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Old 09-03-2007, 09:54 AM
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Legend of Zelda: Reign of Darkness

I'm not going to bother making it a pole....I want to for the readers to tell me what they think....I know what you think


The dragon-knight flew in through the small, sandy window. It felt alive. The heat of the Gerudo Desert was like new blood in its veins; but it could not dwell on that, for it had a resurrection to oversee. It clomped down the hall of the fortress, its talons scratching on the hard floor.
The dragon-knight peered down into a small pit, where bokoblins raced about. In the center of the commotion, a large wooden table held its gruesome burden. A moblin corpse, the moblin’s brown skin dulled to gray, its horns broken and bent. The reptilian’s tongue flicked in and out angrily-the Green Death had claimed many such victims. The Master had wanted it brought for the experiment….necromancy.
A larger bokoblin screeched an order and large jars of fresh blood was brought in. The bokoblins hooked a tube to the moblin’s arm and began pumping the blood in. The leader checked for a pulse. This repeated itself for nearly five minutes until the dragon-knight growled in frustration and screeched angrily at the bokoblin team.
The moblin’s eyes flickered open at the noise. Its pale arm swung around and grabbed the nearest bokoblin, bringing the unfortunate creature closer. The moblin ripped the purple creature’s skull in two and opened its mouth hungrily as the black-red blood flowed into its maw. The rest of the bokoblins scattered. The dragon-knight quickly raced down the hall and out the window to tell the Master its good news.

Sorry about font size i'm just copying and pasteing
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Re: Legend of Zelda: Reign of Darkness

Sounds good for a start keep going

EDIT: Let me rephraze that...AWESOME

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darkness, legend of zelda, reign

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