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Tides of Fate (Sign-ups and Discussion)

Long ago, Hyrule shared its border with another great empire by the name of Fey. Fey, the smaller of the two countries, was run by a fair and just King. Hyrule, led by a terrible dictator named Vazren, told the King of Fey that he wanted to negotiate a peace treaty. The King of Fey, with the smaller and weaker soldiers, had no choice but to accept. Vazren wrote ridiculous demands of Fey, demands he knew the King could not, or would not accept. When the King refused, Vazren slew him, and claimed Fey for his own...

This is an RPG I've had an idea for, and I have finally finished it. Now, characters will be from Hyrule, and we will all meet in Kakariko Village. You may choose any race from the Zelda series to play as. This RPG is set during the time described above, so, there is no Zelda, no Link, etc. My rules, which I stole from Neff because I agree with every statement here are as follows:

For one, I actually want this to go smoothly without godmodding, self serving back-storys, new weapons your char magically has (unless I provide them), spamming, etc, etc.
Seriously. If your character is specified as a light weight recon dude but suddenly has a gatling gun that fires mini-nukes or is battle axe wielding warrior but somehow is glorious with the arts of poisons and traps, and if it doesn't match his or her bio, then I will get frankly annoyed.
And if we're half-way through the plot but uh-oh, suddenly your char has to go run off to the sacred tomb of his grand uncle Bob, I will also get annoyed then.
And if your char runs into a warehouse full of explosives that blows up but the char comes out unscathed, I will get annoyed. Unless I, as the RP master, has an element of the RP that could remotely support something, or if you could find a realistic angle that makes sense.

If you repeat these 'infractions', I will either get a mod to reprimand you or kick you out of the RP faster than you can say 'sorry but u need 2 chill'.

And on that note:
Spell things right! Hay is for horses. Hey is an informal greeting. Remember to, two and too, and their, there, and they're. If you don't know how to spell it, look it up. Sentences begin with capitols and end with periods, exclamation points, question marks, and these : ;

How I would prefer thing to be written in my RP.
Hey look, I'm using proper paragraphs (to a point)!
She looked over her shoulder, hesitating. Medea didn't like being in large crowds. They were too congested, busy. She felt as if people were judging her, trying to find her weaknesses. It was unnerving. With a sudden force, she ran into a young man with dark hair and sea green eyes.
"Oh, sorry!" She mumbled, walking quickly away.

**is walking through a crowd** Ugh, I hate being here **runs into Seamus** Oh, sorry! >_< **walks off**

I, unlike Neff, would prefer that swearwords be avoided. I won't kick you out if you do, but, please keep it to a minimum. Or I get violent.

Sign Up Sheet
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Shortened Background:
A Paragraph to show that you are a competent RPer:

I'll post more info here later, at my convenience.
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