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Look alive, sunshine.

Without it, we have no civilization, money, religion or even McDonalds. Itís integral to our survival and progression as a species and as temporary residents on this planet. Yet time and time again we take communication for granted. Time and time again we overlook the benefits, luxuries, and functions communication provides us.

Snow is trickling down from the infinite gaps in earthís ceiling. Sometimes I wish these holes were patched up during winter so I could evade the cold and tireless snow, the countless runny noses, and isolated cases of frostbite and numb. Most of the time I wish that winter never came around. Then again, I often flirt coyly with the desire to be a successful musician that travels the world freely and frequently. We canít always get what we want.

Snow brings me comfort, but it also brings me knowledge. Itís the earthís way of telling me that the air near the ground is at or below 32 degrees. It advises me to strenuously pack on more and more layers of clothes, which in turn protects my well-being. It even lets me know the earthís position in relation to the sun.

Perhaps even more mesmerizing is the interconnectivity of our planetís weather in winter with not only people, but animals. Winter matter-of-factly communicates to gophers, frogs, and bears that it is time to find refuge in their hideouts and getaways. To hibernate and to conserve energy in order to survive. It routinely speaks to white-tailed jack rabbits and lets them know that itís time for their outer layer of fur to turn a shade of white. This allows the hare to properly camouflage in the snow and better survive until itís time for their fur to turn back to brown in spring. Winter doesnít just tell us information about our surroundings. It prepares other organisms for changes in their environment and lifestyle. It helps them live, and then reproduce in order to continue the evolutionary cycle.

Earthís transmissions donít start and stop in winter. It keeps in touch daily. The earth helps relay information to Volcanologists so we can predict and prepare for volcanic eruptions, and seismologists when earthquakes will occur. Understanding how to interpret these kinds of things ahead of time are pertinent for survival for some. Without it, we devote time to learning and discussing the effects of Pompeii, or the Los Angeles quake in í94.

The tint of the sky and the clouds that form high above our pre-occupied, and technologically immersed heads allude to rain. Observing a funnel cloud helps anticipate and avoid tornadoes. The rise of temperatures, and signs of depleted ozone forcefully caution us that our planet is warming up, and some of us painstakingly view the toll that takes on animals and their habitats. We carefully observe our relationship with earth deteriorating. But what we neglect is the fact that we will vanish off the face of the earth before it. Communication is quickly becoming misinterpreted; slowly becoming severed in this instance.

As I sit beside the window, looking far out as if to find something more, my imaginary cat pounces on my lap. I feel inconvenienced by the sudden presence as I am in the midst of finishing a chorus for a new song. Despite this I reciprocate my imaginary friendís desire for attention and affection. He is beautiful. Decorated in shades of black and brown, and a white breast. His coat and attitude scream ferocity and prestige to those opposed, which often include mice. He is polite, sincere, a great listener, and most importantly loyal. I wonder how he views me. Am I just the person who feeds him and cleans up after him, or are we connected on a more sophisticated level?

I proceed to trace circles on his face, and pet up and down his side. He rolls over in delight, and I gently caress his underside; the temporary homestead for many fallen animals before theyíre excreted in the litter box. As I talk to him and tell him how much I love him, he begins to make a familiar noise. He is content. He is wrapped up within the moment, and my arms. He is purring. Mikey is speaking back to me, and he is broadcasting his feelings of pleasure to anyone within earshot. While his language may not include extensive vocabularies and grammar rules, I still understand. Our relationship transcends all of that. We both take turns listening and sharing feelings with each other, and both my grip and our friendship tighten as I hug him close. He is my best friend. He is beautiful.

The human body is fascinating. Itís extraordinary. Itís truly a marvel that our legs develop to support our weight, and the fact that our legs are positioned where they are instead of where our sexual organs are, or even our arms. Our bodies are constructed perfectly to help us survive and reproduce. The anatomy is a spectacle, and many conversations are conveyed through motion and gestures only.

Rolling my eyes, saluting with one finger, obscure facial expressions, and the way we carry ourselves during interactions can speak volumes. There are numerous times when our actions and bodily movements can convey much more than words ever could. Some people are limited entirely to communication with gestures. Without sign language, how could we create uniformity and coherence with deaf to deaf, and deaf to hearing enabled interactions? Communication began with body language. Body language is meshed within cultures, customs, norms, and even laws. Language through motions and gestures functions as our primary method of speech. Weíre not always talking, but weíre almost always moving around in some form, even if itís only in switching the way we sit or fidgeting. Both of those examples can tell us about a personís discomfort.

Sexual organs communicate with adolescents and adults on a day-to-day basis. Different forms of arousal let us know that we are primed for sexual interaction. Similarly, the swelling of female baboons allows nearby male baboons to know that theyíre ovulating and ready to reproduce. Sexual communication is vital. Without sex and reproduction, I am without moments to reflect and muse about these ideas in the first place.

Without human to human communication, we probably wouldnít exist today. There would definitely be no organized society, or coherence for that matter. It would be complete chaos. Imagine a consumer trying to trade for a planterís crop. Without a uniform sense of speech, what is really an attempt at completing a fair exchange could be interpreted as an endeavor at committing theft. In defense of the crop, the farmer might kill the other person; all because of a misunderstanding. Because of an inability to properly communicate and get an idea across.

Human to human communication is invaluable. We can demonstrate our needs and desires. We can build rapport or gossip with people we see to build social bonds and friendships. Through language we pass along stories, ideas, and feelings that otherwise may never get passed on. Language is the most significant invention in the history of mankind. It allows for both civilization to exist, and things that flow directly from that such as politics, religion, and the economy. Thereís no chance to organize and stray away from things aside from your basic needs to survive if there exists no ways of transferring ideas. Imagining a world without these institutions, and the organization of society altogether is farfetched at best.

Language provides us with standardization. We can all take comfort in being able to talk with one another. We take this for granted because weíve never had to deal with being totally unable to communicate. Language allows for our physical needs to be met, or at least our desires and needs to be heard. It also aids in satisfying our emotional and psychological needs as well. Itís quite difficult to console someone if you have no idea whatsoever on how to transfer a thought to them. Imagine the grueling conditions of being completely friendless as a result of being verbally and bodily uninterpretable. Language designs and repairs lines of communication so we can better react and survive with and in the world around us. It connects us.

The snow has since stopped. It is melting, and in its place small pools of water are forming; as reflective as I am. Itís so quiet outside. The trees are greeting each other with warm salutations as they sway back and forth in the breeze. My cat claws and meows in quick bursts at the door telling me that he is exhausted and cold. He is ready to come inside. Mikey gives me a quick glance, and leads me to a beige colored recliner. I plop down without hesitation and am sucked into the seat as if itís quicksand. As he prepares to dazzle me with his agility and ability to jump right into my lap, I prepare to lend him my ears. I know that Mikey is ready to tell me about his day. As always, Iím more than eager to listen.
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Re: Look alive, sunshine.

This is very thought provoking. Glad I read it!

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