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Cold Silence (A female character)

OoC: Kandred needs a relationship. Simple. Or not?

Kandred sat on large granite stone in the side of grassy hill. Lately he had been missing NŠlÝs, his now dead wife.

He was a lone man, a wanderer, a broken soul. He had found it hard to talk with women since he had awoken from his long slumber and discovered that he had left his wife. He couldn’t find a way to use the Dome to get to her, and he couldn’t help but pity and hate himself for leaving her.

Kandred got up and wiped a tear from his face, and began to walk down the hill. He was so angry – if possible, he would be steaming right now. Angry with himself. He just crossed his arms and tried to conceal the emotion, just like he had done for his whole life since the incident.

He had kept all the hatred and self-loathing deep within him, which Niru had fed off. But Niru seemed to not be hungry lately and the emotions exploded and flowed through his body like a fever. And he disliked it.

The sun had only just risen and bathed the world in its wondrous, golden light. The light was warm, and Kandred was glad for the extra warmth. But he still felt cold. He wrapped himself in his hooked wings, shielding himself from the world outside.

“Kandred,” Niru said.

“What is it?”

“We haven’t spoken in…”

“A while.”


“Now what do you want?”

“Do you know why I’m doing this? Letting your emotions run free?”

“Why? Because you hate me?”

“No. Because you have gone far too long without them.”

“Why can’t you just leave me be?”

“If I could I would let the emotions out in normal amounts, but I can’t. Either you have no emotions, or the ones you’ve kept tied up all these years run free until they eventually die down. I’m sorry.”

“Isn’t there another way? Any other way?”

“This is the only way. And I have to admit I like it.”

“Just **** off!”

“That one’s called anger.”

“Graaaargh!” Kandred blasted a huge ball of flame into the sky.

There was no reply from Niru. Just silence.

Cold Silence.

“Wake up.”

Kandred awoke to Niru’s cold, dry voice; not the nicest awakening, he had to admit.

“I’d like the make a fact known: In my opinion, waking up consists of becoming conscious and then getting up. So get up.”

“I’ll get up when I want to.” He grumbled and moaned, rolling over into his side to face the sun as if it would prevent Niru being able to talk to him.

“Don’t try and hide from me.”

“Just leave me alone.” Kandred sat up then stood up.


“Shut up.” Kandred walked east towards the rising sun.

In the distance he could see a forest. Forests and trees usually made him feel better, so he started walking a little faster. Kandred unfurled his wings and took off, flying quickly and swiftly.

The granite-covered field disappeared under him and soon all that was beneath him was dark green. He flew dropped through the leaves of the canopy and landed softly on the forest floor. What’s that feeling?

“You cut yourself on the needles. Pine needles.”

“Ahh. Thankyou.”

“Glad to have been of service.”

Kandred stumbled through he forest, his face shadowed by the canopy above. He could hear the normal sound of the forest, the twigs crunching under his feet and that Cold Silence within him. Whenever he was in a forest he felt solitude. But he still felt cold.

He snapped out of his reverie when he heard footsteps nearby – lady’s footsteps. He hid behind a tree and peeked. He saw the silhouetted form of a woman about twenty or so feet from him. He drew his sword.

“Hello! You know I can still see your wings!”

OoC: Also, I plan on there being a fight.

And if you're thinking of participating in this thread, think again if you're a noob. I want to fight someone with experience.
O R'lyeh?

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