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Re: The Legend of Zelda: The Fourth of the Tri

Link watched as the haugty princess twitched out of the coart yard, She's bossy, he thought as he fallowed her out.

"What's going on?" Link asked her Zelda looked at him, and lowered her voice to a whisper, "There are other beings other than the ones who live in this realm and-"
"I already know that!" Link said frustrated.
"Okay so, there's this Shayd Consist thing where the Light's Royal and the Dark's Royal meets and talks about polotics or something. I've never accualy been becuase we only have it after a Lunur Eclipse, and the last Lunur Eclipse was when I was four so Daddy and Mother left me home with my attendant." Link nodded.
"And Ghirahim killed your mother?"
"My mother was killed at the last consist, but I think he killed her."
"What happened to her?"
Zelda's eyes began filling with tears again, Link silently begged her not to cry again.
"She was shoved off of a cliff by Zora's domain," Zelda held back her sobs, "King Dark had sent a few of his people to tour the land." Zelda turned her face from Link and let out a long sigh and whipped at her eyes with her silk gloved hands.
"When is the consist?" Link asked.
Zelda turned to him it's scedualed for a week and to nights from now, but the Shadows get here in a week,"
Link nodded, but befor he could say anything she went on,
"I am being sent to represent our world. Before then I want to be cleansed and excepted of the goddesses."
Link kind of just sat there and blink for a while untill he found his voice,
"That is not at all how I thought you were going to end that."
Zelda gave him an are-you-an-idiot-look, "I'm destined to be the queen of this land someday. don't you think it would be good if I belived in and was excepted into the bosoms of goddesses."
Link shrugged, "Well get ready to go, I'll take you as far as Goddess Peak Mountain, but not any farther."
"We'll see about that." Zelda said struting into the castle.
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Re: The Legend of Zelda: The Fourth of the Tri

The basement was dark, dank and disgusting. It was exactly the place where Ghirahim would flourish, Vexpi thought. However, to Seana, the place looked very similar to Jayla's pub, but dirtier. She approached the bar, which was dotted in pieces of shattered glass, and spoke to the owner: a bearded man with a long coat on.

"Excuse me," she said, hiding her fear. "I was wondering if you've seen a man with a white fringe and diamond earrings in here?"

"Are you having a laugh?" he said, emotionless. "Anybody looking like that would be slaughtered in here."

Wrenbi examined the crowd of customers from beneath his mask. There was a group of men gambling around a table, while a lone woman sat sipping a drink in the corner. Suddenly a loud voice snapped his attention. "Seana? Is that you?"

Seana was startled as a tall, plump woman came marching towards them. Wrenbi and Vexpi wrapped their cloaks tightly around their face. "Jayla! What are you doing here?"

"I came to do business with my dear friend Gorlov." she pointed to the man at the bar. "What are you doing here?"

"I...erm..." Seana's false confidence had crumbled since Jayla's arrival. "...I'm here because...there's a demon on the loose!"

Suddenly, the basement bar fell silent. The crowd of gamblers paused and turned their heads to the foolish young girl. The lone woman glanced up and revealed piercing red eyes.

"A demon?" Jayla raised her eyebrows. "Now don't go telling me tales, young lady. Where did you hear this information?"

"From my friends," Seana explained, and indicated to Vexpi and Wrenbi, who shuffled uncomfortably under the gaze of the whole room. "They saw him in the forest and tried to chase him, but he got away. Now, he's somewhere in this town!"

"Hold it right there!" Jayla snapped. "Just where did you meet these friends? Who are they?"

Vexpi and Wrenbi glanced at each other, and reacted simultaneously, each removing their cloaks. The basement gasped at the sight of their alien grey skin and their was an uproar from the crowd: "Demons! Demons!" Gorlov snatched a sword from behind the bar and held it to their faces, while Jayla braced herself for battle.

"You call them demons?" came a snide voice. The ferocious mob stopped, bewildered. Suddenly, a shape emerged from the shadows. A man in a violet cape and diamond earrings stepped forward with a grin on his face. "They are merely Shayds. Beings from the Shadow Realm. They're weak, harmless. Yet I; I am the very definition of demon!"

Ghirahim vanished into black diamonds, and reappeared in the centre of the crowd. "I am Demon Lord Ghirahim!" he roared, and the crowd cried out. He snapped his fingers, and the sword in Gorlov's hand fell into his own.

"I am not here for a fight. No, I was simply passing by. I've been hiding in the forest ever since this girl found these pathetic Shayds. I then followed them to this town, and waited until the time was right. Then, lo! I came across this!"

From thin air, he produced a leather bound book with the symbol of the Triforce on the front. It was the same book Seana's aunt had on her lap that very morning. Seana growled. How dare he had entered her house, and stolen her property!

"This book has shown me the way; the way to the Triforce! The power that I lost long ago, the force which you humans take for granted! Yes,this book told me that since my last incarnation, the Triforce has split! It now lies in the hands of the beholders! Now, I must find the one with the blood of the Goddess herself! The one of the name...Zelda!"

"The one you will never touch!"

The whole crowd glanced from one another, until a figure came marching through. It was the lone woman, who was tall with silver hair, not unlike Ghirahim's. As she approached, Ghirahim's eyes narrowed. "Oh for the love of the Goddess...not you again!"

"I've heard about you, Ghirahim, from my own ancestors!" she growled. "And I will do their duties and protect the Princess!"

She drew two daggers from her back, and the crowd fell back. Ghirahim sighed, and tossed Gorlov's sword aside. "I cannot be bothered to fight you this time, Impa. Instead, I will simply race you to the Goddess. Last one to Goddess Peak is a rotten corpse!"

The Demon Lord vanished into particles of twilight. Impa returned her daggers, and sprinted out of the basement. "Wait!" Seana called, but Jayla held her back. "Get off me! You saw him, Ghirahim! He's real, and he's going to capture the Princess!"

"You're not getting involved in this, young lady! You go home and stay safe! I'm alerting the rest of the town!" Jayla grabbed Vexpi and Wrenbi's cloaks with each fist and shook them. "Tell me who you are, where you come from, and what the hell Lord Ghirahim wants with the Princess!"
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Re: The Legend of Zelda: The Fourth of the Tri

Terriah wracked her brain. How could he talk to someone in the light world? She had seen Dark do it before. But what was it he used?

"Some kind of stone..." She mused. "A Sheikah stone...Gossip Stones!" Terriah almost shouted. She ran outside to see if she could find one.

"If I were A Dark, where would I hide a gossip stone?" She whispered to herself. Terriah continued searching through the bushes.

"Hello Terriah..." Said Dark's voice behind her. Terriah almost had a heart attack. She put on her best fake smile.

"Hey there Master!" Dark looked genuinely confused. Terriah just kept smiling.

"Terriah...What in Din's name are you doing in the bushes?" He asked. Terriah needed to think fast.

"One of my throwing knives landed in the bushes and I'm trying to find it." She lied. Dark gave her one last quizzical look before leaving. Terriah's had touched something. Smooth rock.

"Yes!" She silently celebrated. "Please be there!" She whispered to the stone, unsure of how to use it. She put her hand in the center as she had seen Dark do once. The Sheikah eye began to glow. Terriah was lost.

"Ummm...Link? Does this thing work?" She asked hoping her message was being carried to some other stone somewhere.

"Nerivonne is in the light realm...just thought I should let you know..." Terriah sighed. It sounded like she was talking to no one. She closed her eyes in despair. The air temperature changed rapidly but she didn't care...until she opened her eyes. She wasn't in the shadow realm anymore.
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Re: The Legend of Zelda: The Fourth of the Tri

Chapter 7: Goddess Keep
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Re: The Legend of Zelda: The Fourth of the Tri

When Princess Zelda entered the castle with Link fallowing atleast 7 guards surrounded Link.
"Don't worry he's with me." Zelda said looking back. The guards retreated.
Link quickly cought up with the princess.
"Where is Impa?" zelda barked at a guard.
"She said something about Jaton town-"
"That dirty little city. It's not safe, even for a sheikah."

Zelda and the guard exchanged a few words while Link looked around.
The Hyrule Palace quite like the Shado Palace, except the color sceme was reds, golds, lavenders, and creams- Matching Zelda dress well.
The floors in the hallway they were in was a cream marble with a red carpet running down the middle.

Zelda finished speaking to the guard and gestuered for Link to fallow her farther down the hallway, the guards split the other way.
When the guards were out of earshot Zelda whispered in Link's ear, "No one knows we're going to the Goddess Keep, let's keep it that way," Link nodded, "After we pack we'll leave. The guards think we are going to Zora's domain."

Zelda had led Link up some stairs (luckily this time you could see the hall ways), down a few halls and to a room high in the castle. Link assumed this was Zelda's bedroom considering the huge canopy bed covered in fluffy pillows and comforters.
"Is this your room?" Link asked, Zelda blushed a little and nodded, "Yeah."
Link looked around for a few moments of scilence, not noticing Zelda going through her walk in closet. A few second later Link's face was pelted by a green tunic, "What's this?"
zelda thew a belt and some boots at him before answering, "I inherited this from my mother after she died. She told me stories about long ago when a heroic boy saved Hyrule in this accual outfit, and something about an ocarina, and a bunch of other legends. But I won't walk around with you if you stay in that," She gestured to his current appearal, "and plus I think the Goddesses will like you better in the green."
"I am not going in that temple with you." Link said taking on a more serious tone.
Zelda giggled, "We'll just see about that."
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Re: The Legend of Zelda: The Fourth of the Tri

Jayla led Seana and the two Shayds back to her pub on the edge of Jaton. It was late afternoon, and customers were beginning to arrive more frequently. Jayla tried to convince Seana to go home and check on her aunt, but she insisted on staying by Vexpi and Wrenbi.

"Jayla's right, you know," Wrenbi said beneath the wooden sign of the pub. "You should check if she's okay. Ghirahim could have murdered her."

"Wrenbi!" Vexpi hissed from under her cloak. "You'll scare the girl!"

"I'm not scared!" Seana cried. "Besides, my aunt can look after herself!"

Jayla sighed and led them indoors. This was the second pub that the couple had visited, and they could see how it contrasted to the wealthy, popular pub they had passed through to reach the Back Allies, though it did not compare to the filthiness of the basement bar. It had a traditional style, with a smouldering fireplace on the wall, and a few lanterns hanging from the ceiling.

"Go through to the back, where we can talk without eavesdroppers." Jayla urged, and the party was shunted behind the bar. Seana recognised Doctor Samp, a pub regular, sitting on a bar stool. He did not stir, but glanced up at Vexpi as she passed. Had he seen her face?

Jayla escorted them to a back room, and locked the door behind her. "Right, now it's time for answers!" She placed her hands firmly on her hips and waited.

"As Ghirahim said, we're Shayds, beings from the Shadow Realm." Vexpi explained. "It's another dimension, connected to the realm of Light, your world."

"We're harmless...unlike Ghirahim and his kind..." Wrenbi muttered.

Seana explained how they went in search of Ghirahim, and how it was entirely her fault for leading them and herself into danger. Jayla sighed heavily.

"This is crazy...I don't know how you've managed to get these...Shadow people into town without being seen. You're a very bright girl, Seana, but you have been very foolish. This is beyond our problem, and we cannot help."

"But we can!" Seana persisted. "What about that woman...the one who challenged Ghirahim. Ghirahim said he was going to race her to Goddess Peak to find the Princess...where's that?"

"Seana, I'll tell you one last time! Go home and protect your aunt!" Jayla snapped. "You're just a girl! Don't think you can just run off into the mountains to save the Princess! I'm going to inform the mayor, and Jaton is going to defend itself from any more demons!"

She turned to Vexpi and Wrenbi, who still hid beneath their cloaks. "You two had better go home too. You seem like nice guys, but once the guards are on alert, they might capture, or even murder you. Now, go."

Seana and the two Shayds exited the pub obediently with their heads hanging low.

"I'm sorry guys..." Seana said woefully. "I really thought that when we found Ghirahim, we could stop, the whole town is going to hunt you down..."

She turned and began to walk sorrowfully back to her aunt's house alone. Vexpi watched her pitifully and turned to her partner. "We should go home too. I just wish we knew how..."
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Re: The Legend of Zelda: The Fourth of the Tri

Terriah scanned the world around her. It was nothing like home. Everything seemed more alive. Terriah couldn't put words to it, as if her dreams were being projected on the world around her.

"Hello?" She called softly. Nerivonne would respond to the sound of Terriah's voice, they knew each other so well. Terriah needed her little friend back. it was like losing a sister.

"Neri?" She called again. There was no answer. Terriah tried not to panic. Nerivonne just wasn't nearby, it didn't mean she was truly gone Viacka.

Terriah slowly stood. She wanted to wear something more comfortable than her skin tight suit. Now that she wasn't in the shadow realm and Dark couldn't see what she wore...

Dark couldn't find her here. Terriah felt free for the first time in her life. Dark wasn't breathing down her neck, Viacka wasn't giving orders, Nerivonne wasn't tailing her everywhere. Terriah could close her eyes and not worry or care about what was behind her. She summarized it as the most beautiful feeling ever.

sadly the moment didn't last long. There was a sound in the bushes. Terriah was suddenly alert.

"Who's there?" She asked sharply. The noise continued. It sounded like laughing. Almost like Dark's laugh. Terriah was beginning to shake.

"sh-show yourself!" She ordered again. The laughing grew louder and Terriah decided it was a good time to run for her life. She sprinted in a random direction, through the shrubs. Terriah found herself running into something, or someone.

It was two Shayds from the shadow realm. A man and a girl. Terriah was so happy she could have cried.

"Shayds!" She cried. "From the shadow realm!" The Shayd girl went to speak but Terriah cut her off.

"I'm from the Shadow realm too! I need your help though...bad you remember Viacka Nerfay?"

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Re: The Legend of Zelda: The Fourth of the Tri

I thought I would post this here so as to complete Chapter 7: Goddess Keep without switching between threads.

Originally Posted by Trickster View Post
Chapter 7: Goddess Keep
Part 4: Quid pro quo

“Are you going to stare at it all day or are you going to try it on?” Zelda asked impatiently.

“I don’t understand how this will make me look any more presentable than what I’m wearing.” Link observed the green tunic from every angle. “It’s too… green. Green doesn’t look good on me.”

Zelda sighed, clearly irritated. “The guards know about that tunic and the story behind it. They know I inherited it from my mother. If they see you wearing it, they’ll know you have my trust.”

“Speaking of which, why are you trusting me?” Link let the clothes drop on the ground. The boots bounced with a loud thud.

Zelda’s face hardened at the gesture. “Did I mention I inherited those from my mom? Would you please be more careful with them?” Although her choice of words seemed more fitted for a princess, she sounded far more angry and threatening than she did before.

It was then that Link remembered that, even if Zelda was too immature and unfitted for the role, she was still the princess. She was someone who should be treated with respect.

“I’m sorry. It’s a valid question though, don’t you think?” Link said as he knelt down to pick up the tunic.

“I’m in a rush. I have to leave today. It’s my last chance to do this. I need you to help me sneak by the guards the same way you snuck past the guards to get into the castle. Whatever your reason was to sneak into the castle, I don’t care right now. I won’t tell anyone if you help me out.” She closed her eyes and let the air out of her lungs. Her face softened a little. “Quid pro quo. You scratch my back I’ll scratch yours.”

Link thought about it for a moment. The event at the Shadow Realm left him with many things in his mind. He found himself worried about Vexpi, even though he had no real reason to worry. He barely even knew her. And the Triforce Dark had mentioned. What was it? That power Dark was after… The Fourth of the Tri, Dark’s words echoed in his head, it’s only known to the Shadow Realm, the Royal Family, and now you. A sudden realization came to him. Something so obvious he had completely missed it. The Royal Family! He thought. “Alright princess, I’ll go with you to the temple with one condition-”

Link couldn’t finish his sentence before Zelda shot a look full of anger at him, accompanied by a reply equally as angry. “One condition?! You’re in no position to put conditions! If my dad was to find out you snuck into the castle the way you did, he’ll have your head!”

“You don’t tell the king, I’ll help you sneak past the guards. That’s it. That was our deal. If you want me to take you to the temple, you’re going to need to do something for me in exchange.” Link replied, raising his voice.

“Just who the hell do you think I am?! I’m the princess of Hyrule! If I say you’re coming with me to the temple, you’re coming with me! I could throw you in the dungeons just for saying no!” Zelda’s face burned bright with anger.

“Do it and I’ll inform the guards you’re not exactly going on a trip to Zora’s Domain the way they think you are!”

“I’ll have your tongue cut out before you can say a thing!”

Link stopped himself before he could yell back at her. He knew if he wanted the princess’s support, he’d have to go about it another way. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He let the air flow out softly through his nose. It helped him calm down. Zelda took this gesture as him giving in, until he spoke again.

“Ghirahim.” Link said, as apathetically as possible. Zelda immediately moved back a little, shocked at the mention of the name so out of the blue. Link opened his eyes and met with Zelda’s eyes staring back, waiting for him to talk again. Right away he noticed a dramatic change in her. Zelda’s anger was still there, but it was a different kind of anger. It was an anger that made her look cold and distant rather than impulsive and spoiled. He also caught a hint of a feeling he knew too well. A feeling she was trying to hide behind a stern expression. A feeling she was trying to hide even from herself; Fear. “I know of someone that can take you straight to him.”

There was a tense moment of silence between the two as Zelda pondered Link’s proposal. “If I want to meet this ‘someone,’ I’m going to have to do whatever it is you want me to do first, right?”

Link nodded. “Quid pro quo. You scratch my back I’ll scratch yours.”
Since ZerudaHime tells me that she's busy, I shall finish Chapter 7.
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