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RP Digimon


1) You must post at least once a week. More often if you are part of the action. If you do not do this, you will be notified and told to post and warned. If this keeps happening, and it becomes a habit, your Digimon will be killed off and your character will no longer be a Digidestined. Nor will they have the ability to become one again. However, you still may participate in the RP as you wish as a "citizen." They cannot influence the story majorly anymore though.
2) I realize people have lives. If you cannot RP for a certain amount of times, let myself and the group know. Don't tell somebody to tell me. You must tell me yourself.
3) If someone is being OP or OOC, anybody can call them out. The etiquette to this is "ooc: [person name] please go the discussion thread because [reason]." Then the argument will take place, and if an agreement cannot be reached, I will make the final judgement.
4) If your character witnesses an event which will be significant for them later on, you must make a post about the effect it has on them. This can be as simple as a thought; just so we know how your character feels about the situation and aren't blind sided when it is mentioned later on. Also, even if you don't think it will effect them that much later on, you should mention how they feel about it at the least because this will allow for character development.
5) If your character has no business being there, don't put them there. In the beginning, the rival will be popping out of nowhere, but this is part of their job description. However, this is unique to the rival only.
6) If you make a post out of character, let people know by typing ooc: and when you are returning to character type bic: On this note, do not have ooc discussions in the RP. That is what the discussion thread is for.
7) To introduce a non playable character (NPC) just mention them in text. Then at the end of your post, go into ooc and type the characters full name, what their relationship to your character is (if there is any) and their basic personality. The more a NPC becomes part of the plot, the more they will have a description.
8) You may fight the other characters and their partners. However, you may not kill them without the other person's consent. You also must have a discussion with the person you are fighting outside of the RP thread on how the fight will play out and who will win, if there is a winner.
9) Because this takes place in Japan we will be observing basic Japanese customs and what not. If you are unfamiliar with the Japanese culture (or are unsure with something), please check the Japanese 101 in the FAQ. Everything that will be relevant to our purposes will be in there.
10) Rules can be changed and edited as time goes on after a group discussion.

1) If somebody asks you to change something their character did in your post, do it. It is their character and they have final say.
2) If you do not get approval for something that involves another person's character for whatever reason, do not do it.

Also, other notes people should be aware of. This post will have the character profiles for all our characters and Digimon, the FAQ, the rules, key events and who can Digivolve to what level. You should check the first post as often as possible because if I feel a certain event has happen or your character has developed enough, I will edit it so you can Digivolve to the next level. If you feel like you should be able to Digivolve earlier, please talk to me about it outside the actual RP.

Once a key event is identified, you may have your character investigate. However, don't make it forced.


Ishi Amai: A rather large, wide friend of Ari's. Dumb as a rock and prone to insults and fighting, he's also incredibly gullible. The only person on the planet Ari forces the whole "last-first name" rule on, because Ari believes Ishi's not worthy of calling him by his first name.

Ishi is rumored to take several drugs, but no one has any proof on the matter. He was once the school's Sumo champion before he fell in with the wrong crowd.

Kasami Rin A government agent who is determined to get rid of all Digimon in the human world. He wears a black suit and has long braided black hair and grey eyes. He is the director of DATS who is trying to delete Digimon from the human world permanently.

Yamato Hidan Japanese Prime Minister

Tohma Kurosawa Japanese Chief of War

Aiko Taiga Shiki's mother. She looks a lot like her daughter, although unlike her daughter she was soft spoken and incredibly well liked. She doesn't have a mean thing to say about anybody.

Yamato Taiga Shiki's father. Shiki takes her gung ho, ready to fight personality from Yamato. Yamato is very protective of his daughter and wife. While he does want Shiki to have friends, he wants her to have female friends and starts freaking out when she hangs around with boys. He was the one who taught her how to fight.

Mioshi Gysia Jensen's father. He is very condescending to people his age/aren't as smart as him. However, he has a respect for those who are older then him. He and Jensen aren't on the best of terms.



Aug. 27 Dorumon sees Shiki break school record by 5 seconds


Sept. 1 Dorumon and Shiki meet; Shiki promises to help him free his village from DLF control.
Sept. 13 Gikou and Karusmon meet after Gikou wishes to have a Digimon to prove that his strategies were flawless.
Sept. 22 Jensen and Agumon meet and Jensen promises to help Agumon get back into the Digital World.


Oct. 1 BlackGuilmon and Ari meet; BlackGuilmon saves Ari from a Shamanmon. Shiki and Ari meet due to Shiki having gone into the Digital World to see the layout of Dorumon's village, so she can start planning a counter attack. Shiki/Dorumon lead Ari/BlackGuilmon out of the Digital World. Ari believes none of this is real.
Oct. 8 Aaron breaks a code, allowing him access into the Digital World. He lands in a village of Koromon, who insult him. They are then attacked by an Agumon, and Aaron attempts to defend against the Agumon, but in the process makes Puttimon Digivolve into Kudamon, making the two partners. The misunderstanding between Koromon and Agumon is resolved, and Aaron is sent back to the human world.
Oct. 9 Jensen turns 17.
Oct. 16 Tyson and Impmon meet and become partners. Shiki runs into Tyson after looking for a Digimon that Dorumon sensed. After both learn each other is a Tamer, Shiki's D-arc goes off signaling the emergence of a Wild One. Shiki goes off to fight the Wild One (while Tyson and Impmon vow to become better then Shiki) and totally kill steals ToyAgumon from Watarigarasumon and Gikou. Watarigarasumon in a rage attacks Dorumon, but gets his ass beaten handily. Ari in the meantime is going to the park to fight Ishi. He see Gikou and Shiki in the park, about the trade blows and watches the thing excited at the prospect of the two fighting. The two trade blows and it ends up in a draw with Shiki ending the fight by kissing Gikou.
Oct. 17 Mike meets Gabumon. Shiki is hurting bad from the injury she sustained from fighting Gikou. Despite running in gym like a champ, she is forceably sent to the nurses office and then is sent home. She instead goes into the Digital World. There she meets Mike and Gabumon. Jensen and Ari also interact for the first time despite being in the same class.
Oct. 31 It's Halloween, and its more or less a blow off day at school. Shiki goes to school dressed as Athena and Dorimon goes into the building with her, pretending to be a stuffed animal that is her familiar. Ari reminds Ishi of the fight after school. Gikou sets traps, and is frustrated nobody is coming. He hears about the brawl, and decides to join in on the fun. Shiki stops at Aaron's house for trick or treating. After exchanging words, Shiki's D-arc goes off and Aaron reveals he is a Digidestined too. Kudamon recognizes Dorumon, but Dorumon has no idea who Kudamon is. They run into town and see Bakemon, a champion level, terrorizing everyone. Kudamon tries to stop him, but he is too far gone. So, Aaron promises Kudamon they would send him to the Digital World and Shiki and Aaron team up. Kudamon and Dorumon lay the beat down, but Shiki tells Dorumon to finish off Bakemon due to he would have killed more innocents because he was too far gone. Kudamon and Shiki fight, and Kudamon says there was no way Dorumon was his old friend. Rin appears and tells Aaron and Shiki that the government is more or less going to step in and kill all Digimon that come into the human world, including the partners. Gikou is disturbed by his lack of power in comparison to Shiki's. Dorumon reveals what the DLF is. Gigimon runs into Shiki and Dorumon. Manages to convince them to help drag Ari off to the Digital World. Shiki has no qualms about doing this, and leaves him in the forest.


Nov. 1: Ari wakes up in the forest, hurt from BlackGuilmon dragging him around across the ground. After freaking out, they get attacked by an insane Gabumon and Ari has to coach BlackGuilmon how to kick its ass.
Nov. 2 Gikou sneaks into Shiki's school to ask her why she was so good at cards. Shiki tells him its natural talent, and Gikou gets mad and the two are going to have a card match at 8 p.m. Jensen takes the opportunity after watching Shiki to talk to her. Shiki and Jensen meet at the park, and Agumon and Dorumon play while Shiki and Jensen chit chat. Shiki, with Jensen and Agumon in tow, goes to battle Gikou and wins 7 times in a row. Gikou snaps, and the two fight (with words.)
Nov. 3 Aaron goes to check on Kudamon. They run into a bunch of DLF wannabes, including the fallen hero Leomon, who are harassing an old grandpa Digimon. Kudamon jumps in the fight, and its 3 vs 1, so he is struggling. Aaron jumps in against Leomon, and gets beat up. He gets the Egg of Courage, and Kudamon digivolves, but his personality is different of the Kudamon Aaron knew.
Nov. 4 Tyson comes into Shiki's music store to buy music strings.
Nov. 5 Two low level Rookie Digimon biomerge in the red light district. Gikou and Bobo go to battle them, and with Gikou's help Bobo defeats them. However, he is heavily injured in the process. But in a daze he acknowledges to himself Gikou may have something going for him. Shiki during this time stays at her music store because of her responsibility to the store and Aaron wakes up and tries to get out of the hospital acting like an idiot. Ari places doubt in BlackGuilmon's mind.
Nov. 6 Rin gets the green light to start building a program which would permanently delete any Digimon attempting to Biomerge in the human world.
Nov. 10 Shiki is working at her family's store and during her 15 minute break Gikou runs into her as he passes by her shop. He tries to convince her to gather the rest of the Digidestined, but she blows him off. Then during her lunch break she runs into Aaron at McDonald's and after he takes her D-arc for "science" he allows her to punch him. She punches him accidentally on his injury and gets upset when he laughs it off. She storms out of the restaurant and Tyson, who had been in the restaurant with the rest of his band goes to talk to Aaron.
Nov. 12 Ari and BlackGuilmon get attacked by a Stingmon, and Ari runs away leaving BlackGuilmon behind. Shiki gets asked to help tutor a student; she says no. Jensen and Shiki eat lunch. Tyson comes in. Smack is exchanged. Mike gets attacked by a Honeybeemon. Gabumon Digivovles and gets watermelon slices.
Nov. 13 Ari returns to a dying BlackGuilmon and is trying to get him to safety and out of Stingmon's territory. Gikou starts putting out fliers for a week worth of free lessons.
Nov. 16. Jensen and Agumon get into a fight with the BlackAgumon. They manage to win, but get heavily injured in the process. Jensen realizes he needs to go to the hospital, but doesn't want to expose Agumon, so he calls Shiki. Shiki was in the tub, and ignores the phone call. Her mother sees the missed call, and after learning who it is she decides to listen to the voicemail, learning of Jensen's predicament. She bolts out of the tub, grabs Dorimon and goes to the park. With the help of Dorumon's nose, she finds the bleeding Agumon and Jensen. After calling 911, Agumon DeDigivolves into Botamon. Shiki instructs Dorumon to take Botamon back to their house, deciding to look after the Digimon for Jensen. She then goes to the hospital with Jensen and meets his father (who she eventually hates rather quickly). Shiki assures Jensen Agumon is OK and Jensen tells Shiki what had happened. They then have a heart to heart before Shiki goes home because visiting hours are done.
Nov. 17 Shiki picks Jensen up from the hospital. They spend the whole day hanging out and leave with +20 FRIENDSHIP. James turns 17.
Nov. 18 Mike and Tsunomon have a talk while Mike is tinkering around with his Digivice. Mike is unsure why Tsunomon jumped into save him, and upon learning Tsunomon did it to protect him because he is worried about Tsunomon getting hurt and dying.
Nov. 19 Mike is walking home from school and sees a flier to Gikou's dojo. He decides to go, so he can get stronger and not have to rely on Tsunomon anymore and Tsunomon wouldn't get hurt defending him. He goes to the dojo and has a fight with Gikou and storms out, running into a Monodramon in the park. The two fight, and Monodramon manages to kill Gabumon, and Shiki saves Mike from being killed himself. Tyson comes and joins the dojo. James move to Shinjuku, Japan from America. Gikou's grandfather beats the ❤❤❤❤ out of him.
Nov. 20 James meanders through Shinjuku.
Nov. 21 Ari and BlackGuilmon move towards the mountains
Nov. 22 Shiki and Dorumon battle a Otamamon. They are nearly discovered; Shiki lies her ass of that Dorumon is a dog.


Dec. 19 Last day of finals.
Dec. 24 Shiki and Jensen spend the holiday together. Shiki asks Jensen to help her do a raid on Dorumon's village to overthrow the "douchebag DLF." He agrees.
Dec. 25 Christmas Day
Dec. 27 Shiki and Jensen are walking around the city toting backpacks. Tyson notices them and gets suspicious and decides to follow them into an alleyway where they go into the Digital World. After a heated exchange, Shiki reveals that there is another boy in the Digital World. Tyson goes off looking for him while Shiki and Jensen continue towards the village. In the meantime James computer breaks and he goes to the local college to see if he can get it fixed and sees Aaron entering the Digital World and follows him.

The two get attacked by a Saberdramon and wisely run for their lives. Shiki and Jensen finally make it to the village. Dorumon sees a Floramon get ❤❤❤❤❤ slapped by a Kotemon and runs in to the village to protect her, Shiki, Jensen and Agumon hot on his heels. During this time Tyson and Impmon found Ari and BlackGuilmon fighting a Stingmon. They try to help only to fail horribly. Ari tells BlackGuilmon to run while he faced Stingmon. BlackGuilmon sees his partner about to be killed and isn't about to let that happen. Kudamon was in the forest where he heard fighting from Dorumon's village. He rushes in to see Dorumon fighting a Centarumon. The two team up and through awesome teamwork defeat the champion. However, soon after this happens Diatrymon, the leader of the DLF of the village, separated Shiki from Dorumon and Kudamon. After exchanging barbs with the Champion, Diatrymon congratulates Shiki for her spirit, but moves in to kill her much to the horror of Dorumon and Jensen. Aaron and James come into a clearing where a senile old DLF Jijimon is guarding a small shack. Aaron tricks the Mega Digimon into believing they were Uglymons and once the two enter the building James cell phone begins to shake and changed into a D-Tector.

Then there was a three way Digivolution at the exact same time. (Dorumon to Dorugamon, BlackGuilmon to BlackGrowlmon and James Spirit Evolution to Viridramon.) Viridramon beats the ❤❤❤❤ out of Saberdramon before he returns back to James revealing to Jijimon they were humans. Dorugamon destroys Diatrymon causing some of the DLF members to run away, but most start to attack Dorugamon in fury. Agumon and Kudamon jump into the fray to help out the champion with the numbers. BlackGrowlmon shows Stingmon not to ❤❤❤❤ around with him.

James and Aaron gets the ❤❤❤❤ out of there and return to the computer just in time. Tyson and Ari start walking towards the Digital Fissure to get home and Shiki, Dorugamon, Jensen, Agumon and Kudamon finish up business in the village. The village's mayor, Petermon, says that Dorugamon doomed them by explaining more about the DLF and exiles Dorugamon. Shiki declares war on the DLF.

Shiki, Dorugamon, Jensen, Agumon, Kudamon meet Tyson, Impmon, Ari and BlackGrowlmon at the Digital Fissure. Jensen, Agumon, Tyson and Impmon go through as Ari and Shiki begin to fight and unbeknownst to them it closes. Kudamon tells them to shut up and they need to find another Digital Fissure, so while they are doing that there is MORE fighting between Ari and Shiki. They appear in the gym of Aaron's college and start to freak out when they realize their Digimon are still in their champion form. Aaron and James shows up and Aaron manages to get the two Champion Digimon out of the gym to a more secluded place by being a dumb American. He also suggests that they stand on their head to De-Digivolve, and Shiki, Ari and Kudamon call him stupid for it, but it works.
Dec. 28 Agumon tells Jensen about his village and the DLF


Jan. 1 It's New Years and Shiki, with Dorumon pretending to be a dog, and Jensen, with Agumon pretending to be Jensen's cousin, go to the temple together. Gikou goes down to wash away his sins from last year but much to his annoyance the temple is mobbed. Ari is escorted to the temple by his parents who refuse to let him out of their sight for one moment. Upon noticing Shiki and Jensen, he pretends they are his friends and uses them to get his parents leave him alone. During this time Shiki tells Ari she will look after Gigimon because he was in a cave in the park in the middle of winter. Ari agrees and leaves them alone. Aaron (with Kudamon pretending to be a scarf) returns James' computer to him and offers to go to the temple with him, which James accepts. Gikou runs into Ari who pretty much brushes him off and Aaron and James run into Shiki and Jensen due to Aaron's Shiki Senses. After an interaction between Jensen, Agumon and Aaron, Shiki says that they were all special people and gave what each Digimon was posing as. Gikou was nearby and heard and approached the group much to Shiki's dislike. Shiki and James start talking, using their choppy English and Japanese to get their thoughts across and it is revealed James is going to be a second year at Shinjuku Public School. Ari learns his friends are douchebags and were glad he was dead. Aaron leads Gikou away realizing Shiki (and the others) didn't like him. (Super Aaron!) Shiki, Jensen and James get their fortunes for the New Year and the New Year arrow while Gikou tries to get Aaron to admit his scarf is a Digimon, which didn't happen. After making plans to get together at a later date, Gikou brings Aaron to the park to show him Watarigarasumon. Shiki runs into her parents and it is revealed when she was a child she used to pick up strays. James covers for Shiki by saying Dorumon was his dog that he brought from America. Shiki's parents leave, and Shiki and Dorumon say good bye to their friends to go to pick up Gigimon from Ari, exchanging contact information with the boy.
Jan. 3 While Agumon and Jensen were training when a Tortomon appeared out of ❤❤❤❤ing nowhere. Agumon tries to fight him but gets his ass handed to him. Then he Digivolves to Greymon when Jensen's life is in danger and kicks so much ❤❤❤❤ing ass.
Jan. 4 Tyson was being bored when Impmon let him know there was a Wild One. They rush to the site to find a Wizardmon. Impmon fights him and knocked out of the way before. As Wizardmon goes and is about to kill Tyson, Impmon Digivolves to IceDevimon and shows Wizardmon exactly what happens when he is ❤❤❤❤ed with. Gikou and Aaron hang out and Gikou totally insults Kudamon without realizing it.
Jan. 9 James goes for a walk and fights a Bullmon in an alley and leaves the girl behind unconscious thinking she is a whore.
Jan. 13 It is Taste of Shinjuku. All the Digidestined; Shiki, Jensen and Ari all go together because Shiki is forcing Ari to spend time with his partner who she has been babysitting. The three run int James. When Shiki notices Aaron, she goes to talk to him and thank him for New Years, accidentally scaring away the girl he was talking to. She invites him over to the group. Gikou then interrupts Ari and Aaron's conversation, and Ari wanders off to get sushi and runs into Tyson.

Key Events

Fact: Digimon Loyalist Federation
Purpose The DLF is an organization of Digimon who believe humans have been nothing but trouble for the Digital World and as such wish to eliminate human influence. They consider Digimon who side with humans as traitors and deals with them in a violent manor. They control a good part of the Digital World.
Important Note: Shiki declared war on them.
Kudamon and Dorumon
Fact: They were friends in the past.
What this means: Only time will tell.
Fact: Governmental agency which was created from old members of Hypnos and the Digidestined known as Tamers. Their original job was protect the human world from rouge Digimon, but it ended up playing back up to the Digidestined.
Fact: This firewall was originally built by the Digidestined known as Hunters with DATS after an event which nearly brought not only the Digital World, but the human world as well, to its knees. It's job is to keep Digimon out of the human world, although it seems to be weakening recently...
Fact: The government is building a program which will delete any Digimon that attempts to biomerge in the human world.
Status: Under construction.

Shiki Taiga-Tamer

Sex: Female
Birthday: May 9
Age: 15
Description: A girl about 5'5 with short, wavy blonde hair which is hidden under a baseball cap. She has sharp bright blue eyes and tan skin. She has an athletic build, and is a star member of the track and field team at Shinjuku Public High. She is number 3 in her school. She prefers to wear a black track suit wherever she goes.

Special Ability/Talent: Can fast talk people into doing what she wants.

Personality: Snarky, sarcastic, cocky and rude. She has the tendency to the start fights, and needs to win. She has the tendency to look down on people, and can't stand when people are better at her in something. She is highly temperamental and if something doesn't go the way she expected it to, she reacts very badly. She pushes herself to be the best, and when she can't be the best she has the tendency to lash out. However, if you manage to gain her respect or favor, you can always count on her to be there for you. She always keeps her promises. She is somewhat mysterious at first because of her basic knowledge of what is going on.

Note: Although she didn't play the Digimon card game before meeting Dorumon, she did know of it and the general concept of it. She decided to see if the use of cards will help her with Dorumon, and much to her delight it did. And to stroke her ego more, she is naturally good at cards. This is one of the very few things she doesn't need to work hard in to accomplish. The others are being a ❤❤❤❤❤ and manipulator.

History: Her family runs a small music store that is constantly struggling. It hasn't ever threatened to go under, but its come close. Very close. Incredibly so. Miracle honestly. They keep in the black somehow though. She has to work very hard for everything she does because she wants to do well in all aspects of life, especially financially. This is because she wants to be able to support her parents in their old age as common with Japanese custom. She constantly fast talks people into buying music to help with a sale. She carries this habit over into real life by fast talking people into doing what she wants.

Role: Rival
Partner: Dorumon
Digivice Color: Dark Blue
Card Slash Shiki spins the card before slashing it.

Dorumon: Personality: Timid, doesn't really like to fight if he can help it, but wants to grow stronger. He turned to Shiki for help because he saw her as the strongest. This inflated her already huge ego, and she agreed to help him "grow a pair." He sees the good in people that seems practically non-existent. Case in point: Shiki.

In Training: Dorimon
Rookie:: Dorumon
Champion: Dorugamon
Ultimate: DoruGreymon
Mega: Alphamon
Mega/Dark Digivolution: Dorugoramon

Dorumon stays in his In-Training form when he is the human world, and Shiki pretends he is her stuffed animal. Somehow, people haven't really questioned it yet.


Hyper Wing- Gives a Digimon the ability to fly using white wings
Power- Increases a Digimon's power
Speed- Increases a Digimon's speed
Digivolution- Allows the Digimon to Digivolve to their Champion level. (The blue card is needed to Digivolve into Ultimate.)
Targeting- Increases a Digimon's accuracy
WarGreymon: Brave Shield- Gives a Digimon WarGreymon's Brave Shield
Crystal Fire Greatly Increases a Digimon's strength
Hyper Speed Greatly increases a Digimon's speed
Agumon's Frozen Wind Grants a Digimon SnowAgumon's "Frozen Wind" technique
Alias!-Creates a clone of a Digimon at the cost of energy
Thor's Hammer Give's a Digimon Zudamon's Thor's Hammer
Heat-Grants a Digimon Meramon's Burning Fist Technique
Stamina Increases a Digimon's stamina
Digmon's Drill Gives a Digimon Digmon's drills on their hands
Hypersonic Greatly increases a Digimon's speed with hyper accel
Rock Armor Increases a Digimon's defense
Frigimon's Subzero Punch Grants a Digimon the ability to use Frigimon's "Subzero Punch"
Hyperchip Increases a Digimon's power by 10%
Shellmon: Hydro Blaster Gives a Digimon the ability to use Shellmon's "Hydro Blaster"
MetalGarurumon Blaster Gives a Digimon the ability to use MetalGarurumon's "Metal Blaster" technique

NPC Gikou Sorako-Tamer

Sex: Male
Birthday July 27
Age: 14
Description: Light-skinned, fairly wiry and toned, deep green eyes, about 5' 9''. He keeps his short, black hair tied up at the nape of his neck with an old leather band, which is long enough that the ends hang down to the middle of his back. He keeps an old coin with him at all times on a leather band around his neck, and treasures it with his life. Wears traditional Japanese garb when at home, and jeans and a black hoodie with the hood up when he goes out. Homeschooled, and is a green belt in kendo and akidio.

Personality: Extremely quiet and reserved, favors meditation over socialization. Often stares at the sky and wonders what it would be like to fly among the clouds. Passionate about nothing, save for loyalty to his friends, yet since he has no friends yet, this quality has not yet revealed itself. Given to frenzies when pushed hard enough; generally cool and composed.

History: When he was 3, Gikou's father left home and never came back. Before he left, he gave a very old Chinese coin to Gikou, and told him to keep it safe for when he came back. Two years later, after Gikou was old enough to realize his father was never going to return, he decided to become the man of the house himself, and began furiously training in martial arts and meditation until he was able to make calm, rational decisions for the whole household and defend it, if need be. His relationship with his mother is rocky; he considers her a coward for not stopping his father from leaving, and treats her with disdain on a daily basis. He trains in martial arts with his grandfather on his father's side, and learned to meditate with his grandmother of the same side of the family. He has never met his mother's parents. When Gikou turned 14 and earned a belt in each of the two martial arts his family studies (above white, that is), he was granted the leather cord he ties his hair with as a symbol of his coming of age. His hair has not yet had time enough to grow long enough for it to make much of a difference, though. He lives with his grandparents in their traditional Japanese house next to the family dojo, where his grandfather makes money serving as the sensei there, because his mother is still grief-stricken about his father walking out, so she refuses to work. Since his grandfather is remarkably strict, and Gikou deeply respects him, he works hard every day to earn his approval and to become strong enough to take his place at the head of the family to allow his grandfather to retire.

Ability: Strategist - Gikou is extremely skilled with strategy, as in his downtime, he plays a lot of chess. In order to come up with a fully-formed strategy, he must meditate for a short period (about a minute or so, depending on the situation) before a battle, which means he will enter later than the rest if they want a cogent battle plan. Additionally, he can amend his strategy mid-battle, but there will be no fail safes on his amendments to the original plan, as he only has time to think of what's immediately available in terms of information. His strategic process involves coming up with the strategy the opponent is more likely to use, as well, so if that significantly differs, red flags will go up in his head. If his strategy starts going extremely south, he will panic and attempt extremely rash maneuvers to try and scrape together some vestige of a victory. He becomes obsessed with winning at any cost if he panics badly enough.

Role: Brainiac
Partner: Watarigarasumon
Digivice Color: Silver
Card Slash: Spins his D-Arc around by the strap, holds the card in the path of it, and allows the D-Arc to Card Slash itself.

Watarigarasumon: Personality: Watarigarasumon is a rather feisty raven, with large, round eyes and a W pattern in white feathers on his forehead. He is very passionate and full of life, and often clashes with Gikou because of how cold he is. When the opportunity to prove himself presents itself, he will leap into action regardless of the opponent's strength (at least, at first), and will generally get his feathery ass handed to him as a result. Likes to cry out as loudly as possible when flying behind unsuspecting people to scare the hell out of them. When in hiding, he tends to fly from tree to tree, keeping an eye on Gikou, and when there are no trees, he circles high enough above him so most people don't see him. When he's not hiding, he likes to ride on Gikou's shoulder or alight on his windowsill if he's at home. Friendly to basically everyone he meets, he often apologizes for Gikou's cold demeanor and forces him into social situations whether he likes it or not.

In Training: Karasumon

Akatori (Red Bird) - Turns red and gives off an intense heat. Not enough to harm anyone who isn't directly touching Karasumon.
Hikaritori (Light Bird) - Glows brightly and blinds those who look directly at him temporarily. Good for escapes
Chisakebu (Tiny Screech) - Screeches in a high-pitched voice, and makes all unprepared people/Digimon nearby cover their ears

Rookie: Watarigarasumon

Tsubasakiri (Cutting Wing) - Hardens his wing into a razor edge and makes a pass at the opponent. Watarigarasu's main method of attack
Kamisori Boomerang (Razor Boomerang) - Hardens both wings and flies directly at the opponent, spinning like a dervish at the last minute. Bit of a suicide attack, since if it doesn't work, he's defenseless
Diving Bakudan (Dive Bomb) - Climbs high up in the air, and dives straight at the opponent with all the velocity he can muster. Tends to lead into this attack by feigning defeat and being thrown into the sky, as this requires the opponent not see him coming

Champion: MetalWatarigarasumon

Tetsu Tsubasa (Iron Wing) - Uses his metal-clad wings as a combination cutting edge (feathers) and club (wing) to shatter the opponent's defenses. Deals low damage
Kirisaki Kaze (Slicing Wind) - Climbs to a decent height and flaps his metal wings, creating a whirlwind that slices the opponent apart, using each individual feather to generate a different tiny whirlwind that feeds into the big one. Fairly superficial damage; just some cuts and scrapes
Hissatsu: Hitori Kougeki (Instant Kill: Single Firebird Strike) - Ascends to a monumentally tall altitude, and from there, dive bombs the opponent, moving so quickly his metal shell becomes red hot and he looks rather like a meteorite. Again, requires the opponent not see the attack coming.

Ultimate: Ryuugarasumon

Phoenix Shift - Engulfs self in a cloak of flames resembling a phoenix; this gives him flame-type damage in addition to all other physical attacks, as well as heating the air around him to a sweltering temperature. Mainly used for shock and awe
Garasuji (Glass Earth) - Releases a massive wave of heat that makes the air shimmer and the ground appear to be glass. Meant to temporarily immobilize all opponents within range of the wave
Ryuuken (Flowing Sword) - Creates a sword out of flame that shifts and changes shape as it moves. When at rest, it looks like a scimitar. Can only create one at a time, and only out of Phoenix Shift mode
Hitsunami (Fire Tsunami) - Forms an incredibly large tsunami out of pure flames, which he throws towards the opponent. This requires he charge up for at least 30 seconds, and up to 5 minutes for a full-power attack.

Mega: Zengarasumon

Shizuka (Quiet) - Mutes all the surroundings. This ability is turned on when he Digivolves, and slowly fades away thereafter. Can be activated again if he sheathes his sword.
Shinkan (Instant Movement) - Moves too fast for the normal eye to see. His pattern of movement is generally to disappear behind his opponent of choice for a surprise strike. This is used in conjunction with a physical attack, and cannot be used at the same time as any of his special attacks
Hyoutetsuken (Frozen Iron Sword) - Draws his katana he keeps on his right side. This katana freezes any wound it opens, and when drawn, it constantly releases a cold mist, as if it were frozen
Touketsuhi (Freezing Flame) - In his right hand, he creates a ball of deep blue flame, which freezes whatever it strikes so harshly it burns with the same blue flame.
Nenshouban (Flames of Night) - Forms a wall of flames a large radius around him that are black as night. Connects upwards and forms pitch black dome that burns anyone who tries to escape it.
Zen (All) - Freezes time for all but him. Can only be used when in a life or death situation. Allows him to see every particle in the air, every detail that can be observed, and every weak point an opponent has. He cannot move while using Zen.


Power- Increases a Digimon's power
Speed- Increases a Digimon's speed
Digivolution- Allows the Digimon to Digivolve to their Champion level. (The blue card is needed to Digivolve into Ultimate.)
Targeting- Increases a Digimon's accuracy
Crystal Fire Greatly Increases a Digimon's strength
Hyper Speed Greatly increases a Digimon's speed
Agumon's Frozen Wind Grants a Digimon SnowAgumon's "Frozen Wind" technique
Alias!-Creates a clone of a Digimon at the cost of energy
Stamina Increases a Digimon's stamina
Hypersonic Greatly increases a Digimon's speed with hyper accel
Frigimon's Subzero Punch Grants a Digimon the ability to use Frigimon's "Subzero Punch"
Hyperchip Increases a Digimon's power by 10%
Expansion Increases a Digimon's size
Rock Armor Increases a Digimon's defense
Program Pause Attempts to reverse all previous card effects
Snimon: Twin Sickles Turns a Digimon's arms into sickles, giving them Snimon's Twin Sickles technique
Ryuugarasumon: Nenshoutetsuken (Flaming Iron Sword) Grants Ryuugarasumon's true sword: a katana that burns white-hot and makes the air around it shimmer and dance. This sword remains at Ryuugarasumon's hip when he Digivolves into Zengarasumon. When Nenshoutetsuken and Hyoutetsuken are dual-wielded, one can touch the tips of these swords together and scrape them apart as if one was trying to create a spark with flint and steel. By doing so, one would create a rather large tornado emanating from the tips each sword that can be used as a striking weapon or thrown.

Aaron Miller-Digimental

Sex: Male
Birthday: July 12
Age: 19
Description: Tall and spindly with dark brown hair and green eyes. His mother forced him to take boxing when he was younger, and he has kept up the practice. It is not an important part of his life, but he does enjoy a good work out once in a while. Muscle tone is also a good benefit. (Llladies!) Aaron is meticulous with his grooming habits and maintains a short buzz-cut and small soul patch below his lip. He is a Computer Science major by day and a hacker by night. Depending on the situation he wears either a button down shirt and pressed pants, or a graphic tee-shirt with some sort of reference to his nerd preferences and jeans. He usually keeps a watch on his wrist.

Personality: Aaron was never good at talking to people. He tried, but he suffers from a terminal case of foot-in-mouth disease. As a result he doesn't have much of a circle of friends except for a couple of online acquaintances. His lack of proper socialization led him to be engulfed by the world of movies. When he was a child he watched old cowboy and samurai flicks, and it only got worse from there. Out of his love of movies came the illusion of grandeur and he dreams of one day saving the world (or at least a small town struggling with a gang war).

Back Story: When Aaron was 16 years old his parents separated. His mother moved to Japan, leaving Aaron and his little sister in custody of their father. After graduation Aaron joined his mother in Japan. Aaron's sister is 6 years old and remains with their father in America.

Important: Aaron has been in Japan less than a year. He is still learning the Japanese language, though he has picked up on it quick thanks to the immersion effect. He also has trouble with Japanese mannerisms and culture.

Reason to be Leader: (Uh, he's older than you and can beat you up?) Aaron may have trouble making friends, but that doesn't mean he has given up trying. He has a welcoming personality that draws people in. In a group full of loners, he is the glue that keeps them together. Sort of. Also due to his strong sense of ethic responsibility Aaron is an excellent decision maker. No matter how dangerous or stupid a task is, if Aaron thinks it is worth it he will find a way to do it.

Role: Goggle Head - (Rave goggles with a copper spiral design on red tinted lens. Can flash at various speeds. Aaron thinks they're super cool, but others don't share his enthusiasm.

Partner: Kudamon
Digivice Color: Red

Kudamon: Personality: Calm and collected. Kudamon will do everything in his power to protect the sanctity of life. He is also a very serious Digimon and has a difficult time putting up with Aaron's strange behavior.

In Training: Puttimon
Rookie: Kudamon
Champion: Reppamon

Courage: Osanshomon

Flame Lick: Spits out fire.
Fire Bath: He surrounds himself in fire.
Cauterizing Slash: His claws are heated to a phenomenal temperature, then he attacks.
Armadillo Lizard Roll: Osanshomon bites his tail and rolls into people. He can roll faster than he can run, so the force is greater than a normal tackle.

Friendship: Tansamon

Ski Poke: Stabs the enemy with the pointed end of his ski poll.
Frost Bite: A bite with ice elemental damage. Depending on how long the bite lasts it can coat the area in frostbite and render it useless until it warms up.
Blizzard: Raises a flurry of snow which everyone gets lost in. Only Tansamon with his goggles pulled down can navigate through the storm. (Or if the goggles were handed off someone else they could navigate through the storm.)
Weasel War Dance: Tansamon hops around, hypnotizing his enemies. They will be unable to move until hit with something, or a certain amount of time passes.


Lekarstvi: Absorbs the illness of another being. The illness is then inflicted on his body, but he has such a high constitution that it does not bother him. His body can dispose of the illness a lot quicker than the being he took the illness from. This works for any type of physical problem, except death.

Kindness: Stikkmon

Venum Prick: Stabs the enemy, inflicting them with poison. The poison paralyzes the spot that was infected and slowly spreads to the rest of the body.
”Heeere's Johnny!”: Stikkmon slashes in the air, releasing an energy wave that is capable of slicing through solids of moderate density. (Let's say a bathroom door, for example.)
Electroreception: Stikkmon can sense other beings by detecting the electric fields generated by muscular contraction. This means no matter where you try to hide, HE WILL FIND YOU!!!

Reliability: Tortuedramon

Swamp Breath: Breathes out toxic fumes. If breathed in, it burns the throat and lungs of the victim and causes them to cough, sneeze, and have a hard time breathing. (Think mustard gas, but less horrible.)
Dragon's Blessings: Covers the battlefield in a blanket of rain. This rain is capable of healing minors injuries of everyone on the field.
Dragon's Fury: Stomps on the ground, causing an earthquake.
Shell Shock: Calls down a bolt of lightening to strike Tortuedramon's shell. Anything touching the shell will be electrocuted.

Rebecca Miller

Sex: Female
Age: 6
Birthday: March 23
Description: Rebecca is the epitome of a cute little girl. She keeps her brown hair in short pig tails, and prefers to wear overall shorts over a long sleeve shirt. Her deep blue eyes which appear violet are huge and round with a constant moist appearance which only adds to the “awww” factor.

Special Ability/Talent: Though it is not much of a talent, Rebecca is down right adorable. Baby kittens sleeping in a basket adorable. Ever since she was a baby she has been spoiled by the attention of adults. She is a good kid, but she knows she has this power and isn't afraid to use it when she wants something.

Personality: Rebecca loves anything that is cute, and even if it is not she will still find something to love about it. She is pretty smart for a six year old, and has the same level of maturity as her brother. (This is impressive for her, an insult for him.) She looks up to Aaron and will listen to him above anyone else. This does not stop her from using the cute card to get something out of him, however.

History: Her parents split up when she was 3 years old, so she doesn't remember much about when they were together. Aaron is her favorite family member and has learned how to use the basic functions of a computer for the sole purpose of talking with him while he is in Japan.

Role: Adorable Little Sister

Tyson Mills-Tamer

Sex: Male
Birthday Aug. 13
Age: 16
Description: Tyson is somewhat tall, being around 6'0". He has long, messy, emo style, black hair. He wears a black t-shirt and grey cargo pants as well as a black trench coat. Tyson only wears one sort of accessory and that is a watch.

Abilities: Spy- Quite stealthy and able to take advantage of the terrain around him to keep hidden thus being able to be close to enemies without being seen.
Trap maker- Able to make traps of average make. Can only make simple traps like pitfalls.

Weaknesses: Has no leadership skills and prefers to work alone which makes it hard for him to fight more powerful Digimon or groups. He tries to avoid group work unless there is no way he can possibly do it on his own are he trusts the people in the group very well. Is weak physically, he can run/jog averagely but all other athletic activities are less than average.

History: Tyson was born in America but moved to Japan when he was 13 because of his dad's work. He picked up on Japanese language and culture fairly quickly but being the complex language that it is he still struggles to speak it completely fluently. His dad is fairly successful in web designing so he lives rather comfortably in a moderately sized house. He joined a metal band when he was 14. Himself and another are the only Americans in the band. The rest are locals. He goes to the local high school. He often plays pranks, mostly involving making the average person freak out. Example: Rubber spider gag. He will play some more complex and serious pranks on his friends who can take it without hating him, but often want revenge. Example: Friend walks into a room, shuts the door and ends up dropping a bucket of water on themselves.

Personality: Despite Tyson's emo appearance, he is a nice guy, but very quiet and conservative. He opens up when he talks to friends and his Digimon. He likes a good laugh. Tyson plays the guitar well and loves listening to American metal bands such as "Bullet For My Valentine".

Role: Mystery Man
Partner: Impmon
Impmon Personality: Impmon Is highly talkative and somewhat crazy. He is very devious and is always trying to get Tyson to play pranks, or is playing pranks himself.
Digivice Color: Dark Purple

In Training: Yaamon
Rookie: Impmon
Champion: IceDevimon
Ultimate: SkullSantamon
Mega: Beelzemon

When Tyson goes out he carries 2 guitar cases, one holding his guitar and the other he hides Impmon in. Nobody has ever really questioned it.


Power- Increases Attack power.
Speed- Increase Movement speed.
Behemoth- Gives the Digimon Beelzemon's motorcycle increasing speed and power.
Digivolution- Allows the Digimon to Digivolve to their Champion level. (The blue card is needed to Digivolve into Ultimate.)
Berenjena- Gives the digimon Beelzemon's duel shotguns.
Scope- Increases accuracy.
Spear of ChaosGallantmon- Gives a Digimon the spear of ChaosGallantmon, Increasing attack and range.
Shield of ChaosGallantmon- Gives a Digimon the shield of ChaosGallantmon, Vastly increasing defense but slowing the Digimon slightly.
Frozen Chip- Adds freezing damage to attacks for a short while.
Burning Chip- Adds Fire damage to attacks for a short while.
Wings of Darkness- Allows any Digimon to fly on black wings for a short while.
Furious Rage- Vastly Increases attack but lowers accuracy.
Illusion- An illusion of the Digimon is created making less of a chance for enemies to hit the real one.
Doppelgänger- The Digimon is cloned but is harmed in the process.
Power Surge- Attack is greatly enhanced.
Rock Skin- The Digimon's skin/fur/cloths/armor become super hard and durable, greatly increasing defense.
Launch- The Digimon can jump higher than normal.
Shadow Step- Allows the Digimon to disappear into one shadow and reappear out of another for a short while.
Sonic Feet Greatly increase speed
Metal Skin- The Digimon's skin/fur/cloths/armor become hard and durable, increasing defense.

Jensen Gysia-Tamer

Sex: Male
Birthday Oct. 9
Age: 17
Description: A boy, 5’ 9”, with thick black hair. Wears a leather jacket and worn jeans. He’s pale and lanky, but surprisingly strong and athletic. He is on his high school wrestling team, so he excels in close quarters combat. He has emerald green eyes and a tattoo on the back of his neck in memory of his dead brother.

Unique Ability/Talent: Tracking and survival techniques.

Personality: He pretends to think he's better than everyone else, but in fact, he doesn't like people in general because he put up an emotional shell around his feelings for others after losing his brother. He isn't a leader as he prefers to be alone, but doesn't like being lead by others which is why he leaves the group and complains when Aaron or someone else tries to decide what they do next. Kind of a rebellious type and tends to be have a dry, sarcastic sense of humor. He constantly voices his disconcern for others; however, over time he may warm up to certain members of the group. It is very hard for him to make friends, as people find his arrogance and disconcern for others off-putting. He is also very touchy about the subject of his dead brother and will swing fists at anyone who brings it up.

History: He lives with his father, who has always been disappointed in Jensen’s choices in life. His father spent a majority of his childhood taking him on camping, hunting, and hiking trips to encourage him to share his love for the outdoors. As a result, Jensen begrudgingly learned tracking and survival techniques. His 5-year-old brother was hit by a car and died when he was 9. Jensen secretly blames himself for his brother’s death and hasn’t forgiven himself.

Role: Other - Rebel
Partner: Agumon
Agumon Personality: Pretty much the exact opposite of Jensen’s personality. Agumon is humble, kind, and cares about the feelings of others. Over time, Agumon hopes to help Jensen become a better person.
Digivice Colorr: Gold

In Training: Koromon
Rookie: Agumon
Champion: Greymon
Ultimate: MetalGreymon
Mega: WarGreymon/BlackWarGreymon


Digivolution - Allows the Digimon to Digivolve to their Champion level. (The blue card is needed to Digivolve into Ultimate.)
Power - Increases a Digimon's power
Speed - Increases a Digimon's speed
WarGreymon: Brave Shield - Gives a Digimon WarGreymon's Brave Shield
Agumon's Frozen Wind - Grants a Digimon SnowAgumon's "Frozen Wind" technique
Illusion - An illusion of the digimon is created making less of a chance for enemies to hit the real one.
Metal Skin - The digimon's skin/fur/cloths/armor become hard and durable, increasing defense.
Hyperchip - Increases a Digimon's power by 10%
DarkWing – Allows a Digimon to fly on dark wings for a short period of time.
Mental Blockade – Increases mental fortitude.
Scope – Increases Accuracy.
Furious Rage- Vastly Increases attack but lowers accuracy.
Digmon's Drill - Gives a Digimon Digmon's drills on their hands
Hypersonic - Greatly increases a Digimon's speed with hyper accel
Frigimon's Subzero Punch - Grants a Digimon the ability to use Frigimon's "Subzero Punch"
Program Pause - Attempts to reverse all previous card effects
Zero Gravity – Creates a small area of zero gravity. The effects fade after a while, however
Expansion - Increases a Digimon's size

Ari Utagau -Adventurer

Sex: Male
Birthday: Aug. 1
Age: 16
Description: A boy around 6'2, with wide shoulders and shortly cropped black hair. He's usually found wearing a green V neck shirt beneath a gray hoodie, skulking the hallways of Shinjuku Public High and getting in trouble. His eyes are an off shade of green, but he leaves his contact lenses in for months at a time, leaving his eyes severely bloodshot and irritated.

Special Ability/Talent: Redirecting blame, street fighting

Personality: Ari believes the world gives you nothing you don't take for yourself, and that you need to take it for yourself for it to be yours. He has severe paranoia, making him incredibly distrusting of everyone else he knows. He's drawn towards fighting as a release for his anger, and if he's not fighting someone else he's on the sidelines watching some other pair of blokes beat the tar out of each other.

History: Ari was raised by an investor in the American stock market, who taught him to be wary of anything he saw or heard, until he had completely undeniable proof that it was true. During his earlier schooling, this got him into considerable trouble as he would constantly undermine his teacher's authority and deny scientific theories if they couldn't be proven to his liking, which was nearly impossible for his teachers to do.

Eventually, he was placed into the "problem child" group. Because of the people he met during this time of his life, his worldview changed drastically. Not only should he be wary, everyone else was downright lying unless proven innocent. Ari took to more violent outbursts in class, openly defying teachers and students on anything they would say to him. Getting in several fights with other students because of his conflicting nature, Ari quickly learned how to defend himself by any means necessary.

Ari believes that Digimon are some sort of hallucination or massive trick being played on him, depending on what evidence he's trying to debunk at the time. He doesn't get along well with the other Digidestined, believing them either to be figments of his imagination or just as crazy as he is.

Role: Disbeliever
Digivice Color: Grey

Crest: Trust
Partner: BlackGuilmon

BlackGuilmon: Personality: A little naive and carefree, and fairly young. He cares for others and is often concerned for their well being, but isn't always sure how to help. He doesn't like "meanies", and will usually bite them. To hide in the human world, he'll usually be in his In-Training Mode Gigimon and hide behind things or inside the hood of Ari's jacket.

In-Training: Gigimon
Rookie: BlackGuilmon
Champion: BlackGrowlmon
Ultimate: BlackWarGrowlmon
Mega: ChaosGallantmon

Mike Bronson- Adventurer

Sex: Male.
Birthday: ?
Age: 13
Description: His height is 4'7 has Dark blonde hair his eyes are blue.

Special Ability/Talent: He is a mechanic. He likes taking things like radios and racecars and the like apart and putting them back together. So, he can fix simple electronics.

Personality: Mike is a nice guy, but doesn't always communicate his thoughts well or correctly. This causes conflict sometimes, which causes him to him to be nervous about what he is saying. He hides his true emotions in order to get alone with those around him.

History: When Mike was 9, his grandparents who lived in Japan had their health take a turn for the worse. His parents in concern packed up their belongings and moved to Japan to take care of his grandparents. Since Mike has been in Japan, he has learned the Japanese language and customs from his grandparents. However, since they are very ill they sometimes teaches Mike the wrong thing or he misunderstands them. His grandparent's steady decline of health is a major stress point in Mike's family and life.

Role: Mechanic
Digivice Color: Blue/Silver

Crest: Friendship
Partner: Gabumon

Gabumon: Personality: Much like Matt's Gabumon from Digimon Adventure. He is nice and friendly and supports Mike.

In Training: Tsunomon
Rookie: Gabumon
Champion: Garurumon
Ultimate: WereGarurumon
Mega: MetalGarurumon

James Akita-Spirit

Sex: Male
Birthday: Nov. 17
Age: 17
Description: James wears black clothes all of the time, to keep him out of the way, not very noticeable. His eyes are a deep green, and his hair is pitch black, coming to about mid forehead, but he keeps it combed over, so you can see his sloped forehead. There is a scar on the side of his neck, a light one that is noticeable if you actually look at him. Not many people do, though. He is a tall, lithe teenager, and can move fast when he needs to. He can run a mile in around 9 1/2 minutes.

Note: In his room, he always has his Martin® Firecat compound bow. It is in a black case, and has a quiver of 23 arrows. It has a 70 pound draw weight, and can go around 50 yards in a straight shot.)


Special Ability/Talent: He has taken up archery as a hobby since he was about 9, and he has gotten pretty good at it. He has even won a few archery contests. In his high school, he started an archery club his junior year, and he is the best shot on the team.

Personality: He is a quiet person all around, but if he is with people that he is comfortable with, and they are talking about something he is interested in, he will throw in his opinion. He likes to stay away from large crowds, and would rather read than talk to other people. He is anti-social, but he is not socially awkward. He can talk to people, but he doesn't usually take into consideration their feelings, and he speaks his mind bluntly.

History: He is a mixed race American Japanese teenager. He was just starting his senior year in High School when his dad proposed something that he didn't like. They were moving to Japan. His dad had gotten a job there. Well, not really gotten one. The corporation he was working at was transferring him to Japan, to be a customer service guy over there for Nintendo.

All of his days from that time on, were to go to school, come home and do homework, then pack and learn Japanese. He has learned some of the language, but very limited. He is still confused on when to use all of the different titles, and when forced to talk, stumbles over words some words. He knows this is going to get him in trouble at one point, and is trying to catch on as soon as he can.

Role: Sniper
Digivice: Black
Digimon Human Spirit: Viridimon
Beast Spirit: Selvamon


Attribute: Forest
Description: A 6'11 Humanoid digimon, with a longbow visible on his person, as well as a quiver of arrows on his back which only holds 30 arrows. The bottom half of his face is covered with a dark green bandanna, while the top half has nothing covering it. His hair is pitch black, while his eyes are still deep green. His chest is covered with a forest green chest-plate, a plackard (Layer of armor to cover the belly), and a fauld(armor that covers the waist and hips) with some grey designs on it, continuing all the way down.

His shoulders have a forest green pair of pauldrons (dome shaped armor that covers the soldiers), nothing special, just black pauldrons. He wears a Gardbrace over them, which covers the front of the shoulder. From the Gardbrace the the end of the shoulder he wears Rerebrace (armor that covers said area), and then he wears elbow pads, all forest green.

To protect his forearms, he wears a Vambrace (armor that protects the forearm) and Gauntlets the cover his hands and wrists.

Over his thighs, he wears a Cuisse, armor that protects the thighs, then greaves to cover his lower leg, and then Sabatons to cover his feet.

His legs are a continuation of the designs on his chest. All of the armor that would hinder range of motion is articulated, which allows the same protection as plate, but with several moving layers.

Personality: Same as character

To digivolve to Viridimon: James puts his right hand out in front of him, and when the data is gathered, he puts his Digivice on the code. He then puts his digivice into the air and begins Digivolving.

Saggita: Pulls an arrow from his quiver and fires at the enemy.
Saggita Dissiliunt: Charges his arrow with the power of the forest, causing it to explose when it hits something solid. It explodes into vines, which wrap around his opponent(s)
Camoflauge: Blends in with his back ground. This skill ends when another one is used.
Vine Whip: A whip that extends from his hand for about ten feet.


Attribute: Forest
Description: Selvamon is a gigantasmal Puma, from nose to tail about 12 feet long, and from claw to ear 8 feet tall. He is completely black, with very dark green eyes. He can make saddles appear and disappear on his back, so it is possible for him to carry passengers. They are large horse saddles pretty much. His claws are white, and he can use them and his teeth to attack without using energy. He is quiet when walking, almost ghostlike, and barely makes any noise when moving at a walk or run. He has great stamina, and can run fast for long distances.

Personality: Selvamon's personality differs from Viridimons and James's. He is still quiet, but he is more aggressive. If he even thinks that he or his friends are going to be hurt, he will attack. Other than that it is the same.

To digivolve to Selvamon: Same way to digivolve to Viridimon

Poison Claws: His claws start oozing a green goo, and when Selvamon scratches something, the goo beta into the wound, and makes it so in a little, that Digimon will have trouble moving and, after about an hour or less if the fight is still going, will stop the movement completely.
Shadow Step: Disappears for a few moments, then appears behind his enemy.
Dash: Moves extremely fast, to attack his enemy.

Class Roster

Shiki Taiga
Age: 15
High School
Class: 1-3

Gikou Sorako
Age: 14
Junior High School

Aaron Miller
Age: 19

Tyson Mills
Age: 16
High School
Class: 1-3

Jensen Gysia
Age: 17
High School
Class: 2-2

Ari Utagau
Age: 16
High School
Class: 2-2

James Akita
Age: 17
High School
Class 2-2


Digivolution Chart

Shiki: In-Training -> Rookie->Champion
Gikou: In-Training -> Rookie-> Champion
Aaron: In-Training-> Rookie//Courage//Friendship//Love
Tyson:: In-Training -> Rookie-> Champion
Jensen: In-Training -> Rookie-> Champion
Ari: In-Training -> Rookie->Champion
Mike: In-Training -> Rookie->Champion
James: Spirit

Digital World

Upon Entering and Leaving
There are two ways to enter the Digital World after everyone has their Digimon.
1) Through Aaron's D3. Aaron has the special ability to open a gateway to the Digital World with his D3 on any computer. This link will remain open until Aaron himself closes it from the outside world. To return, all one needs to do is go back to where they first appeared and look for an out of place computer. When going in and out, one must present their Digivice as like a passport. This is the safest, surefire way in and out of the Digital World.
2) Through a Digital Fissure. A Digital Fissure is where the Human World and the Digital World meet and intersect. Each Digital Fissure lasts no more then five minutes, so relying on the same Digital Fissure that allowed you to come into the Digital World to get you out is fool-hearty. Only characters who had their Digimon come into the Human World can through a Digital Fissure can rely on finding a new one. These characters are Shiki, Tyson and Jensen. Remember, a new Digital Fissure will not take you back from where you came in, but from to somewhere new. Say you entered through an alley. You could easily reappear in a park. However, in the beginning, we will always be brought back somewhere in Shinjuku.
3) The Arc. The Arc is a free roaming shuttle more or less that travels the entire Digital World. It looks like a bigger version of the Tamer's D-arc. You should not count on this method to get home. The odds of it being in the exact right place in the exact right time are astronomically low, and you literally would have a higher chance of winning the jackpot in the lottery. However, as the plot goes on, the Arc will be a more reliable mode of transportation. This is because of PLOT AND STORY SPOILER.

On Digital Fissures:

Digital Fissures are the intersection between the Human World and the Digital World.

Below is the ending to Tamers, and that data glowing thing should be what a Digital Fissure should look like.


Levels, Quadrants and Areas of the Digital World
While the Digital World does have several levels, we won't be worrying about that. The only time the level change should be noticeable is when walking through the Digital Fissure. It should be like walking through a sea of 1s and 0s.

However, what we do need to worry about is the Quadrants and the areas in each of the Quadrants. As of right now, I need to decide which area goes in which Quadrant, but in the beginning until the plot ball gets moving we will stay in the Southern Quadrant, Forest Area.

On Data Links:
Data Links are these giant pink beams roaming the Digital World. They are kind of annoying in the fact if you get sucked in by them, you get dumped somewhere else at complete random. Let's say you are in the Southern Quadrant, Forest Zone. If you get picked up by the Data Link, it can easily bring you to the Eastern Quadrant, Dessert Zone. It is a complete hindrance in all sorts of the words, and should only be used when you are royally ❤❤❤❤ed otherwise.

Elements of the Digital World:
There is all sort of elements in the Digital World. Just like the Human World, the Digital World has trees, oceans, volcanoes, etc. However, unlike the Human World certain things can be ignored once you realize its just data. That being such things being able to breathe underwater. Also, non extreme temperatures. If a temperature is slightly chilly, and you know its data, you will be comfortable. Same with its a big hot. You will be comfortable. However, if it is more towards the extremes, like you are in the middle of a freaking blizzard, not only will you be cold, but you will be threatened with frost bite.

And even though you can breathe under water once you figure out that its just data, that doesn't mean that you aren't affected by things such as tides, water pressure, etc.

In addition, there is no transition of night and day. Lets say its day. A huge blanket of darkness will sweep in.

On the Inhabitants of the Digital World:
Normally Digimon in the Digital World are peaceful, and there is a good probability you will meet a Digimon who is the same type of Digimon as your partner.

Digimon cannot evolve on their own without extreme circumstances. Digimon who are partner with humans have the ability to go back and forth of their Digivolutions with ease. This is met with awe and jealously by some inhabitants of the Digital World. Some even view a partner Digimon as weak to have to rely on a human to Digivolve.

Humans and their partners should be incredibly wary when traversing the Digital World. You will learn why as time goes on, but it is incredibly dangerous for them to be there.

On Digital Fields
Tamers have a distinct advantage over the other two of knowing where Digimon who have appeared into the Human World are. These Digimon are known as "Wild Ones." While each partner will "sense" when a Digimon has appeared, due to the nature of the Tamers Digivice (which is referred to as the D-arc) they will have a compass guiding them to their location.

When each Digimon appears, they are inside what is called a "Digital Field."

Ignoring how this is a AMV (sorta), notice the area around the Digimon is typically pinkish in color? That is how a Digital field looks on the inside. On the outside, it is an incredibly bright, and nobody can see what the hell is going on and to enter you must have a pair of sunglasses.

Think of a Digital Field like a storm.

Inside the eye of the storm is pink and calm, and this is where the Digimon is. It isn't incredibly bright, but it will look how it is shown in the video. The storm itself is pretty bright, and you must have sunglasses to enter so you can see. As a result, every Digidestiend who knows they will be fighting on a constant basis must have a pair of sunglasses. Of course, they shouldn't figure out they need a pair until they encounter their first Wild One. (Aaron can use his goggles.)

On Wild Ones:

Wild Ones will always try to beat you up. They are mean, nasty bastards. They will start at Rookie and slowly work their way up in power as time goes on.

On Defeating Wild Ones:
To defeat a Wild One, you must kill it. Once killed, its body will erupt in bits of blue and red data. It is up to you or your Digimon if they want to absorb the data. The data will make them stronger, but not by much.

Also, gathering data doesn't make you evolve any quicker. That's not how Digivolution works.

Important Note: Digimon killed in the Human World DON'T go back to being a Digi Tama. The ones who are killed in the Digital World go back the Village of Beginnings.

On Digi-Tama:

Digi-Tama are Digimon eggs. They can be fallen warriors, or a mommy and a daddy Digimon got together and got it on. Either way, they all will be in the Village of Beginnings.

If a Digimon falls in battle, and their data is allowed to go back to the Village of Beginnings, they will be reborn. However, their personality typically does not stay the same. There has been only one documented instance where a Digimon returned to its Digi-Tama state, and kept its original personality.

Can Digimon bleed?
Short answer: kinda. If they have "flesh" they can bleed. However, this isn't blood like human blood is. The blood is data loss. The more heavily injured a Digimon is, the less "blood" they will have and they will be more of parts of their body is flickering. Different Digimon have different colored blood.

As such, human first aid cannot be used to treat the wound. It will hide it, but it will not stop the data loss. The only way to stop the data loss is for:
1) Cards (Only works for Tamers and their own Digimon.)
2) Data packets. These look like pink tumbleweeds.
3) Time. If the Digimon is allowed to rest and doesn't fight, they will eventually get better. However, this is for non critical wounds. Critical wounds NEED care, otherwise they will die.
4) DigiGnomes. Don't count on these. These are the miracle bringers. They are the Des Ex Machina. If you want to use one of them, talk to me about it and why you NEED to use them. And it better be a good reason too.

Our Digital World

Jungle/Forest Zone

Climate: Temperate rainforest, usually hovers between 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit and gets about 20 inches of rain a year.
Description: A zone which is hard to traverse through because of the heavy amount of trees. It's hard to see that far in front of a person, and there is always something lurking in the underbrush or the trees. A river about the size and depth of the Rubicon River cuts through the zone. (Not sure where it leads to as of yet. We need to finish the world map.)
Bordered By: Mountain Zone
Important Places: Dorumon's Village, BlackGuilmon's Village, Jungle Spirit Shrine
Digimon: Mostly insects. Will be edited to be more specific later.

DigiMentalist Eggs and level of Digivolution

Courage [Fire]-Level Rookie, with the strength of a Champion
Friendship [Ice]-Rookie, with the strength of a Champion
Knowledge-Rookie, with the strength of Champion
Love-Champion, with the strength of Ultimate
Sincerity-Champion, with the strength of Ultimate
Reliability-Champion, with the strength of Ultimate
Kindness-Champion, with the strength of Ultimate
Hope [Light]- Ultimate, with the strength of Mega
Light [Light]- Ultimate, with the strength of Mega
Miracle [Light]- Mega, with the strength of Mode Change (ex: Gallantmon Crimson Mode)
Darkness [Dark]- Mega, with the strength of Mode Change (ex: Gallantmon Chaos Mode)

Note: The higher level the egg, the harder it is to find. So the Miracle/Darkness egg should be one hell of a quest and be found towards the end.

Digimon Tamer

On biomerging:

Notice how Ruki and Renamon become one? This is how it works in the RP. So therefore, cards that effect the Mega level evolution cannot be used.

On the Blue Card:
Digimon Wiki explanation
Just read that. Basically, say you have a speed card. By wishing on it to protect, you can turn it into the blue card.

On Using Cards in Battle:
Each card can be used once per match. Each time you start a battle with a new Digimon, it is considered a new match.

In addition, just because you use a card doesn't mean it will work or do the intended effect. This mainly happens when a card is used incorrectly or the situation is that its not a good card to use. For example, when Guilmon and Terriermon got frozen by IceDevimon, Jenrya (Henry) tried to use a card which would heat up Terriermon. It worked, but failed to get Terriermon out of the ice because the heat wasn't intense enough.

However, card combos, when done correctly, can make a battle. For example, Takato's use of Power and Aero Wing allowed Guilmon to win the fight against Ice Devimon.

On Crests: Adventure

Before you can get a crest, you must first receive a tag. Tags will be given as a gift after the Juggernaut incident. Adventurers cannot get it before hand. There is a good reason for this.

Crests must also be found in a place which is somehow symbolic to either the DigiDestined or their partner.

Just because you get a crest doesn't mean you can use it right away. You need to 'activate' it. For example:

Crest of Friendship. Yamato, who hadn't really accepted Jyou or anybody's friendship up until then, realizes he does care about them and they are his friends.

Crest of Courage. Taichi doesn't back down from a fight when everything seems hopeless.

Note: Adventure can only have one crest.

DNA Digivolving and Digivolving in General

Article on Digivolving

DNA Digivolving happens when two people just connect and it grants their partner the ability to wield with the other person's partner to form a new Digimon. Don't worry, just like everything else this is reversible.


Example on how powerful it can be:

Note: Omegamon is one of (if not) strongest Digimon in the Digital World. He was formed from two megas. Yours would go from the champion level.

The Government

The government knows about Digimon, and isn't too happy they are getting into the Digital World. They are currently building a program known simply as "Juggernaut" which will permanently delete any Digimon that tries to enter the human world. However, this project will take some time to complete.

The government section which deals with Digimon is called DATS. DATS was formed after Hypnos blew itself up. It was formed with the old members of Hypnos and the Digidestined known as Tamers. It's job is to defend the world from wild Digimon, although in the past it was mostly left up to the Digidestined.

Roles of DATS
1) Defend the world from Digimon (although this is typically left up to the Digidestined)
2) Keep the existence of Digimon from the general public.

The Media

At this moment in time, the Digidestined won't have to worry about their faces and their Digimon being plastered all over the media. Even though Wild Ones are appearing, we need to keep in mind
a) the emergency call
b) travel time

One of DATS responsibilities is to keep humans from finding out about Digimon. So, they will be first to a scene and they will be making cover stories when there is witnesses. So, although the government is doing this for their own reasons, this helps the Digidestined.

However, this isn't to say when things start to go to major ❤❤❤❤ we won't have to worry about them.

Japanese Culture 101

Japanese say their last name first. So for example, my character's first name is Shiki and her last name is Taiga. However, she would introduce herself as "Taiga Shiki."

Only family and close friends address each other by the first name. It's seen as being too 'informal' otherwise. Depending on the character, they could and would take offense. Shiki would be one of those characters.

Another thing to note is the suffixes that the Japanese use to indicate formality.

-san This means Mister or Misses. This is by far the most commonly used one. If you don't know the person that well, you use this. So for example, Shiki would be referred to as "Taiga-san" at first.
-chan This is a term of endearment used for girls and small children. Although it can be used for boys, but this is more rare. It can be used both with the first and last name. If you are friends it would be something like "Taiga-chan." If you are good friends it would be "Shiki-chan."
-kun This is a term used for boys mostly exclusively, although can be used for girls who are a bit more boyish. Same rules apply as they do for -chan.
-sama This is used of someone of high importance. Like a noble or a company owner or something. It can also be used for children who are very wealthy.
-sensei Teacher
-senpai A term used to address an older student.

Random words:
Arigatou-Thank you
Itadakimasu-Said before eating; means "Let's eat!" or "Thanks for the food!"
Konnichiwa- Hello
Ja ne Good bye

When you enter a Japanese person's home, shoes are taken off and slippers are offered to guests. In addition, guests are offered something to snack on (typically tea and cookies)


Elementary: Ages 6-12
Junior High School: Ages 12-15
This is an important time period because students will be studying for exams to get into high school and then to a good college/university so they can get a good career. Children usually stay late after school dealing with clubs or cram school
High School: Ages 15-18
High school must be entered by an exam. A good high school means a student can get into a good university. A good university means good job. So, getting into a good high school can really affect a student's future plans.
Cram School
Basically a supplementary school that helps a student get into a good high school/college. They can run very late.

A school is set up that once you enter is like a shoe locker where the students switch their "outdoor shoes" with their "school shoes"

Classrooms are separated by year and class.


The students stay in the same classroom and the teacher comes to them. They don't have different classmates for different classes. It's the same classmates in the same classroom. They also wear uniforms.

This is their bag:

School Terms:
First Term: Early April to late July.
Second Term: Early September to mid December.
Third Term: Mid January to mid March.


New Year:

To get a better general understanding of the Japanese school system I would suggest you watch:
Ghost Hunt
Kaicho wa Maid-Sama!
Kimi no Todoke

Jack Brant and Joker drawn by Chibi
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Re: RP Digimon

Sa souvraya niende misain ye

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Re: RP Digimon

OoC: Do you want to post your meeting story first Luna, or can we start right away?

Originally Posted by Spock
This party is logical as ❤❤❤❤.

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Re: RP Digimon

OoC: She's writing hers as we speak, and you can go right after that
Sa souvraya niende misain ye

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Re: RP Digimon

Peering through the bushes, a small purple dog and fox type creature hybrid with wings watched a small group of spindly creatures run around a black paved circular oval. There was lots of yelling and a brown haired creature seemed to be in the front of the pack until last moment a blonde haired creature pulled in front as the yelling became defining.


The creatures, which were known as humans, surrounded the blonde haired runner known as Taiga, slapping him (it was a boy right? it was hard to tell at this distance) on the back, yelling something that couldn't be made out.

The purple creature, known as Dorumon, smiled to himself. This Taiga person seemed like a strong human. The Digital World was in need of humans again, regardless of what some may of thought. A lot of Digimon (for that is what Dorumon is) thought the Digital World at the moment wasn't in need of saviors. However, Dorumon was inclined to disagree. Over the last few months, violence had been picking up and even his own small village had been effected. Dorumon couldn't stand for that, but he was too weak to do anything.

He had heard stories of humans and Digimon working together to bring peace to the Digital World when it was in a crisis. There had to be something about the humans that made Digimon strong, and Dorumon was determined to find the strongest to help him protect his village. And this Taiga person seemed very strong.

He would have to keep an eye on her to see how strong she really was.


Shiki was not amused. Ever since she broke the school record, the numbers of her groupie club had more or less tripled. Even though she had more or less told her fan club to go die in a ditch (but much more colorfully put) they still continued to stalk her like some sort of rare creature.

Speaking of which, she could hear the heaving breathing of one of her stalkers. If he was going to follow her home, at least he should do it right. Bending down, she picked up a small pepple before deciding it wasn't large enough and picked up a small rock instead. Straightening up, she turned around suddenly and whipped it at her stalker who had been hiding behind a lamp post.

It hit him straight on his nose, and besides making him bleed, the rock also popped several of his boils. The boy withered in pain, clutching at his face. She walked over to him and noticed that the rock didn't break his nose. She would have to fix this. Punching him once, she fixed that problem.

"You know what, your face looks better like this," she told him as he clutched at his face which was bleeding both pus and blood, sobbing uncontrollably in pain. "You're welcome."

Perhaps that would finally teach him not to stalk her. She had tried everything else, but he simply did not get the message.

She turned down the lone street which lead to her house when she heard the wrestling of leaves. Honest to God, if he was a masochist she would be out of ideas.

"Stop following me-" Any insult that was about to come out of her mouth stopped dead. The fat boil boy wasn't following her. Instead, what stood behind her was some sort of dog creature. She thinks. It had wings. And it was purple. And it was standing on two legs. It looked like an adorable T-rex.

"Hi!" HOLY ❤❤❤❤ IT CAN TALK!

"Oh my God!" Shiki yelped. The creature, whatever it was, flinched and looked scared.

"Please don't yell," it whimpered. "It's scary. Humans are scary enough without yelling." She blinked. Humans? Oh my god this thing was a furry. Jesus Christ, this day couldn't get any worse. First she is stalked, and now some furry was approaching her?

"Listen furry," she growled. "I will not play your sick perverted games, nor am I in the mood to pretend to be accepting of your freaky, fetish ways. Now go ❤❤❤❤ a horse or something." However, instead of running off in tears, or being insulted, the furry cocked its head in confusion.

"Furry? ❤❤❤❤? Perverted? Fetish? What's that?" The creature asked. "I don't know what those are, but I'm not them, whatever they are. My name is Dorumon, and I'm a Digimon!"

Digimon? Shiki had heard that name before. It was a popular trading card game that had been out for a rather long time. Somehow it was still going strong. Don't ask her how. But, this creature, Dorumon, was saying he was something from a trading card? Somehow, she couldn't believe it.

"Right," she said sarcastically. "And I'm the hero of the Japanese Army." Dorumon's eyes light up.

"I knew you were the strongest!" He cried. Wait, what? "Please teach me how to be stronger! My village is under DLF control, but I'm too weak to do anything about it! Please, I'm begging you!"

Shiki scratched her cheek, slightly flummoxed by these change of events. But one thing was for certain, this creature-no Dorumon- was asking for her help. To be stronger.

"It's not going to be easy," she warned him. She hated people who didn't work hard and just half assed everything. Dorumon nodded his head eagerly.

"I know," he said with a wide grin. "True strength is hard to obtain. Papa told me that." Shiki grinned. Well, then there was no reason why she couldn't give this little furry a helping hand.

"Well then, why not?" She grinned. "I'll help you grow a pair, and then you'll be able to beat the ❤❤❤❤ out of DLF, or whatever it is, and take back your village. Just let everyone know who helped you."

Dorumon grinned and held out his paw.

"You got yourself a deal!" Shiki reached down and gave it a firm shake. Then all of a sudden a bright light appeared above them and some sort of device appeared out of the light. It was dark blue in color and had a small circular screen with some sort of strap attached to it. Honestly, here she thought her day couldn't get any weirder. Guess not.

"Oh my God," Dorumon breathed in awe. "That's a D-arc! I thought that was just a legend! But it's true!" Shiki took the device which apparently was called a D-arc and examined it.

"D-arc?" She questioned him curiously. Dorumon nodded, his head looking like a bobble doll.

"Yeah, it's a type of Digivice and only heroes have them. They recognize worthy human and Digimon pairs. Previous owners have saved the Digital World, going down in Digimon history," Dorumon explained. "With this, we can fight!" Shiki grinned.

Whatever the hell just happened, she liked it.

Jack Brant and Joker drawn by Chibi
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Re: RP Digimon

Baka - Idiot
Akamon - Red Gateway (traditional Japanese archway)
Wakarima❤❤❤❤a - I understand
Daijoubu desu - I'm okay/it's okay
Sofu - Grandfather
Wakamono - Youngster
Wakarima❤❤❤❤a, sensei. Watashi wa kore wo daiji ni shimasu - I understand, Teacher. I will keep this with reverence

BiC: Gikou was walking home, his hood pulled far over his head to form a cowl that shadowed his face from onlookers. His leather band that tied his hair together dug unpleasantly into the back of his neck, but he ignored it. His mind was on other matters.

So close. I was so close! If only that baka hadn't unwittingly blocked my strategy. I had him. Ugh. Yet again, Karasumon fails me. I'm beginning to think I should build a new deck.

He grumbled as he walked home, warming his hands in his black hoodie. It may have been warm outside, but he was always cold. Always.

Musing to himself, he pulled out his dad's coin he kept on his neck. What would you do if you couldn't win even though you knew you should have? He rubbed it softly and put it back inside his shirt.

Turning at the massive akamon that marked the family dojo, he snuck inside and stole back into his room, immediately taking his cards out of his deck and running them through his e-reader. There was no flaw in my strategy! What went wrong? Did I calculate wrong?

Vigorously slashing his cards through the small computer and reading off the numbers to himself, he thought, If only I had a Digimon. Then people would know my strategies were good! Then I could show everyone that I'm a true man!

Suddenly, the card in his hand began to glow brightly, and when it faded, it was a simple blue card with a strange hologram of a D with an 8-bit Digimon inside of it. As if in a trance, he slashed his card through the e-reader, and watched, enraptured, as the reader glowed even brighter than the card and changed shape. When the light subsided, he picked up his new device. He wasn't sure exactly what it was, but it looked hi-tech. It fit right into his hand, had a fairly advanced LCD display, and had a slot on the side for swiping cards. It also had a strap that would click it onto his belt. The whole thing was white, with silver coloring and strap.

Curiously, he picked up his Karasumon card and swiped it. Could this really be happening?

He was surrounded instantly by a strange pink miasma. It was fairly bright, but he could see with no problem. He would have studied it more, if not for the miracle occurring in front of him.

As he watched. a small crow materialized in front of him, first in wireframe, and then the details. It looked up at him with its massive, black eyes, and he knew what it was, though he could not believe it. Karasumon...

Hesitantly, he kneeled down and patted its head. "You''re real!"

"Well, of course I'm real. I'm a Digimon, after all! Who are you? Why am I here?!?" It demanded in a high-pitched, squeaky voice.

"I...I summoned you, I guess. I swiped your card through this thing," he held up the device, "and you just appeared here. Do you know what this is? Or what this pink stuff is?"

"You! How did you get one of those?!? Are you a Tamer or something?"

"Tamer? What's that?"

"I knew it! You stole that, didn't you??"

"No, it just appeared to me. What's going on?"

"If what you say is true..." Karasumon eyed him suspiciously, "then you're a Digimon Tamer. You get a Digimon partner, and the two of you are bonded from there on out. Do you know who your Digimon is?"

"I guess that would be you."

Karasumon put his head in his wing. "Well that's perfect. I finally get a Tamer, and I'm stuck with a human who has no clue what he's doing. As for this pink stuff, I have no idea. You'd have to ask the Digimon in this world, though I doubt any are alive right now. You humans do a good job of hunting us. That's why I never bothered to come here."

Gikou stared at him. "And I should care about this, why? You're my Digimon now, right? So shouldn't you just care about getting stronger because you have a partner?"

Karasumon glared. "You're a cold one. Perfect. The one type of personality I can't stand. Yes, I do want to get stronger, but I want nothing to do with you. Understand? This is because I'm forced to be here!"

Gikou nodded solemnly. "Wakarima❤❤❤❤a. Now, you should probably hide. People aren't used to Digimon, like you said."

Karasumon sighed. "Fine. I'll hide in a tree or something. Just...just call if you need anything. Ugh." He flew away muttering to himself in his comically high-pitched voice.

Gikou peeked out his door as the pink mist faded. His mother was stumbling around the courtyard as if she were blinded, and his grandfather was wearing a pair of sunglasses. He walked up to them.

"What's wrong?"

His grandfather answered seriously, "There was this blinding light, Gikou-dono, and nobody could see. I needed these sunglasses to get anywhere. Are you alright?"

Gikou nodded. "Daijoubu desu. Well, I get the feeling that might happen again. Do you have any extra sunglasses?"

"No, but here, take mine. I'll just stay inside if it ever happens again." He handed Gikou his pair of aviator sunglasses.

Gikou examined them. "Where did you get these?"

Gikou's grandfather chuckled. "Your sofu wasn't always so serious. I was a wild wakamono when I was about your age. This is a symbol of those days. Now it belongs to you. Treasure it."

Gikou nodded. "Wakarima❤❤❤❤a, sensei. Watashi wa kore wo daiji ni shimasu."
Sa souvraya niende misain ye

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Re: RP Digimon

Jensen was walking home from school one day. He was in a foul mood, as he had failed his last history test. History was never his favorite subject and he knew he shouldn’t really care how smart a test score said he was, but for some reason, this particular test gnawed at his ego. Jensen took his frustration out on a stray empty can on the sidewalk. He watched as the can bounced out into the street and was flattened by the tire of a speeding car. Jensen shoved his hands into his pockets, lowered his head, and continued on his way.
Suddenly, he heard a woman’s scream coming from an alley a meter or two down the street.
“Ahhhh!” the woman screamed. “Get away from me you monster!”
Jensen quickened his pace, his curiosity sparked by the strange woman’s screams. He walked into the alley, but only took a few steps before the woman raced out, clipping Jensen’s side and sending him spinning into the wall. Jensen tried to catch himself on the side of the alley, but to no avail. He fell to the ground.
“I guess that means you’re not my partner?” a strange voice piped up.
Jensen rubbed his head and started to stand up, but fell back down as he saw a meter tall, t-rex looking creature with amber orange skin and massive hands, feet, and claws step out from behind a dumpster. It looked at Jensen with curiosity for a moment. Then, it’s emerald green eyes flashed in excitement and it’s sharp, oversized claws scraped the ground. It pointed at Jensen.
“There you are!” The creature smiled, pointing one of it’s pearly white claws at him.
Fear surged through Jensen, as he was convinced that this monster was out for blood. Jensen scooted away from the creature in fear; however, the monster pounced on Jensen, foiling his escape attempt.
This is it, Jensen thought. This is how I die, at the oversized claws of a T-rex monster thing.
The creature gave a toothy grin, revealing it’s sharp, pearly white teeth. Jensen was breathing heavily, scared for his life. The monster opened it’s mouth wide, almost as if preparing to swallow him whole. Jensen closed his eyes, preparing to die. Suddenly, the monster began licking his face, like an overexcited dog licking it’s master. Jensen opened his eyes, but immediately regretted the decision, as he got an eyeful of slobber for his trouble.
What is this? Jensen thought. Some sort of sick form of playing with it’s food?
“Ew!” Jensen cried in disgust.
Suddenly, the monster stopped licking Jensen.
“Oh, sorry. I was just really excited to see you!” the creature said. “What’s your name?”
“Jensen,” He answered almost instinctively.
“Oh, hi there Jensen, I’m Agumon!” Agumon announced excitedly. “I’m a Digimon. Are you my partner?”
“Excuse me?” Jensen asked, not sure what was happening.
“You’re excused,” Agumon said, misunderstanding Jensen’s meaning, but thoroughly proud of himself for being so polite. He blinked and smiled widely.
“I’m your what?” Jensen asked.
“Partner,” Agumon responded. “You’re like my companion. Like that!”
Agumon pointed towards a young couple holding hands, obviously misunderstanding that scene as well.
“First things first. Are you going to eat me?” Jensen asked.
Agumon laughed.
“No, I’m not going to eat you silly!” Agumon chuckled.
Jensen still gave Agumon a wary glare.
“Well, if that’s the case, can you please get off me?”
Agumon nodded and jumped off of Jensen. Jensen got to his feet and brushed himself off.
“So you’re asking me, what exactly?” Jensen wondered, mostly aloud.
“If you’re my partner,” Agumon explained. “You see, I’m from the Digital World and I’m looking for a human to be my companion.”
“You may be looking for a long time then,” Jensen said. “There are about 7 billion of us.”
Agumon stared deeply into Jensen’s eyes for a moment.
“Nope,” Agumon concluded.
Jensen was taken aback.
“I have a feeling that you are going to be my partner,” Agumon stated.
“You have a feeling?” Jensen asked suspiciously.
Agumon nodded.
“Yep,” He said proudly.
Jensen is silent for a moment.
“So say I am your partner,” Jensen conceded momentarily. “What do you need from me? And how do I know you’re not going to turn on me and eat me?”
“Humans are too chewy for my palate,” Agumon taunted playfully.
“Well that’s comforting,” Jensen said sarcastically.
“I need help getting back to my world,” Agumon began. “The digital world.”
“The digital world?” Jensen repeated. “Digimon? This is sounding more and more like Tron with every passing minute.”
“So, what do you say?” Agumon asked, ignoring his pop culture reference, and then added. “Partner.”
Jensen sighed.
“Okay, I’ll help you get back to the digital world,” Jensen conceded. “But that’s it.”
Agumon clapped his hands in excitement.
“Great, so are you going to show me the city?” Agumon asked, looking up at Jensen expectantly. “I’ve always wanted to see a skyscraper!”
Jensen shook his head.
“You’re pushing your luck, little orange T-rex!” Jensen warned.
Agumon folded his arms across his chest.
“I’m a Digimon, thank you very much!” Agumon huffed.
“Okay,” Jensen relented. “Digimon.”
Agumon thought for a moment and then hopped into an open dumpster. He scrounged around in the dumpster for a minute and came out wearing a long trench coat and a top hat.
“What do you think, Jensen?” Agumon asked.
Jensen examined the disguised Digimon, noting that he looked suspiciously like a suntanned midget, and nodded.
“It’s a…palatable disguise,” Jensen observed.
Agumon jumped up in excitement.
“Great! Which way to your house?”
Jensen motioned the disguised Agumon to follow him. As he led the Digimon out of the alleyway, a D-arc Digivice materialized onto his belt. However, Jensen was oblivious to this occurrence.

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Re: RP Digimon

ooc: Twilight go ahead and take off the how Jensen and Agumon met bit in bold.

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Re: RP Digimon

OoC: Nice save Luna. Damn copypasta!

Originally Posted by Spock
This party is logical as ❤❤❤❤.

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Re: RP Digimon

Ari walked through one of the city’s parks, trying to think about what excuse he was going to give his father for his recent drop in grades. He’d really just gotten into an argument with his physics Instructor on the on the properties of light speed, but he knew his father wouldn’t be happy to hear that. Maybe he could say his teacher hated his haircut? That had gotten his dad off his back about his Language scores.

This park wasn’t really visited often, so he wasn’t too surprised to find the old pond had dried up. What he wasn’t expecting was a faint glowing light from the hollow basin. Walking forward, he looked at the odd light warily. Had they installed a light since he’d been there last? As he approached, he realized this was almost definitely not the case. There was some sort of orb, half embedded in the rock, glowing with golden energy.

Ari stared at the orb, certain something was going on. It had to be some sort of trick. Maybe one of those other punks from school had set it up, they knew he came sometimes. Well, if it is a trick, might as well “fall for it.” Thought Ari to himself. At least they’ll be happy.

Walking up towards the glowing light, Ari couldn’t help but feel drawn towards it. If this was a trick, it definitely wasn’t Ishi. He wasn’t smart enough to pull something this good. Walking into the orb completely, Ari suddenly felt a jolt of energy and found himself in a shaft, illuminated by a series of glowing symbols. Panicking, he starting running towards the light at the end. After several minutes, he emerged gasping from the end of the tunnel to find himself in falling face first into a pile of rocks. Pulling himself to his feet, he could only stare in shock at the sight before him.

Somehow, he had ended up on the side of a gigantic mountain. Already trying to figure out what had caused him to fall asleep, Ari turned around to find the tunnel gone. Scrambling around on the rocks, he tried to calm himself with thoughts of what was really going on. He’d probably taken a nasty spill in the park, fallen in the old pond, and now he was having a dream about mountaineering. That was it. He’d wake up soon, and everything would be all right.

“Hey, are you alright?” said a small voice behind him. Ari calmly turned around. He was dreaming, after all. Stuff usually showed up in dreams. As he finished turning around, he saw a small orange creature behind him, with large ears looking up at him. It looked a little amused. “You sort of fell on your face just then. Did you get scratched up?”

The small creature kept grinning at him, but Ari wasn’t sure if the thing was actually concerned or just mocking him for falling out of the tunnel like that. Either way, he was getting more uncomfortable with this dream the longer it lasted, so he decided to go to sleep. Maybe it would make him wake up faster.

He could still hear the little orange thing talking next to him. “Are you even listening to me? I am actually concerned here, even if that was pretty funny!” A short pause. “ARE YOU IGNORING ME?”

Ari grinned a little, his eyes shut tight. Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain as the thing bit him in the ear. He shook his head and pulled the orange thing off of his ear, and it glared at him. “Meanie. I was talking to you.” Ari placed the orange creature on the ground and rubbed his ear. The thing kept talking, but Ari ignored it. He’d learned long ago it was best not to talk in dreams. “If you don’t want to talk to me you could have just told me. I don’t like meanies.”

Ari just chuckled and started walking up the mountain road. “Whatever, orange-kun. I’m going to head this way. Might help me wake up if I figure out what I’m dreaming about.”
He started sprinting up the hill, leaving the protesting orange creature behind him. After about thirty minutes of sprinting, he started walking slowly. Nothing seemed to be happening, and he was still on this stupid mountain.

Suddenly, he heard a loud noise from above him. Looking up, he just barely managed to duck to his right when a large green shape slammed into the ground next to him. It looked like some sort of ogre in a blue vest, and the thing slowly advanced towards him making guttural noises. Ari closed his eyes and waited for the attack. He knew it would probably wake him up, but it was probably going to hurt.

Suddenly, he heard something running up behind him. Opening his eyes just a crack, he turned just in time to see a dark shape running right for him before he was pushed out of the way.

“GET AWAY FROM HIM, YOU MEANIE!” screamed the dark creature, which Ari suddenly recognized as some sort of dragon. Ari looked in awe as the black dragon grabbed the ogre and threw it off the mountainside; its yellow eyes wide open with fury. After a moment, the dragon turned towards Ari and grinned. “Not really orange-kun anymore, huh, Mr. Meanie?”

Ari stared at the dragon, which was about as tall as his chest, and touched his still throbbing ear. “Uh…so you’re that little orange guy?” He knew he was dreaming, but it still didn’t make much sense. “You sure grew up fast.”

The dragon thing laughed. “Well, I followed you up after you left. I tried to warn you about that guy. His name’s Shamanmon and he seems to think he owns the entire mountain. When I saw him attacking you, I guess I sorta…” he held out his clawed arms and shrugged.

Ari looked down the mountainside and whistled. “Pretty good throw there. I must admit, for an imaginary dinosaur, you have a really good arm.” Looking around, he suddenly noticed a small device sitting on the ground. It looked kind of like a gaming device, and he held it up. “Uh, dragon guy. You drop this thing?”

The creature looked at the device in Ari’s hand and his eyes widened. Grabbing Ari in a hug, he seemed to be on the verge of tears. “Oh my, Mr. Meanie is BlackGuilmon’s tamer! Now we can go and fight all the other meanies!”
Ari struggled against the bear hug of the creature, apparently called Guilmon, but eventually stopped. He’d wake up soon. He had to.
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Re: RP Digimon

Shiki and Dorumon had been "partners" for a month now. She wasn't quite used to being a "Tamer," but she was managing. They had been doing training montages that would put Rocky Balboah to shame. They had also managed to ruthlessly kill defeat a few Digimon who had entered the Human World the same way Dorumon did. Dorumon would be able to notice their entrance, and the D-arc would lead the two right to their location. Although the first time trying to get to the Digimon was a pain in the ass because there was this blindly light surrounding it. Shiki had to spend her hard earned money on a pair of sunglasses.

Shiki was a cheap bastard.

She had also decided to buy some Digimon cards, just to see if they would work like they did in the game. They did. Magnificently. And she was naturally talented it. That was a good day indeed.

Shiki had managed to convince Dorumon to show her his village, so they could start planning the counter attack. It would be good to know what the hell they were dealing with. They were wandering about the wild when they heard a yell.

"That's a Shamanmon!" Dorumon said worriedly. Shiki smirked. More target practice. Excellent.

"Come on Dorumon!" Shiki exclaimed, grinning at her partner. "Let's go." Dorumon looked scared. He was getting better at fighting. However, he still didn't want to jump into the fight. Shiki would take care of that soon. Baby steps. Baby steps.

"Come on," she insisted. "You want to get stronger right?" Dorumon nodded his head weakly. "Then let's go!"

Dorumon sighed, and the two ran off towards the direction they heard the yell.

However, what they saw there took Shiki by surprise. A boy was standing there, looking at something in his hand as a black dinosaur stood next to him. Shiki took out her D-arc and the black dinosaur popped up on the screen.

Black Guilmon
Virus Type
Main Attack: Pyro Grenade.

Shiki smirked as the black dinosaur was chatting excitedly how the two could fight "other meanies."

"You? Fight?" She called out as the two turned to face them. "I doubt you could win against a defenseless kitten."

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Re: RP Digimon

Ari glanced over and pried himself out BlackGuilmon's bear hug as someone approached from below on the mountain path. "I doubt you could win against a defenseless kitten." said one of them, and Ari suddenly recognized her. He'd seen her around school, always being followed by a bunch of other kids, but he hadn't paid much attention. He couldn't quite remember her name though...something to do with shins.

"Oh, hi there. I was wondering when someone I actually knew was going to show up. So far its just been Orange-kun here and that ogre. Shigi, right?" As he started up the path, he hoped he would wake up soon. He really hated people like this at his school, and he wasn't in the mood for one showing up in his dreams. He felt a tug on his sleeve and BlackGuilmon whispered in his ear. "Is she a meanie?"

Ari looked back at the girl and her bizzare purple creature and nodded. "Definately. Queen of the meanies."
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Re: RP Digimon

Shiki put her hands on her hips as Dorumon peered at the two curiously. Shigi? Who the hell was this guy to be so familiar? And to get her name wrong at that!

"First off, it's Shiki you imbecile," she snapped. "Second off, don't be so familiar. That's Taiga to you. Anyways, the fact you know of me just proves you go to my school. I'm surprised that lowlife like you managed to get into the Digital World."

Dorumon pulled on Shiki's leg.

"Shiki, I don't want to fight them," he whispered. "They're partners. I don't want to break them up." Shiki folded her arms and growled, finally noticing the Digivice in the boy's hand. It didn't look like hers at all. It looked sort of like the Tamogatchi toy that was super popular years back. In other words, lame.

"Well, they wouldn't be that much of a challenge anyways," she said rolling her eyes. "But they will be in the way here. Listen, you need to leave. Now."

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Re: RP Digimon

Agumon dived onto Jensen’s bed, ruffling his sheets and making one of his pillows fall onto the floor. Jensen frowned at the mess that his Digimon was making. He held up his hand to stop Agumon.

“Hold up, soldier,” Jensen demanded. “Save the bed destroying for another time.”

Agumon frowned and sat down on the bed obediently.

“You’re no fun, Jensen,” Agumon pouted, folding his arms to show his discontent with being told to stop.

Jensen set his backpack down on a small wooden chair next to his desk and opened it. Agumon watched him expectantly as he pulled his homework out of his bag and set it on the desk. Agumon tilted his head and followed the papers with his eyes. Suddenly, Agumon sat straight up in excitement.

“Are you going to share?” Agumon asked expectantly.

“Share? My homework?” Jensen asked suspiciously.

Agumon nodded his head rapidly. Jensen chuckled a little and handed the Digimon half of his homework. Agumon stared at it for a moment, and then stuffed the papers into his mouth. Jensen stared at Agumon in shock for a moment, and then burst out into laughter. He knew he should be appalled and furious, but he was oddly amused by the absurdity of it all.

“Well,” Jensen commented, setting the rest of his homework back on the desk. “That’s one way to deal with school.”

“What’s school?” the orange T-rex looking Digimon asked, tilting it’s head to the side in confusion. “Is there more of this homework stuff there? Because if so, I love it already!”

OoC: Agumon may seem naive and ignorant in the human world, but he's going to be very knowledgable of the Digital World.

Originally Posted by Spock
This party is logical as ❤❤❤❤.

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Re: RP Digimon

Ari chuckled as Shiki demanded he leave. "What I wouldn't give to do just that. I swear, I've probably been dreaming hour? Shame you had to show up. Orange-kun here was starting to grow on me."

Blinking at the bright sun, Ari shrugged his shoulders. "No idea how to wake up though. Maybe someone slipped me something...wouldn't put it past Ishi to put something in my drink." Looking at the girl, he glared and motioned towards her. "Fine then, Tuggy. Let's get this dream over with. Show me the way out of crazy land and back to the land of sanity, if you please."
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Re: RP Digimon

Shiki and Dorumon looked at each, then at the boy. Dream? Was this boy that far into denial?

"First off its Taiga you dumbass," she said with a growl. "Second off, this is no dream. Third off your Digimon is black you pissant." She growled and looked around. This would throw everything off. They didn't have much time for recon, and showing these guys back would take away what they had left.

But they had wasted enough time just communicating with this imbecile. Might as well show him back.

"You can get us back, right Dorumon?" She asked her partner. Dorumon nodded happily, glad Shiki wasn't going to make him fight the two.

"Leave it to me!" He declared excitedly. "I know there is a Digital Fissure around here somewhere. I caught a faint wiff of it earlier!" Shiki nodded her head in approval and gestured for Dorumon to lead the way. She turned to the boy and BlackGuilmon.

"Follow us," she told them firmly. "And try to get lost. I'm not sure how good you are at following the leader. Your IQ level doesn't seem that much higher then a newborns." With that being said, she turned around and followed her partner.

The two humans and Digimon walked for a half an hour before Dorumon stopped in front of a tree that seemed to be shining. Dorumon grinned.

"Metal Cannon!" Dorumon shot an iron sphere from his mouth, destroying the tree to show a small light of data. A Digital Fissure.

"Nice work Dorumon," Shiki congratulated her partner as Dorumon beamed in pride. She turned to BlackGuilmon and the boy. "Start taking notes, because Dorumon is going to be the best fighter ever. Just you wait. Anyways, you can get back to the Human World if you go through this tunnel."

She gestured for the boy and BlackGuilmon to go first.

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Re: RP Digimon

Ari grinned at the light. It looked like the orb that had started this whole mess...maybe it was a sign he was going to wake up. Looking at the purple creature, he shrugged. "Best fighter, huh? That shooting thing was pretty sweet, but I'd like to see your purple dog throw an ogre off the side of a cliff." Walking towards the Digital Fissure, Ari put up his hood. This had probably been one of the weirdest dreams he'd ever had.

"You look pretty nice for a Meanie Queen." he heard BlackGuilmon say, and he slammed his palm into his face. Grabbing the Digimon by the clawed arm, he pulled him towards the light. "Alright. We'll be going now." Hoping he was about to wake up, he stepped into the glowing light.
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Re: RP Digimon

Meanie Queen? Well, it certainly fit Shiki had to admit begrudgingly. But, it was so juvenile. But it fit them.

"Come on Dorumon," she said as she stepped into the light, Dorumon following in her footsteps. The minute they set foot in the Human World, Dorumon de-digivolved into Dorimon who looked like a giant purple puffball with ears, peg legs and a tail.

Dorimon jumped into Shiki's arms. It was a weird combo. Shiki just stood out in the crowd (the blonde hair and sharp blue eyes signaling her foreign ancestry mostly did it), and her nonchalantly carrying Dorimon like he was a stuffed animal just drew stares. However, nobody dared question her.

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Re: RP Digimon

Ari found himself in an unfamiliar alleyway, his head swimming after the sudden transition from bright sunlight to the dimly lit alley. Someone...must have moved me. Some sort of prank. He started walking out into the street when he heard a loud crash behind him. Turning around, fists raised and ready to fight off whatever crackhead lived here, he was shocked to find himself looking at BlackGuilmon. He was standing next to an overturned trashcan and looking awkwardly at the ground.

"Sorry about that, Mr. Meanie. Guess I knocked over your house." He pointed a claw at the trash and started scraping it back into the can. Ari's mouth hung open and he tried to figure out what was going on. I'm...hallucinating. I shouldn't have talked in that dream, now it's following me around. As BlackGuilmon propped up the trashcan, Ari groaned. "That's not my house, Orange-kun. I live...somewhere around here. I've got to get back before it's too dark."

BlackGuilmon nodded, and suddenly, before Ari's eyes, he started glowing. As Ari stared, he started to shrink into he was once again the size of Ari's head and orange, just like when they had met. Gigimon jumped onto the trashcan and shuddered. "I've heard things about the human world. We should get home before something bad happens." Before Ari could protest, the small creature jumped into his hood.

Ari stood still for a moment, unsure what to do, before he started walking home. The thing would be gone by morning, and this whole nightmare would be over with.
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Re: RP Digimon

Aaron sucked the last remaining drops of Mountain Dew from the can and placed it with its fallen brethren. Over the course of the last two months an impressive collection built up around his computer, and he was quite proud. A know-nothing patron might pay a hefty sum for his "art," though his mom would tell him to recycle all of them before an exchange could be made.

All in all the cans were a symbol of his dedication to the task at hand. It was two months ago drgnSLAYER64 sent him the mysterious coding. An unofficial competition had begun between the best hackers of the world to be the first to decode it. The reward was bragging rights, and Aaron was determined to set himself apart from run of the mill hackers. He was so close he could almost taste it.

After a couple minutes of continuous rapid typing Aaron stopped and leaned back. He adjusted his rave goggles – a necessary accessory when hacking. (The goggles add plus twenty to cool, after all.) This was it. Just fit this selection of numbers here and the program would be up and running. Just as he finished a little bouncing ball jumped onto his computer. It watched him for a couple seconds and then the phrase "Welcome to the Digital World!" popped up above his head. Aaron raised a brow. Was the whole mystery just a children's computer game? He frowned. No government documents, no scandalous photographs, just a game. What a rip off!

Aaron sighed and clicked on the bouncing monster. He worked so hard, might as well check it out. The monster closed its eyes and smiled in the traditional anime style. (All this work for a Japanese game. Couldn't just go down to the nearest store, had to waste two months of my life! Aaron grumbled a bit.) It continued to mock him with its cheery smile. "Welcome Aaron Miller!"

Aaron's eyes shot open as wide as they could. "What the fuuuu-" He felt like he was being sucked up by a giant invisible vacuum. Then there was a sensation of falling followed by intense pressure. Aaron grabbed his head and groaned - he never had the stomach for roller coasters and this was possibly the worst one ever invented.

After the contents of his stomach settled, Aaron opened his eyes to observe he wasn't in Kansas anymore. A herd of ball monsters bounced past him. One of them stopped and turned to look at him. There was a period of an awkward stare down before it asked, "What kind of digimon are you?"

The rest of the herd crowded around him and all made little comments of wonder. One of them shouted out, "You're an Uglymon, right?" which resulted in fits of laughter from the rest. Aaron scowled. That was big talk coming from a rice-roll!

The commotion was broken up by a fire ball exploding right above their heads. The monsters screamed and began scattering as a dinosaur stepped out from the brush. Aaron watched as it chased after the little guys. They cluttered around Aaron and began pleading him for help. "Save us Uglymon!"

As much as he disliked the insulting rice-rolls he knew it wasn't right to let them get eaten. He picked up a stick and readied himself for the charging dinosaur. Steps before he was within range the dinosaur ducked down and shouted “Pepper Breath!” Another fire ball exploded right in front of Aaron's face. He fell backwards and covered his eyes, trying to regain sight.

“Stupid human!” a call came from behind Aaron. He turned his head to look. As his sight returned he witnessed one of the ball monsters glowing. All of the other monsters hopped away from it, but continued to watch it with awe-struck facial expressions. The glowing form stretched out and solidified into what looked like a floating Long Cat. There was a surprised look on its face which slowly melted into disgust and finally anger. It flew over to Aaron and the dinosaur and shouted, “Blinding Ray!”

Both parties fell backwards. Aaron lay on his back yelling “What is with you animals and blinding people!?” and the dinosaur coward on the ground with his claws over his eyes. He was whimpering and shaking.

“No, no! Don't hurt me Kudamon!” the dinosaur said in between sniffs. Kudamon sank down and patted the dinosaur.

“There there Agumon. I'm not going to hurt you.” He spoke with a reassuring tone, like an adult would use on a child. “Now why were you trying to attack us?” The other ball monsters crowded behind Kudamon and chimed in with their own, “Yeah!”

Agumon sat up and twirled his claws together. “Because ever since I digivolved you never play with me anymore!” The dinosaur managed to pout his lower lip as he looked at his companions. They all stood around looking at one another before one of the monsters bounced forward.

“We all thought you wouldn't want to play with us! You're a rookie now, we thought you out-grew us!”

Agumon shook his head. “Nu-uh, never!”

Everyone was silent, including Aaron who was dumbfounded. Finally one of the ball monsters laid an ear on Agumon and shouted, “Tag! You're it!” The smaller monsters scattered, giggling and excited by the start of a new game. Agumon got to his feet and began chasing after them.

Aaron stretched his arms out in front of him. “Did I just witness an intervention between a dinosaur and rice balls!?”

Kudamon growled. “They're digimon, not dinosaurs and rice balls!”

Aaron turned to him and frowned. “Digimon?”

“Yes, this is the Digi-World. Digi as in Digimon, as in you should not be here!”

“I got here by accident. Show me the way out and I'll leave!” Aaron got to his feet and looked around for any indication of a return trip.

“It's not that simple.” Kudamon pointed at Aaron's pants pocket. “Check there, it's a digivice. Congratulations, I'm now you're partner.” He spat the last words out.

Aaron pulled the device out and studied it. “This is . . . interesting.” He looked down at the digimon. “What do you mean partner?”

“You made me digivolve, we're now connected by a bond.” Kudamon was staring off into space. He did not appreciate what this meant for the future.

Aaron grinned. “Awesome! This is one wicked cool video game!”

The comment seemed to break the spell over Kudamon. “Video . . . game?” He let out a small growl. "This is not a video game and we are not digital puppets. We feel and think just the same as you." His ears pulled back.

Aaron looked down at the device and shrugged. “Sorry . . .”

The digimon huffed and tapped on the digivice. “I think it's time you go back to your world now . . .” His voice was controlled, but it was clear he was getting aggravated.

Aaron nodded. “That seems like a good idea. How do I get baaa-” Once again he was sucked up through the invisible tube and plopped out into his room. There was a knock on his door.

“Honey, is everything okay?” A gentle voice called from the other side.

“Uh, yes mom! Everything is fine! Just . . . fell off my chair!” Aaron clutched the goggles from the top of his head and threw them on the bed. He rubbed his scalp. Did he just have some sort of episode, or was it real? The digivice was still in his hands, so maybe it was . . .

“Alright dear. Dinner is in ten minutes. I want those pop cans out of your room before then!” The sound of foot steps followed as his mother walked away from the door.

Aaron looked over at his collection and smirked. Called it.

OoC: Back to Dragon Age!

Rawr rawr rawr!

Dr. Watkins
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