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Old 05-13-2012, 05:30 PM
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The Fairy Tree Man and the Slasher

I'm putting these two NPC's together because they're usually seen together in most RP's that they're in . . .

Name: The Fairy Tree Man

Gender: Unknown (appears to be male based on name, overall gender is still unknown)

Race: Demon

Age: Unknown

Personality: N/A

Appearance: The Fairy Tree Man is usually not seen in physical form – if he is, he usually possesses another body so that he can interact with the real world. In his non-physical form, he resembles a very tall black shadow with many tentacles lashing from his body.

History: The Fairy Tree Man is a demon that has been presumed to only be from folklore, but has been noted to have been seen in several instances around the world. Those who see the Fairy Tree Man usually don’t survive to tell the tale, but if they do happen to make it out alive, they are forced to live a life on the run – because when the Fairy Tree Man spots someone he wants, he will stop at nothing to catch his prey.

It is believed that the Fairy Tree Man has been around for centuries, and has shown up in the real world in many different forms to better blend himself in with his surroundings.

Permissions: Myself, Flexi, Ruki, Haagar212


Name: The Slasher

Gender: Unknown

Race: Demon

Age: Unknown

Personality: N/A

Appearance: According to sightings of survivors, the Slasher appears to look like a naked white dog that crawls around on all four of his long limbs, and has deep white orbs for eyes. In some cases, it is also said that he has razor-sharp claws that are the same size as his own body.

History: The Slasher is a demon that can often be caught seen with the Fairy Tree Man. Unlike the Fairy Tree Man however, the Slasher does not play games with its prey – when it finds its victims, it kills them on the spot, instead of chasing them for months on end. The Slasher also has the ability to possess living beings, much like the Fairy Tree Man.

Permissions: Myself, Flexi, Ruki, Haagar212
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