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Old 01-14-2012, 07:57 PM
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The Power Within

This is the second Fanfiction of my series, also the first one I've officially written.

The Series is:
The Power Within
The Power Within Part 2

This story has a lot of references to the Zelda games series, so keep an eye out for them. This story was even created to mimic a Zelda game.

I have to thank my Dad and my friend Tariq. My dad helped edit this fanfiction and Tariq was an encourager of sorts. They both helped see this story through to the end, I love this story and I hope you ( the community of Zelda Universe) do too.


Once shadow replaces light, then true power shall be yielded…


It was quiet.

Perhaps a bit too quiet, as the man walked through the quiet market. All he could hear was the chirping of crickets as he stepped up the darkened stairs to the temple of time.

As he walked in, he saw a red carpet leading to a counter; he walked around the counter, to the sealed door just behind it. The man wearing a black and gold cloak, pulled a deep black sword from a sheath on his back, and slashed at the door straight down the middle.

The door slowly became covered with black symbols, and after a few seconds finally disappeared. He then walked a short distance to a round room with a sword standing in the middle of the room, and walked up the steps towards the sword.

He could feel a presence pushing him away from the center of the room but the man forced on towards the legendary sword.

When he finally got to the sword, the man outstretched a gloved hand and pulled the sword from its resting place and dropped his black sword in its place.

After a few moments the man felt a surge in his hand, and a clearly visible gold triforce appeared on the back of his hand, with the top triangle shining brighter than the others. “It’s finally mine,” he softly murmured to his self.

Then the presence he felt before got stronger and stronger as a vacuumed portal began to open at the other end of the room. Fully alarmed, he shoved the sword into the ground and held on to it, attempting to maintain his stance, but to no avail, as the swirling forces finally sucked him in, while the master sword remained standing in the floor of the temple.


10 years later…

It was 6:00AM. It was time for him to wake up. He groaned and regretfully pulled back the cover on his cot and rubbed his eyes. He sat there for a minute waiting for his mind to defog, and once it did, he arose from his bed.

He couldn’t see much in his room, so he lit his bedside lamp and the light of it led him to find another lamp. After lighting a couple of candles, he could officially see his way through his abode.

He heard a strange chime, but declined his own inclination to investigate it.

He took a look at himself in his mirror, and saw the dirty-blonde mess of his hair, and then grabbed a brush and brushed at it for a good two minutes. He saw his uniform arranged in the corner and reluctantly put it on.

It was such a stupid uniform for Hyrule castle guards to wear, and the worst part was the helmet; it just looked so awkward on his head. “Oh well”, he thought to himself, “at least with his job I can see the Princess more often.”

He had first met the Princess when he was 15, almost an entire year before his mother died.

He picked up his standard guard’s spear and leaned it in front of him, against the mirror. He then took his sword and withdrew it from its sheath, it was a regulation guard’s sword, and even though he was told by the weapons expert of town that it was relatively old, he didn’t care, it fit his needs.

He didn’t know why but holding his sword somehow felt…right, whenever he did. It felt natural. He then slid the sword back in its sheath and grabbed his spear, blew out all the lanterns and left his dwelling.

As he walked through the market, not much was happening there; a few people said hello to him, to which he simply nodded back to them. They seemed to take that as a proper response, so he continued on.

He could see the sun slowly rising over Hyrule castle, notifying him that his shift as a Hyrule castle guard was soon to start, and making him pick up his pace to the castle a little. As he got closer to the gate, he saw another guard standing there, and said “You can go ahead and go; I’ll cover the last of your shift.” The guard expressed his gratitude and scurried off to leave him standing at the gate.

This guard job was usually a do-nothing job. Heck, the only reason he got this job was because the Princess asked her father, the king, to give it to him. In fact, almost a year ago, the Princess was able to promote him to become her personal bodyguard. He pretty much just stood, sometimes sat, there for a number of hours until the Princess came out to talk, sometimes they’d go places.

Maybe they’d go somewhere today. It was starting to get pretty bright as the sun rose, and he knew that the Princess would be waking up and coming outside to see him soon.

As she lay there, her eyes started to flutter, and her eyes opened slowly to show nothing but blurry vision. But her vision cleared, as she sat up in her bed and stretched. She could see the light coming through the window and got out of bed.

After about half an hour she came out off her room, fully dressed and with perfectly combed golden hair. After a bit of leisurely strolling, she started off for her father’s room.
The castle itself was enormous but thankfully her bedroom wasn’t far from her father’s.

Unfortunately, however, her father was always one to get a late start and she would usually wake him up and get him started on his kingly duties.

Once she finally got to her father’s door, she knocked and the only response was a low groaning. After rolling her eyes, she forced the door open, to see her father in his bed, rolled over on his side, covers over his head.

Chuckling to herself, she walked over to her father’s bed, grabbed the top part of his arm, shook it vigorously saying “Come on, Father. Wake up, time for another long day of kingly duties!”

After rolling over to face her, he groggily and sarcastically said “Truly, that makes me want to arise from slumber.”

“Oh, stop being lazy!” she said with a laugh. “I’ll be waiting in the throne room for you” she said as she walked over to the door and left the room. After waiting about 10 minutes, she saw the door to her father’s room open and him walk out in a thin purple and gold robe.

While turning and twisting his body, the king said “What do you think?”

“Quite regal!” she said, smiling proudly, and hopped off of the king’s throne and watched him sit down in the chair. “Alright then, I’m going out” she said as she kissed her father on the cheek and started to leave.

“Take a guard with you, Princess”.

“Don’t worry, I’ll find one” she said as she left the throne room with a smirk on her face.

He was getting really bored as he sat there looking at his reflection in his sword. He started hearing his name being called from somewhere, so he stood up and looked around. He couldn’t see where it was coming from so he went through the gate and saw the Princess standing on a hill, calling him. She saw him and yelled “Link, over here!”

“Princess Zelda!” Link yelled as he started to run towards her, but as he got closer to her he remembered that as a castle guard, he was required to bow before the Princess. So as quick as he could, he dropped to one knee and dropped his head. As Princess Zelda got to Link, she realized that he had bowed to her, then crouched to his level and whispered, “Why are you on the ground?”

“Because, Princess, as a castle guard, I’m supposed to bow to you,” Link said sternly.

“Link, I realize that, but you and I are friends, and you’re my personal bodyguard, you have no need to bow to me” Princess Zelda said as she held a hand out to help Link off the ground.
Link took her hand and stood. “Alright then Princess, what do you want to do today?” Link asked expectantly.

“I don’t know” said the Princess pondering, “How about we go horseback riding?”

“I see no problem with that” Link said, as they both started to walk out to Hyrule field.

It was really bright outside, and the sun hurt Marin’s eyes as she stepped out and took a deep breath of the ranch air.

She was the ranch owner for a number of years now but she still loved the air that Lon Lon ranch gave her every morning. The smells of horses, hay, and grass always managed to wake her up and make her feel like new.

She started thinking of the day that was to unfold before her as she walked into the horse stable. She wondered if anyone was going to come to the ranch today. She occasionally had visitors but the people who usually came to the ranch just wanted to rent a horse, very seldom did she have visitors that stayed longer than 10 minutes.

After feeding the horses and the cuccos, she stepped outside to see what else can be done around the ranch. As she looked over towards the entrance to the ranch, she saw two people walking up towards her.

Without recognizing who it was she started to say, “Welcome to Lon Lon ranch, where rental horses are always…” She stopped her prepared speech upon recognizing the visitors. “Oh it’s just you guys”.

“Nice to see you too, Marin” Link said frankly.

“Come to ride horses again?” Marin said smiling. “Yeah, how are the horses today?” Zelda asked as her face beamed. “Fine as always, I guess you’re riding Epona again today, right Link?” “Yeah that horse really seems to like me” Link said as they all walked into the stable.

After getting three horses saddled and ready to ride, they all headed out to the riding area of the ranch.

“I don’t know, Marin…I think we should head out to Hyrule field” Zelda said as she looked out at the relatively small riding field. “Why what’s wrong with the ranch?” Marin said as she looked at Zelda with a questioning look on her face, being somewhat offended. “Nothing, just I think that Hyrule field has a lot more room to ride around in. What do you think, Link?” Zelda responded as she slowly tilted her head towards Marin then shooting a glare at Link.

“Sorry about taking sides, Marin,” Link replied, taking the hint, “but Hyrule field does have a lot more to do than the ranch does.”

“Fine,” Marin retorted, and then the three of them turned to leave.

After several of hours of racing, and jumping fences and obstacles, it started to get dark as the sun slowly dropped.

“Wow, time sure flies when you’re having fun! Maybe I should be getting home soon,” Zelda exclaimed while looking up and pushing her hair back. “Want to go ahead and head back to the castle, Princess?” Link said as he jumped off of Epona.

“Yes, please” Zelda said as she smiled at Link. Link lifted his hand to help Zelda off of her horse; she took the help and jumped off to find herself face to face with Link. “You two go ahead, I’ll take your horses back to the ranch” Marin said, forcing Link and Zelda out of their back and forth stare at each other.

“Uh…thanks, Marin,” Link said as he and Zelda started off for Hyrule castle.

I had a fun day today. And, Princess Zelda’s a really nice horse rider. Her hair bounces when she rides. But, what was with that moment after I helped her off her horse? I don’t know why but somehow I just froze. I couldn’t move. I don’t know what it is with her. Oh well, time for slumber. Good night Hyrule.


It was dark. So dark that he couldn’t see anything. He wasn’t even sure if there was anything there to see.

He tried to search for something, anything, but sadly, he searched to no avail.

He suddenly heard a girl scream his name behind him, and he spun around so fast that he got dizzy from it. All he could see is Princess Zelda on the ground.

As he ran over to her, he saw that she was handcuffed and crying. He reached for his sword to break her out of the handcuffs but it wasn’t there, instead, he found that he was wearing a green tunic, and then a bright red light sparked behind him.

He turned back again and saw Hyrule castle ablaze. As he looked closer at the flames he saw a man in a black cloak hovering over the castle, the back of his hand glowing bright gold in the shape of the fabled Triforce, and chuckling.

He felt a surge of fear, hatred, and pain, fill his heart. Then he suddenly felt an unknown force pulling him out of this reality...

He awoke in a cold sweat, panting. He rarely had dreams that he would remember in the morning, but this one just terrified him to his soul.

He sat up in his bed and ran over the events of the dream he just had. He saw strong moonlight beaming through his bedside window.

He stood up and lit a candle to see his Hyrulian wall clock. It was 5:52. No use going back to bed now.

He continued to light candles in his apartment until the whole place was lit. He then scrambled through some drawers to find his second guard uniform.

He needed to wash his garments soon.

After groggily slipping on his guard uniform, and blowing out all of the candles, he walked out of his apartment.

Link couldn’t stop thinking about his dream, or…nightmare, as he walked up the path to the castle. Seeing Princess Zelda cry like that was the thing that shook him the most. Easily the most disturbing dream he had ever had. He dismissed the guard that was already at the gate and sat to both think about his nightmare, and wait for Zelda to come out.

The sun was rising quickly, so it shouldn’t be too long until Princess Zelda came out to see him.

The sun woke her up again.

Both fortunately and unfortunately the window by her bed was perfectly positioned to blind her in the morning.

It was a dreamless sleep as usual, or at the very least, she couldn’t remember the dream. She figured that she would have to wake up her father again, so she quickly got dressed and combed her hair.

In the midst of doing this, for some reason, she couldn’t quit thinking about seeing Link again.

Zelda shrugged it off and headed out of her room towards the throne room. As she entered the throne room she saw that her father was already awake, dressed, and sitting on his throne. “Good morning, father, why are you up so early?” asked the Princess with a quizzical look on her face.

“Easily…I’m not…you slept in, so I decided to get myself up for a change, and it also gave me a bit of thinking time,” said the king with a proud expression shooting onto his face, and as Zelda sat in the chair next to him.

“I did?” wondering what time it now was, but deciding not to inquire. “And thinking time about what?”

“Well I’ve been noticing your choice in guards, and your preference to your friend, Link,” the king said shooting Zelda a look out of the corner of his eye.

“Okay, what of it?”

“Well, I was just thinking about the possibility of… you two…you know…becoming more than friends,” the king said as he stared at the ceiling, rubbing his freshly- shaven chin. She felt her heart jump at the mention of this. The king watched his daughter as her eyes grew wide and then shot towards the ground.

“I can see it’s a touchy subject,” the king alleged as he tilted his head to see more of Zelda’s face. Zelda shot up into a proper sitting position, being unaware that she had a physical reaction to what he said.

“Don’t worry… I’m not going to give you the ‘birds and the bees’ speech again, I’m fairly sure your mother had that talk with you a number of years ago,” the king assured as he stood out of his chair and started to pace around the room, “It’s just that you seem to really like spending time with him” the king observed as he stopped in the middle of the throne room and stared at the Princess.

“How can you tell?” Zelda asked with a raised eyebrow.

“As an aged king and wise man, I can tell…Not to mention, you promoting him to your personal guard was a huge hint…” the King said as he walked back over to Zelda, “I just wanted to offer some friendly advice…if you like this boy…let him know. That’s how your mother and I came to where we…were. And, your grandmother, goddesses rest her soul, constantly talked about the man that she loved, and how she never told him about her feelings and when she finally got up the courage to tell him…it was too late, he had to leave. I just don’t want to see that happen to you,” said the king as he crouched to her eye level.

“Thanks, Father,” Zelda said as she got up and hugged her father “I’m heading out, then”.

“Have fun” the king exclaimed as she turned and walked out of the throne room.

Zelda was taking a lot longer than she usually does to come out to see him. He would get worried about her if he didn’t already know that she was surrounded by guards and giant castle walls. His nightmare still consumed most of his thoughts; he tried to focus on Zelda but, for some reason, he couldn’t.

He decided to go ahead and start heading for the castle’s entrance. He figured if she didn’t show by the time he got to the castle, then he already knows where Zelda’s room is and he can talk to her there if he needs to. Luckily, as he strode towards the drawbridge of the castle, he saw Princess Zelda coming across it. “Hey, Link, what are you doing up here?”

“You were taking a long time, so I came to see what was wrong.”

“Oh! Nothing’s wrong…I accidentally slept in a bit,” Zelda said while quietly inspecting Link.
“Oh alright,” Link responded as he turned and slowly walked away.

She could tell that Link’s mind was elsewhere and asked “Link? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, Princess, but I just had a crazy dream last night”

“Oh? What about?”

After a couple minutes of Link telling Zelda about his dream and a few moments of the both of them sitting there at the top of a hill, Princess Zelda murmured “Wow…that is a really creepy dream…but it’s just a dream right?” Zelda asked trying to cheer Link up.

“Yeah, I guess”.

“Well then, Link,” Zelda said as she pushed herself up off of the ground, “you want to go somewhere?” “Sure” Link said as he got off of the ground, “Where do you want to go?” “I don’t know…I want to go to Lake Hylia today” Zelda said as she looked away from Link for a moment, and tapped the bottom of her chin in thought. “Lake Hylia it is then,” Link said starting to walk down the hill.

Zelda suddenly grabbed Link’s hand and pulled him off in the opposite direction, towards the castle. Link found himself in thoughtless bliss until they arrived at the steps leading up into the castle. “You wait here while I go get changed, ok?”

“Why don’t I go get my stuff and we meet up at the castle gate?”

“Sure” Zelda agreed as they both turned to their respective areas and ran off.

Link busted in through the door to his apartment, with his heart pounding, mainly because he ran all the way there from the castle. He dashed all over his house, scrambling for his fishing equipment. Once he found all that he needed, he changed out of his guard uniform. He then grabbed his sword and left his apartment for Hyrule castle.

As he strode closer to the castle’s front gate, he saw Princess Zelda standing there, waiting for him in a long, pink and gold dress. For some reason, she was staring at the ground; seeming to be lost in thought. “Hey, Princess” Link interrupted while staring at her.

“Oh, hey Link, you ready to go then?” “Yeah, I am, are you? I would have thought that you would have taken longer than me to get ready,” Link told her as she started to walk past him.

“Well, perhaps I would have but we were already at the castle when you left and I knew exactly what to put on, did you?” Zelda responded as she looked at him through the corner off her eyes. “Well…not exactly, I just threw on whatever I could find” Link said while rubbing the back off his neck. Link saw Zelda turn and start to walk away, he thought he heard her chuckle but shrugged it off as his imagination, and chased after her.

After about half an hour of idle chatter between the two of them as the walked through Hyrule field, they came to Lake Hylia. He didn’t know why, but whenever Link smelled the ocean mist of Lake Hylia, he felt more alive. As they both walked towards the water’s edge, they saw a man crouched over the water. As they got closer to the man, Link said “Hello, Dr. Mizumi”.

The man spun around to face them, accidentally dropping one of his vials of lake water.

Dr. Mizumi was a semi-tall gentleman of around 30 years of age, with long and loose, amber hair, and thick-rimmed glasses, who seemingly, always wore a long lab coat.

“Good morning, Mr. Link, and good morning to you too, your highness,” Dr. Mizumi said as he stooped to retrieve his vial while also pretending to bow to the both of them, “and please call me Dr. Mizumi the third, the original Dr. Mizumi was my grandfather. But, I guess it would save time to just say Dr. Mizumi, oh well, call me what you wish”.

Link and Zelda looked at each other for a moment as if to ask each other ‘what’s wrong with this guy?’, and then looked back at Dr. Mizumi.

“You two think I’m crazy don’t you?” Dr. Mizumi assumed with an eyebrow raised and lightly waving his finger between them.

“No, sir” Zelda said being half-sarcastic.

“Please, do not think ill of me, I am simply an aging man thinking aloud” Dr. Mizumi responded as he turned back to the water’s surface to dip his vial into it.

“So, what are you doing today Dr. Mizumi?” Link asked.

“I am collecting samples of the water to test different chemicals with, and see what reactions I can make”.

“Oh, ok,” Link said seeming half-interested.

“What are you two doing out here, at the grand Lake Hylia?” Dr. Mizumi asked while gesturing out towards the lake.

“Oh, we just came for a day of fishing and relaxation” Zelda responded popping back into the conversation.

“Ah! Well you two have fun, I am going back to my lab,” Dr. Mizumi said as he grabbed the last of his vials and started off for the lakeside lab, “If either of you want to take a break or want some provisions, please do not hesitate to stop by my laboratory”.

“Thank you, Dr. Mizumi,” they both shouted as Link dropped his equipment onto the grass. Zelda dropped a picnic basket onto the grass next to her.

After a number of hours of eating and fishing, they decided to accept Dr. Mizumi’s invitation, and went up to the laboratory. As they walked in, they saw Dr. Mizumi over at a table mixing different chemicals in with the vials of lake water and a Zora lady, wearing a long purple dress, sitting at another table sipping some tea.

“Hello, you two,” the Zora lady said as they entered the lab. This made Dr. Mizumi’s head shoot around to see them and say “Ah, you two young one’s have decided to take up my offer, I see” Dr. Mizumi assumed, then gestured towards the table that the Zora lady was sitting at, “Well please sit down, you two, I shall prepare you some tea”.

Noticing Zelda’s royal headband, the Zora lady stood up and bowed to her saying “My name is Tura; I see that you are of Hyrulian royalty, I would suppose that we have the Princess in our midst.”

“Yes, quite correct, on both counts,” Dr. Mizumi said as he set two glasses of tea in front of Link and Zelda.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you both, and your name is…,” as she turned her head to look at Link.

“My name is Link, ma’am”. “Ah” Tura said as she took another sip of tea.

“If you don’t mind me asking, Ms.Tura, what is it that you doing here?” Zelda asked as she looked around the room.

“Not at all your highness, Dr. Mizumi is watching my Zora eggs for me, and he says that they are close to hatching,” Tura said as she turned to look at a large tank of water on the other side of the room.

“Why not just hatch the eggs in Zora’s Domain? Why here?” Link asked giving Tura a questioning look, then sipping down some piping hot tea.

“Well, you see, Link, Lake Hylia’s waters are more pure than the water we have in Zora’s Domain, and the strong medicinal purposes that the lake water has, make for a prime setting for Zoran eggs to hatch,” Tura explained.

“We past few scientists of the Mizumi family have helped Zoras hatch their eggs for over a hundred years” Dr. Mizumi said as he walked to the tank to check on the eggs while slowly sipping some hot tea.

“Ah, I see,” Link said finally realizing the importance of Lake Hylia.

“Tura, Come quick, the eggs are about to hatch!” Dr. Mizumi said as they all jumped out of their seats and ran to the tank. They saw that the eggs were starting to wiggle and shake. “It’s time” Dr. Mizumi said as he looked at Tura. After a few moments of them all staring at the eggs, the bubble-like eggs started to burst and Zora offspring rose to form a strange pattern. “I should draw this pattern out” Dr. Mizumi said as he turned to his desk and grabbed a pencil and paper.

“Why?” Link asked turning to face Dr. Mizumi. “Because, Zora Children have been known on occasion to pattern out a song,” Dr. Mizumi said as he looked back and forth between the tank and his notepad.

“Why?” Zelda asked as she, too, turned to face Dr. Mizumi. “No one knows, it’s a rare anomaly that few people have ever seen,” having completed the pattern, Dr. Mizumi walked over to a flute-like instrument in the corner and started to play the notes that the Zora children patterned out.

After a few seconds of Dr. Mizumi playing the song, Tura realized “That’s a song that my mother used to sing for me, as a lullaby”.

“How could your children know that song?” Zelda asked.

“I don’t know…”

As Dr. Mizumi continued playing Tura’s song, Link and Zelda sat down, and Zelda slowly dropped her head onto Link’s shoulder, and got so comfortable that she started to fall asleep.

Once Dr. Mizumi stopped playing, he set the flute down, folded the piece of paper and gave it to Tura, who said “I’m going back to Zora’s Domain to tell my husband that our eggs have hatched. He’ll be delighted to hear of the news, both of us shall return tomorrow to come see them and bring them back to Zora’s Domain”.

“Here, if you’re going to go swimming up Zora’s River, then you’ll want to keep the paper dry,” Dr. Mizumi said as he handed her a small glass bottle.

“Thank you, doctor, I shall return tomorrow and the two of you…” She said as she turned to Link and Zelda, “…I hope to see you both again someday,” She said in closure as she bowed and left.

“You two should feel extremely lucky that you got to see all of what just happened” Dr. Mizumi said as he returned to his study of the lake water.

“We know” Link said as he realized that Zelda had fallen asleep on his shoulder. When she woke up, Zelda said “Link…I’ve been thinking about your dream, and I think you should tell my father about it, if there is anything behind it, he’ll help you”.

“You’re right; I should tell him about this, usually I would say I’m crazy to think that a dream could mean something, but this one has something about it that just…worries me” Link said while twirling the tea in his cup.

“Okay, good, I’ll tell my father that you want to speak with him”.

“You two should be getting home…it’s getting rather late, and young adults such as yourselves should not be out this late, especially you, Princess,” Dr. Mizumi said as he turned from his work, looked out the window, then glared at the two of them.

“He’s right, let’s go Link,” said Zelda as she stood from her chair and walked off towards the door. Link followed suit and they both left the laboratory and headed for the castle.

That was a fantastic day. It was amazing that we got to see the hatching of Zora children. But why did I fall asleep? Tura did say that it was a lullaby…I don’t know. I just felt really comfortable at that moment. What about Link? He seems so worried about his nightmare. His worry seemed to dim when we came to Lake Hylia. I wonder if he’ll be alright after his talk with Father tomorrow. I hope he’s okay…


He had the same dream again. He now had an even stronger feeling that the dream must mean something, and now felt better about the fact that he had an appointment to speak with the king.
He wasn’t as afraid as the first time he had the dream, instead, this time during the dream, he was calm and was trying to think of what each piece meant as they came to him.

He was awake and he knew it was about time to get up any way, so he began to run through his morning routine…again. Light lanterns; scrounge for clothes, put on clothes, leave. He decided to wait at the castle gate for Princess Zelda like usual. Several hours passed, and he grew ever more anxious.

He heard Princess Zelda calling his name and went through the gate to meet her. When he finally got to her she said “Are you ready, Link?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” Link said as he continued to walk towards the castle. After about five minutes of walking through the gigantic castle with Zelda, They reached the throne room, where the king was sitting and waiting for them.

Princess Zelda ran ahead of Link to sit next to her father and as Link got to the center of the room, he dropped to one knee and bowed in front of the king. “Arise, Link” the king commanded and Link stood to look at the king.

The king said as he looked at Zelda out of the corner of his eye, who was intently staring at Link. Thankfully, she was blinking.

The king chuckled on the inside then asked “So, Link, what do you wish to talk to me about?”

“Well, your highness, you see…I had a dream, two days ago…I dreamt that Princess Zelda was handcuffed somewhere, crying. I tried to break her out of the handcuffs but before I could, a red light burst behind me and I turned around to see Hyrule castle on fire, and a black-haired man in a black cloak was hovering over the burning castle, with the triforce mark on the back of his hand.

I fear that both Hyrule, and Princess Zelda, are in grave danger, Sire”.

The king sat back in his throne and thought about Link’s dream for a moment then said “Link, I see that you are extremely serious about your worry, and if I were you, I would go throughout this land and find the Knights of Hyrule”.

“Aren’t the Knights of Hyrule in Hyrule castle, your Highness?”

“No, those are the Hylian Knights; the Knights of Hyrule are knights that were appointed by a few kings ago, that is to say an earlier king than I, to protect the temples and civilizations that lay throughout the lands of Hyrule,” the king explained as he began to pace around the throne room, “The Knights of Hyrule were blessed by the goddesses on the day of their knighting, this blessing gave these knights supernaturally strong combat and magical powers…If you truly fear for the future of Hyrule, then go and seek out the Knights of Hyrule, they shall train you to be able to take on any opponent. You should start with the Knight of Forest; he lives in Kokiri Forest in eastern Hyrule,” the king said as he returned to his throne.

“Okay then, when should I go, Sire?”

“As soon as possible. It’s still early in the day, why not go now?”

“You’re right” Link agreed.

“Can I go, too, Dad?” Zelda asked as she quickly jumped out of her seat.

“I think that if a member of the royal family were to go with him, then it would solidify the right to train with the knights, so I suppose it would be better if you did,” the King said as Zelda ran over to Link and they both walked out of the castle.

As they walked through Hyrule field, Link started to wonder what kind of things he would have to do as training. He knew that this wasn’t going to be easy but if it meant protect Hyrule and Princess Zelda, then we was willing to do anything.

They finally got to the Kokiri Forest and as they walked through the entrance to the village, they were amazed by the pure, untouched natural beauty of the entire place. There were kids running in between houses, and for some reason they were all wearing green clothes. One blonde, freckle-faced kid noticed Link and Zelda standing there and ran over to them to say “Welcome to Kokiri Forest. It’s not often that we get visitors here, is there anything that you’re looking for?”

Link crouched down to the kid’s level and asked “Where can we find the Knight of Forest?”

The little boy looked down at the ground, scratching his head pondering… “Knight of Forest…Oh you mean Mido?!? Just follow that path; Mido should be there with the Great Deku Tree,” the kid pointed at a giant hole in the wall that lead into a winding tunnel.

“Thank you,” Link said as he stood and walked towards the path.

They continued to walk along the path, and Zelda noticed seemingly unwelcoming glares being shot at them. “Link…They’re staring at us,” Zelda said feeling uneasy and wrapping her hands around Link’s arm.

“Don’t worry, Princess, they’re harmless, like the kid said, they’re just not used to seeing visitors around here”.

As they reached the end of the winding tunnel, they came to a giant tree that, for some unknown reason, had a face. They both could hear faint, upbeat, music being played from somewhere, but couldn’t see who, or what, was playing it. Link felt that he had heard the music from somewhere before.

“Hello?” Link yelled at the seemingly empty area. The second that Link yelled, the music stopped and something started to rustle in the leaves at the top of the giant tree. Being frightened by this, Zelda once again started to cling to Link’s side.

A second or two of perfect silence passed, then a dark figure dropped from the top of the tree to land about 10 feet away from them. “Are you the Knight of Forest?” Link asked the still-shadowy figure.

“I am,” the man responded as he stepped into the light. He was close to the same height as Link, with blonde hair, and light freckles peppering his face. Link noticed that the man was wearing the same type of clothes that Link was wearing in his dream a few nights ago, and holding a pale ocarina. “And, who are you, young Hylian?”

“I am Link, guard of Princess Zelda, and I have come here to seek training,” Link said trying to stay alert of this seemingly friendly person.

“Well, my name is Mido. You say you are the guard of Princess Zelda,” he slightly turned his head to look at Zelda, “Does that mean that we have royalty among us?”

“Yes, it does,” Zelda said releasing her grip from Link’s arm and attempted to stand taller than normal.

“Well, your highness,” Mido said as he bowed to her, “to what do I owe this pleasure?”

“My friend and bodyguard, Link, has been sent by the king himself to train with the five Knights of Hyrule,” Zelda said in her ‘regal’ voice.

Mido stepped over to Link, starting to examine him, and asked “Under what circumstances has this training been called?”

“A prophecy has arisen, and I, the king, and Link, fear for the future of Hyrule.”

“So the young Hylian wishes to train with the Knights. Very well,” Mido said, and stuck his arm out behind him, then snapped his fingers, and in a flurry of bright green leaves, a sheathed sword appeared in his hands. “I am obviously going to have to test you first, young Hylian,” Mido explained as he pulled his sword out from its sheath, and jumped back several feet.

“I’ll go sit on that tree stump over there” Zelda whispered to Link, and then scurried off as Link pulled out his sword and shield. “This will be a standard sword fighting duel, even though I am obviously at a disadvantage considering that you have a shield and I do not,” Mido explained, “Are you ready, young Hylian?”

They both stood there for a moment, staring at each other, trying to study each other. After a few more seconds, Link lunged for Mido’s midsection, Mido easily side-stepped the attack and swung his sword under Link’s arm and across his stomach.

“Easy kill, you have had very weak training from your Hylian instructor,” Mido said as he backed away from Link, “First lesson: when going against an opponent with a sword, you usually should wait until they attack first and merely counter-attack,” Mido explained as he demonstrated the movements, “If your opponent is taking the same strategy, and taking to long to react, then you may act first but with a fake attack. You go for one attack but before he can counter it, you go for the side that he leaves open when he goes to counter-attack”.

“Okay,” Link said as he ran through it all in his mind.

“Are you ready, Link?” Mido asked as he readied to fight. Once again, they started to stare at each other, both ready to attack at the other’s slightest movement. This time Mido attacked first, going to a downward slash, aiming for his head. Link dropped to his back leg, and shielded himself. Mido’s sword landed squarely on Link’s shield, leaving a giant gash on its wooden surface.

“Nice use of your shield,” Mido said as he once again backed away from Link, “But your shield is not just for defending you, you can also use it in a variety of different ways, you can use it to distract your opponent, to force your opponent away, to stun your opponent, or to knock his or her sword from his or her hand.”

Once more they went into their swordfight, and this one lasted for much longer. Mido continued to give hints during the swordfight, until, finally, Link was able to knock Mido on his back and put his sword to Mido’s throat.

“You win, young Hylian,” Mido said as he pushed Link’s sword away and stood up, “Now that you have bested me, so I must teach you a secret sword technique.”

“What kind of sword technique?”

“It is a technique that will allow you to strike multiple opponents at once with a much more powerful attack than what you’d regularly use: it’s called The Jump Strike. For this one technique, you’ll need to be able to read your opponent very carefully, for it requires that you attack the second that they let down their guard. Get into a sword stance that has you pointing your sword up, on your right side.”

Link did so, with wide-spread legs and strong shoulders. “Now, what you’ll want to do is focus and at the right moment, and jump into the air and slash downward, all the way to the ground”. Link followed his instruction, and as he landed a burst of energy shot from the sword to destroy the grass around him.

“Very good, Link!” Mido congratulated, “You have officially learned The Jump Strike”.

Zelda ran over to Link saying “That was fantastic, Link,” she then turned to Mido and asked “I’ve never seen that move used anywhere before, where’d it come from?”

“It’s a secret move held by the Knights of Hyrule for decades and, Link, the four other Knights have techniques to teach you as well, these techniques shall help you to defeat any kind of monster or villain that ever crosses your path,” Mido then turned to Zelda and says, “Princess, It’s getting late, and for the path ahead Link must meet with the Knights alone, you should go back to the castle”.

“Are you sure?” Zelda asked with a worried expression on her face. She walked over to Link, and said “I guess I have to go now”.

“I’ll see you again in a couple of days, and I’ll be fine, I promise,” Link said trying to reassure her.

She started to walk away, but then suddenly turned back and hugged him. He felt his heart jump and beat a lot faster than normal. When she let go, she walked over to Mido and asked “I have to walk back to the castle by myself?” Mido quickly responded with “No, of course not…instead of you walking all the way back to the castle, I can help you get there a lot faster”. Mido stepped over by Link’s side, leaving Zelda by herself, standing in front of both of them.

“Don’t worry, Princess, I’m just going to teleport you to the castle,” Mido explained as he lifted his right hand to point his palm at Zelda. A glowing Triforce symbol appeared on the back of Mido’s hand,

“Tele-what?” Zelda alarmingly asked just before a blinding light left the spot where she was standing empty.

Link was startled by the triforce symbol appearing on the back of Mido’s hand. “You have the same triforce symbol as the man in my dream!”

“Yes, we, as Knights, all have them. However, how the man in your dream has the mark, I have no idea” Mido explained, then Mido jumped back up to the top of the Great Deku Tree, hopping off of branches on the way up, and after a few moments, Mido jumped back down with a green tunic and hat in his arms.

“That the same tunic from my dream!”

“Yes…and you should put it on,” Mido said handing the tunic to Link.


“Two reasons: it’s the same clothing as the rest of the Kokiri, and that’s the traditional garb of an ancient hero”.

“What ancient hero?”

“Don’t worry about that for now, Link, it’s getting late so I suggest you stay here for the night, and continue your journey in the morning to Death Mountain”.

“Death Mountain, is that where the next Knight is?”

“Yes, his name is Kalonia, and he is the strongest of the Knights, but notice that I said strongest, not the best”.

“Who is the best of the Knights?”

“You shall learn such at a later time…we have a house that’s been empty for a number of years that has been prepared for your over-night stay,” Mido said trying to change the subject, as he began to walk towards and out of the tunnel. Link followed him, and when he got to the end of the tunnel, he saw Mido pointing in the direction of a small tree house, nestled between two smaller houses.

“You should sleep there tonight, in the morning you will be awakened by a great personal friend of mine, and, if I know her, she’ll probably show you around Kokiri Village,” Mido said, lightly chuckling. “Well, Good night, young Hylian,” Mido said as he walked back to the Great Deku Tree.

It was dark out and none of the Kokiri children were still outside, except a green- haired girl on top of a house staring up at the stars, near the tree house that Link was going to. Link decided not to interrupt her as he made his way up the ladder to the door of the tree house, and drew the curtain to “close” the door.

He saw that the tree house was rather small on the inside, and figured it was because the house was built for a Kokiri. He hopped out of his clothes, and slipped on the green tunic that Mido had given him, guessing that they were supposed to compensate for pajamas.

He fell onto the bed only to realize that the bed was too small for him, half-wishing that he hadn’t hit his most recent growth spurt, but he found a second pillow and propped his feet up on the end of the bed and slowly drifted to sleep.

Good, Very good. The boy has started his journey, and when he is through, we shall do glorious battle; the master swordsman versus the master sorcerer. I’ll be waiting for you, Hero.


Fog, Fog was the only thing he could see, hear, feel, or think. Everything was cloudy as ever.

He couldn’t easily remember much of anything that happened the day before. Except for the swordfight he had with Mido, but then everything started to back to him. He hadn’t realized it but his hearing wasn’t working right, and as it came back, he heard a little girl asking him to get up. He wondered to himself why a little girl was waking him up.

Then, remembering where he was, he shot into an upright position in the bed. He saw that the little green-haired girl from last night was waking him up.

“Good morning,” the green-haired girl said greeting him, “My name is Saria”. Link noticed that for some reason, he was panting, and figured that it was because of him being startled by Saria.

“Good morning,” Link responded while swinging his legs around, and resting himself in a sitting position.

“Wow, with that on you; you look like a grown-up Kokiri!” Saria said examining Link’s tunic.

“Uh…thanks?” Link responded wondering whether or not Saria’s comment was meant to be a compliment.

“Come on,” Saria said, walking towards the door.

“Where are we going?” Link asked as he pushed the covers off of his body.

“I want to show you around the forest,” Saria responded while pushing away the curtains to the “door”.

“Oh, right, Mido told me you might want to show me around,” Link remembered as he got off the bed and walked towards the door and they both left the house.

She took him everywhere. To Mido’s house, to her house, to the Kokiri training grounds, through the lost woods to see her “sacred grove,” and for the first time Link heard the Great Deku Tree speak and got to talk with it.

He even found a new race, or at least new to him, the skull kids in the Lost Woods. By the time that the tour was over, it was already dark again. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t know that the tour would take this long,” Saria apologized, “I know that you were supposed to go to Death Mountain today”.

“Its fine,” Link said, “I had fun, and ‘time spent enjoyed, is not wasted time”. “Well, I suppose you should sleep here again tonight” Saria supposed.

“Ok, I’ll just go to Death Mountain tomorrow” Link agreed starting to walk towards the tree house that he slept in the night before. “Good night, Link,” Saria said waving at him. “Good night, Saria,” Link responded.

Strange nostalgia swept over Saria as she slowly dropped her hand and walked back to her house.

This morning Link woke up with almost no problem. It seemed rather peculiar to him, that he would get out of bed this easily. Saria woke him up again and helped him get ready for his trip to Death Mountain.

There wasn’t much preparation necessary, but he did get some nuts and fruits from the forest that Saria had gotten just before she woke him up. After maybe an hour, Link headed out of the forest, and into Hyrule field to begin his journey for Death Mountain, and for Goron City.

After around an hour walking through Hyrule Field and stopping to talk to a man who, for some reason, was randomly running around Hyrule Field, Link finally got to the base of Death Mountain.

He had stopped in Kakariko Village briefly to shop for supplies he might be able to use in his journey. As he was meandering through the village, he felt like he was being watching by someone, he shrugged it off however.

It was a tough climb to the top, so Link stopped to rest on a rock and started to eat some of the forest’s fruits. But as he sat there, the rock underneath him started to move. Link quickly jumped off of the rock, and spun around to see that the rock had opened, or unraveled, to be a creature of some sort.

“Oh, a visitor?!?” the big brown Goron said with a deep, strong voice.

“I would guess that you are a Goron?” Link said calmly.

“I am,” the Goron responded.

“Very well, then, my apologies for sitting on you. Perhaps you can help me with a bit of information?” Link asked. “Do you know of the Knight of Fire?” Link asked expectantly.

“I do and if you are looking for him, he is at the top of the mountain,” the Goron answered toward the summit.

“Ok, thanks,” Link said as he turned to continue his journey up the mountain. Now that he knew where the Knight of Fire was, he could skip his visit to Goron City. As he got closer the top, he found he was getting really tired.

When he finally got to the top of the mountain, he started to look around for the Knight of Fire, not seeing him, Link yelled “Hello, Knight of Fire?” After a moment or two, a big, brawly Goron came through a hole in the wall, which seemed to lead down into the mountain. Link noticed that the Goron had a large black broadsword on his shoulder that was a least twice a tall as the Goron holding it.

As the Goron came closer, he dropped the broadsword to both of his hands, lifted it above his head, and yelled “Hero!” Link, sensing the danger, jumped out of the way just before the broadsword slammed into the ground, where Link was just standing, breaking the rocky ground into pieces. Link jumped behind a rock, and tried to figure out why the Goron was trying to kill him.

It just didn’t make sense, unless this Goron is the Knight of Fire, and this is the test to beat him. So, he decided to return the attack. Link ran out from behind the rock and struck the Goron’s back with his sword and jumped back. It didn’t have any effect. The Goron turned around and swung his broadsword, Link used his shield to block, but his mostly wooden shield wasn’t strong enough, and the Goron’s sword cut straight through it, leaving the shield split into two.

In the process Link was knocked back onto his back. Link was scared for his life, if he didn’t have a shield, then how would he protect himself? The Goron raised his sword above his head, and as a last second resort, Link put his sword across his hands, and closed his eyes waiting for pain to start.

The Goron’s sword dropped, and Link felt the force of the Goron’s sword strike through his, but he didn’t felt any pain.

He opened his eyes to see that the Goron’s sword had only gone halfway through his sword.

He also noticed that there was a small gem on the Goron’s chest, in the shape of a spider. He pushed the Goron’s sword away and stood up. He prepared for an attack.

He held his sword by his side, with both hands, and began to study his opponent. The Goron once again raised his broadsword above his head, and just as the Goron did this, Link jumped forward, and as his sword came in contact with the Goron, a sudden burst of energy exploded from him, forcing the Goron into the wall that was just behind him.

Link saw an opening and ran at the Goron, slashing at the crystal on the Goron’s chest. This made the crystal break and fall off of the Goron’s body.

Link jumped back as the Goron dropped to his knees. “Ugh, where am I?” the Goron asked groggily. “I should ask you a question first…Who are you?” Link asked, still being wary of his opponent.

The Goron looked up at Link and responded with “I am Kalonia, the Knight of Fire, and who are you?”

“I’m Link, the trainee that you’re supposed to help, not hurt,” Link said angrily.

“I tried to hurt you?!” Kalonia asked surprised, as he quickly stood up.

“YES!” Link yelled being somewhat annoyed now.

“I am sorry, young man, but I was possessed,” Kalonia picked up the broken crystal off the ground, “by this spider crystal”. “I was attacked by a man in a black cloak that came up to the top of the mountain and in the midst of battle, stuck it on me,” Kalonia explained.

“That’s the last thing I remember before falling to my knees before you.” Then, clearing his throat, “Please, come with me to my smithy to address any wounds you may have”.


As they entered Kalonia’s smithy, Kalonia asked “Have I hurt you at all?” as he placed his broad sword on a metal rack above him.

“No, fortunately I managed to not let you hurt me,” Link said, still somewhat mad at Kalonia, even though he knew he shouldn’t be angry.

“You are a very good swordsman to escape me with no injuries, and I do apologize for any inconvenience that I may have caused you”.

“However,” he interrupted, “you did manage to severely damage my sword and break my shield,” Link explained as he showed Kalonia his sword.

“You are truly, extremely lucky,” Kalonia said after he grabbed Link’s sword and started examining it, then he pointed to the gigantic opening in it from where Kalonia’s sword had sliced through it, “You see that bluish-gray metal in the center of the sword?”

Link looked inside the giant opening to see a strange metal in the center. “What is that?” Link asked as he moved his head back away from the sword.

“That is a nearly indestructible metal called Lydium, which was recently discontinued in the making of swords, because there is a limited amount of it on earth; this metal is only found deep in Death Mountain,” Kalonia said as he placed a small rock bowl with a brick of metal in it on top of a small fountain of lava.

“What are you doing?” Link asked.

“I am preparing liquid metal to repair you sword,” Kalonia explained.

After a few moments of sitting there and a conversation about the set of bongo drums that was laid in the corner of the room, Kalonia set Link’s sword in a stone cast and poured the liquid metal over the opening in Link’s sword. After another few seconds of cooling off, Kalonia picked up Link’s sword from the stone cast and dunked his sword in a fountain of water, then handed the sword back to Link.

“Wow, fully repaired!” Link exclaimed.

“Yes, and you’ll need a shield too,” Kalonia said as he grabbed a Hylian Knight’s shield from over in the corner, and tossed it at Link.

“A metal shield,” Link realized as he grabbed then examined his new shield.

“Yes, that’s the same shield that the Hylian Knights use” Kalonia told Link.

Link swung around his sword and asked “So when do we get the fight on for you to teach me the next skill?” Link asked, more ready to fight this time.

“You have already bested me, young man. So, I need only to teach you the next skill,” Kalonia explained. They both walked back out to that flat area at the top of the mountain. “The next skill that you shall learn is strictly a power-move, it is called “The Mortal Draw,” it’s the only skill that can be used when your sword is sheathed,” Kalonia explained as he latched his sword onto a strap stretched across his body and back, then unlatched his broadsword and swung it sideways at Link, trying to demonstrate, “When your opponent is unsuspecting of your attack, your can pull out your sword and strike your opponent, and this move is generally a one-hit kill”.

Link followed Kalonia’s instruction and killed a Tektite a few feet away from him. “Congratulations, you have learned the Mortal Draw,” Kalonia acknowledged.

“Alright!” Link yelled feeling proud of himself, “So where’s the next Knight of Hyrule?”

“The next Knight of Hyrule is currently in Zora’s Domain, but it is starting to get dark out, you should go to him tomorrow. Rest here for tonight,” Kalonia said leading him through the smithy, to a bedroom inside Goron city for him to stay, “Good night, young man,” Kalonia said as he pulled the curtains over the door.


Unlike Link’s last stay in a foreign village, in Goron City, everyone gets a rather late start, not to say that Gorons are lazy but it seemed that all of them slept in more than they should. Even Link got a bit of a late start, he was used to get up at 6 am, but today he slept in until about 7:30. Once he got his things together, he waved goodbye to the Gorons and headed back down the mountain, and up Zora’s River.

It was a rather long walk to get to Zora’s Domain. Link had gotten extremely wet when he had to jump through a waterfall. As he walked through Zora’s Domain, he continuously swung his head around trying to see if he could find the Zora from the other night, Tura. Not seeing her, he decided to follow a bunch of signs that were supposed to lead him to a ‘waterfall throne room’. He wasn’t exactly sure what that meant.

He climbed to the top of the incredibly steep hill to come to a small, wide waterfall with a thin Zora sitting in the middle of it, with a crown on its head, and apparently asleep.

Link looked to his right to see a sign which read “To hear the King’s royal proclamations, stand on the platform and speak to him”. So, Link walked up the steps to a pedestal that was directly in front of the waterfall. He wasn’t sure how to wake up the Zora, that he guessed was the Zora king, so to be discreet; he cleared his throat. The acoustics of the cave turned this modest sound into a deep rumbling that immediately woke up the Zora King.

The Zora King rubbed his eyes and saw Link standing there, then asked “What do you want, child?”

Link, concerned he had created an offense, saying “Your Highness, I am Link. I was hoping you could direct me to your Knight of Water”.

The Zora King then stood up and pointed towards a giant opening in the gate behind him, and said “He’s in there”. Link then ran around the room and through the opening, thanking the Zora king and running into and through the tunnel.

He ran through the tunnel, coming to an opening that held a small lake. The sun bounced directly off of the water, and shot into Link’s eyes, temporarily blinding him.

When he regained his composure, he looked around, not seeing much, but he did hear a stringed musical instrument being played from somewhere. He walked forward a few steps then suddenly a splash came from the other side of the small lake, forcing Link to look over in its direction and out of the corner of his eye he saw a Zora in a purple dress, sitting next to a large puddle and staring into it.

“Tura?” Link yelled at the Zora.

She quickly stood up and waved in his direction, yelling “Hello, Link”. Just then, something jumped out of the water, right next to him, soaking Link in the process. Standing there was a green-clothed Zora, playing a guitar made from fish bones, rhythmically strumming at it.

“Whoa, a new face, how ya doing?” The Zora greeted Link. Link stood there for a moment with a quizzical look on his face, mainly confused by the Zora’s lingo.

“I am Link, and I seek training from the Knight of Water, where can I find him?” Link responded.

“You’re looking’ at him, bro,” The Zora said with glazed over eyes. Then Tura jumped out of the water, nearly spraying Link again, to land right next to the guitarist Zora.

“Hey, Link, How are you?” Tura asked hugging him,

“Fine,” Link responded.

Once she let go, the guitarist Zora asked “You know him, babe?”

“Yes, didn’t I tell you that the Princess and a teenage boy came over to see the eggs hatch?” Tura exclaimed.

The guitarist looked at Link and said, while friendly patting the top of Link’s head, “Oh, so you’re the little dude who helped the eggs hatch?”

Link responded, while matting his hair back down, with “Yes, but I’m sorry, I haven’t gotten
your name, Knight of Water”.

“My name is Mikau, dude,” The Zora said continuing to strum his guitar.

“Well, Mikau, as the Knight of Water, don’t you think you need to fight him?” Tura whispered to Mikau.

Suddenly realizing such, Mikau’s body jumped and he responded “Oh, right”. Mikau then walked over to the water’s edge, stuck out his hand, and after a few moments, the triforce appeared on the back of his hand, and the water in front of him started to rise and conjoin in his hand.

The water started to form a thin cylindrical shape, and somehow the water turned to ice then into a slender metal sword. Mikau then turned around and got in a fighting position. Link saw Tura jump back into the water and swim back to the puddle she was at earlier.

Mikau then lunged for Link, but Link knew better, and side-stepped Mikau, then put his sword to Mikau’s back, signifying a quick kill. “You’re good, little dude,” Mikau admitted, then Mikau slammed the hilt of his sword into Link’s head, giving Link a temporary view of the stars, then slid the flat of the blade across Link’s neck saying “But, I’m better”.

Link and Mikau’s next bout was a lot more complicated than the first, lasting much longer than the first one. They both noticed a pattern in each other’s fighting styles; Link’s movements were more rigid and predictable, while Mikau’s were a rather fluidic and quick.

After a quite a while of fighting, Link decided to be a bit unpredictable. He sheathed his sword and stepped back about 5-10 feet, and pretended to be tired.

“No breaks, bro,” Mikau said walking closer to Link, but as Mikau got closer to Link, Link jumped as he unsheathed his sword and swung at Mikau, Mikau’s attempting to dodge the attack left him on the ground laying on his back, with Link’s sword pointing straight at his throat.

“You win,” Mikau admitted as he slowly stood up and pushed Link’s sword away with two fingers. “Now, you know what comes next, bro,” Mikau said, rising to his feet. Then Mikau jumped around Link, and before Link could turn around Mikau placed the blade of his sword to the back of Link’s neck and said “This move is called the Back Slice: you need to jump around your opponent, and before your opponent can turn around to face you, you need to strike”.

Link understood, so they both came to a face-to-face fighting position and Link jumped behind Mikau and jumped as he swung his sword. Thankfully, Mikau caught Link’s sword before it could behead him, but not without drawing a small line of green Zora blood, and said “Yeah, like that, but don’t try to kill me, bro”.

“So I got it?!?” Link asked as Mikau walked closer to the edge of the water.

“Yeah, dude,” Mikau responded just before he jumped back into the water and swam over to where Tura was sitting.

“Fantastic,” Link said trying to quietly congratulate himself.


“So let me get this straight…” Link said trying to understand everything that he had learned in the past number of hours, “Mikau’s the father of these Zora children?” Link asked pointing at the small pond of swimming Zoran children.

“Yes, Link, what’s so hard to understand about that?” Tura asked while staring into the fire, thinking about Mikau, who was strumming his guitar a few feet away from them.

“Please, excuse me if I’m being rude but, you being as intelligent as I know you are and him being so…well… not as… refined, I just don’t seem to understand how you can fall in love with a guy like…” Link pointed towards Mikau with his thumb, “him.”

“I know it seems unlikely, but I do love him, you never know where you can find love… you just have to start looking,” Tura told him, now staring at Mikau, who was apparently lost in his own music, and not paying attention to their conversation at all.

Link then started to stare into the fire, asking himself where he would find love. This was the first time that the thought of falling in love with Zelda crossed his mind. But something in him told him to shoot down the thought of such. Try as he might, however, the idea clung to his mind stubbornly, like ivy to a skulltula web.

“You want to stay here for tonight, Link?” Tura asked Link, making Link jump out of his ‘courting Zelda’ Fantasy.

“I don’t see why not, I’ve stayed in every other place that I’ve visited so far,” Link responded chuckling and poke the fire with a stick.
Mikau came over to the fire and sat next to Tura, who dropped her head onto Mikau’s shoulder and closed her eyes, enjoying the warmth of the fire.

“You’re a pretty good guitarist, Mikau,” Link said still poking at the fire with a stick, he half-wanted the stick to catch on fire,

“Thanks, Link, I’m thinking about getting a band together.” “Really?” Link asked being somewhat interested.

“Yep,” Mikau responded putting down his guitar to wrap his arm around Tura, “believe it or not, Tura has a nice little voice on her,” Mikau said looking down at Tura, this mention of her forced Tura out of the sleep that she wasn’t aware that she was falling into.

“Well, that’s interesting”, Link said as Tura moved up on Mikau’s shoulder and continued to fall asleep.

“I think Tura is sending us a message,” Mikau told Link acknowledging that Tura was falling asleep; “I think its time we all hit the sack, bro.”

“Before we do… Where do I need to go tomorrow to meet the next Knight?” Link asked as Mikau stood while picking up Tura with him.

“Kakariko Village, and I should tell you… the next Knight is the best Knight of us all… He will push you to your limits,” Mikau said sounding the most serious he had ever been, as he walked out of the area, leading Link to a more comfortable living space for the night. Once Link got comfortable, he got into bed and once again drifted off to sleep.


Link got up bright and early the next morning. It wasn’t hard to do so, mainly because the mist that came from the water kept him awake all morning. He had only met three people during his visit to Zora’s domain, so goodbyes were short, they all wanted to see him again, well…except for the Zora king. Tura had managed to make him some cooked fish for the trip, he thanked her, then Link left for Kakariko Village.

He finally got to Kakariko Village. Unfortunately, Link didn’t know where to find the Knight of Shadow. He tried to ask some people but they seemed too busy, doing their own things, to answer him. He started to walk around Kakariko Village to see if he could find someone to ask. Like before, he couldn’t shake the feeling that he was being watched.

Link saw a golden-haired girl wearing purple clothes, sitting on some logs and reading a book, while twirling her hand around awkwardly. Link slowly crept over to the girl, who looked completely absorbed by her book. When Link finally got over to her, he stood there for a minute, waiting for her to notice him standing there. After a good while of standing there, the girl finally put down her book, and looked up at Link.

“Well, hello cute boy,” The girl said standing to come extremely close to Link’s face, “Can I help you with anything?”

“Um… yes…” Link responded backing away from the girl a half-step, “I’m looking for the Knight of Shadow. Do you know where I can find him?” “Why yes, I do, but let me ask you a question first…” she walked up towards Link and whispered in his ear “Have you had the feeling you were being watched?”

Link took multiple steps back as a wicked grin shot across the girl’s face. “HERO!” someone shouted from behind him. He turned to see a figure drop from atop a tower and come charging at him, with his sword ready to strike Link. Link rolled out of the way, simultaneously pulling out his sword and shield, and counter-attacked the man’s sword. He then went for an upward slash at the man, but the man spun out of the way of Link’s blade. The man came in for a forward stab, which Link barely dodged by contorting his body.

Link tried to jump around the man, but before he got there the man had already turned around, waiting for him, with a slash straight downward, to which Link had to block with his shield. After multiple back-and-forth slashes and stabs, Link went to jump and attack the man, but the man lunged forward with his sword before Link could hit him. Link felt an incredibly strong pain in his chest, and looked down to see the man’s sword protruding from his chest.

The man grabbed the handle and pulled his sword out of Link’s body. Time came to an immediate standstill. Link couldn’t feel anything, except his own life draining from his body. He put his hand over his chest to try to stop the blood exuding from his body. He felt like he was dying. In fact, he was dying, but his mind was instead on the fact…that he had broken his promise to Zelda. He dropped to both knees because he no longer had the strength to stand.

As his vision darkened and his body went numb, he heard the man taunting him, saying “You’re pathetic,” that was the last thing that he heard before everything went dark; the last thing he felt was his heart stop beating.
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Re: The Power Within

I read one of your other fan fictions, Guardian. You should use the left alignment for you story rather than the center alignment that you currently have. It's easier to read. You have some mistakes but you'll get better at it with more practice. I noticed a few things that seemed strange.
  • The man pulled out the Master Sword, but Link is the only one who is supposed to wield it.
  • Malon is the girl at Lon Lon Ranch. Marin is a girl with similar features who lives on the island in Link's Awakening.
  • At the very end of Chapter One, the perspective changes from third person (Link and Zelda went back to Hyrule Castle) to first person (I had a fun day today). I figured that the person speaking was Link, but I couldn't tell what he was doing. Was he writing in a journal or thinking? The same thing happened at the end of Chapter Two, but it was Zelda speaking. At the end of Chapter 3, I figure the speaker must have been the antagonist of your story.
  • In Chapter Two, when Link and Zelda startled Dr. Mizumi: "The man bolted around to face them." To bolt is to run away very quickly. You could insert 'spun.' "The man spun around to face them."
I recognized the parts about the hatching Zora eggs, learning those skills with the sword, and Mikau. I liked your story and am heading over to the second part.
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Re: The Power Within

In this case I thought that since OOT Link had already pulled it out that spell was momentarily broken until later on in my series, you'll see

Marin was put in there for good reason, Link's awakening is one of my favorite Zelda games and I wanted to put a cameo in there for it

Technically, He's doing both. it explains his thought processes after the events of that day. Figuring out who said it, why they said it, or thought it, is a bit of foreshadowing and adds to the fun, so to speak.

You're right, spun would work better.
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Re: The Power Within

In the games, Link is the only one who is supposed to wield the Master Sword, but I daresay you can have it however you like in your story. It just seemed sorta weird to me.
That's a good reason for inserting Marin. She is a very cute girl!
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