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Classic table-top-fantasy: The fellowship of Germund

~The heroes of Germund and their tale~


*Thank you Google for this fantastic mood-setting clipart.

The place- Middle Earth
The time- A time of sorrow and danger in the world =(
The reason- Evil king Luxor is one ❤❤❤❤ty ruler

The story (in summation)- Long ago, Middle Earth experienced a golden age under the rule of the majestic Queen Bentham. Art, music, and dance was at it's peak, and advancements in-agricultural machinery led to an influx of social mobility and economic exchange. Economists theorize that under her rule, the value of gold increased by a stagering 0.0006%.

Unfortunately, Queen Bentham died unexpectedly of hypothermia while out adventuring in the Ice Wastes of Nalbasthia in search of the fabled Icicle crown. Whoops.

Due to lack of general unpreparedness, the high council of elves in charge of electoral selection only had one candidate listed:

Evil King Luxor

The new king, true to his title, was quite evil. His first order of business was legalizing the trade of endangered Prismatic Dragon scales, which his family had invested quite a lot of gold in last time they went to the medieval stock exchange. Clearly gold would not be a problem for him.

Putting in place a series of edicts that made it a real bummer to live in Middle Earth, Luxor's mid-candidacy approval rating was lower than any ruler before him. Clearly the approval of his subjects would not be a problem for him either.

HOWEVER, legend claims of an esoteric jewel known as the Gem of Germund that could revive a ruler-- any ruler-- from ancient times.

Hearing this, a group of um.... 4-7 (we'll see how many people we can get lol) warriors, each knowledgeable of at least one different skill of battle, set out in search of this mysterious gem. Oh yes.


OoC: So it's not really going to be big boring D&D serious-fest. I encourage funny dialogue and writing and unexpected plot twists. Don't be shy when designing your character or moving the story forward!
I only ask that the group not do too many 'side quests' or go too off-track, just so we can finish this!

I'll get around to making my character later. First poster can be the dashing and able-bodied protagonist I guess.

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