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Old 12-13-2011, 09:16 PM
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Re: Beyond the Ashes: Chapter Two -- Heading South

Zerrin's shoulder could barely take the strain of pulling both him and Tyra up the ledge, but he eventaully managed to scramble up. Pulling the Shiekah up, he paused a moment to look at the crushed remnants of the bugs.

Shaking his head a little, he continued onwards. The next room seemed a bit lighter, by a small amount. A thin layer of water covered the floor and Zerrin could smell damp wood. But more worrisome was the mud beneath the water. There were no footprints in it, or any real markings in it at all.

"The others didn't come this way." he concluded, looking around the room. "I would normally say go back, but all evidence points towards something important being up ahead. What do you think?" He waited for her response, wondering just what all this security was protecting.
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Re: Beyond the Ashes: Chapter Two -- Heading South

OoC: Well it certeinly has been a while. I don't have much but I just want to show I will continue writing. Also here was my last post.

1st Day; 10:42 AM Castle Town

"Finally!" Mao yawned as they approached the Market gates. "The trip here is so long. I don't know how I was able to travel so much, during the Great War"

"Yes Mao, sleeping in my pocket for 4 hours, is so exhausting." Gustave said sarcastically. "Too bad you weren't walking the whole time."

"At least you didn't have to be cramped up in your tight tunic the whole time. My left wing is sp bent in, I can barley fly." Mao said, as she attempts to act like she can barley hold up in the air.

"You were just flying perf-" Gustave paused. "Oh forget it. I don't have time to listen to your complaing. Do I need to remind you of what happened earlier?"

"You mean yesterday?" Mao said flying around him, perfectly normal.
Gustave didn't even reply. He just started walking towards the Market Town, with a serious look on his face. But inside, he was laughing. While Mao could be annoying at times, she can easily relax the mood, even when things are really tense.

Mao , quickly flew towards Gustave as he walked into the Castle Market.

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