zelda’s honor was almost too much for him to bear.
Link stood to his feet, leaving the comatose princess in the arms of her daughter. So many things made sense now; the people of the underworld and their strange ways, the crumbling of the Hylian kingdom, the eradication of the other peoples; but all in all it still was too much to accept. Dark Link had taken the very soul of Hyrule and scattered it to the wind, using the real Link’s own voice as the key.
“Surprised?” The doppelgänger said, bringing a fell wind of icy strands from the south as his tongue danced behind his teeth. “I know I am.”
Link readied his sword and pulled the Sheikah shield off his back, aiming the red eye towards his opponent. Crouching slightly, he held his blade horizontally to the side and steeled his resolve.
“You cannot hope to comprehend my longing for this moment.” Violent rapture in his voice, dark Link reached behind him and gripped a pitch-black hilt. His fingers seemed to shake at the touch of the steel; a twisted affection. “Everything I have done, and everything I will do, has been planned according to this meeting. You think Zelda was the pinnacle of my vengeance? I spit at the thought!”
Link’s shadow removed his sword, an irregular edge leaving it’s dark haunt as slowly as the moon rises. It was similar to the Master Sword, though it had long, thin gaps in the steel instead of a blood groove, and the edge was as jagged as the teeth of a Dodongo.
Link swallowed his fear at the sight of the weapon, and kept his demeanor stern. He knew that even the slightest hint of despair would drive this chimera into a crazed bloodlust of unspeakable horror. This was way beyond the Water Temple. The hero’s heart began to fester with doubt, it’s reaching tentacles threatening to destroy his mind.
Gritting his teeth, Link stood his ground. It was normally his prerogative to strike first, but this was an unknown enemy. He didn’t know what to expect. He sensed a certain darkness surrounding the shadow, one not readily prevalent in other opponents. Something was feeding him, giving him strength and power. That something was driving him mad.
Dark Link gave his adversary an evil leer and began walking forward, blade pointed straight at the other. Drawing near, the tip of his blade stopped a hair short of the front of Link’s shield, the piercing needlepoint at the center of the painted red eye.
“The power of the Sheikah cannot save you. Nor can it save the royal bloodline, as it has been forever tainted by my seed. Even now those gypsies fight to reach here, though I fear that a scant few heathens don’t stand much of a chance against the might of Ersatz.”
Link’s shadow motioned his head to the left, beckoning his enemy to glance over. Unable to abstain falling further into the snare, Link shifted his gaze beyond and saw the shape of a man, beaten and crumpled on the forest floor. Link’s breath caught in mid-stride.
It was Esclabor.
“Do you see?” The shade moved to the left, bringing Link’s attention back to him. “Even now, without their great leader, they send themselves to the slaughter at the hands of my power. And the more they fight, the more they die. You would do well to learn from that lesson, but I hope you don’t. Fight me. Fight me with all you have. Grant unto me all the fury of the Goddesses you carry within you, so my just deserts may grow legion in spite of it.”
Link’s heart wilted at the sight of Esclabor, lying bloodied and cleaved in the dirt. He wasn’t sure if he was alive or not, but even if he was, given his state, he assuredly wouldn’t survive the night.
Dark Link gave his other half a heinous wink and swung his blade, striking the shield with a blow that nearly knocked Link off his feet. The speed and strength of it was unparalleled. Not even Ganondorf had hit with such ferocity.
Regaining his balance, Link glanced at the front of the shield, it’s painted eye marred and lacerated. Keeping the hardened steel in a protective arc in front, he slowly inched forward, giving his sword a quick spin in his grip.
“So it begins.” Dark Link whispered to the rising full moon as it’s white face broke through the torrent of cloud.
The specter lunged first, driving the point of his blade through the air at Link’s face, the near-miss catching the outer point of the hero’s right ear. Twisting the blade as he pulled back, a small piece of soft flesh hit the ground, Link grimacing at the pain.
“The first of many.” Dark Link’s red eyes went into a frenzy at the sight of the hero’s blood.
Blocking the wound from his mind, Link struck back, deflecting his adversary’s edge and getting close inside his circle. Without a shield to speak of, the shade was defenseless at such close range. Or so Link thought.
Releasing the tumultuous chaos that was his essence, shadow Link sent forth a wave of dark energy so powerful and so withering it tossed Link through the air, his body at the mercy of the passing tree branches and fallen stone towers. Hitting the ground with a bone-crushing impact, he rolled and pitched in the dirt and leaves, slamming against a large boulder.
Wordless, the shadow wasted no breath in chasing after his slung foe, his blade spearheading the air as he ran.
Coughing up a slurry of blood and vomit, Link tightened his grip on his shield and sword, pushing himself to his feet as the shadow approached. Standing as still as he could manage, he waited for the creature to come closer in order to deflect the slice and maybe sneak in a counter- attack. A mistake he would only make once.
His body shooting forward instantaneously as if time and space held no bearing upon him, Dark Link backhanded the hero with a hammer of a fist, sending him reeling to the ground. Taking no pause, he swung and jabbed with his sword, Link barely able to keep up with the lightning celerity.
Lying on the ground, Link took to the defensive position of his life. Pushing away with the soles of his boots, he desperately clamored for a space in which he could get back to his feet, but the onslaught of the shade was indomitable and flawless.
“Link!” Mara yelled from the sideline, Zelda lying in her arms.
Upon hearing the Lady’s voice, Link focused his thoughts and entered into the Eventide, dropping into the ground and coming to his feet some twenty yards away from his shadow. Taking in a deep breath and basking in the relief, his aching muscles remained taut and unified. His body was beginning to break, but his will was as strong as a mountain.
“Clever, but unwise.” Dark Link said, his back to the hero. “The Eventide is my realm, little one. That was a line you should not have crossed.”
The shadow’s body turned to smoke; cloudy wisps carrying on the wind into the sky. Merging with the very thunderheads that blackened out the light, Dark Link had vanished.
Link kept his feet moving. He knew that standing still was an invitation to a quick death, or worse. Moving towards the center of the clearing near the cracked Pedestal of Time, he channeled his senses into the surroundings, waiting for villainy to reveal itself.
Then, charging out of the sky on a chariot drawn by horses made of harnessed lightning, shadow Link flew into the temple ruin swinging his sword with reckless abandon. Rolling out of the way, the hero narrowly missed being trampled by the beasts but was struck by the chaotic energy that their hooves released into the ground. Etching through the dirt like spreading cracks in glass, the electric power of the sky flowed into Link’s body, crumbling his strength and dropping him to the ground in an instant.
Dark Link emitted a bone-chilling laugh that filled the surrounding hillside, making all in his wake shudder with fear and hopelessness. Satisfied with the effect, he leaped off his chariot back to the ground, the lightning horses charging back into the dark heavens from whence they came.
“Do you not see? There can do. You are powerless against me. Even here, in this sacred grove, you are not but dead.”
Link’s shadow walked up to the hero’s immobilized, smoking body, the smell of burnt hair and flesh heavily prevalent. Picking him up by the back of his neck, he proudly displayed him for Mara and the others in hiding to see.
“This is what happens to those who fight back” He yelled to the world. “The fate of the Gorons and the Zoras! And now, this is what will happen to all Hylians!”
Zelda’s eyes slowly opened. At first she thought it was a nightmare, but then realized the truth and lost control of her emotion; her face emaciated in horror.
“Just in time, my Queen. You shall be awake for this vexation’s inevitable demise.”
Then, without warning, there was the quick sound of slicing metal and cleaving flesh in the grove. Dark Link shrieked in agony, dropping the hero’s limp body and falling to his knees.
Standing to his full height behind the fallen specter, Esclados’ firm eyes glanced at his claw, dark blood dripping off the razor barbs.
“Esclados?!?” Zelda couldn’t believe her eyes. “But you....”
Dark Link didn’t wait for Esclados to explain himself. Spinning around and catching the Sheikah off guard, he blasted him with the dark energy of hatred, tearing away the outer layer of skin from the unprotected parts of his body. The Sheikah fought through the pain and lunged with his claw, the barbs pushing through Dark Link’s chest and protruding out his back.
The wraith stuttered and spat out blood, the pain of the wound immense, but soon found a way to focus it into a guttural laughter as he stared the attacker in the eye. Even though a mortal wound had been inflicted on one, so had another been dealt.
Esclados fell back, ripping his claw out from Dark Link’s chest and flinging bits of gore to the side. Looking down, he saw the gnawing teeth of the shadow’s blade, lodged firmly in his gut.
Both Zelda and Mara gasped at the sight as the Esclados fell to the ground, his lifeblood leaving him and spreading through the mossy cracks of the temple floor. With all the energy he could muster, he lifted his head and looked towards his father’s disfigured body, lying close to the east.
His own spirit leaving him, Esclabor gave his son the slightest of nods with the last bit of his energy. Returning the gesture, Esclados closed his eyes and released his hold. He felt he had earned his place among the gods, and no shadow or curse of evil could take that from him.
With great effort, dark Link rose to his feet, the wound in his chest drizzling.
“Not but Sheikah.” He said to the two fallen warriors, his malice knowing no bounds. “If only you aimed for the heart. Now, where was I? Ah, yes.” He turned to Link’s comatose body. “You.”
Link’s shadow placed a muddy boot on Esclados' body and, with a quick tug, extracted his blade, the Sheikah’s blood flowing over the teeth and the inner edges.
Mara stood to her feet and approached her father, burning enmity in her gray eyes. “You will not touch him.”
The monster laughed at the display. “And what are you to do about it, little girl?” He turned to face his daughter. “I made you. And as such, I can unmake you.”
Dark Link approached Mara and smeared his blood on her face. “Be silent.”
Just as the words escaped his chapped lips, Mara’s body froze as still as a statue. She fought the ethereal prison with all her will, but found herself incapable of escaping the chains of her father.
“I’ll give you the privilege to watch as well. The privilege to watch the unmaking of this world!”
Link snapped back awake, but kept still on the ground. He could see Zelda laying helplessly to the side, her face having lost most it’s color. Looking over her, he could see a deep crimson soaking through her dress near her abdomen. The fear in his eyes growing, he gave in to despair. He didn’t care what happened next. The rest of the world no longer mattered. He had to help her.
The Princess smiled at the hero, her lips never parting. Weak and failing it was, but with it Link knew he could topple a mountain. Glancing at the top of his left hand, he could see the Triforce of Courage shining brightly, brighter than it ever had before. He was about to get to his feet, but Zelda shook her head. She couldn’t find the energy to talk to him telepathically, but Link could read the intent in her eyes.
The shade moved towards Link, who was still playing possum on the ground. Reaching into the boy’s tunic, he retrieved the broken hilt of the Master Sword, holding it into the air. “Behold! The last step to rid the world of all the things you cherish!”
Culminating a ball of dark energy in the fist holding the hilt, dark Link threw the relic into the ground, a violet and black vortex soon erupting into the temple ruin. Escaping into the whirlpool, the hilt soon disappeared and vanished in a flash of light, the vortex closing behind and the grove turning silent.
“The final piece. Esclados was right to try and keep the Master Sword hidden until after the alignment. But not even the Sheikah could withstand our power of darkness. The body of our great lord, Ganondorf, is all that we needed to bring him back to his full omnipotent power. And now, thanks to you, we have it and he can return!”
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Re: (Zgen) Evil’s Bane [T]

Woah, very graphic chapter. Much more different than your other chapters. Very intense and suspensefull. Its sad though how Esclados and Esclabor die.

"It is not bigotry to be certain we are right; but it is bigotry to be unable to imagine how we might possibly have gone wrong" ? G.K. Chesterton
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Re: (Zgen) Evil’s Bane [T]

Wow, just let me say that to begin.

It has been awhile since I've found a fan fic that has enthralled me. You write very beautifully, maybe even more so than another favorite author of mine. And while it is very dark, I feel that that is the nature of your material and writing style. You are very descriptive and people just don't realize how much of an art writing is. Using words like cancerous to describe an aged rusted blade or fanged steel instead of sword add so much to your work.

If I had to be critical, your story seems a bit rushed and certain things are implied a little too much. For example, Esclabor and Esclados are very flat characters who little is known about. Why do the Sheikah help the Veritas citizens, how do they know about them, what are the keystones shared between them as well as the two other passageways in the tunnels of woe. While you may go on to explain them later in the story, as you seem to like doing, I feel it makes the story seem a little straight forward, as if we are given a situation and instead of getting clues to figure it out. We are just told all in one go how things happened and it detracts a little of the fun of trying to figure it out.

Overall, very entertaining. I especially like the idea of Dark Link's origins (as I was going to use this idea in a fanfic I have been thinking of for awhile, but alas you beat me to it). When you finally get to this point of the story, things begin to make more since, although I am still at a lost on some of the more prominent parts of the plot. If I may, are you close to being finished? It would seem so, but who can ever really tell?

The Legend of Zelda: Relinquished

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Re: (Zgen) Evil’s Bane [T]

Thanks for the feedback, Layke. To answer your last question, yes, the arc is nearing completion. Just another handful of chapters and It'll be done.

My issue with the little plot elements are visible, this is true. This fanfic is something I've been doing in my free time, of which I have precious little, and I have found myself plopping things in that I either forget about or am too pressed for time to divulge upon. A few things are planned to be revealed later, but yes, I can totally see where you are coming from. It's a crutch to overcome for sure. But believe me or not, this story is my first attempt at a novella that is simplified; my older works being so heavy that they were impossible to read and/or comprehend! I still have room for improvement, but wow I can see such a difference so far.

The biggest problem with the Sheikah is that they were added in really late; almost too late. I had no intention of involving them whatsoever, but it just happened. I dunno, I can't explain it, really. My writing can be so random at times that even I can be surprised by the unfolding story . If I had more time to put towards this, I would have written it first, done a thorough edit, and then posted, but alas, I am left wanting.

Overall, I am using this story as a training ground to help improve my novel, which is in an editing stage...for the moment. Even little thoughts like yours can help immensely, so I appreciate every last drop of info I can get my grubby little hands on.

Thanks again!
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Re: (Zgen) Evil’s Bane [T]

If you write this well on a novella, then I can't wait to read your actual novel. Care to elaborate on this subject?

The Legend of Zelda: Relinquished

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Re: (Zgen) Evil’s Bane [T]

Well, my brainchild lies far from Zelda, but this little project has taught me many things about writing and the properties therein; the biggest focus being you, the reader. The book, currently named "The Golden Box", is primarily an epic modern fantasy, but it has an immense slathering of action, Gothic horror, mystery, and a pinch of historical fiction.

Those of which I have included within my editing circle tell me it's like a mix of H.P. Lovecraft and Terry Goodkind, but I can't speak to it; ironically, I don't read much. I've also been asked if I'm being payed by the word like Charles Dickens, so my main goal for this is to drive simplicity and to write wisely, not just using lots of pretty words.

I don't really feel like delving too much into the details about the plot at this point, as there are many things that I am still ironing out as the edit continues, but I have 1/3 of the piece written in rough draft format(150 pages, to be exact; not to mention my 30 pages of appendices...) and am currently going back through it to revamp the quality, flow, and general cohesion. Hence the critical nature of this Zelda project of mine. The more I can learn from this outing, and the more feedback I can muster, the better my true work may become.

I do have a couple pics for "The Golden Box" on my profile, but there just little things that I've done in my spare time. Rubbish and Junk, but hey, it's the kind that dreams are made of.


Speaking of pics, I made a logo for Evil's Bane: check the first post
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Re: (Zgen) Evil’s Bane [T]

Originally Posted by Doran_Bladefist View Post
Well, my brainchild lies far from Zelda, but this little project has taught me many things about writing and the properties therein; the biggest focus being you, the reader. The book, currently named "The Golden Box", is primarily an epic modern fantasy, but it has an immense slathering of action, Gothic horror, mystery, and a pinch of historical fiction.

Those of which I have included within my editing circle tell me it's like a mix of H.P. Lovecraft and Terry Goodkind, but I can't speak to it; ironically, I don't read much. I've also been asked if I'm being payed by the word like Charles Dickens, so my main goal for this is to drive simplicity and to write wisely, not just using lots of pretty words.

I don't really feel like delving too much into the details about the plot at this point, as there are many things that I am still ironing out as the edit continues, but I have 1/3 of the piece written in rough draft format(150 pages, to be exact; not to mention my 30 pages of appendices...) and am currently going back through it to revamp the quality, flow, and general cohesion. Hence the critical nature of this Zelda project of mine. The more I can learn from this outing, and the more feedback I can muster, the better my true work may become.

I do have a couple pics for "The Golden Box" on my profile, but there just little things that I've done in my spare time. Rubbish and Junk, but hey, it's the kind that dreams are made of.
Sounds like it should be good.

Originally Posted by Doran_Bladefist View Post
Speaking of pics, I made a logo for Evil's Bane: check the first post
Awesome banner, I take it you are a little bit of an artist as well. Can't wait for the rest of the story.

The Legend of Zelda: Relinquished

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Chapter Twenty-One - "Reap the Whirlwind"

 “Those who have sacred feet should let the wind guide them. Then, they will be led to the hidden path”
- Navi
Zelda would have gasped, had she the energy. She felt weak, fallible; her mind felt dizzy. Were it not for the shearing pain in her abdomen, she would certainly have fallen asleep from the loss of blood. Looking down, she gently parted the small tear in her dress, betraying the rusty shard of the Master Sword to the open air.
The Princess winced, looking at the wound as if it weren’t truly a part of her. She could feel it, clawing against her insides as she struggled to draw breath, but at the same time she had a numbness beginning to wash over her. The world was closing in, becoming smaller as her sight lessened, and she feared she would leave too much behind; too much unsaid.
Zelda’s eyes slowly left the puncture in memory and trailed over to her friend, Link, lying still in the dirt and crumbled leaves. His sight was firm, relentless, the will to survive and protect burned onto his soul like a tattoo of immortal benevolence. She gave the hero an invisible smile; the kind that only true friendship can show.
Moving past, she spied her daughter, Mara, standing frozen in the binding control of the Triforce of Power. This was Ganondorf’s kind of way. The same had been used on her once, back in the tower, back in her own time, and the effects of it were maddening. She wished with all her heart that she could help her daughter escape, but knew her longing to be in vain. Dark Link had some connection with the dark lord and was using it to fuel his ability.
She wondered where the other shadow-Hylians had gone. There had to be a dozen of them in the grove when Mara first entered, as well as Cale, but it seemed they all had fled the scene, either unwilling or incapable of helping.
Letting out a despairing sigh, Zelda moved her blue eyes to the other in the grove. All the kindness in her eyes ebbed into hollow thoughts as she gazed upon the imposter-Link. His wicked glare was imposing, maniacal. All the riches in the world couldn’t deter his frenzied thirst for Link’s blood and of those he ever came to know. The shadow’s only task, his only purpose in life, was to destroy all that Link held dear. It was wretched, in the least, that Dark Link needed this lust for revenge so deeply. Zelda pitied him, though no tone of forgiveness could ever escape her lips for what he had done to Hyrule and it’s denizens.
“Had enough, My Queen?” The shade spoke quietly, the wound in his chest refusing to abdicate.
Zelda left his menacing glare, turning back to Link.
“Oh, is that what you wanted? You want this to be over too, don’t you?” Link’s shadow limped over to his halcyon foil. “Have you not forgotten all the kindness I showed you and your family? Let me remind you.”
Reaching out with his right hand, dark Link made another burning ball of violet plasma in his fist. Holding on to it for a moment, as if he were releasing his own children into the wild, he threw it at Link’s still body, a trail of deep purple and black following in it’s wake.
Sensing the impending dark energy, Link quickly rolled to the side and dodged, bringing himself to a readied balance on his hands and knees.
“Not so fast, boy!” Dark Link lunged at the hero, his speed and agility still uncanny, even with the wounds on his chest and back.
Grappling Link from behind, the shade wrapped his right arm around his neck, putting firm pressure and choking the air from his lungs. No more chilling laughter left in him, dark Link held his tongue and his face went blank.
The grove went deathly silent for a few moments, the only sound to be hear being Link struggling to escape from the vice of darkness. It was visceral, brutality and hatred intertwined in an elegy of malevolence, and all were helpless against it’s haunting choir.
Just when Link was about to lose cognizance, his oppressor released him, letting his weakened body crumble to the ground. He coughed and wheezed, holding his hands over his bruised throat.
“I cant do it....” Dark Link stood over his prey with emotionless eyes. “I just can’t bring myself to let this come to an end so quickly. I have thought of many dark pleasures with you, Hero of Time. Don’t think to die just yet. At least not before you get to watch this little pet go first.”
Something in Link snapped. He wasn’t sure if it was the notion of Zelda’s death or the insinuation that there was something worse that could be done to him. Link had felt that he had lost everything in this quest for the common good; the taking of Zelda would have to carry a greater price than this.
Pushing to his feet, Link spun and lunged at his enemy, indomitable courage spewing out of him like the fires of old Death Mountain. Catching the shade off-guard, he hit him right across the jaw with a left hook, dropping him to the ground. Not stopping or thinking, Link let his rage take over him and he started beating the other with his bare fists and feet like a ravenous madman. He lost all control of himself as the darkened blood began to fly, no thought of death or life crossing his mind.
Zelda had never seen Link in such a state. It scared her. Even with her own mind and body sliding into mortality, the Princess had never seen such a display of savage barbarity, let alone from Link.
“Link.” Zelda whispered, trying to bring the friend she knew back from his descent.
Link heard her failing voice, but found himself unable to respond. It was as if he was watching the violence unfold instead of professing it. His bewilderment jaded into horror as he witnessed himself loosing the contained fury of the Goddesses upon his shadow, his fists hitting harder, faster, and with such ferocity that his knuckles began to crack and bleed, his own blood mixing with that of his nemesis.
“Link!” Zelda yelled, giving the last of her energy that she could muster.
The hero’s mind blanked and his hammer-hands stopped, blood and tears streaming down his face. He looked down at the disfigured young man below him, laying beaten to within an inch of his life. Stepping away from the sight of what he had done, he relaxed his muscles and started breathing heavily.
Dark Link rolled onto his back, his face hardly recognizable from the brutal cudgeling. “Thank you, Link.” He said with a strange affection. “You have given me the greatest gift of all. The gift of the Goddesses.”
Forcefully lifting his right hand into the air, his palm facing the hero, the shade released the strongest wave of dark energy he could summon, blowing the shaken boy across the Temple of Time’s haunt. Link went limp, letting the force of the turbulent power do with him as it pleased. His left shoulder slamming into the cracked pedestal of time, chunks of rock and debris flew all over the grove, dust gently settling over him.
Dark Link pushed to his feet. His will to dominate was sovereign, his injuries notwithstanding. Reaching to the ground, he gingerly picked up his sword, the blade becoming almost to heavy for him to manage.
“ my just deserts may grow legion.” He approached, echoing what he said to the hero earlier.
Link shook the stars from his eyes, his vision slowly coming back into focus. Laying there with his shoulder against the remains of the Pedestal of Time, he caught glimpse of something shiny lodged within the broken pedestal, glinting in the scant moonlight. Adjusting his eyes, he squinted and reached for it, his fingers barely able to grip it’s glassy surface. Pulling it forward, he saw something he hadn’t seen in a long time; a familiar friend in times of need.
Shadow Link stepped over his adversary and crouched down, hooking his sword around and placing the razor teeth near Link’s throat. Gripping Link’s hair tightly, he started moving the sword back and forth with a horizontal sawing motion, teasing to what he intended to do.
Unexpectedly flicking his head backwards, Link hit the other square in the nose, causing him to fall back. Rolling over, shoving the grievous blade out of the way, Link produced the little trinket he found in the Pedestal of Time: the unaffected tip of the Master Sword. Even though the exposed blade and hilt of the sword had decayed and fallen into ruin, the head of the blade had sat within the blessed pedestal throughout the passing eons, never once aging a day.
Shoving the tip into the shadow’s chest with all his might, the three inch long shred of steel went into the demon’s heart and disappeared, his body taking it in like a poison to a wound.
Dark Link gasped for breath and fell onto the ground, writhing in uncontrollable pain and agony. It was a double-bladed pathos that wedged into his body, for it not only dealt a physical mortal blow, his hollow heart being his only true weakness, but the righteous properties of the metal itself was destroying him from the inside out.
The Master Sword, the blade of which no evil could touch, had purged it’s last.
Soon falling still, the shade’s body darkened and turned to ash, crumbling into flecks and pieces of the evil that was once contained therein. His remnants slowly eroding into the wind, soon nothing was left of him, save a soft discoloration on the ground; a shadow’s shadow.
Link wanted to breath deep and lay still in the dark, but he knew there were more important things at hand than irrelevant vainglory. Crawling over to where the Princess lay, he dared to place his hand in hers, but didn’t receive any motion in response.
Mara blinked. Her violet prison fading away, she fell to the ground, her very psyche drained from the cell. It was as if dark Link was drawing power from her veins to fuel his rancor. Feeling weak, the Lady of Veritas also crawled to the feet of her mother, frightened hope on her face.
“Is she...” Mara dared not say it.
Link didn’t respond, his own attention unable to pull away from Zelda’s distant face. There was still a hint of life within her dimming eyes, but is was dull and fading fast. Jumping to his feet, Link ran off to the other side of the grove, Mara stepping in and taking her mother by the hand.
Link’s thoughts were racing. There was still a chance, in his mind, that Zelda could be saved. If there were the slimmest possibility, he wouldn't give up. He just hoped that the Sheikah were as prepared for anything as they were fabled to be.
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Re: (Zgen) Evil’s Bane [T]

Awww Droan, c'mon. Does Zedla die? You have to tell us.

"It is not bigotry to be certain we are right; but it is bigotry to be unable to imagine how we might possibly have gone wrong" ? G.K. Chesterton
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Re: (Zgen) Evil’s Bane [T]

Originally Posted by Link101Hyrule View Post
Awww Doran, c'mon. Does Zelda die? You have to tell us.
Dare I say that I don't hold the answer you seek? It will due time. Till then, ask yourself what you would do, given the same circumstance. Would you have the courage to do what is right, or would you give in and do what is easy? Choices are paramount here, and even the slightest misstep could lead to the ruin of all.

Link wants to save her. He needs to save her; time and time again. Is it but a choice, the power of friendship, or is it an unfortunate destiny? Perhaps the saving of Zelda would be the very blade that destroys everything. Maybe Link needs to truly go this one alone. After all, it's the legend of Zelda, not the Legend of Link. Then again....
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Chapter Twenty-Two - “Frailty”

“If you chase a mirage, the desert will swallow you. Only one path is true.”
- Sign in the Haunted Wasteland

Link scrambled over to Esclados’ body, gingerly placing his hands upon him. He rummaged through the folds in the Sheikah’s blood-soaked clothes, but came up empty. It wasn’t there.
Jumping back to his feet, he hustled over to Esclabor’s limp form, rolling the man onto his back. There were lacerations and bruises all over his body: evidence of what happened to him in the short while they were separated. The bolt that struck him in the left shoulder was still present, snapped off near the wound. Esclabor gave his life to protect him, to buy him precious time. Link knew he should have more respect for the dead, especially one who deserved a better fate, but he didn’t have the time to linger on such thoughts. The needs of the living were far more pressing.
Link was startled when the chieftain let out a weak cough. Making the boy jump back and reach for his dagger, he thought him a ReDead at first, but relented and knelt back down at his side.
“Link.” Esclabor reached up and gently gripped him by the collar, his once immense strength diminished. “Closer.”
Link did as he was asked, lending his ear close to the Sheikah’s bruised lips.
“Forgive me.” Esclabor had to strain to get the words out, his voice like gravel. “You...and my son...forgive me.”
Link shook his head. There was nothing to forgive.
“Yes!” Esclabor grappled him with both his hands. “I did not see...did not see...him.”
Link stared deep into the shadow-warrior’s red eyes.
“I thought Esclados traitor. My son...innocent...brave and strong! was another! Not my boy!”
Link knew in his heart, after what he had seen that night, that Esclados couldn’t have been the one to betray New Kakariko and the Sheikah. Someone else had to have given the village’s secret location to Ersatz. Someone closer, more malign with twisted honor.
Esclabor fell back to the ground, unable to hold his body upright any longer. “Your shadow...he sent the Ersatz. You must...hurry.”
Link’s eyes went into a panic. He didn’t care about the sword right now. All that mattered was Zelda. Once she was safe, he could worry about other things.
The Sheikah read the pain in Link’s eyes, having witnessed what had happened in the grove. Reaching into his shredded tunic, he produced a small vial. Glowing pink in the moonlight, Link’s hope was again ignited.
Drake Potion.
Link snatched it from the warrior’s hand and went to run for the princess, but was again halted by Esclabor’s grip. “Travel by shadow...only until the bridge. From there...on foot you must fight. Before sunrise, regain...that which was taken...from you. Before sunrise!”
Esclabor let the hero go and wilted back to the ground. “Go.”
Link gave the chieftain a nod and bolted off, neither hesitating nor contemplating what he was told.
“Link! Hurry!” Mara cried out from the side of the grove, icy tears rolling down her chin. “There isn’t much time!”
Skidding on the mossy stone, Link dropped to his knees and popped the cork out of the vial, that familiar smell of berries and mead filling the air. He could have used some of the potion himself, having just taken the beating of his life, but his adrenaline was pumping so arduously that no pain could even begin to presume to think it could touch him.
Link held the tip of the vial to Zelda’s blue-tinted lips and gently let the liquid flow into her, but no response came. He leaned over and tilted her head back, letting gravity drive the potion, but the Princess remained still, her eyes staring off into the sky, lifeless.
Mara gripped Zelda’s wrist, holding tightly to her mother, praying to the Goddesses that they intervene. She held her breath, unable to bring herself to accept what was happening.
Link’s hands began to tremble. He gently shook the Princess’ body, taking her in his arms and cradling her like a child. His face turned expressionless as he started rocking back and forth, only stopping when Zelda’s right hand rolled over, revealing that the mark of Nayru was gone.
Link’s heart stopped. It was over. Everything; Veritas, Hyrule, the world; everything was gone. He was too late, too weak. He felt a twist in his stomach, sickening and grisly.
Princess Zelda, monarch of Hyrule and holder of the Triforce of Wisdom, was dead.
Neither Link nor Mara could bear to look at each other. Neither did they speak; words having such shallow meaning. The grove lay silent in the moon’s grim light, a silvery twilight most frightening that carried on for what seemed a lifetime.
Leaning in, Mara took Zelda’s body out of Link’s arms and pulled her close, clinging to the mother she never knew. Link about lost all control of himself in that moment, his body feeling cold; succumbing and alone.
Link thought his shadow’s true revenge to be complete, though the ramifications therein were too searing to consider. Staring up to the sky, he searched the cosmos for answers, but knew none would come. The Goddesses had abandoned Hyrule to their own choices, leaving way for the doom of all.
Mara looked to the hero. For once, she was unsure what to do.
Link didn’t return the look. Standing to his feet, he glanced over to the crushed Pedestal of Time, a gruesome weapon laying nearby. Walking over to it, Link picked up the sword of his vanquished adversary and held it up, staring at it’s gnawing teeth and blood-stained grooves. His teeth clenched and his eyes hardened.
“What are you intending to do?” Mara asked, but knew full well the hero’s dark forethought.
Link slid the sword into it’s dark sheath and slung it over his back. Finding his defaced Sheikah shield, he strapped it to his right forearm and turned to Mara, venom swelling within his heart.
The gray-eyed Mara laid Zelda down on the ground as gently as she could manage. Arranging the Princess’ hands in a peaceful position, she softly moved her fingers over the Princess’ eyes, pulling them closed. Hardening her will, she wiped the tears from her face and stood up. Determined to stay the course, she walked over to Link, stopping a few feet away.
“Whatever you decide, remember why things happened the way they did.” It pained Mara to have to speak such things to the grieved, as her own heart was replete with the same pain, but she knew it had to be done. “Don’t continue this cycle, Link. Do what you must, but be sure it is for the right reasons.”
The Lady reached out to the boy, offering her hand. “If you wish to make it to Ersatz before sunrise, you’ll need my help.”
Link stared at her, unable to move beyond his growing need for restitution. He didn’t want any help. He didn’t need any help. He had slain dragons, exorcized phantoms, defeated witches, and sundered the very breadth of evil itself; all alone. He was the Hero of Time. It was the world that needed his help, not the other way around.
“You can use Eventide to travel swiftly, but you don’t know the underworld as I do. It would take you hours to get to Ersatz alone. I can get you there well before sunrise, if we move quickly.”
Link looked back at Zelda. He didn’t want to leave her there, unprotected and alone.
“I’ll take care of her.” There was no lie in Mara’s eyes. “No harm will come of her, I promise.”
The hero let himself soften enough to give Mara a nod. Reaching out with his hand, he clasped hers.
“I’ll need the Keystone I gave you, as well as Esclabor’s and Cale’s.”
Link reached into his tunic and retrieved the two stones he had and handed them over to Mara. Then the thought hit him: where was Cale?
Link frantically looked to the fringes of the grove, hoping for the woodsman to appear in the timely fashion for which he was lauded.
“Cale?” Mara probed into the dark recesses of the surrounding wood.
At the sign of nothing, Link’s eyes turned cross. The entire world was failing around him, and he was powerless to control any of it.
“Cale?!?” Mara, too, was losing her sense of hope.
Link clenched his fists and ground his teeth. He was about to curse the woodsman when he heard a slight nuance of sound, carrying lightly on the air. Perking his Hylian ears to the heavens, Mara doing the same, they both heard the same thing and their eyes widened.
Haunting and visceral, it was the sound of bloody murder.
Link whipped out that dark blade, it’s teeth singing as it escaped into the open air. Mara wrapped her cloak tightly around her, ready to fight or flee at a moments notice. Both listened to the clanging of steel and the shrieks of the doomed as the sound neared. Link moved over to Zelda’s body, standing near to protect her from anyone, or anything, that would dare try to harm her further.
Who knows how long the battle was brewing in the distance. Link wasn’t sure, as him and Mara were too despaired by the course of events to pay any heed to the surrounding world.
Coming into view, three shadowy figures were charging through the wood, heading straight for the grove. Link was about to attack, but was stayed by Mara’s hand, as she recognized her men.
Backpedaling into the clearing, a weary form stumbled upon his own feet and fell to the ground, obvious blood smeared all over his face and hands. Following close behind were two ghostly Highlanders, also looking as if they just fought their way out of a lion’s den.
Mara stepped forward, concerned at seeing only two of her personal escort present out of the near dozen. “What’s happening?”
“Iron Knuckles!” Cale yelled, scrambling to his feet and clustering near the others. “And their coming up fast!”
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Chapter Twenty-Three: "Elusion"

“Things would sure be more interesting if there were more...troubles in the world.”
- Hylian Soldier

Bulldozing through the darkened wood, the sounds of the metal-encased giants sinisterly filled the clearing. Their armored feet crushing wood, earth, and rock alike, the ground shook with their impending sovereignty. The scant few defenders in the temple ruins wearily huddled close together, creating a shielding arc around Zelda’s serene body; all as one in the safeguarding of the Princess.
“Cale.” Mara said turning to the woodsman as the onslaught of steel neared. “I know I told you never to relinquish it to anyone, not even me, but I need that Keystone.”
“What, now?” Cale’s blanched face couldn’t peel away from the shadowy giants closing in from the distance.
“Yes, Cale, now!” Mara moved closer to him and held out her hand. “There’s no time to argue!”
Doing as told, Cale pulled his Keystone out of his cloak and handed it to the Lady. “I sure hope it’s worth it.”
Mara took the stone, combining it with the other two in her grip, and took position behind the four others. “I need time...and protection. I won’t be able to defend myself while I make the needed preparations.”
Knowing her words would go without question, Mara knelt down on the ground and began making circles in the dirt with her finger: complex interweaves of searing lines and bending crescents.
Link, Cale, and the other two Highlanders steeled their nerves. The other three were sweating a downpour of toil, having just escaped battle moments before, but Link was surprisingly as cool as a river of ice. He hadn’t anything to lose anymore, and as such he had lost all his fear. Only his indomitable will to carry on and his stubborn hero’s vainglory remained.
The pounding thunder of the Iron Knuckles crashed through the protective veil of the trees, revealing the horrors now unleashed into the open. Nine of them, wielding bloodied axes and swords, charged into the Spartan Hylian’s weak line.
Link spearheaded the advance, assailing the nine with his shadow’s blade. The teeth of the edge glinted in the moonlight as it shredded the hardened steel of his targeted adversary, immediately dropping him to his knees and over onto his back. Surprised by the sudden culling of one of their own, the dark knights split into two groups, four on Link, four on Cale and the Highlanders.
Doing their best to hold the Iron Knuckles at the fringes of the grove, they slowly gave ground and collapsed towards the center, there just being too many of the slayers for them to conquer.
Mara was frantically creating the ancient runes in the soft earth, her fingers naturally gliding around her as if she were directing an orchestra. Beautifully her hands wove the tapestry of wandering souls, her mind oblivious to the clanging of steel and sundering of breath all around her. For years she had practiced the spell that would take her people home one day. The spell that would pave the way for a hero to topple the iron fist of Ersatz. The spell that would deliver them from the cursing anguish of the underworld.
It was a triangular shape with many circles, twists, and arcane lettering perfectly placed within and without the triangle. Specifically noted were three small circles, one at each of the triangles points.
Taking the Keystones one by one, she placed them in her palms, squeezed them together, and twisted her wrists in different directions. The concealing shells of the Keystones falling to the ground, she placed their hidden contents in specific places on her rune: a triangular red stone in the top circle, a circular blue one to the left, and a square green one to the right; shards of the Spiritual Stones of fire, water, and forest.
The rune and stone placement complete, Mara started reciting the incantations that she had learned from a mystic book she found in old Kakariko; a tomb of ancient Hylian magics. The same magic that had for centuries shielded Veritas from the violent arms of Ersatz was, ironically, going to deliver the city right to them.
The surrounding battle was closing in on Mara’s symbols, kicked up dirt and showering blood and steel threatening to mar her work. Mara knew that even the slightest smear in the lines could destroy everything, but didn’t stop the incantations. It was too late to turn back.
Unleashing his inner fury, Link performed a devastating spin attack on the four Iron Knuckles around him, making two crash to the ground. Focusing power into his dark blade, he showered the other two with scalding bolts of Din’s Fire, leaping into their midst and brewing chaos. Unable to react to the close proximity of the enraged hero, the other two Iron Knuckles were quick to succumb and were readily dispatched by Link’s feral edge.
His wicked nostrum insatiable, Link turned to the four remaining knights and eyed them with a vengeful glare. Cale and the other two Highlanders were holding their own, but their strength was failing. Falling farther and farther back towards Mara, they were on the verge of collapse.
Letting his hatred take over, Link blindly leapt into the fight and swung his sword wildly, not even thinking about his own defense. Barely missing the harrowing axes that flew through the air with lightning speed, he was a dead-man walking, not even caring if he lived beyond this meeting.
Cale and the two shadow-Hylians tried their best to help, but were exhausted beyond ability. Cale withdrew from the fight, afraid he might also fall to Link’s wild abandons. Taking position near Mara, he kept his shortsword at the ready in case the battle went sour.
Link lost all control of himself. Infected with wrath to his very core, he threw himself at the giants. He wanted them to suffer as he had suffered. He wanted them to feel the pain he had felt. He wanted to eternally punish them for what they had done. No one was safe from his lust for revenge, not even his closest friends. He had become death, his sword the instrument of the Goddesses.
The smaller of the Knuckles were quick to fall, unable to counter this ferocious opponent, leaving only the larger one still drawing breath. He took a step back and readied his axe, eyeing the small Hylians in his path to Lady Mara’s inevitable demise. The bodies of his comrades strewn about the grove as if they were but sticks in the wind, his own nerve steeled and his want for justification flared.
Link attacked first, his sword pointed straight at the Knuckle’s heart.
Tossing his blade aside, the Iron Knuckle drew out his longsword and parried Link’s thrust, making the hero lose his balance and tumble off to the side. The two shadow-Hylians charged in to help protect their Lady, but were too weakened to do much good. Catching one of them off-guard, the Knuckle slashed him across the face and kicked him to the ground, driving his blade through his chest.
Coming back, Link launched his sword like a lance at the back of the Knuckle. Turning just in time, the giant was able to dodge the flying barbs of steel, but not the deft actions of it’s owner.
Throwing his body at the attacker, Link drew out his dagger and landed it cleanly through the gaps in the Knuckle’s armor, the thin edge piercing through his chest and into his right lung. His strength immense, the giant gripped Link by the arms and began to crush him in his grip, but was felled by the stabbing blades of Cale and the other Highlander from behind.
Releasing the boy, the Knuckle fell to his knees, enmity showing through the slits in his helmet. Picking up his sword, Link placed a muddy boot to the armored-giant’s chest and kicked him onto his back. Standing over him, he used the tip of the blade to lift up his enemy’s visor, revealing the face behind the mask.
“Sir Ironside?” Cale recognized the Knight Captain.
Wordless, the knight kept his stern eyes on the fire burning in Link’s, his breath stuttered and heaving.
“Link....” Cale knew Link’s intention, though he doubted the necessity.
The broken hero lowered his sword to Ironside’s heart, dragging the edge on the scored metal.
“Don’t do it, Link.” Cale had seen enough bloodshed this night to last a lifetime. “He’s not worth it.”
Link’s lips quivered. His hands tremored, the blade shaking in the breathing wind. His eyes exuded the pain within, saline cutting through the dirt, blood, and woe. Unable to exonerate any living thing of Ersatz, he lifted the sword high above his head, reciprocity seething like venom.
Just then, the ground shook and shifted. The triangle in the dirt that Mara had drawn began to glow and pulsate, the three stones connecting with beams of feathery light. Standing to her feet, Mara faced the impending doom of the Knight Captain at the hands of the fallen.
“Link of High Rule.” Mara said compassionately. “Let it go. Let...her...go.”
Completely losing his already fractured composure, Link dropped the sword and stepped back. Collapsing to his knees, he buried his face in his hands, letting the sorrow escape without bonds. Tensing his entire body, he screamed out to the cosmos, the pain of loss flowing freely from him like Zora’s Waterfall.
Responding to the uncontrollable pain like a mother’s protective embrace, gentle drops of water fell from the cloudless heavens, bathing Link and the others in a healing caress. Erasing the torture, the hatred, and the condemnation, Link fell onto his back and let the blessed waters wash over him. A wave of empathy filling his heart, he closed his eyes and let it all escape.
“What is this?” Cale asked, astounded by the sudden cloudburst.
“Tears of the Goddesses.” Mara smiled, a warm wind picking up at their feet. “He is ready.”
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