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Androids and Constructs

Author's Note: I'll be using this thread to document the various androids, constructs and AI used in Orion's RPs. They will be generic NPC roles, unless otherwise specified.


Model Class: Combat Automaton

Model Type: The MA15 is a combat-functional artificial intelligence. Unlike their exploratory counterparts, the EC class [attachment], the MA15 have a single core logical difference CPU. This means their intelligence is significantly lower than the EC class, though they are by no means stupid. They are classed as 'automaton intelligence' rather than artificial intelligence - they are smart as a machine but not capable of processing beyond their preprogrammed protocol. Instead, their logical difference CPU allows them to function along and towards that protocol, or their core directive.

Whilst the MA class can act independantly for extended periods of time, it nonetheless depends upon a central, artificially intelligent program or construct for new directives - it is incapable of setting or changing its own directives. Therefore the MA class is required to return to the source upon completion of its directives and goals.

Height: The MA class is designed to be a strong but lithe combat role; the standard height of this class is approximately 1.85 metres, just under 6 feet.
Weight: The MA weighs in at a basic 244 lbs; however, this can increase in armoured units.

Eyes: The MA unit has no need for coloured ocular plates; their 'eyes' are not dissimilar the lens of a camera.

General Appearance: The appearance of the (standard) MA15 unit is relatively simple; they are formed of gunmetal grey metal alloy with a darker exoskeleton. They are not designed with appearance in mind, as they can be specifically coloured for camouflage with ease. They are broad in the shoulders and waist but still hold an overall lithe and slim figure, and this is represented in their speed and agility. There are three grooves set into each unit's forearms from the elbow joint to the wrist. These grooves are inlaid with a light emitting strip diode, which only emits light when power courses through them.

Unlike their EC counterparts, the facial features of the MA15 class are almost wholly blank apart from their 'eyes', as they have no need for anything else. Their heads are smaller and slightly squarer than the EC class, and seem almost pill-shaped. The rest of their body is fairly standard for a bipedal structure.

Weapon(s): The MA15 class is extremely capable in multiple methods of combat, from hand-to-hand to weapons and firearms. Their skills are programmed during their initial calibration. Some of the basic weaponry available to the MA15 class include:

Palm Unit: The MA15 class has a small device set into the palm of its hand. Unlike the EC's multipurpose unit, this is primarily used as a weapon, and is slightly more powerful and more efficient than the EC's version. The grooves set into the unit's forearms glow with faint light when the weapon is activated; they are also used to connect and power other weapons, vehicles, and equipment.

The MA15's palm-cannon, and any other weapon that is connected through these grooves, is powered by the same fusion-processor that acts as the main power source of the MA unit, which is located in the centre of their chest.

Fusion Cannon: The Fusion Cannon is an external mobile cannon; it is bulky and heavy, and therefore impractical for common use. The cannon draws power through the arm grooves of the MA15 and releases it in a single blast. (It cannot fire extended bursts.) This weapon is extremely powerful, capable of destroying even heavily armoured structures with frightening ease. The main limitation of this weapon - other than its bulk and weight - is the slow charge it requires, at approximately 4.2 seconds. When charging, the cannon emits a high pitched keening noise.

The weapon is used by entering the user's entire hand and forearm into the cannon - naturally, it takes some strength to hold and use this weapon effectively. The unit's arm grooves and palm device are used to power this machine.

Armor: The MA15's armour capabilities is as varied as the weapons; the unit's armour can be adapted and modified to suit conditions. Their basic armour configuration is tough enough to (somewhat) withstand ballistic projectiles and light energy fire.

Battle Strengths: The MA15 is designed for combat purposes. It is strong, fast, capable of working effectively as a group or individually. It is proficient with many weapons and fighting methods. To underestimate such a machine can be deadly.

Battle Weaknesses: Despite its strength and capabilities, this is nonetheless a machine. It is not as intelligent as other androids, and requires a directive to follow. This unit can adapt with ease, but it is not capable of truly learning. The unit can be vulnerable to EMF and frequency manipulation, as it requires frequencies to communicate with other androids.

Personality: None. The MA15 is not capable of learning or acting independantly. It has no personality. It has no aggression or hostility, it merely follows the directive it has been set, to the parameters of the directive. The more extensive the parameters, the higher its capacity to act. The stricter the parameters, the less it can do.

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Even in the grave, all is not lost.
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Re: Androids and Constructs


Model Class: Combat Drone

Model Type: The MA09 is a combat unit used primarily for assault purposes but occasionally utilised for defensive measures. Unlike later models, the MA09 bears only partial processing capabilities - they require strict operating directives to function in even a basic manner. They also require a direct and constant signal feed from a hub-construct, without which they are unable to maintain a directive and will subsequently deactivate.

Production of the MA09 ceased when they proved to be too unstable as combat unit (due to various malfunctions and failures). However their effectiveness in battle would ensure that they were not decommissioned or destroyed, and the remainder of their model would be utilised until none were left.

Height: The height of this model is 2.0 metres.
Weight: The MA09 weighs an imposing 304 lbs. They are solid and heavy units, with thick alloy plating.

Eyes: The MA09 unit has no need for coloured ocular plates; their 'eyes' are not dissimilar to the lens of a camera.

General Appearance: The MA09 (no longer found in standard production lines) was designed to be an imposing military figure that would stride through battlefields without fear or hesitation, a unit that would continue to follow its instructions to their completion or the destruction of the unit itself. Because of this, the model's creator hoped to convey the nature of this relentless machine through its visage - a skull-like face formed of the same non-yielding alloy as the rest of the machine's endoskeleton. The facial appearance does not change, it can form no expression other than this frightful mask of death.

The body of the MA09 is no less imposing. They bear no trace of the later model's finesse or rounded appearance; these units were mass-produced and as such viewed as expendable units. If they were damaged, they could be repaired. If destroyed, they could be salvaged for parts. Thus it seems that full armour was not seen as necessary for these models, and much of their mechanical workings remained visible, such as the hydraulic pumps in their arms and legs. The statistically vulnerable areas of the figure, and the vital areas such as the head, were the only parts of the MA09 to be armoured. Though the MA09 is generally humanoid, their hands have only three fingers and an opposable thumb.

Weapon(s): The MA09 class is only capable using external weaponry, most exclusively firearms. During production each unit is issued with a pulse rifle, but they are capable of using any trigger-feature weapon. It cannot access or use any of the later model's weaponry or vehicles such as the MA15's Fusion Cannon.

PR21: The standard pulse rifle of the MA09, this weapon is heavy and tough. It is produced with an internal hydrogen fuel cell which stimulates a current through a minute pulse generator. The pulse is then driven through an accelerator which fires the pulse like a laser round. This method gives each pulse rifle an almost limitless ammunition supply, so long as the hydrogen cell is kept in stasis.

There are two main disadvantages of this weapon. The first is the instability of the fuel cell - if the fuel cell is destabilised or its stasis field fails for any reason, the cell will combust at an extreme rate causing a large explosion - powerful enough to destroy a unit(s) with ease.

The second disadvantage is the strength of the pulse round, or lack thereof; the effectiveness of the accelerator is proportional to its size (and its size is proportional to the stability of the weapon) which is limited to the mechanism of the gun. The pulse round fired through the accelerator is powerful enough to prove fatal for an unarmoured human and/or most other biological organisms, but it can cause little to no structural damage on heavily armoured fortifications, vehicles, or units. In short, appropriate armour can impede the effectiveness of this weapon, though not forever.

Armor: The MA09 has one standard armour configuration. Its endoskeleton is formed of a dense alloy that gives it good all-round protection. Damage to the unit's structure must be fairly extensive to destroy the unit completely.

Battle Strengths: The MA09 is a relentless combat machine; it is physically incapable of assigning its own directive and therefore must continue to follow instructions through to the completion of its directive. It is an indefatigable soldier and can be described with an easy motto: "do or die". The MA09 is extermely strong, capable of lifting great weights. It can fight in any condition, any environment.

Battle Weaknesses: The MA09 has one significant weakness: it is dependant on a central construct and must be linked to that construct's signal at all times. Failure to hold the link - or the act of severing that link - will result in the unit's deactivation. This dependancy on a signal link also makes the MA09 class more vulnerable to signal hacking. The MA09 is slow, loud, and heavy, its movements robotic and slow. These are all traits that can work against this machine.

Personality: None. The MA09 is not capable of functioning beyond its primary directive, which it receives via signal feed from a remote construct or equivalent.

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