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Note from the Author: Heeeyyy 8D. I decided to start a story called...well, it doesn't quite have a title yet.
But it's about a young girl named Skye living on Skyloft and going to the Knight Academy. She is rather lonely, and often looked down on upon her classmates for having no friends. One year she is chosen to represent the goddess Hylia on the Statue of the Goddess. At the same time they welcome the arrival of a new student named Kro (like Crow) and he and Skye become very close friends.

Well...that's about it. I don't know if I'll be able to keep up with this story, but I'll try! :] Thanks and enjoy~

Chapter One

I sat quietly in my bed, carefully stitching the Sailcloth that I would bestow upon someone in the Wing Ceremony. I was supposed to be asleep, getting rest for the big exam tomorrow, but I really wanted to get started. There was a gentle knock on my door.
“Come in…Come in!” I said. Headmaster Gaepora opened the door.
“Skye…why aren’t you asleep yet? You know there’s an exam tomorrow, don’t you?” He said.
“Oh, yes, I know.” I resumed my stitching. “But I should be working on the sailcloth, shouldn’t I?”
“The Wing Ceremony is two weeks away. You’ll have time, I promise. Now go to sleep.” He smiled and exited the room.
I reached for my lamp and everything went dark. I set my sailcloth and needles aside and turned to face the wall, hoping that sleep would come soon.

*Several hours later*

I awoke with a yawn and threw my arms to the sky, groaning as I stretched them. I got out of bed and my wobbled for a moment, as I hadn’t readied my body for standing, and walked over to my cupboard. I opened it and grabbed out my favorite outfit, a turquoise sweater with the Hylian Crest, and a long white skirt. I put on my black boots and left my room. I put my jet black hair in a bun as I started on my way to the cafeteria, following the aroma of breakfast foods being served. When I entered I was greeted with a few friendly looks from people that I wouldn’t call my friends, but were nice to me.
I seated myself at a table alone after piling my plate with some food and started eating in silence. Everyone looked well-rested and prepared for the exam that would, if we passed, would move us one step closer to knighthood. I sighed heavily as I finished my last bite and began doing some last-minute studying.

Eventually the bell rang. Time to go to class.


I anxiously watched Instructor Horwell pass out our graded tests. After he had done so, he walked over to the chalkboard and began scribbling something down. I looked down at the table. My exam! Where in Hylia’s name was it?
I raised my hand.
Horwell turned and called on me. “Yes, Skye?”
“I didn’t my exam…” I said quietly.
“Forgive me. Here, come get it. I never see you, considering the fact that you sit in the back of the class.”
I trudged over to him and received my test and examined it as I returned to my seat. I earned a B minus. That wasn’t bad.
Horwell turned around to face us.
He smiled and said, “I have an important announcement to make.” He nodded to the doorway. “Kro, you may come in!”
Entering the room came a boy with hair blacker than the night’s sky, with crystal blue eyes. Horwell moved out of the way to reveal the words, “Welcome, new student, Kro!” on the chalkboard.
“Welcome, Kro. I am Instructor Horwell, pleased to meet you.” He and Kro pumped hands.
“Hello.” He said bluntly, surveying the students in the classroom.

“You may sit wherever you want, wherever there is a free space.”
He walked down the aisle, inspecting each of the desks and tables. Although there were four other spots he could’ve chosen from, he sat in an empty desk beside me and we began a lesson.
He looked over to me.
“H-Hey.” I croaked. “I’m Skye. I’m glad to meet you. I hope you enjoy it here.”
“My name is Kro and thank you.” He replied.
He grinned.
“I heard that the Wing Ceremony is coming up. Who’s going to be representing the goddess Hylia?”
I blushed as I spoke the words.
“I am.”


I ran full speed off the cliff and released a whistle. A violet and black Loftwing I named Aura came under me and I grabbed it and we gracefully coursed across the sky. School had ended a couple of hours ago, and though I knew I had to be working on the Sailcloth, I decided to fly around for a little bit. I flew through a giant rock that rocketed us out.
“Woohooo!” I cheered as we dodged several smaller rocks. I laughed as I returned to Skyloft and jumped from my bird, where I saw Kro was sitting down on a bench, his head in his hands. When he saw me approaching he sat up and smiled.
“That was amazing, what you did out there in the sky.”
“Oh, that? That was nothing; all you need to do is go through one of those giant rocks that shoot you out!”
“I’ve always wanted to do that, but I’m always too scared.” As he spoke the words he extended his arm. “Could you show me?”
“Me?” I said, grabbing his hand and pulling him up from the bench.
“Yeah, you.” He grinned. “Show me.”
“A-Alright.” I said and still holding his hand, led him over to a cliff. When we made it to edge and I turned to him.
“Ready to jump?” He asked me.
“Yeah, let’s go!”

We hopped off the edge and whistled for our Loftwings. Kro’s bird was a beautiful shade of orange.
“Your bird is gorgeous!” I called to him.
“Thanks, yours too!” He shouted back.
“Okay, follow me!”
I flew in the direction of a rock that would shoot us out.
“Scared?” I yelled as we neared it.
“A little bit, yes!” He replied.
“Hang on!”
I clenched onto my bird and we were launched through the rock at a breakneck speed.
I could hear Kro laughing like a madman as we paused to take a rest at a small island.
“See, wasn’t that so much fun?” I chuckled.
“Yeah, that was super fun.”
“But don’t do it too much, you’ll feel sick.”
Suddenly Kro looked down and put a hand on the back of his head.
“Hey, Skye…” He began.
“Would you like to maybe…well, uh…”
“What is it?”
“Perhaps go to the Lumpy Pumpkin or something? Well, not as a date or anything, because we’re just friends, right?”
“I’d love to!” I exclaimed. “Come on, let’s go!”
We jumped off the cliff and our Loftwings caught us.


We opened the doors and seated ourselves at a table.
“So…” I said. “Do you like the Knight Academy so far?” He nodded and smiled.
“Yeah, it’s—”
“You'd better drink that soup fast. It’s get cold in FIVE minutes.” The man behind the counter told a customer.
I chuckled.
“How does he know that it gets cold EXACTLY in five minutes?”
“I don’t know. He probably experiments or something.”
We giggled.
I looked out the window. The sky was a turning pink by the minute.
“It’s going to be nighttime soon!” I said. “We’ll be STRANDED here if Nightfall comes and we aren’t on our Loftwings. Though the pumpkin soup is delicious, this is the last place I’d like to be trapped on. Come on; let’s get back to the Academy.”
We hopped on our birds and returned to Skyloft.

We landed in front of the Bazaar and started walking to Knight Academy, talking to each other. We paused to look at the Isle of the Goddess.
“So you’ll be standing up there during the Wing Ceremony?
“Yep! The lucky winner wins the Sailcloth.”
I nearly choked on the next words.
“I…I hope it’s you, Kro.”
“I hope it’s you who wins the Wing Ceremony.”
“Thanks.” He replied and we headed up the stairs leading to our school. “Thank you.”
We thrusted open the doors and after saying our goodbyes, headed to our rooms.

I fell onto my bed and exhaled. Although we had just met, I noticed something coming over me. This strange feeling…I didn’t know what it was, but I didn’t feel it very often. Was it friendship or something more? And for some reason, I couldn’t wait to see Kro tomorrow. And for some reason, I wanted him to win the Wing Ceremony more than ever. I grabbed my unfinished Sailcloth and resumed working on it, thinking of my new friend as I worked ever-so-diligently.

I don't mind feedback, but please try not to be really rude or mean. Let me know if I messed up somewhere, too.
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Re: Skye Blue (Chapter One)

Nice read. However, I do have a couple of suggestions.

1. Don't center the lines, keep them on the neutral choice of placement. Also, hit enter twice between every paragraph, giving it a space between each paragraph.

2. I hope that you are going to continue your story here. The thread title may be a little misleading as it sounds like you are wanting to create a new thread for each chapter. Also, the rules state that a story must be updated within the same thread, and I'm pretty sure you won't want to break those rules.

Again, nice read, and I hope you continue.
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Re: Skye Blue (Chapter One)

Thank you! ^_^
I'll un-center it and fix up the title. :3 Thanks.
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Author's Note: It's Chapter Two!
Let me know if I did anything wrong. I like feedback, but please avoid being rude. Writing is my only talent.

Chapter Two

I was slipping on my boots when Kro came into my room. I flinched at the sound of my door creaking open. I looked up.
"Kro, what are you doing in here?" I questioned.
"I just want to talk with you for a little bit. Y'know, before we go to class." He crashed onto my white beanbag chair.
I sat down on the floor and crossed my legs.
Kro looked over to my desk.
"I see the Sailcloth you've been working on."
I nodded over to it. "Yeah. It'll be finished soon."
I reached for the unfinished parachute and showed it to Kro. He looked at it with admiration.

"You're doing good on it! I can't wait to see what it looks like when you're finished."
"Heh, me neither. I've never been quite the sower."
"After school, do you want to fly around like we did yesterday?" He asked.
"Sure, that sounds like it'd be fun." I replied, shifting my position.
"Great!" He exclaimed. "And Skye,"
"Do you really want me to win the Wing Ceremony and give me the Sailcloth?"
"Yeah! I wouldn't want to give it to anyone else." I grinned. My smile faded quickly. "Why do you ask?" I tipped my head to one side.
"I was just curious. I thought you'd just say that because I'm the new kid and all."
I gasped and frowned. "I wouldn't ever! Don't think such a thing!" I chided him.
"Okay, I'm sorry."
"That's alright." I chuckled.

There was a knock on the door. Suddenly Instructor Owlan entered.
"Skye, Kro? I hope I wasn't interrupting anything." He said jokingly. Our faces turned crimson.
"N-N-No, you weren't." I croaked.
"Good. Because you two are late for breakfast." He answered. "Why don't you two head over to the cafeteria now? We don't want you two to be hungry."
"Alright. We're coming." We replied in unison. We watched Owlan leave the room.
"What did that guy think we were doing?" I whispered as we stood up and brushed ourselves off.
"Whatever it was, I wouldn't like to know..." Kro grumbled. We left the room and began our way to the cafeteria.
When we arrived everyone gave us a strange look, even Henya, the lunch lady.

We helped ourselves to some food and sat down beside each other.
"Why do you think everyone's staring?" I whispered.
"They probably think that we're together or something." Kro replied. When breakfast ended and everyone went to the classroom, Kro and I sat in different parts of the room, unwilling to receive anymore attention.
Throughout the entire lesson people seemed to be whispering-- in fact, Instructor Horwell had to stop three times to silence everyone.

After school I was approached by one of our classmates named Ostra as I walked to my room.
"What's going on with Kro and you?"
"Nothing is going on between us!" I growled. "Leave me alone, ."
"What are you getting all defensive then?"
"Because you're annoying me."
"Hehehe, you like him don't you?" Ostra teased.
"No, I do NOT, he's just my friend, okay? Now beat it!" And I said this firmly so she would get the hint. But instead of slinking away, she walked away giggling.

Kro approached me.
"What's the matter, Skye?" He asked.
"I'm fine." I responded and I smiled at him.
"Well, do you want to fly around like we planned?"
"Sure! Let's go." We left the Knight Academy and started traveling to the Plaza.
"What were you and that one girl talking about?" Kro questioned curiously.
"Oh...she was saying that I liked you. And I mean the 'other like.'" I looked at him. "But that's not true..."
And the words slipped from my tongue. "Is it...?"
Thank Hylia the words came out quietly!

"I didn't say anything."

We paused before jumping off of the cliff to survey the skies that awaited us.
"Are you ready?" I questioned.
Kro nodded. "Yes." We broke into a run and sped off the edge. We called for our Loftwings and they swooped us up.
"So," I shouted over the roar of the wind. "Where would you like to fly?"
"It doesn't matter, let's just-- AAAAH!"
I looked over to Kro to see him bleeding.
"What happened, Kro?!" I exclaimed.
"I think I just got hit by a sky Octorok. Ouch..." He rubbed the bloody gash on his face.
"We need to get back to Skyloft, come on!"


We came rushing into the Knight Academy.
"Headmaster!" I yelled. Gaepora, along with Owlan and Horwell arrived in the blink of an eye.
"Skye, what's wrong?"
"Kro got hurt while we were out flying?"
"How?" He examined Kro's injury.
"An octorok got him, and got him good." I explained.
“Come, Kro, let’s go treat your injury.” Owlan began to lead him away. “Let’s get you some Red Potion, shall we?”
Headmaster turned back to me.
“Kro should be okay.” He said. “Why don’t you go flying or something? Don’t worry about your friend.” And with that, he walked away. I stood there for a few moments and proceeded to go to my room until Gaepora called my name.
“Wait, Skye!”
“Huh? Something wrong, Headmaster?”
“There’s something I need to give you. Follow me to my office.”


I seated myself in a chair and the Headmaster grabbed a strange instrument from one of the drawers in his desk.
“Take this, Skye.”
“What is it?” I questioned, examining the peculiar object. It was a bright yellow and was joined together by strings.
“It’s called a harp. You’ll need it for your role as the goddess Hylia this year. Why don’t you practice playing it a little? Take these lyrics, too.”
He handed me a slip of paper. The words written on it were:

Oh youth, guided by the servant of the goddess, unite earth and sky, and bring light to the land.
Oh youth, show the two whirling sails the way to the Light Tower...and before you a path shall open, and a heavenly song you shall hear.

“Thanks. I’ll go do some practice, Headmaster.”
I left and went into my room and sat on my bed.
I quietly started reciting the lyrics as I strummed the harp. It was called “Ballad of the Goddess.”
After a few times I started strumming the harp by itself. The music the harp produced was lovely and soft. I liked it!
“Skye?” A familiar voice said. “Can I come in?”
“Hey, Skye.” It was Kro. He had gauze tape over his gash.
“Feeling okay?” I asked.
“Yeah. I’m better now. Hey, what’s that you have there?”
He pointed toward the harp.
“Oh, this instrument is called a harp! It’s beautiful!”
“What’s it for? For my role as the goddess Hylia. Neat, huh?”
“Yeah, it looks cool! Do you know how to play it?”
”Yep, and I’m a little good at it!”
I played the “Ballad of the Goddess” on it to demonstrate.
“I know, right?”
I slid off of my bed and onto the floor, still holding the harp.
“I can’t wait until the Wing Ceremony now!” I said, squeezing the harp against my chest. “You’d better try hard and make the cut, because I don’t want to give the sailcloth to anyone but you!” I smiled and he smiled back.
“I’ll do my best. What if don’t win, though? What if someone else gets it?”
“Don’t worry; I know you can do it.” I put the harp onto my bed and stood up. “I think it’s time for dinner now. Let’s go.”
We ran down to the cafeteria.
When we arrived, no one was there but Henya.

Kro and I looked around.
“Henya, where is everyone?” I said.
“Tonight you’re eating at the Lumpy Pumpkin!”
We flinched and looked over to a bulletin board.
It read:


“H-How long has everyone been gone?” Kro exclaimed.
“For maybe fifteen minutes now. I don’t think you two missed anything though. But even chatter! Go!”
We raced to the Plaza, jumped, and flew ourselves to the Lumpy Pumpkin. When we entered, all of our classmates were sitting at one big table, and they looked at us. I saw Ostra snicker and whisper to one of her friends, “Told you!”
We seated ourselves beside each other and ordered ourselves some soup.
Instructor Horwell approached us.
“Ah, there you are, Kro and Skye. We’re just about wrapping up dinner.”
Kro gave me an angry look that said, “Henya LIED to us?”
“But I don’t think you two will finish your meals in time; because of this, I will allow you two to stay and eat awhile longer. I will also call a Skyloft Knight to escort you two home, since it will be dark outside. His Loftwing will have a helmet providing light so you can see.”
“Thank you, sir.” We said. As planned, all of our classmates left and after we finished our meal and went outside, we were greeted by a friendly knight.
He began leading us back to Skyloft.

“No problem, kids!” He said after we thanked him for guiding us back. “Pay attention in school now, you hear?”
And with that, he flew off on his bird.
We began heading up the stairs to the Knight Academy. I stretched my arms.
“Jeez…I’m tired. You?”
“Yeah, a little.” We pulled open the doors to the school and headed in. Headmaster Gaepora was standing there.
“Ah, you two made it back safely, I’m so glad! Everyone’s getting their baths and preparing for sleep. Did you two thank that knight for kindly guiding you two here?”
We nodded.
“Excellent. Now I suggest you two go to your rooms and get ready for bed.”
He walked away.
“Well, I’m going to my room, Kro. I need to work on the Sailcloth and practice playing the harp.”
I walked away.

When I made it into my bedroom I stretched before falling onto my bed. I reached for my harp and began plucking at the strings, sending a beautiful melody throughout the Knight Academy. After a while my fingers grew tired and I decided to take a break. I happily finished the last stitches of the Sailcloth. I couldn’t help but to wrap it around my back and twirl around in it. I giggled.
I couldn’t wait to show Kro. I put the Sailcloth back onto my desk, took of my boots, snagged a book about Loftwings, and collapsed onto my beanbag chair. The only thing that kept the Knight Academy from falling into total silence was the sound of me turning pages. Just as I read the final page someone knocked on my door.
“Uh, come in!” I said, closing the book and setting it back in my bookshelf. It was Kro.
He walked in. He smelled very clean, so I assumed he’d just taken a bath.
“Why are you here so late, Kro?” I questioned.
“I just wanted to see you before I went to bed.” He sat down on the floor. “I see you finally finished the Sailcloth. Nice job.”
“Oh, yeah!”
I grabbed it and showed it to him. “It’s beautiful isn’t it?”

There was a moment of silence.
“Skye, if I didn’t win the Wing Ceremony and get your Sailcloth, we could still be friends, right?”
“Of course we could.”
“Oh, okay, because I was just curious…”
“Don’t worry; I’m sure you’ll win! And even if you don’t, I’m sure you’ll do great!” I replied.
“And Skye,” He began.
“I’d like to tell you something…”
“What is it?” I leaned closer to him so I could listen.
The door opened.
“Oh, hello, Instructor Owlan.” Kro said.
“Kro, you should be in your room. It’s getting very late.”
Kro stood up.
“Uh, goodnight, Skye.” He walked away.
“Go to sleep, Skye. There’s a quiz tomorrow, and you need to be prepared.”
I nodded and he left. I slithered into my bed and shut off my lamp. My room fell into darkness. I was glad, because I was blushing like crazy. I sat up in my bed for a few minutes, thinking of what Kro had intended to tell me.
I clutched my knees as I thought about all the things his next sentence could have been.
“I’m glad you’re representing the goddess Hylia this year.”
“You’re great at flying your Loftwing.”
“I think you’re very smart.”

I squeezed my knees even harder as the next thought came to me.
“Skye, I love you.”
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Author's Note: Chapter Three is here! Enjoy and lemme know if I did anything wrong. Thanks. You can give feedback and comments but please do not be rude. Yes, it's a little short. I didn't want it to be too long.

Chapter Three

It had been three days since we were interrupted. The Wing Ceremony was right around the corner, occurring in nine days. Finally a weekend came, because a weekend was just what I needed. I was taking a walk around Skyloft by myself when someone stopped and hovered by me on their Loftwing.
"Oh, hey, Kro." I greeted him.
"Hey, Skye." He answered, jumping off his bird and landing beside me.
"Where are you headed?" He questioned.
"Just taking a walk around town."
"Do you want to go flying? We couldn't go flying the other day because I got hurt. But I'm better now."
"Sure, I guess so."
We started walking toward a diving board.
"What's the matter, Skye? You seem a little off today."
"Me? Oh, no, I'm fine."

We sprinted off and whistled for our Loftwings. They came beneath us and lifted us up in the air.
"Kro, what were you going to tell me last night? Y'know, before Owlan interrupted us?" I called over to him.
"Oh..." He looked down and his cheeks turned red as a beet.
"On second thought, you don't need to tell me if you don't want to." We fell into an eerie, uncomfortable silence.
After several minutes without a word spoken, I decided to start a conversation.
"Have you ever thought about what it's like below the clouds?" I asked, looking down at the sea of white.
"Sometimes. But I don't think there's really anything there. Just more clouds. An endless ocean of clouds."
"Yeah, you're probably right. But don't you remember the old legend of how Skyloft came to be?" I asked him. "There were once people living below the clouds, but one day monsters attacked and the deity, Hylia , feared for her people and cut a slice of land and put it in the sky to save them."

Kro chuckled. "But that's just a legend. Nothing says its true."
"Who knows?" I snickered, flipping my hair. After a while we stopped at an island so our Loftwings could rest. As they regained their energy, Kro and I lied on our backs, looking at the many clouds in the sky. I yawned and stretched my arms.
I looked back at Aura, my bird.
She flapped her wings, squawking loudly.
"Okay, let's go." We lifted ourselves to our feet and marched over to our birds.
We mounted them and they took us to the sky. Suddenly we heard a faint ringing sound in the distance. We looked towards Skyloft. The bell of the Knight Academy.
But why? Wasn't it a weekend?
"Let's get to the school!" I shouted.


We barged into the Knight Academy to see everyone in the classroom. We joined them.
"What's going on?" I whispered to Kro.
One of our classmates turned around and said, "The headmaster has an announcement to make. I think it has something to do with the Wing Ceremony."
Kro and I swapped looks before seating ourselves. After a few minutes, Headmaster Gaepora walked in.
"Hello, students, I called all of you here with an important announcement to make. Recent changes have forced us to have the Wing Ceremony at an earlier date. We will be having the Wing Ceremony in two days."
People began whispering.
"And tomorrow," Horwell added. "Boys will be trying out for the race."
"WAIT!" Ostra cried. "Who's going to be representing the goddess, though?"
Horwell looked over to me.
"Skye will be representing the goddess this year."
A few people gasped and stared at me.
Ostra clenched her fists. "But...but why her? You couldn't choose me?"
"Ostra, you were the goddess last year." Gaepora said sternly. "Give someone else a chance." Ostra mumbled something and sighed.
"Fiiiine." She grunted.
"Well, students, that is all I needed to say. You may carry on with your weekend activities."
And with that, Gaepora, Owlan, and Horwell left.
Most people remained in the classroom to talk about the change but Kro and I left and decided to talk outside of the school.

"So I'm assuming you're going to be trying out tomorrow." I said.
We sat down.
"I hope you make the cut."
"Thanks. So do I."
"Yeah, they only choose four students to compete, so you'd better give it your all!" I chuckled, slugging his arm.
"I will, I will." He smiled at me.

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Re: Skye Blue (Chapter One)

Your story is sweet. There are a few errors which you can easily make right.

Chapter 1
“You may sit wherever you want, wherever there a free space.”
You are missing the word is between there and a.

...we began pulling into a lesson.
That doesn't make sense. Did they begin their lesson or pull out their books for the lesson?

“How does know that it gets cold EXACTLY in five minutes?”
A word is missing. How does he know...

Chapter 2
"I can't wait to see what it looks like when your finished."
This is a common error. The word should be you're.

...squeezing the harp against my harp.
What? Isn't she squeezing it against her chest?

Chapter 3
...because I weekend was just what I needed.
Shouldn't this be ...because the weekend was just what I needed?

"I hope you make they cut."
Just delete the y on the end of they and you'll be fine.

Is this is a retelling of Skyward Sword, but with some different characters? It's a clever idea. Skye is such a lovely name.
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Re: Skye Blue (Chapter One)

Thank you for telling me those errors. >_> Silly me.
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Author's Note: Yay, couldn't wait to post this chapter! ^^ Enjoy and let me know if I made any mistakes. :'3
And yes, I know, I definitely could’ve worked a little harder on the race. >_> Shame on me! It could’ve been so much better. Again, let me know if I made any mistakes, because I type and read a little too fast so sometimes and don’t catch it. ^^;

Chapter Four

I sat in front of the mirror, carefully undoing the bun I had put my hair into several days ago. I reached for my black boots and slipped them onto my feet. I stood up from my chair and picked up the Sailcloth. Carefully I tied it around my back and through my shoulders. I took a deep breath before receiving my harp and pressing it against my chest.
It was the Wing Ceremony today. The day for tryouts had flew by so fast. I went to the cafeteria for breakfast and greeted Kro.
"Hey." He said. "Well, today's the day. It's the Wing Ceremony..."
I nodded. "Mhm. Uh, how do you think you did on the tryouts?"
"We're going to find out."

After breakfast we went to class as usual, anxiously awaiting the headmaster and instructors.
Everyone was going on about the Wing Ceremony and anxious to hear the results of the tryouts. After a wait that seemed like forever, Owlan walked in, followed by Horwell and Gaepora.
"Good morning, class. As you all know, today is the Wing Ceremony." Gaepora started. "And the easiest way to start it is by announcing which young men made the cut."
I suddenly felt pressure on my right hand. I looked down to see Kro crushing the life out of it.
"Psst, Kro!" I whispered.
"Oh, sorry..." He replied softly.
"Emanuel, please stand." Owlan said. Everyone began clapping and cheering as Emanuel got up from his seat to stand by Owlan. I thought I heard Kro wince while everyone applauded.

"Congratulations, Emanuel. You are a participant in the Wing Ceremony." Headmaster Gaepora rested a hang his shoulder.
"Next up, Suru. Please stand and come here."
I could feel Kro's tension.
"K..." Owlan cleared his throat. "Kro, please rise." A smile creased across the boy's face and he triumphantly marched over to them.
"Congratulations, Kro. You will be participating in the Wing Ceremony."


I stood atop the Goddess Statue, looking down at the four contestants. I think Headmaster Gaepora was busy explaining them the rules. Suddenly the Loftwing carrying the bird statuette in its talons flew off and moments later, everyone jumped off and their birds caught them.
The race had begun!
“Come on, Kro…come on!” I said to myself. I kept my eyes on the orange Loftwing, nearly crushing the harp in my arms. I would flinch every time someone reached for the statue, but missed it. Everyone was going in so many loops and turns that it was a challenge to keep up. At one point the Loftwing holding the bird statuette took a sudden dive beneath the clouds.
It through everyone off track, everyone except for Kro. He had paid sharp attention and when he came up from underneath the clouds, he was clutching the bird statuette in his hands. He held it up in the sky waving it. I watched him fly towards the Isle of the Goddess. I got down onto my knees and watched him fly in, holding onto the edge of the statue.
“Kro, y-you did—”
Suddenly I felt the ground beneath me give way and I had a tight knot in my stomach. In slow-motion, I glimpsed up at the Goddess Statue. It seemed to be getting farther and farther away from me. But it wasn’t.

I was falling.

I shut my eyes and braced myself for the fall I was about to endure. But the problem was, the fall never came.
I slowly lifted my eyelids. The next thing I knew Kro was staring into my eyes. Why, he was holding me. He caught me!
“You alright?” He chuckled.
I giggled and nodded. We were on his Loftwing, flying back up to the Goddess Statue.
“See? I won.” He said as we hopped off his bird.
“Yes, yes you did.” I replied, smiling. “The bird statuette? I need it.”
“Oh, here you go.” He handed it to me. I set the small statue down into this small compartment in the Goddess Statue. Then I began strumming the harp, softly saying the lyrics I had managed to memorize.
I turned back to him.

He kneeled down and he gave me his hand.

“Great goddess, guiding light and protector of our people, grant us your blessing and mercy as I act in your stead during this ceremony. Valiant youth who grasped victory at the celebration of the bird folk…in accordance with the old ways…I now bestow the blessings of the goddess upon you.”
I carefully undid the Sailcloth from around me. Kro looked up as I presented it to him.
“Here, take the Sailcloth.” I said.
Kro slowly took it from my hands. I chuckled as he stared down at it in astonishment. It was just the two of us, towering over Skyloft.
“So…what do we do now?” Kro questioned, getting up from his knees.
“Using that Sailcloth, you need to jump off of the Goddess Statue and into that round design in the courtyard! Go ahead, you can do it!”
I said.
“Uh…are you sure?”
“Positive! Now go, before I have to push you off!”
Kro sprinted off the statue. He opened the Sailcloth just in time before he landed.
“You did it!” I exclaimed as I flew down from the Goddess Statue on my Loftwing. “You won the Wing Ceremony, Kro! I’m so happy!” I hugged him and he wrapped my arms around me too.
Headmaster Gaepora approached us.
“Aaah, congratulations, Kro!” He said. “You are now a senior in the Knight Academy. Tomorrow you will be given a special tunic, so be sure to come and find me so I can give it to you.”
We resumed talking once he walked away.
“Well, congratulations, Kro. You’re a senior now!”
“Thanks, Skye.”
I blushed and stared down at my boots with a small grin.
“I’ll race ya!”
The next thing I knew when I looked up Kro had taken off.
“H-Hey, wait up!” I shouted. We jumped off and called our Loftwings.
“Hah, I think I won!” Kro called.
“Whatever! I would’ve won if I wasn’t caught off guard, y’know!” I shouted back. “And Kro,”
Kro looked over to me.
“I can’t wait to see your uniform tomorrow! I hope you look great it in!”
“Thanks! I hope I do too!” Kro hollered, dodging a small tornado.
I remembered something.
“Oh, and by the way, Kro!”
“Thank you for catching me! You know, when I fell off the Goddess Statue!”
Kro grinned.
“No problem!”

Several hours later after the Wing Ceremony I knocked on Kro’s door.
“Come in!”
I entered. “Hey, Kro!”
“Skye, what are you doing in here?”
“Well, normally it’s you coming to see me, so I decided to come see you this time.” Kro was sitting on his bed studying.
“I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you, winning the Wing Ceremony and all.”
“Thanks again.”
“I was also wondering if you wanted to go for a walk with me or something.”
Kro sat up. “Sure.”
He slipped on his boots. “Come on, let’s go.”


We slowly walked down the stairs of the Knight Academy.
“Again, I’m really happy for you.” I said. “To tell the truth, I was a little afraid you wouldn’t win. As I watched the bird race from the statue, I got scared every time someone reached for the statue.”
“Well you don’t have to worry anymore because I won, didn’t I?”
I snickered.
“Yes, yes, you did.”
“Skye, would you like to go on a ride on my Loftwing together?”
“A-Are you sure? I can ride on my Loftwing.” I said, twirling some of my hair.
“No, it’s fine.” We went to a cliff. “Here, take my hand.”
I grabbed his hand and intertwined my fingers with his and we bolted off a diving platform. Kro whistled and in seconds his Loftwing was underneath us, carrying us both.

I put my hands around his waist as flew deep beneath the clouds.
“Whoa!” I gasped when we came back up. “This is fun!”
“I know, isn’t it?” Kro said as we flew up high into the sky.
“Yes, and it’s such a pretty sight to see Skyloft from this height!”
“Wait, Skye, isn’t that your bird?”
I looked to my right to see Aura, my Loftwing soaring gracefully through the skies.
“Wow, doesn’t she look beautiful?” I asked as she slowly vanished from sight.
“Have you ever wondered where our Loftwings head when we’re not flying them?”
“Yeah, I think about that sometimes!”
Eventually the two of us landed back on Skyloft and started to return to the Knight Academy. It was dusk now and radiant columns of sunlight were disappearing by the minute.
“I hope we didn’t miss dinner.” Kro chuckled as we walked up the flight of stairs.
“Same here.” I replied as we shoved open the doors.

Thankfully, we were just in time.
“There you are, Skye and Kro! Where were you two? We were afraid that you would miss dinner.” Instructor Owlan said.
“We were afraid too. Kro and I were just flying around together.”
“Oh, I see. Also, congratulations to you, Kro, for winning the Wing Ceremony.” Owlan put a hand on his shoulder and smiled. “But enough chatter, you two must be starving. Go on ahead to the cafeteria and eat.”


We seated ourselves and immediately began stuffing our faces with noodles and soups and other tasty treats. Dinner seemed to fly by so fast. Once Kro and I were full were proceeded to leave the cafeteria but Henya halted us.
“Oh? We’ll be having dessert shortly, you two don’t want to stay?” She questioned, puzzled.
“No, we’re full, but thanks!”
My bedroom was upstairs, and Kro’s was downstairs. We were downstairs right now.
We stood in front of his doors to say our goodnight to each other.
“Well, goodnight, Skye.” He said. He put a hand onto the doorknob.
“Goodnight, Kro. I’ll see you in the morning!” I said, turning around to walk away. I heard a door open and then shut as I made my way up the stairs. When I arrived at my room I saw my harp on my bed, where I had set it shortly after the Wing Ceremony had been concluded.
Although it was several hours ago, the memory of Kro and I standing atop the Goddess Statue together seemed newer than ever. I took slipped off my boots and dropped them near my cupboard before setting my harp on my desk.
I then sat on my bed and stared out my window.

It was pitch black outside now. I watched a few ChuChus and Keese come alive and out from where they hid in the daytime, followed by a few evil Remlits.
I looked down at my blankets to find a finger scratching at one of the stitches. So much had seemed to happen today, though the only big thing that had occurred was the Wing Ceremony. I sat thinking on my bed awhile. Eventually my neck hurt from looking down for so long, so I slithered under my covers and reached for the lamp that illuminated my room from top to bottom. It was still a little early to go to sleep, because by the time I actually began feeling tired was when I heard my classmates returning from the cafeteria, but I was exhausted at this point.

I yawned and shut my eyes, quickly being swept away into slumberland.
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Re: Skye Blue (Chapter One)

That's very sweet. Actually I think that you handled the Wing Ceremony well. I was rather expecting something to happen shortly after the race. Now I have no idea what will happen and I'll have to find out what comes next.
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Re: Skye Blue (Chapter One)

Thank you, Pseud O Nym! It pleases me to know you're enjoying my series. Recently I released Chapter Five, but I didn't like how it turned out too much, so I deleted it and I'm redoing it right now. Stay tuned!~

( also, this isn't quite a retelling of Skyward Sword with different characters, but more like what would've happened if Zelda had never gotten sucked into that giant tornado, and they just resumed their normal lives on Skyloft. :) )
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Author's Note: It's Chapter Five! Kro finally gets his tunic. Tensions also start to rise between him and Emanuel. Let me know of any mistakes and enjoy! And unfortunately, my spring break has come to an end, so the wait for chapters might make you FURIOUS, OUTRAGED, AND SICK WITH ANGER. (ghirahim quote ftw!)

So sorry I took forever! Enjoy! I personally think I could've done a little better on this CH., but I was tired of keeping everyone waiting.

Chapter Five

I chased around the last two pieces of my cereal with my spoon, all while awaiting Kro's arrival. At first I was wondering what taking him so long, until I remembered today was the day he would get his garb. I couldn't wait to see him it.
After I finished my breakfast I sat waiting patiently for him to come.

I remember looking down at my lap to brush off some biscuit crumbs, and when I looked back up, there he was. Kro was walking into the cafeteria wearing a steel blue tunic. I stifled a gasp as he approached me what seemed like to be ever-so-slowly. His usually wild, shoulder-length black hair was neatly combed and straightened, but some of his hair was hidden by a long, floppy blue cap. He walked over to me.

"So, how do I look?" He asked.
"Wow, you look handsome in that outfit! It makes you look so heroic!" I exclaimed, standing up to get a better look.
"Haha, really?" Kro chuckled.
"Yeah, I mean it! You look amazing." I couldn’t help but to embrace my friend.
Suddenly I noticed that everyone in the cafeteria was watching us.
"Here, Kro, take a seat." I whispered, slightly embarrassed. "You look amazing."
Kro smiled.
"Thanks. I can't wait to see you in a tunic soon."

Eventually breakfast ended and we went to class. When we sat down many of our classmates complimented Kro's tunic.
"Heh, everyone thinks I look great." He snickered after a few of our female classmates commented on his new look.
I raised an eyebrow and chortled.
"Yeah, just don't let it go to your head." I said in a laugh. "But again, you DO look very handsome in that outfit." I blushed a little as a flipped a few pages in my textbook.


I walked through the Plaza and towards the stream. When I arrived at the water’s edge I sat down, took off my boots and submerged my feet into the waters, feeling the cold water between my toes. Although it was a little childish, I couldn’t help but to swoosh and splash my feet around.
I heard footsteps behind me. I didn’t turn around, for I knew who it was.
“Hey, Kro.” I greeted.
“Hello, Skye. Can I join you?” He asked.
“Of course!” I exclaimed.
Kro sat down next to me and took off his boots.
He set his feet in the water just as I had done mine.
I squeezed my knees. Kro sighed deeply and took off his cap before falling onto the grass.
“What’s the matter?” I asked, pulling my feet from the water and leaning over to him.
“Ah, nothing. I’m just—” He paused to stretch his arms. “happy to know that I’m one step closer to becoming a knight.”
I fell onto the grass next to him.
“Yeah, I’m very happy for you.” We stared at the clouds dotted in the endless sky. Suddenly, I spotted something in the corner of my eye. I sat up. I couldn’t wait to get my own tunic.
“What’s the matter, Skye?”
“Look!” I pointed my finger to small green insect. “There’s a Skyloft Mantis on your boot, Kro!”
We crawled over to investigate. It seemed so innocent as it carefully explored the boot.

I grabbed a leaf and carefully slid it underneath the mantis and started walking away.
Kro sauntered after me. “Where are you going?”
“To put this little guy in a safer place.” I went to a patch of tall grass not too far from the waterfall cave and set the mantis down.
It seemed much more at ease hidden in the slender blades.
Eventually it hopped further off away into what seemed to be a humongous from its perspective, and ultimately from sight.

I giggled.
“Have I ever told you how much I love insects?” I asked, turning to face him with a smile.
“No. I’m surprised—most girls will go berserk if they see a bug.”
“I don’t know why.” I answered. “The insects on Skyloft are harmless.” I kneeled down and let a young Sky Stag Beetle crawl onto my hand. “See? His pinchers may make him look fierce but he won’t want to hurt you.”
The beetle flustered it’s wings and a few seconds later, flew away.
I snickered. “Oh well.” I stood up and turned back to Kro.
“So what would you like to do now?” I questioned, brushing myself off.
“What do you want to do?”
I giggled. “I’m asking you!”
“We could go to the Lumpy Pumpkin—I have some spare Rupees.”
“O-Okay. That’s sounds great!” I grabbed his hand and darted to the plaza. We sped off a diving platform, whistled for our ever-so-trusty birds that came up underneath us and caught us within seconds.


“Aaaah…” Kro sighed, dropping his spoon into his bowl that he had once carried pumpkin soup.
“You ate that pretty fast.” I said. I still had a few slurps to go before I finished.
“I’m sorry, but I can’t help it Skye…it’s just so delicious!”
“Yes, I’ll admit, it is.” I picked up my bowl and drank the remaining soup. I wiped my mouth with a napkin. “Well, that was tasty. We should get back to Skyloft now that we’ve had our soup.”
“Alright. You can go on out, Skye. I’ll pay.” Kro held up his wallet and grinned.
I walked out and stood outside the Lumpy Pumpkin, patiently waiting Kro’s return. After a few minutes a young man flew up on his green Loftwing and then jumped down from the bird. I realized it was Emanuel, a student at the Knight Academy who had competed in the Wing Ceremony.
He immediately noticed my presence.
“Hey, Skye! What are you doing standing out here all by yourself?” He asked, dipping his head to one side in confusion.
“Me? Oh, right! I’m waiting for Kro to finish paying for the meal we shared together.” I replied with a smile.
“Well if you were with me I’d never leave you waiting out in the open, where you could easily just get carried off.” He said coolly.
I frowned and put my hands on my hips.
“What are you saying?” I growled, marching over to him. “Everyone in the Knight Academy knows Kro and I are just FRIENDS.”
“Well you two seem to be spending an awful lot time together to be just friends.” He snickered.
I balled up my fists and scowled at him.
“And I’m curious, when you and Kro go into your room, what do you do?”

I turned red as a Crimson Loftwing.
“We don’t do anything, just talk!” I shouted at him. “Why are you talking to me anyway? More importantly, why are you talking to me about THIS?”
At that moment Kro appeared behind us. I had never seen him so puzzled before.
“What’s going on? Did I miss something?”
“No, no you did not.” I said, exhaling deeply. “Come on, Kro. Let’s go back to Skyloft.”


“What was going on with you and Emanuel?” Kro inquired as we walked up the stairs to the Knight Academy.
I groaned.
“Y-You don’t HAVE to tell me.” He said.
“No, it’s fine, I will. He was asking me if you and I were…” I swallowed. “Dating.”
Kro choked.
“That’s insane.”
We stopped right in front of the Knight Academy.
I looked down innocently at my boots.
Kro cleared his throat and put a hand on my cheek.
“You know we don’t like each other like that.” He said softly. “Don’t let his comments stick in your head. He’s just being ignorant. Now let’s go in and forget about him.”
We walked in. At that moment we heard the Headmaster’s hearty laugh.
He walked out of his office.
“Why hello, Skye. The Instructors and I were just talking about you. You do know how girls get their tunics, don’t you?”
“Yeah—you have to study hard and get good grades, why?”
“Because lately we have been discussing which girls seem worthy enough to get their tunics.”
A wide smile spread across my face.
“A-And y-y-you’re thinking about—”
“Yes, Skye, there is a high chance that you will be promoted to a senior.”
“Really?” I gasped. “Yes! I’ve been waiting to become a senior so long, sir!”
Headmaster Gaepora smiled.
“Then keep up the good work and you’ll be a senior in no time.”
I turned to Kro once he left with a grin.
“Nice job, Skye. I’m happy for you.” He said.
“Thanks Kro!” I replied. “I’m so glad! I’ve been working for almost two years to become a senior!”
“Good job.” He chuckled, patting me on the shoulder.
“Thank you…”
We embraced each other.
“Wow.” A familiar voice chortled. Both of us looked up to see Emanuel standing across the hall. We blushed and let go of each other instantly.
“W-What are you doing here, Emanuel?” I hissed.
“Me? I came up here to use the bathroom.” He lied. “But instead I found you two, all hugging and stuff.”
I shoved Kro aside and marched over to the boy, lifting up my sleeves. I backed him up against a wall.
“Look, there’s nothing going on between Kro and I but friendship. That’s all, got that? We are just friends. Now leave us alone, before I tell the Headmaster you keep harassing us.”
I grabbed his shoulders and threw him toward the stairway.
“Get out of here!” I shouted. He scuttled down the steps. I turned back to Kro, who was staring at me with awe.
“I’ve never seen you get THAT angry before.” He said, approaching me. “He must have really ticked you off.”
I chuckled. “Ya think?”
Kro smiled at me. I grabbed his hand and led him down the stairs.
“Now let’s go to my room!”

When we walked in, I was about to fall onto my bed when I spotted my harp lying on my desk.
I brushed a little dust off of it and grinned.
I picked it up and showed it to Kro.
“It’s my harp! I haven’t played this thing in only a few days and it’s already collecting dust!”
I strummed a few random cords and giggled. “I haven’t played it since…the Wing Ceremony.”
I squeezed the harp and grinned as I remembered that day.
“The Wing Ceremony…” I began, beaming at Kro’s. “That was one of the best days of my life. I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done if you didn’t win.”
Kro stared at me, as if to tell me to continue. So I did.
“Yesterday really meant a lot to me.” I continued.
There was a brief moment of silence. Suddenly, I grabbed Kro’s hat and bolted out of the room. I could hear a series of footsteps racing behind me. I burst out the door and dashed through the Plaza.
I could hear Kro shouting my name as I hid behind a tombstone in the graveyard.
The sound of his voice grew closer.
“Skye? Skyyyye? Where are you?” He called. Then, with a laugh, he said, “Give me back my hat!” I heard footsteps coming into the cemetery. I kneeled lower behind the gravestone.
“Skye, where’d you go?” He shouted once more, chuckling. I could tell he was beginning to inspect the gravestones. He busily made his way down the rows. I watched him survey the last row of gravestones. Now was my chance. I carefully started crawling.
I was doing well so far, until Kro’s hat fell off my head. If I known that Kro had such good hearing, then I would’ve been one-hundred times more careful!
He swung his head toward me. I made an attempt to run away, but he was on me like a Remlit at nighttime!
He tackled me and pinned me onto my back, holding my wrists to the ground.
“H-Hey!” I said.
He gave me a playful smile. It was laughter and games for a few seconds until we realized what position we were in.
We blushed.
He leaned closer to me and whispered, “I need my hat back.”
“O-Okay, but you’ll need to get off of me first.” I replied. He slowly started to get off of me. I walked over to where his hat had landed when he tackled me and it went catapulting out of my hands. It was hanging on a gravestone and I pulled it off and returned it to him.
“Thanks.” Kro said, slipping the cap back onto his head.
Suddenly we heard the bell of the Knight Academy ring.
“I think that’s the dinner bell.” I said. I looked back at him and grinned. “Well, come on! I’m hungry, aren’t you?”
I jogged away and eventually Kro followed.


We entered the cafeteria. Most of our classmates were already seated. Kro and I joined everyone as Henya placed platters and bowls onto the table.
Nobody hesitated to pile their plates with the goodies and treats. I stuck my fork into a small slab of pork on my plate and severed off a thin slice. I ate very quickly and ended up devouring pumpkin soup, two baked potatoes, a small bowl of noodles, a biscuit, and for dessert, a slice of pumpkin pie.
I had stuffed myself so much that I had hindered my walking, and found myself wearily lumbering up to my room. As I climbed the stairs I could only think of one thing: sleep.
Even though it was a little early for bed, I needed to rest. I was too full to stay awake.
Shortly after kicking off my boots and crawling into my bed, Kro walked in.
“Oh, there you are, Skye! I thought I heard you going into your room. But it looks like you were trying to get sleep, so I should go.” He said.
I yawned and gave him a weak smile, indicating that I’d like him to leave.
“Okay then, goodnight.” Kro said with a grin. And before leaving my room, and shut out my lamp for me.

“Good…night…” I whispered.
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Re: Skye Blue (Chapter One)

Kro's tunic sounds really nice! Blue is a great color.
I liked the part where Skye handles the insects. I like the fact that she's not squeamish around them.
It must be a lot of fun to take that floppy hat and run away with it!
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Re: Skye Blue (Chapter One)

Originally Posted by Pseud O Nym View Post
Kro's tunic sounds really nice! Blue is a great color.
I liked the part where Skye handles the insects. I like the fact that she's not squeamish around them.
It must be a lot of fun to take that floppy hat and run away with it!
Thank you!^^
I hope I never meet Link in real life, because I will steal his hat and then he'll find me and beat the crap out of me. c:
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Author's Note: Chapter Siiiix! :D Hopefully this CH. turns out better than the last, which, I personally think could have been slightly better. ^^
Well, enjoy.~
I know this took forever. Sorry!


Chapter Six

I was lying on the grass, watching Loftwings flying overhead. It had been two days since Kro had received his tunic, and now it was a weekend.
I figured the best way to spend it was sprawled out watching the sky. I watched a Sky Stag Beetle make its way swiftly up my leg and onto my knee. I gasped and sat up, staring at it with fascination. I was about to pet its back when it suddenly flew away.
I heard footsteps and then Kro appeared. I fell back onto my back and smiled.
"Hello Kro." I greeted.
"What are you doing?" He asked.
"Just relaxing." I replied. Kro walked over and sat crisscross next to me. He took off his hat and set it down. I glanced at it and felt an evil grin crease across my face.
"Don't even think about it." Kro chuckled, quickly snatching his hat back and slipping it back onto his head. I rolled over and laughed.
"I'm not, I'm not."

A few minutes later, I lifted myself to my feet and stretched.
"Where are you heading?" Kro questioned.
"I'm going to the cafeteria for a glass of milk. Join me?" I grinned.


When we walked into the cafeteria Kro seated himself while I filled a pitcher with milk. I set the pitcher on the table and sat down across from him.
There was a brief moment of silence before Kro reached for the pitcher and poured himself a glass.
I did the same thing and quickly guzzled down my milk. When I finished I wiped my mouth and stared down at the table.
"What's wrong?" Kro said.
"I'm fine. Just thinking." I answered. Suddenly I heard a pouring sound. I looked up to see my glass filled with milk again. Kro smiled.
"Thanks." I grinned back. We clanked our glasses together.


We heard someone walk in.
"What's with the celebration this morning?" Instructor Horwell asked us.
"We're just hanging out." I replied, taking a quick sip.
"Aaah, I see."
I felt something brush against my leg. I looked down to see Mia the Remlit nuzzling my leg. I scratched her head and beamed at her.
She jumped up onto my lap.
"I think she wants some milk." I said. I reached for an empty bowl that had been left on the table by someone and poured a little milk into it. I set it gently onto the floor and she began lapping it up.
I snickered.
"It's hard to believe that she becomes a little killer at nighttime." I said to Kro.
"Yes, Skye, it can be hard." Horwell stated. "I need to get Mia out of the Knight Academy as soon as possible when the sun starts to set." After Mia finished, she stretched and trotted away.
Eventually Kro and I finished our drinks and we decided to go flying around together.
We sprinted off the diving platform and whistled for our Loftwings.

We instantly found ourselves soaring throughout the sky.

Everything went smoothly for an hour or two. We seemed to be the only two people in the sky, with the exception of all the Rescue Knights.
I looked over to Kro and smiled and waved at him. He waved back and then he abruptly grabbed his Loftwing’s neck and he started slowing down. I stared at him in confusion for a brief moment, before I noticed that he was pulling his bird away from something.
I gasped and looked back to see a tornado forming in front of me. I attempted to hold my bird back just as my friend had did but it was far too late. I was already being drawn into the vortex.
I looked back at Kro for a split second to see that he was getting further away from me.

No, I was getting further away him.
I screamed.

“Kro, help me!” I shouted. My Loftwing started to thrash and flail. Suddenly a magnificent force threw me off my bird and I began plummeting through several layers of clouds.
My screams began dissolving into oblivion as I ultimately blacked out.

*Three hours later*

I slowly lifted my eyelids to scan the environment. I was in my room on my bed.
I proceeded to go back to sleep, since I had a killer headache the size of Skyloft, but I rose back up before my head hit the pillow. I surveyed my room once more and noticed a figure sitting in a chair.
“Kro?” I said.
“Glad to see you’re awake.” He said, standing up and switching on my light.
I smiled.
“Thanks. How long was I out, anyway?” I questioned.
“Two hours, maybe even three.” He replied.
I sat up and let my legs dangle off the side of the bed. Kro sat closely next to me.
I blushed and looked away.
“So, is my Loftwing okay?” I inquired.
“Oh, your bird! Your Loftwing is alright, but she has a broken wing, and won’t be able to fly for a while.”
I flinched and looked at him.
“Where is she?”
“Don’t worry about it, everything’s being taken care of—” He gently grabbed my shoulders. “so lie back down and get some rest.”
“What is it?”
I stared down.
“Kro, how did I get back to the Knight Academy? Who saved me?” I smiled. “It was you, wasn’t it? You saved me, right?”
Kro lifted my chin up so we could meet eyes.
“Yes, yes, I did.”
“Thank you so much, Kro.”
I stroked his hair. “Thank you.”
He chuckled. “Well, no problem. You’re my friend, and friends help each other.”
“Yes, they do.”
I leaned forward and embraced him. I could tell he was a bit shocked, because it took a while for him to hug me back.
We let go and stood up.

I was in the middle of a yawn when Kro grabbed my hand. I grinned.
“Why don’t we go for a walk together?” Kro asked me.
“Of course. Let’s go.”


We walked slowly with locked hands, grinning whenever we met eyes.
“This doesn’t mean anything to you, does it?” I said softly.
“We’re holding hands, aren’t we? But it doesn’t, right? We’re still just friends, correct?”
“Yeah! Of course we’re only friends.”
We paused in our tracks and faced each other.
“Why do you ask? Do you…want it to mean something?” The question made me jump.
I vigorously hunted for words in my mind.
“Uh, no! Of course not, I mean, it doesn’t matt-”
Suddenly he kneeled down and gently planted a kiss onto my hand. He stood back up and smiled. I was briefly stunned, but managed to give him a warm grin back.
“We can head back to the Knight Academy now, if you’d like.”
“Sure, it’s going to get dark soon.” I looked at the blue sky that stretched into a beautiful shade of beautiful orange and then a lime green.

We started making our way back.
As we climbed up the stairs I asked, “I didn’t miss dinner, did I?”
“No but…”
We looked up to be blasted in the face by several wonderful aromas.
Kro laughed. “I think we’re late!”
“Well c’mon, let’s go! I’m starving!”
We burst through the door and ran into the cafeteria. We got lots of stares, but then again we were sweating buckets.
We seated ourselves at a table after loading our plates with all sorts of good foods. After stuffing my face my mouth became very dry. I had forgotten to grab myself something to drink.
I was about to stand up to get a glass of water, but Kro stopped me.
“No, allow me. Sit back down.” He said softly.
He stood up and grabbed a glass and a pitcher, and filled it to the brim. He started making his way back when, Emanuel, who sat at the end of another table, put a foot out directly in front of his path. I gasped.
“Hey, Kro, watch out?”

Too late.
He stumbled and instead of falling directly to the ground, he tried to recover his footing and before I knew it, he was wobbling around the cafeteria.
He managed to stagger back toward our table, but instead of safely landing back into his seat he crashed onto the table spilling water everywhere, especially me.
Over all the chuckling and jokes, I heard Kro mumble, “Crap.”
I stood up and rushed to his side.
“Are you okay?’ I asked, helping him up.
“Yeah, I’m fine.”
“Emanuel tripped you.” I explained. “I saw him put his foot out. We should tell the headmaster.”
“No, it’s alright.” He said back. He looked at my clothes. “Sorry for getting water on you.”
“That’s okay; it’s not your fault.”
He smiled, picking up a napkin and wiping some water off my face.
“Still thirsty?”
I shook my head. “Let’s just keep eating.”

We sat down and resumed our meals, which were somewhat wet.

The cafeteria was silent for the rest of the evening.


A week later on a Friday, while Kro and I were walking back to the Knight Academy after a lesson in the Sparring Hall, someone shouted out Kro’s name.
We looked back to see a girl running after us in a light green top and a long dark green skirt.
“Whoa! Wait up!” She said. She paused and panted.
“Uhhh…yes?” Kro dipped his head to one side. The girl stopped panted and looked up and smiled. “You’re Kro, aren’t you?” She asked.
Kro nodded. “Yeah, why? My friend and I need to get to school.”
“Well, you probably haven’t really noticed me, but I go to the Knight Academy like you two. I sit in the back of the classroom by myself.”

“And I was wondering Kro, if you want to go flying around together sometime.”
Kro gasped a little.
“Sure. That’d be nice, I suppose.” He grinned.
“That’s great! Meet me at Skyloft Plaza after school today! By the way, my name’s Robin.”
There was a brief moment of silence.
“Well, we should get to class now, shouldn’t we?”

And with that, merrily skipped off.


“I really don’t know about this…” Kro sighed as I fixed his cap.
“Of course you do! You told her ‘yes’, correct?”
“Well, yeah but—”
“Too late. Can’t back out of it now! I mean, you don’t want to break a girl’s heart, right?”
Kro raised an eyebrow. “What’s the matter with you? Don’t tell me you’re jealous.”
“Of course not. I mean, we’re only friends, so why should I really care?” I chuckled a little and smiled.
“I should be on my way now. I don’t want to keep her waiting too long.” Kro smirked.
“Good luck! I’ll see you later.”

~~~Kro’s POV~~~

I exhaled heavily as I approached the girl waiting for me in the Plaza. I put a hand on her shoulder.
“H-Hey, Robin.” I croaked.
She turned around and smiled.
“Kro, you made it!”
“Yeah, I did.” I chuckled. “I’m here.”
We were both silent for a second.
“Well, Robin, our Loftwings won’t fly themselves y’know—wait, actually, they will, but you get what I mean.” I laughed a little.
“You’re right, let’s go!”
She snatched my hand and led me off the diving platform. We called for our Loftwings and we found ourselves soaring throughout the sky before either of us could blink.
Things went smoothly for a maybe ten minutes when I saw Robin frown a little. Seeing this, we landed on a small island.
“What’s the matter? You look kind of sad and it’s bothering me.” I said.
“I was just thinking, really,” She replied.
“Of what, exactly?”
“You know that girl that’s always near you, right?” She questioned. I nodded and smiled as I thought of Skye.
“You mean Skye? Yeah, she’s great! Why do you ask?”
“She’s ONLY your friend, right?”

I nodded. “We’re ONLY friends. Don’t listen to those rumors. No one’s been bothering us lately, but if you talk about it they will spread again like a virus.” I looked up at the sky as I spoke.
“Splendid! Because I was wondering if you’d want to go flying around with me Saturday.”
I flinched.
“Sorry, Robin, but I promised Skye we’d go check on her Loftwing in the infirmary Saturday.”
“No, I can’t afterwards either. Skye and I are doing some extra chores around the Knight Academy.”
She sighed abruptly.
“You two sure do a lot of stuff for only friends.” She grumbled.
“Do you know why? Because we’re FRIENDS. I don’t get it, what’s wrong with you?” I put a hand on her cheek, just as how I would to Skye at times.
“Sorry. We should resume flying, shouldn’t we?”
I nodded in agreement and we were off.


I leaned against the wall, holding a half-eaten apple in one hand and my book in another.
I spotted Kro walking up the steps and toward me.
He stood beside me.
“Hello, Kro. How was your date?” I said with a bit of a smirk.
“It was alright.” Kro said back, taking off his hat and placing it on the crown of my head. I laughed, finishing the rest of my apple and tossing it into a nearby trash can.
“This hat is comfy.” I stated. “It’s very snug. It’s no wonder they give them to knights.”
“The tunic is cozy too.”
“So are we still going to the Loftwing stables tomorrow?”
The Loftwing Stables was a place where injured Loftwings were held. They were held in large pens side-by-side together. The pens weren’t small however—in fact they were big enough to spread their wings.
Kro nodded. “Yeah, I really hope your bird is alright.”
“Me too. Her wing got hurt really badly in that tornado.”
“It took three Rescue Knights to bring her to back to Skyloft, I hear.” Kro told me. He faced me. “I don’t really know because, I was too busy trying to get you to safety.”

I blushed.
“Again, Kro, thank you for saving me. You would make a great Rescue Knight.”
“Heh, I don’t think I’d go THAT far. I raced after you as soon as you began to fall. It was like instinct.”
“That what makes a great knight—instinct! You don’t need to think, you just do it!”
I ruffled his thick black hair.
“That reminds me; I got you a present…”
He started digging through his pockets. He pulled out a blue wad of…something.
“Here you go, it’s a Jelly Blob!”
He placed it in my palms and I wasted no time to mold it into different shapes and forms. “Thanks! I love it, Kro. It’s so mushy!”
“Yep, I found it in the Waterfall Cave.”
“You went into the Waterfall Cave?! But how?”
“I managed to break down those small trees with my feet—that wasn’t easy—but as soon as I walked in, there was a ChuChu waiting for me. I squashed it with my boot and when it died, it left behind a Jelly Blob and I decided to give it to you!” He explained.
“Thanks.” I molded the blob into a star. “I should ask Henya if I could use the oven in the kitchen to bake this and it can harden.”
“Just wait to see what I have for your birthday.” Kro chuckled.
My eyes grew wide. My birthday was May 17th. We were in the beginning of April right now, but still.
“What are you going to get me?! Oh goddess, I hope it’s an Amber Relic or a Goddess Plume!”
“Okay, okay, calm down, Skye. I’ll see what I can do. If I can, I’ll buy you a whole CASE of Jelly Blobs that you can mold and bake.”
I squealed and bounced up and down.

Kro wrapped his arms around me.
“Quit jumping!” He laughed. He held me still by my shoulders. We dreamily stared each other in the eyes.

My cheeks grew a shade of red and started to burn. Someone, the whole time, had been standing there, watching us.
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