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Old 03-10-2007, 08:15 AM
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Trap of a Fox (Two others)

Ooc: This Is a two on two battle. I will be using Samen, and Havane. They will both be facing each other.

Bic: Samen had heard of the iron being that supposedly had come to these lands, but thought it just a man in armor. The tales told of a blasts of fire coming form him but Samen figured that they were just magics of some kind. But still. The thought intruiged him.

He was in the woods of the west hills when he first saw him, and imdiately confronted the strange walking hunk of iron. So it was true he thought.

"I have heard tale of you." snickered Samen "a being of magic, and power. I have been looking for some one of your position ... uhhh ..."

"Havane. My name is Havane."

"Do you know ... that is if the stories are true ... what we could do together? The country side could be ours. Whatever you desire. Yours. Oh you are damaged let me get you something for that."

"No need. My body repairs itself automatically." said Havane who was still confused at why some one was fussing over him.

The trap is laid. thought Samen before they mounted off towards the nearest village.

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Old 03-20-2007, 10:19 PM
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Re: Trap of a Fox (Two others)

The war horse Camdel had summoned trudged through the cold and empty landscape. The rain beat down hard as he wearily kicked the horse with the spurs on his feet to hurry up. The sun was setting and they had to make it to the next town before it got to dark. A couple of hours passed, and the sun finally relinquished it's reign of the sky to the stars and moon. Suddenly, as the mage and the horse passed a sign, something shiny walked over the crest of a hill about a half-league away. It was definitely a man, coated with what looked like metal.
Possibly a knight of some kind. No doubt a town guard sent out to patrol the paths into the village. Something caught this guards attention, and he wheeled around. Someone awfully familiar stepped out onto the road. The dim torchlight he held was not enough to see his features clearly, but whoever he was, he sent a chill down Camdel's spine. He dismissed the war horse, and used the magical knowledge of dark magic to cast a spell.

"Shadow network!" Without a sound his body became slightly see-through. He then stepped into the shadows of an oak tree. Instantly he felt the shadow envelop him, and he appeared inside the network of shadows. Inside the network of shadows, all one has to do is think of a destination and he would be transported to the nearest shadow there. Camdel thought of the place he had seen the guard and was transported to the edge of a nearby forest. To a passerby, it would seem like Camdel had stepped into the shadow of the oak and instantly reappeared at the edge of the forest. He grimaced as he realized that he was standing not two feet away from the man who gave him a bad vibe. The man turned to faced Camdel, and the youthful mage had a good, clean view of the familiar face.

Uh-Oh. Suddenly things had gotten far, far worse.

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Old 04-09-2007, 03:34 PM
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Re: Trap of a Fox (Two others)

Sorelu leaned back on a warm draft, thanking himself for the breeze. Clouds slowly filled the sky and the moon faded into the shadows. He closed his eyes and searched himself with his mind, something had been bothering him. He found his old conscience, still bloodthirsty for revenge.

Humans are near. They must die. They will never be forgiven for what they have to us.

Sorelu tried to calm the being in him, reasoning that umans are starting to speak in full sentences and are rapidly reproducing, it is mere instict that they should start to explore what they do not know.

The elf slipped into a trance-like state of sleep, something he has be doing more and more often to combat the rising evil inside of him. So long as none of these intruders entered the woods, they have nothing to answer for.

He woke with a start, sensing a strange prescence barely scratching the surface of his homeland. But still, it was unknown, unplanned and must be delt with. The elementalist let the breeze keeping him aloft go and he gracefully dropped into the canopy below him.

With a slight flick he bounded off toward the edge of the woods, curious to know who the invader was. He weaved his way in between branches and lazily strung his bow as birds flew away, startled by the orange, speeding object.

He abrubtly stopped as soon as he caught sight of a small glint in the distance, it looked like a human, but it was too big and no human could wear that much armor.

Sorelu knocked three arrows, each one trained for the heart of the intruders. His ever vigilant eyes watched as the tension grew between the three humans. Things were going to be ugly, and Sorelu had no need for a struggle, its better to end it quickly than to drag out a battle.

The big human that was in a cucoon of armor pointed toward the woods, directly at the Elf hiding in the branches. Feeling the magic rise to the brim of his soul, waiting to be released, a small flame kindled in his hand, and the tips of his arrows glowed red. He pulled back on his bow just a little more, and watched as each one exploded into an inferno surrounding the unburt shaft. The archer's aim was true, but every human simultaneously moved, they were ready for the attack.

Ha! Let the fun begin! Roared the beast inside of the Elven King.

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Oh yeah, I present Sorelu
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