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Old 12-28-2005, 11:51 PM
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Question Where can I find the WEP key of a 2wire router?

I try to access the internet with my psp but it asks for a WEP key. Where do I find this WEP key?
When I type in what I think is the WEP key my psp says it needs to be in hexadecimal. Where is this hexadecimal WEP key? I need some help!
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Old 12-29-2005, 12:25 AM
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Re: Where can I find the WEP key of a 2wire router?

The WEP key is set by the network administrator. Your lack of knowledge of the WEP key implies that you were trying to leech someone elses' Internet connection.

If it is your own, ask whoever set up the wireless router. If not, get your own connection, or go to McDonald's or something.
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Old 12-29-2005, 04:12 AM
Earth Earth is a male Earth is offline
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Re: Where can I find the WEP key of a 2wire router?

I have a 2Wire router. Works like a dream! It's on the bar code, which is on the very bottom. What the heck was Scott talkin' about ^? I don't know if whats on the bar code is in hexidecimal, though.
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Old 12-30-2005, 09:48 AM
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Re: Where can I find the WEP key of a 2wire router?

You really only need the WEP key if the access point has a red lock on it, if it has a blue lock then you don't need it.
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Old 12-30-2005, 09:56 AM
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Re: Where can I find the WEP key of a 2wire router?

Well, just b/.c someone set-up the router doesn't mean they remember the WEP key by heart. Here is what you do... WEP Key help

What is WEP
Where do I find my WEP Key?

What is WEP

WEP is a type of security that is used to protect home wireless networks, and it is the only security setting that works with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. If you are not sure how to find your router's WEP Key or if you have problems entering it into your Nintendo DS, try the following tips:

Where do I find my WEP Key?

You can find the WEP Key settings for your router under the "Wireless" or "Wireless Security" sections in your router settings on your PC. Security must be set to WEP key not to any other type of security setting in order for you to have access to WEP Key information.

From To access your routers settings, go to start (assuming you have windows xp), contect to, show all connnections...
If you are on wireless, double clikc the wireless icon, if you are on lan, double clikc the Local Area Connection _.

A window will pop-up, in that window, click the support tab, and find the "default gateway".

WEP KEYS FAIL AT LIFE (read my sig)

Type the default gateway into your url bar, and hit enter, a window should pop-up asking you to login. Ask your parents what their name and password for the ISP (internet servisce provider), the default is username: admin, password: password, or just chekc the back of your router for your username and password.

Finally, in those setting find the WEP key, should be a 14, or 28 digit letter/number, consisting of all numbers, and letters up to F.

Yea, that should be it, and also UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, DO NOT CHANGE THE WEP KEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will screw up your wireless system.

Yea, that should work, pm me with any questions.

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Old 12-30-2005, 03:59 PM
Sizzlin' Sizzlin' is a male Sizzlin' is offline
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Re: Where can I find the WEP key of a 2wire router?

Originally Posted by Kokiri_Boy64
I have a 2Wire router. Works like a dream! It's on the bar code, which is on the very bottom. What the heck was Scott talkin' about ^? I don't know if whats on the bar code is in hexidecimal, though.
That is correct. You are very lucky to have a 2Wire router. I also have one, and the WEP code is very easy to locate. There are several different versions of the 2Wire router, so it may not be on the barcode like ours. Go to 2Wire's website, and it'll say how to find the WEP code on your particular model.

Simple, eh?
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Old 07-11-2012, 07:50 PM
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Cool i need help

i need help with my 2wire im trying connect to my wifi i dont no my wep key router is 2wire887:<3 david w metcalfe
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Old 07-11-2012, 08:59 PM
John John is a male Canada John is offline
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Re: Where can I find the WEP key of a 2wire router?

I realize this thread is a very old zombie, but might as well get a reply out there:

The first question is if you ever changed it from the default. If not, you should (see below) but the default WEP key is almost certainly printed on the label on the bottom of your router.

If you have changed it then you'll need to go to your router's configuration settings. How you do that will depend on your router, but most modern ones let you do so via web browser:
-Log on to a computer that's connected to your WiFi network.

-Bring up your web browser and point it to your router's IP address (usually or, if it's not those then check the label on the bottom of your router for the default IP address).
-If you've changed its default IP address then there are other ways to find out what it is. If you're using Windows then just pull up the command prompt (Start > Run > cmd) and type "ipconfig". You want the IP address listed for the default gateway of your wireless network adapter
-What you do now will depend on your router, and I'm not familiar with 2Wire's setup. However, you'll probably have to log in. The default username and password should be on that handy label on the bottom of the router. If not, a username of 'admin' and no password, or no username and a password of 'admin' or a username and password of 'admin' are normal defaults for most.
-If you don't know and can't find your username or password then you may want to reset your router. Instructions will probably be on 2wire's website. Usually you have to hold the reset button for 5+ seconds. This will erase all of your settings on most routers and set them back to default. If you haven't changed them from default, then that doesn't matter much. If you have, then you'll have to set everything back up.

-If your router still uses the default username and password you should change them immediately.
-Once you've logged in there should, somewhere, be an option to view or set your WEP key. If it doesn't list one then just change it to something you can remember. Just be aware that everything currently connected to your wireless network will lose their connection until you tell them to use the new WEP key.

-However, WEP is very insecure. It is possible to, running only two or three completely free and openly-available programs, break into any wireless network using WEP in seconds. I've done it to my home network as a test a few times. Doesn't matter how strong your key is.
-As such, you should, if you have the option, switch to WPA2. It is significantly more secure and effectively hack-proof. Note that some gadgets may not support it (though the only one I can think of is the original and Lite-flavour DSes). There should be an option somewhere to use WPA or WPA2 instead of WEP (probably a drop-down menu or list). If WPA2 isn't an option then WPA is still better, though not perfect. The particular kind of WPA2 doesn't matter (TKIP or AES or whatever).

-Note that switching to WPA2 will, like changing your WEP key, cause everything connected to the wireless network to lose its connection until you connect them again with the WPA2 key.
Hope that helps.

Edit: Abuh? This thread has over 100 000 views. Some of that will be web crawlers, but I have to think that we've had at least a few thousand people Googling this and ending up here. Which is...I don't know. Don't 2Wire products come with manuals? A website? Something?
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