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Old 08-11-2012, 07:43 PM
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A couple poems/lyrics from this year

I do write in my spare time sometimes, so I thought it would be cool to post this and see what you guys think. These are more lyrical than they are poetic. I play in a band and when I write I generally try to write in a way that my vocalist could scream/growl/group-vocal/sing to. You don't need to read it like that though haha. And, I doubt it would come to this, but if anyone is interested in attempting to plagiarize my work please understand that this is protected, as it is my band's material & the band itself is trademarked.

Super Groupie


Maybe we just don't see eye to eye on this
Or perhaps you assume I'm just like everyone else
Those who mindlessly nod heads to the lies you preach
Or the ones who couldn't give a ❤❤❤❤ about the internal you
The real you

Who is the real you?
I see you for what you are
I'm still not sure if that comforts me or not
But pity you can't see me for who I am
Like the rest you'll come and go
And when you fall out of reach
I'll find the means to justify it
For both of us

You're an object to them
Would that make you happy
If you were an object to me
I'll blend in with my surroundings

You're filled with such passion
For everything in your life
I wish I could share that with you
I wish this could be more than a pastime
But you're just a pastime
And your time has passed


Starlit Suns

Daylight again and I think I'm sick of it
Another day of living in it
Without enough time to dwell on whats wrong
Paying no mind and the mask is on

Moonlight has lit the streets
And I think I'm sick of it
Another night of indulging in it
It's just a way to cope
And I won't feel guilty
When my heart is not with you tonight



I'm not as clueless as I like to make myself seem
It's a veil to protect what I know is weak in us
I know the ground I walk upon is fragile and I'm smart enough to pretend I don't
The games you play, I've seen before
But why waste energy on it
I would never tell you that I know more than enough

Your half-hearted words paint the picture clearly to me

Yes, you are so ❤❤❤❤ing mysterious
And when you lie
You really should know I don't need your protection
Your code needs no deciphering as I have always understood you
I said you could tell me anything
In a way I guess you tell me everything for it is not a mystery anymore
What you really mean when you say, and...

I've seen so many of you
I tire of wishing for better
You know we could have the most undying trust
But I wait for no one
I have learned from my scars
You clearly covered yours from day one

You decieve only yourself.


A common theme within my writings tends to be how people put on a veil to hide who they are. I have quite the insight, and so it kind of pisses me off when people try to hide things from me. I read people easily. Aside from that I tend to just write about random stuff. The "starlight suns" lyric is about lifestyle choices and regrets.

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Old 08-12-2012, 02:10 PM
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Re: A couple poems/lyrics from this year

Originally Posted by MorbidDelight View Post
Hm, Starlit Suns was my favorite out of the three. I liked that it had more of an introspective tone than the other two and a less overt message to it (not that overt themes/messages are inherently bad or anything lol). Do you have a recording to go with any of these?
No recordings, we just started up last May. The most of our concerns right now is just finishing up our set, and then we can start the recording process And yes, I do tend to write a bit overtly, especially as the kind of music we play works well with those kind of lyrics. But I'm more than capable of writing stuff with a deeper meaning.

I thought I kind of overdid this one, but yeah. I was thinking like I was writing a Meshuggah song when I wrote this:

Ascending beyond the visual
At last it is found in the self that all is holographic
And boundaries of expectations are put in place by none but self
Labeled a black sheep as you leave the masses in the dark
No darkness to be found beyond perception
Only light and love in a newborn self

As we once were this would merely be a dream
But a dream is a reality in a far off place
We're prisoners in a dull voided world
Once opened our eyes finally find
We're living in a hologram set by our own mind

Falling upward we embark on
The paradox of ascendancy
The journey of the self
The infinite and enigmatic
Setting free the soul
And finding inner peace
In absolutely "nothing"

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Old 08-12-2012, 11:16 PM
Slavocracy Slavocracy is a male Canada Slavocracy is offline
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Re: A couple poems/lyrics from this year

Yeah, I agree that "it's" would probably work better there. Thanks for the feedback dude

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