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[Powershot} Awaineko and Myouneko's Training

OoC: Sorry for taking so long. It's been so long since being a student and being rather busy, I'd forgotten the assignment was on the first page....


The Dome. a place existing everywhere and yet nowhere at all. A legendary place of powerful warriors and a place to create powerful warriors out of those worthy enough to enter, the worthy are chosen not by those inside, but by the dome itself for it is also a sentient being and not just a structure...

As the sisters rested on their bed, they mentally conversed with each other over the information their mother, Seleyneko, had given them on the dome from her own experiences. The information seemed so vague and cryptic, but at the same time the more they both thought on it, the more straight forward it seemed at the same time. It was simple. To find the Dome, all one needs to do is travel about like usual and if the Dome wants you then you'll 'find' it. If not, then you'd never know it existed unless someone told you about it. That had been the case with Awaineko and her twin Myouneko. They'd never known the Dome had existed until they'd returned home to Zarathustra. After talking to their mother and showing them the things they'd learned and telling her of things they'd experienced, Seleyneko had told them she felt that the Dome may soon seek them out for a new Light and Dark master may be needed at some point.

That discussion was but two days ago. Before they left, their mother wanted to see how well their powers had grown in the short journey and what how much they've improved. The twins had agreed to it after deciding to stay and rest for a bit.

As the thoughts about the Dome faded away, their thoughts on their last match against the mother and their coming one moved to the forefront of their minds. Their last mock battle had been barely worth watching as their attacks had proved useless against Seleyneko and had been beaten in nothing more then two or three attacks. That had been a month before leaving, altogether it had been nearly seven months now. The Sorceress Sisters had gained experience in combat, magic, and the world as a whole since then and even though they were still apprehensive they felt- no, they were sure they could win now.

The time felt right and with a nod to each other the two climbed out of bed and left for the town's battle square, not bothering to don more then their shoes for this. Their forest town was clothing optional, and few, mostly travelers and the shyer Humans choose to wear anything around town. The Nekos there only wore clothing if they were leaving for another town. Arriving at the Square, they were a bit surprised to see the townsfolk were out in such numbers to watch. What they weren't surprised by was that Seleyneko-who was also unclothed but for her shoes- and their father Eldritch Kuroi was there. Finishing his conversation, he walked over to his daughters and kissed both on the forehead. "Good luck you two. Please be careful since you know I don't like seeing any of you hurt." He walked over past the edge of the short platform used to fight on as four people, one at each corner, bound together their energies to create a barrier to protect the townsfolk during the fight. "Match of Magic! The Mistress of Magical Might versus the Sorceress Sisters of Light and Dark! Ready!?"

Are you ready, my sister? Awaineko thought to her sister as she felt her magic increase with the sun's rays as midday approached.

Always, sister. Always, Myouneko replied as she looked at their mother, who merely cracked her knuckles to loosen up her fingers.

"GO!!" At his word, Myouneko's Black Aird were taking form as Awaineko created a ball of light energy in her hand, each one moving forward but to one side of their mother. A moment of shock registered on both of their faces as Seleyneko seemed to materialize out of the air itself between them, gone from her original point. In each hand she held a sphere of dark blue energy pointed at the sisters' exposed sides and fired them. The spheres only just missing the two as they dodged by 'tripping' themselves to fall underneath the attack, letting it fly past into the barrier as they launched their own attack back at Seleyneko. Awaineko's Light Cannon met the attacks from Myouneko's Black Aird in an explosion of energy caused by the reaction of opposites, knocking the sisters away.

Both Twins flipped to their feet and slid to a stop as they watching the smoke clear to show Seleyneko standing in a field of protective energy stemming from her extended hand's palm to surround her. "Very good. You've definitely improved from before, my dears," she said as she dropped her hand to end the protective field. "Last time that had ended the battle."

The Twins looked at each other in a bit of worry. She can defend like that!? Not good...

There most be a way around it though. Like only usable with her hands. We just have to keep trying.

Even as the two stood, Seleyneko had vanished, this time into the air. The air seemed to crackle with her power as she chanted something. "Now!" Myouneko simply pointed at Seleyneko, her Aird unleashing their beams of Dark energy even as Awaineko moved to a different position to watch the outcome, a new and stronger ball of light in her hands. The first beam barely missed Seleyneko but before the others could hit, dark energy seemed to flow over her body covered her skin with an almost smoke-like black film that absorbed the rest of the beams to Myouneko's surprise. The crackling energy gathered at Seleyneko's palms as a ball of lightning now. She drew back her hand to throw is when she yelled out in pain. The smoky film shattered from her body as the blast of Light energy knocked her attack from her hands to dissipate harmlessly.

Seleyneko vanished back to the ground, the skin on her back burned from Awaineko's attack but she couldn't help but smile. Her daughters were working together far better then before. She'd have to fight more seriously. Her thoughts were put on hold as she dodged a flying great sword made of Darkness and several more beams. She could see their pattern now was based on Attack and Support simultaneous combat. Myouneko, with the larger number of attack spells, took to the front as the Main fighter while her sister Awaineko took up Support and Strategy. It was the one that suited them best. Thinking about this in her few second clearing, she grabbed the incoming Dark Sword of Myouneko's and tossed it at Awaineko.

So, do you think you can do it? We won't have a lot of time or much of a calm moment, Awaineko thought to her sister as she smote the Dark Sword with a thrown Light Ball that caused another light/dark reaction. Both twins used their powers to freeze the reaction and toss it toward their Mother before letting it explode.

Yes, I think so. It will be tricky though. I also want to see if we can't mimic some of her abilities, Myouneko replied back mentally as the two came together in an almost dance-like fashion that ended with them standing together, one pair of hands together and their tails twisted together. Their free hands touched each other as they created their Energy Loop between them to pool their energy into one greater source. Another ball of Lightning flew through the smoke at the twins as they each extended a hand toward it, palm out. Just like we saw Mom.

A field of defensive energy from the palm to surround you. The Lightning hit their palms and blasted around them, arcing harmlessly across their Twilight Shield to dissipate in the ground. It wasn't as big or as strong as their mother's, but it worked. The next blast of lightning hammered the shield, bringing a dual wince from the sisters as the transparent black and white barrier around them shot through heavily with cracks. The two looked at each other and kissed briefly upon hearing the crackling energy of a third being fired. The air around them flared with Light and Dark power as the shield was absorbed into a large spiraling sphere of Light and Dark energy. "Twin,""Attack! Twilight,""Cannon!" They yelled in tandem as they launched the sphere to meet with and cancel the Lightning sphere in an explosion that rock the square and even the people outside of it.

"Seley, please go easier on them," Eldritch whispered to himself as he watched the smoke filled square.

I think we should do it. Let's show Mom our new move.

Yes. I think it's time too.

Seleyneko looked up as whispers, faint as a breeze reached her ears. "You know what? I,""Think it's time since she's,""Really starting to tick,""Me off. Yes!""Shall we do it then?" A figure landed in front of her soon after. On instinct, she fired a beam of energy at the figure only to see it split into two. "Got,""You!" The Sorceress sisters yelled as black and white lightning fired from their palms to encase Seleyneko inside two spheres, one Light and one Dark. The spheres grew bigger and bigger at an amazing rate before the two stopped and leapt away, causing the spheres to react violently and explode. The explosion once more rocked the area but this time cleared most of the smoke away to show Seleyneko on one knee holding her cracked Shield with both arms.

Two soft thuds made her drop it and jump back as a Light Ball and Dark Ball crossed where she kneeled. She looked where the Sisters should have been standing to launch those attacks to find them empty. "Beast..!" As Seleyneko touched the ground, Myouneko was sliding in under her to kick out her legs. Myouneko's palms hit Seleyneko in the chest and the Dark sister's Black Beast threw their mother into the sky. Seeing More Dark magic being readied to come at her, the smoky black film covered her once more to stop them only for her to hear the quiet chuckle from above at her back.

"...Blast!" The Light Cannon shot hit her film and shattered it as the blast tossed her back to the ground where she landed on one knee. Myouneko stood to her front and Awaineko landed behind. "We got you this time," Awaineko said, out of breath and breathing heavy.

"I'd say we win this time Mom," Myouneko ended, she too was out of breath.

"The winners! The Sorceress Sisters!" Eldritch yelled out, relieved none seemed badly hurt. The barrier dropped and he quickly ran out to his family's side. "Is anyone hurt?"

"No, Dad," came the dual response of the Sisters, their faces shining with bright smile.

"No Dear, we're all okay. You know you need to stop worrying about us so much," Seleyneko followed up as she stood up and was also smiling. "Now I'm sure the Dome will find you worthy, just as it found me and my sisters worthy those years ago. Come, lets go wash up and get some food." With nods all around, the four walked home.

O=={-------> The Next Day <-------}==O

It was early morning on a clear, warm day. The Twins were saying their final goodbyes to their family as they prepared to leave to continue their journey. Even now Awaineko, Myouneko, and their mother Seleyneko were still smiling about their battle. "Mom, do you think,""That we'll find the Dome,""Like you did?" the two asked as they hugged their mother and kissed her on the cheek.

"Oh, but it far closer then you think," she replied, returning their kiss and hug. As she stood up and moved to let them hug their father, she could feel a subtle shift in the elements. Something she noticed with a bit of happiness that her daughters also seemed to notice. It was one of the things the Marked the Dome's movement for those that knew where and how to look. "Far, far closer." It came as but a whisper, barely audible to even her own ears. When all was said and done, Seleyneko walked to the Door with them. Good bye, dears. Make sure you work hard."

"We will! Good,""Bye, Mom!" They called as they walked out the door. Instead of their forest town, however, a large and empty room greeted them. The room was circular in shape and was topped off with a high domed ceiling. Eight hallways branched off in all directions and seemed to sretch on for eternity.

"Have a good time at the Dome, my Dears..." The two turned back to see their mother waving to them as she closed the door. Within seconds, the door had faded out entirely, leaving them standing in the center of the room. They'd wondered if the Dome would seek them soon or later, but they never quite thought it would happen anything like this.

"Welcome to the Dome, huh Sis?"

"You took the words right out of my mouth, Sister." Smiling with a twin shrug, they picked a hallway and started walking.

OoC: 2,243 Words... Hope I didn't go too far over board.
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Re: [Powershot} Awaineko and Myouneko's Training

There's a slight hint of repetition here, but I suppose that's because we're dealing with the hot lesbo twins of destiny. Work on your diction so you don't repeat yourself quite so much. Other then that, description was rather good, though I felt a little bit more attention could have been spent on the characters and not just their actions.

Assignment Time!

The magical Dome has emerged to you both. Now the twins must delve into its corridors and pathways. Along the way, though, a happy little ghost called the Domerii appears to you, bidding you welcome to the Dome. However, it not only is here to help you, but to extend greetings to you from a sensei within the Dome known as the Dark Eye. Accept his offer, and it will lead you to the library. Decline, and it will offer to put you up for the night, and take you to your room.

Whichever you choose, it will lead you to whichever room you desire. End your post upon arrival. 500 word minimum.

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