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Advice, Guides, and the How To's of the Battle Arena

If you enjoy writing, storytelling, using your imagination, and creating your own characters along with interacting with others who like the same, the Escapists' Haven (known more popularly by most of the older members as just the "BA", for Battle Arena, what it was once called) is a very fun section of the boards to participate in. :] Any skill level can join, and by RPing there, you can definitely improve your writing too! So no, you're not expected to be some kind of author or even have been getting the best grades in English at school or anything to start off with to join. ^^ ~ Altamira

A lot of members have come forth to share their knowledge of writing in the BA. From character creation to RP plot formation to respectful behavior with your peers, Councilors, and moderators. They have all been gathered here for everyone to reap the benefits of the experienced and learned. So now you don't have to go hunting around for them. They're all here.

You can get your advice or guide thread linked to this collection too! If you want your advice thread added here, you must PM me with a link to the thread. If you have questions about a thread, post it in that thread. There will be no questions answered in this thread (as it will be locked).

First the basics:Secondly, the next other stuff:

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advice, guide, opinions

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