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I'm only assuming that lyrics would be okay to post on the writing section, haha. Let's hope so! I'm dying to hear feedback (that doesn't come from friends) about my lyrics!

Sing Me to Sleep
Sing me to sleep
This is the part
Where we both say goodbye
We'll pretend I'm just sleeping
We'll pretend I'm alright
Cause tomorrow won't save me tonight
But with you melody
I get to watch the sunrise
Sing to me
I'm so tired of all
These monster under bed
Sing to me
I don't want to be
Alone anymore
*End Chorus*
You know what I'll miss the most?
I'll miss the ones I held so close
Sing me to sleep
There's nothing left but a ghost
So long and farewell
Sing me to sleep
Sing to me
I don't want to be
Alone anymore
Sing me to sleep
This is the part
Where we both say goodbye

The Trigger Effect
A storm is coming
One that will swallow up
The children
Till they're lost in their world
Of pain
So unlock your cellar doors
And let in something beautiful
This gunfire keeps singing
Are we lost forever?
Turning away from weapons now
I'll sit in silence
Let death hunt me down
So just pull the trigger
But this isn't a surrender
I'm just dissolving into
Something I can love
*End Chorus*
It's disturbing to me
How we lose these children
To apathy
I grow so pale
Liars posing as poets
Humanity mid explosion
I don't waste the time
To re-evolve
I've accepted the tragedy
In my head

Please no flames! Only constructive critisism!
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