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My Shadow Temple poem.

(hope i got this in the right place) *Clears throat in cleche manner* I wrote (Well, came up with) this during my sisters painfully boring winter concert. (Don't tell her i said that....) Enjoy!

The Shadow Temple. Where the dead come alive.

The Shadow Temple, where the dead come alive, to clense this place, I do strive, I must be quick and brave to survive, in the Shadow Temple, where the dead come alive.

In this place of stench and gloom, the dead lie waiting in they're tomb, to seal My quickly approaching doom, in this place of stench and gloom.

In this place of blood stained stone, I listen to the Redeads groan, it makes Me feel so very alone, in this place of blood stained stone.

In this place of hate and gore, I know I have a horrid fate in store, oh Goddesses great I can take no more, of this place of hate and gore.

I feel a chill run through My bones, when I hear the demons moans, in this Temples darkened tones, I feel a chill run through My bones.

Not knowing where i have been, I try and dodge the dangers unseen, I hear the sound of the guillotine, not knowing where I have been.

I try to swallow all my fear, of the awful things in here, I try and think of those I hold dear, as I try to swallow all my fear.

Oh wonderful Goddesses hear My plight, make this Temple a place of light, end this horrid and awful fight, oh wonderful Goddesses hear my plight...

Well? What did you think? All comments of any kind are welcome.

^ZOMG WT .... err.. heck?
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