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Fornuez's Flip Side Characters

Updated April 2012.

Name: Saelius Milyukov [Say-LEE-is or SAY-lee-is ... Meel-YOU-kahv]
Nickname/Alias: None yet.
Occupation: Freshman student at Blancwood High

Age: 14 & ½ years
Date of Birth: March 16, 1997
Zodiac: Pisces

Sex: Male
Ethnicity: ½ Caucasian; 1/4 Russian; 1/4 Hispanic

Height: 5' 2" (1.58 m)
Weight: 100 lbs. (45 kg)

Eye Color: Alice Blue.
Hair Color: Dark brown; chestnut in sunlight.
Skin Color: Creamy, light olive.

General Appearance:
Saelius is a petite yet lively boy with distinct feminine elements. He is the result of a rare but reasonable marriage of charming daintiness and passable sturdiness. Some of his physical features, particularly from the neck upwards, lend him an androgynous appearance ... to a degree. Saelius doesn’t so much resemble a girl as he does fulfill the title of ‘pretty boy.’ His anatomically normal male traits are simply offset by a generous serving of gentleness, adding to the ambiguity of his gender. For this reason, Saelius may have drawn more gazes to his person than he would ever feel comfortable acknowledging - but mostly in part because of his very tranquil, unusually light blue eyes.

Not to mention the observation that the serenity of his appearance is almost synchronous with that of his likeable personality.

His figure is light and lean, amiable in that it has a durable base and a tender finish. While there are no areas with excess bulk on his person, Saelius has a body type appropriate of an amateur young gymnast: lithe. But still immature.

The same could be said of his face. Generally he lacks the abrasiveness in his features that would help him transition into a full-fledged adult man. His symmetrical face is tender and full, thick-skinned; overall shaped like a heart, retaining much of its softness due to very tame jaws and cheekbones. Saelius has dainty orifices, most notably a small and unblemished nose. Plus a supple pair of lips with a curvy cupid’s bow that seems to free up space for his lower lip. His round, weak-ridged forehead holds fine eyebrows that appear lighter than his hair color.

Saelius has a dark-brown base for his hair color, though in good lighting there appears to be a chestnut-like additive; this is subtle. His hair is relatively long, primarily straight with shape-maintaining volume in a style similar to his mother’s. Needless to say that it is probably his most feminine quality. Usually his hair does well to retain just the right amount of moisture it needs to feed its exceptional sleekness. Touching it will prove it is just as exceptionally smooth as it looks. A hand can pass freely through it, unhindered like if through the air.

His hair is layered in size order; the longest locks from the back of his head, and the shortest from the sides of his forehead, or his bangs. At the back his hair extends to the tips of his shoulder blades. The layers become increasingly shorter and wavier as they reach the ears, at which they are level with his chin. His sideburns are clipped short but often hidden from sight as with most of his ears. His bangs are parted but not evenly so. They are inclined to grow a little more towards his left hand side. Both have about half the length of his longest locks of hair, and always parted to hang beside his face.

A very singular shade of light-blue colors his puppy eyes. It is a very tranquil pigmentation and fitting of his passive eyes. Typically dim and unruffled, on occasion both they and his eyebrows will exhibit his feelings with ease, as both are very expressive. For a finishing touch, his eyes are adorned with naturally long eyelashes. These thick frames truly accentuate his eyes by contrasting both their color and that of his skin.

His parents have always dressed him well. Saelius has picked up on their fashion sensitivity. He typically wears light colors with good-quality denim jeans that contour his figure, and sometimes sporty clothing. His clothes say his parents are economically in decent standing. However, Saelius is moderate in this regard and never overdoes it.

English: Born in the U.S., he speaks American English with a standard accent. It is his mother’s first language. Although Saelius practices a second language, he has adapted his mother’s American accent. Hearing his speech does not often give signs of his foreign roots.

Spanish: Saelius is bilingual, also fluent in Spanish. His father Stephan Milyukov is a U.S. born citizen, though has lived in South America for much of his childhood. Stephan has been able to preserve his native tongue, continue to practice it, and pass it on to his children. Saelius has spent several years in the southern hemisphere, too. He speaks to his father in both languages.

Russian: He has learned a couple of simple phrases from his grandfather. Some of which Saelius’ father is occasionally heard uttering or swearing.

Saelius is a very kind and sweet young boy, unsurprisingly so given the tenderness of his physical features. There is a sort of childish innocence about him. Yet for a person so in tune with peace and tranquility, Saelius is surprisingly very aware of many things frightening and wrong in the world. He presents admirable traits like empathy and intuitiveness quite strongly. His mind is very active and has a sharp awareness of what lies underneath, as a result. Fortunately for him, his gentleness has remained intact despite a number of dreadful experiences. Those loveable traits are tightly secured by a very strong will and similarly powerful heart. His soul is strong even if his body is not, and this counts for a lot judging by how his actions speak dozens of times louder than his words. For all the dangers he has faced, Saelius is very calm and down to earth. He is sweetly simple, not complicated in the least.

He is often willing to do almost anything with friends and loved ones (for entertainment and recreational purposes) so long as it doesn’t cause other people trouble, isn’t something destructive, or recklessly dangerous. It therefore comes as a surprise when he reveals that he will do absolutely anything to help out those he cares for - whereby he is willing to do almost anything for friends and loved ones (to preserve their well being and lives) ... however threatening to his own life the situation may be. Alas, Saelius hasn’t been given much of a chance to exercise his incredible bravery; the reason being that he hasn’t been able to establish and maintain deep friendships. This is largely due to living a sort of nomadic life.

But if Saelius somehow manages to salvage a good friend, he becomes completely devoted. Never telling secrets, always taking an interest in them before his own priorities.

His mild and cute appearance goes well with his tender personality. His heart is a very powerful one that makes him very memorable if one gets to know him well. He is capable of very profound emotion and passionate, unconditional love for another human being. Saelius feels and expresses emotions much more potently than normal, but since he is generally silent, is also generally reserved about his feelings in public places like school. Nonetheless, everything is clear in his eyes. Saelius is a terrible liar, his eyes giving him away immediately in the act. In contrast to these gracious characteristics, Saelius is very brave and can be a little reckless when it comes to bettering the lives of or protecting those he cares about. Even for strangers, his selflessness is strong.

The meek boy is very gentle and is never seen angry. Evidently he is very sweet and polite if addressed, though very quiet and evasive of large crowds. His strong capacity to love and care for something proves his heart is deeply complex.

Weapons: N/A

Carried Possessions:
  • His backpack, which stores some books and materials needed for the next class or for homework.
  • His parents have supplied him with a cell-phone in case of emergencies; it is a ‘smartphone.’ He doesn’t play or tinker much with it, apparently only taking advantage of its camera if he doesn’t have his digital camera handy with him. It has GPS installed within it, giving his parents his location in real-time.
  • A silver digital camera he occasionally carries. Saelius loves taking pictures and often produces decent sketches from them. He doesn’t carry it all the time for fear that he might get it stolen.

  • He is naturally talented at sports, having a natural grace with his feet and great dexterity with his hands.
  • He is also very quick on his feet and has decent reflexes.
  • Saelius sketches landscapes and people pretty well. It is a hobby, related to his love for photography. This reveals his pain-staking attention to detail, a trait that makes him reliable for providing information.
  • He is also very flexible and has some acrobatic skill. He has been taught to prioritize evasion, avoiding being hit as opposed to staying his ground and fighting back.
Battle Strengths:
In addition to being young and very small for his age, Saelius has very little, if any, experience in fighting. However, he is good at evading things, and can probably outrun most of his peers, perhaps even adults. And not that he would do it on purpose, but Saelius can cause some hurt with a well-placed kick. Consider that he has played soccer for many years and has strong legs.

Battle Weaknesses:
He could probably find ways of defending himself against a single attacker using his own body, but if ganged up on he can be easily overpowered. As he is small and his bones are still developing, Saelius is relatively frail. A good hit or two will put him down.

Other Notes:
He will very occasionally hallucinate and/or have a light panic attack for little to no apparent reason. This may occur randomly, but more likely if under stress.

Saelius has a habit of stammering or stuttering if under pressure. His speech is somewhat unique in that his word choice is sometimes different or awkward, the correctness of his grammar also sometimes questionable. He prefers phrases over full, consecutive sentences.

Saelius has never been capable of truly settling down. He has lived on the move for most of his life, having gone through at least three elementary schools and two middle schools before having to leave the state again. He has not been able to preserve a good friend. His most recent relocation has put him in a city called Blancwood, his parents’ place of birth.
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Nevrae'm (Flipside Verdaint)

Updated April 2012.

Name: Nevrae’m Milyukov (Neh-VRAY-um ... Meel-YOU-kahv)
Nickname/Alias: Nev; Nevy; Never.
Occupation: New Junior student at Blancwood High.

Date of Birth: November 16, 1994
Age: 16 years; soon going on 17
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Sex: Male
Ethnicity: ½ Caucasian; 1/4 Russian; 1/4 Hispanic

Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 115 lbs.

Eye Color: Vibrant green, as in the mineral jade.
Hair Color: Light, golden auburn.
Skin Color: A light tan, the color of milky coffee.

General Appearance:
Nevrae’m is likely distinctive among his peers for his small stature and light physique. Hardly the likeness of his militaristic father in this respect, there is a surprising lack of strength in some of his cranial features. From his neck upward, Nevrae’m has an arsenal of somewhat pretty or gentle features, a trend that his brother Saelius has picked up on. This in turn magnifies the youth of his body overall. It almost seems puberty developed his body much more modestly than in normal males, taking on a gentler and more feminine approach. But Nevrae’m is unquestionably male through and through.

In spite of a genuine suppleness about him, and the obvious inadequacy of his size that point assumptions toward the boy being more sedentary, Nevrae’m isn’t exactly a scrawny little wimp. Purposely hidden underneath layers of clothing, one may not imagine his surprisingly robust figure could come in such a lightweight package. He has enough stockiness that he can be capable of commendable athleticism, plus endurance and shocking strength that would make him a good candidate in any sports team. His lower body strength is evident just by the girth of his legs and the slight broadness of his pelvis.

Meanwhile, his symmetrical face is cordial and lithe. A weak jaw and tender cheekbones have kept his face more heart-shape than anything, yet with a decent width and thick layer of skin his face has a generous fullness about it. Shoulder-length hair frames his pretty face, adding some flair of femininity to this firstborn son of a professional killer. His hair is well kempt, a golden-auburn in color, draping over his head gently and gracefully. It is worn in layers generally in size order, the shortest locks consisting of his equally parted bangs - about level with his chin. Lengthening as they approach the rear of his head, where they reach a bit past his shoulders.

The rich green of his eyes is comparable to an attractive mineral, namely jade. He has a somewhat naturally enticing look about his eyes, inclined inwards in posture and decorated with double rows of long eyelashes. This occurring beneath a highly expressive brow. Nevrae’m is very observant and will shamelessly angle his eyes toward anything he finds interest in.

Nevrae’m has recently been very selective of the colors he wears, preferring dark colors like black, brown, gray and dark shades of blue. Unchanged taste in trousers has him wear good-quality denim jeans that contour his figure well. While the darker blue and black jeans are still part of his wardrobe, he shuns the lighter ones and any kind of shorts. Brown boots or dark sneakers are worn. He will never or seldom be seen wearing white. To take risks with gentler colors really relies on his mood. Nevrae’m typically wears dark, solid-color hoodies, and perhaps similarly practical sweaters that do not often advertise a certain brand. His clothes cite a subtle fashion sensitivity, but the simplicity of his style lets it be known that Nevrae’m does not aim to please. He will wear long-sleeves even in warm weather.

Other Notes: (Body Scars)
There are good reasons why Nevrae’m covers himself with clothing no matter the weather. Intimacy issues have arisen from a recent crisis in his life. He does not like to be touched by just about anyone.

Nevrae’m has long linear scars on the backs of each arm, starting from the elbows, traversing up on his shoulders until the collarbone. They were formed by burning over incisions he received when apprehended by a personal enemy of his family’s. Similar small scars outline the lower curve of his shoulder blades. His parents have gone to great lengths to restore the injured skin as best they can, but Nevrae’m has refused any type of extensive treatment. Less than 1/4 of an inch in width, the trails of the scars are slightly elevated and only slightly discolored from the rest of his skin.

English: Born in the U.S., he speaks American English with a standard accent. It is his mother’s first language. Although Nevrae’m practices a second language, he has adapted his mother’s American accent. Hearing his speech does not often give signs of his foreign roots.

Spanish: Nevrae’m is bilingual, also fluent in Spanish. His father Stephan Milyukov is a U.S. born citizen, though has lived in South America for much of his childhood. Stephan has been able to preserve his native tongue, continue to practice it, and pass it on to his children. Nevrae’m has spent several years in the southern hemisphere, too. He speaks to his father in both languages.

Russian: He has learned a couple of simple phrases from his grandfather. Some of which Nevrae’m’s father is occasionally heard uttering or swearing.

Nevrae’m is very reserved and secretive about his personal life. Were it not for the strange ability of his eyes to reflect the status of his heart with clarity, Nevrae’m could go through an entire school year without anyone suspecting something a little off about him. He has always been very selective of those he acquaints with, and takes even fewer risks in merely considering who he decides to call a true friend. Obviously the boy is more complex than he’ll dare reveal. Contained within that placid yet sort of restless shell that is his body is a dangerous accumulation of intense feelings and emotions. Nevrae’m does not often allow himself to voice his opinions or show much care, almost in fear that his sentiments would be ridiculed or shunned, robbing them of their significance. He is solemn on the surface, mature, and almost carelessly focused in his schoolwork.

He is new to Blancwood and thus does not have any friends yet. It is unlikely that he would easily welcome another’s company, nonetheless. Unless it is necessary for class. Nevrae’m is very detail oriented and something of a perfectionist. He will work with whomever he is forced to, but won’t like it if his partners are less dedicated than himself. Nevrae’m is very intelligent, capable of being among the top in his grade. He isn’t wholeheartedly passionate about school, however. He has shown to avoid class participation partly to avoid drawing attention to himself.

It would not be unusual for someone to try and take advantage of him due to his size and mild appearance. But in the simplest words that I can put it: Nevrae’m doesn’t take s*** from anybody. He can easily whip up a venomous temper that can result in the other party regretting having rattled his cage. The kid can be frighteningly vengeful, so it is unwise to get on his bad side. His feats of rage can be fairly destructive. His patience has been very thin as of late, furthermore. Nevrae’m can be very moody these days, especially if someone attempts to decipher him or pry too much into his business. He gives the respect that he desires from others, be it a peer or an elder with authority over him.

Nevrae’m is very malleable, and so, life experiences can significantly alter his overall demeanor. Recently, Nevrae’m has lost a very valuable friend in part because of some unfortunate ordeals. The apparent death of that friendship has gravely wounded Nevrae’m’s surprisingly tender heart. He doesn’t let himself believe that he will someday be able to find friendship anywhere like he did before that loss. Nevrae’m has been diagnosed with depression, yet does not take any medication for it, feeling that doing so would make his feelings feel artificial. He takes counseling occasionally but lately has missed several appointments out of his own unwillingness. However, he goes at least sometimes, and still does well in school for only two reasons: firstly, to prevent social services to look into his life and bring trouble for his parents; secondly, to keep his mind busy, distracting him from his anguish.

It wouldn’t be easy, but befriending him might reveal the more generous qualities about Nevrae’m. This part of him tends to be very loyal to his loved ones. The type that would encourage him to do anything for or with the people important to his heart.

Weapons: A multi-purpose Swiss Army Knife. Not exclusively or purposely a weapon, but its knife can be used for self defense. Nevrae’m will not often carry the apparatus in school, stashing it in an unknown location during the course of the school day, withdrawing it into his pocket while in the streets of Blancwood.

Carried Possessions:
  • His backpack, which stores some books and materials needed for the next class or for homework. It is black.
  • A Blackberry ‘smartphone’ with a qwerty keypad for text messaging. Primarily used to tell time and for handy internet access. Nevrae’m does not realize that his parents have installed a GPS chip somewhere in the handheld’s guts, giving them his location in real-time.
  • Wallet and keys, though always stored in an internal pocket within his backpack just in case someone tries to mug him.

  • Fairly good at sports, having excellent footwork and high strength.
  • Quick on his feet and has decent reflexes.
  • Very intelligent, Nevrae’m tends to grasp things much quicker than his peers. He learns very fast and has very good memory, helping him excel in his exams.
  • Nevrae’m enjoys listening to music and singing in synch with his favorite songs. It is one of his hobbies aside from reading. His collection and knowledge of music is impressive, especially for being so young. Nevrae’m is a very good singer, his voice soft, controlled, and beautiful. Not that he’d sing publicly, though.
Battle Strengths:
Physically, he doesn’t have as many strengths or abilities as someone who is actually trained to fight. Nevrae’m can cause damage to and possibly stun another person with a well-placed kick, however. Consider that he has played soccer for many years and has very strong legs. Even a jab from this boy should be evaded, as there is surprising strength and brutality contained in this lightweight package.

His father has taught him some self-defense tactics which, due to his line of work, are typically very brutal, strikes intended to incapacitate quickly by targeting tender areas. Don’t get on his bad side: Nevrae’m is explosive and relentless, not stopping until he is put down.

Battle Weaknesses:
He is not an expert at fighting and has little experience. Nevrae’m can be bested by an experienced martial artist, though not without a good fight. If ganged up on, he can be easily overpowered and thrown around. His bones are surprisingly strong, but can be injured, for they are still in development.

Nevrae’m is not the type to surrender even when the odds are against him. It would not be unusual for him to fight until either he or his adversary is lying down, broken and battered. He will attempt to fight even if badly wounded, provided that his body can take it. This prideful boy will not stop until he is knocked out unconscious or cannot reach his adversary due to his injuries. Nevrae’m is clearly very reckless in this regard.

His father’s line of work and his grandfather’s complicated history have forced on Nevrae’m a chaotic life of being constantly on the move. In all his schools and neighborhoods before Blancwood, Nevrae’m had found only one good friend with whom he could honestly connect with. The bond sustaining their friendship was strong, and for a while Nevrae’m was genuinely happy. This ceased a few months ago. Nevrae’m doesn’t speak much about his former friend Harken Naxull or of the events that led to the sudden end of their friendship.

It is known that Nevrae’m and his younger brother Saelius were kidnaped by a very malicious organization whom apparently had a history with the Milyukovs. Nevrae’m was tortured for some time, his physical well-being dependant on how much desirable intelligence the boys’ father provided. Somehow, Harken was able to track them down. Investigating the scene, it was determined that the young man personally subdued the perpetrator’s subordinates and ultimately freed Nevrae’m and his brother Saelius. However, Harken was seemingly mortally wounded in the process. There was evidence to suggest that Nevrae’m personally and brutally killed his torturer in retaliation. Despite his injuries.

Against some odds, Harken survived, was consequently rewarded for the heroic feat, but for unknown reasons cut off his ties to Nevrae’m. The loss of his friend had hit Nevrae’m harder than his torture. Though he agreed to take counseling for the traumatic experience, Nevrae’m seldom talks about the specifics of that experience to anyone. Let alone the fate of his friendship with Harken.

The Milyukovs packed their lives and moved out of their hometown, hopefully for the last time. Nevrae’m’s heart and mentality are still very tender, but he is in stable condition. He longs to find the means to reconcile with his deeply esteemed former friend, or to find it in himself to move on and hope life will treat him with more compassion before he goes too far down in a spiraling path of hopelessness.
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Harken Naxull (Flipside Narken)

Name: Harken Naxull
Nickname/Alias: N/A
Occupation: Senior student at Blancwood High.

Date of Birth: October 10, 1992
Age: 18 years
Zodiac Sign: Libra

Sex: Male
Ethnicity: Russian
Nationality: Russian-American (1st Generation)

Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 165 lbs.

Eye Color: Turquoise.
Hair Color: Light brown.
Skin Color: Fair with a tinge of wheat.

General Appearance:
Harken is a generally average young man in terms of appearance. He is nothing extraordinary; neither the tallest nor the bulkiest, not the shortest nor the lankiest. A sturdy figure flattered with well developed muscles pushes him more toward the group of the tougher guys, however. He is toned and lithe as opposed to burly, having a figure similar to that of a gymnast’s. Every major muscle group of his body has had some work, such that he is almost a bit stocky within his own constraints, e.g. no particular preference for upper strength over lower body strength, and vice-versa. This sort of humility goes well with his cool, lain-back demeanor, plus his overall calm and mature behavior.

Harken’s hair is light-brown, generally straight but a touch shaggy as a whole. It is layered into a very low-key or moderate mullet, a style that is popular among Russian youths. The bangs of his hair are the shortest, carelessly covering some parts of his forehead at about half its length. At his sides the temples and ears are spared, locks kept shorter but scissor-cut. Behind the ears is a neat layer of semi-long locks, tapering slightly toward the middle of his nape where they end just before the level of his shoulders.

Harken has somewhat handsome facial features, again nothing out of the ordinary and purely functional. Though sharp and robust, his face is still boyish to some degree. The fullness of its skin asserts his youth, yet his serious expressions lend him a wiser air about him. His face is sort of diamond-shaped and generally balanced in height, its sturdiness seen more so in its width. Somewhat high and prominent cheekbones are common traits of his lineage. Along with a mundane jaw, they stretch the skin of his cheeks adequately to give his countenance the sharper look of a developing teen. His thin nose is mostly angular as opposed to round, its bone protruding prominently below the bridge. Behind his solemn lips are rows of naturally well-aligned teeth, but seldom fully seen, in part because his grins aren’t typically very wide.

His forehead is mostly straight but strong at the ridge, making his eyes slightly deep-set. It carries his tense eyebrows in a downward incline toward the bridge of his nose. His sometimes stagnant eyes look more rectangular than oval. Their irises are both rimmed by a thin ring of dark sea water, which fence in murky bays of turquoise. The opacity of his eyes varies depending on his level of focus, which lately is often in flux. A more brilliant sheen will grace them the more focused he is on a person, but this is subtle and takes knowing the language of eyes.

He has a thin scar on his right cheek, starting from below the inner part of his eye, running down diagonally until a few inches from the jaw. More commonly during a weekday, Harken may have bags under his eyes due to lack of sleep. Generally speaking, his expressions have an uncanny seriousness about them. What makes these different from a naturally solemn person’s rigidness is that his are obviously just shells. Hardened by some pretty tough experiences. The harmlessness of his eyes reveals the distinction.

Harken is attracted to things with naturally aesthetic merits, but this isn’t quite as obvious in how he dresses. He has a preference for practical and functional clothing. The fact that he wears mostly the duller colors of the spectrum cites an accidental consciousness in color variation, but even if he is given something completely out of synch with the rest of his wardrobe, he will wear it if it fits and is comfortable. Crew tees, denim jeans and leather jackets are common for him. His style is fittingly mature enough for a young adult his age.

English: Harken speaks American English fluently, though with a very subtle accent. Not uncommon of 1st generation Americans whose immigrant parents start them off with their own native tongue, throwing in some Broken English at best. In Harken’s case it isn’t very easy to determine exactly what other language he uses, except that it is obvious he has foreign roots and is perhaps East European. His accent is simply not as sharp and refined as a pure American’s. He tends to sound out most of his letters and avoid contractions, such as don’t or can’t.

Russian: Both of Harken’s parents were Russian nationals and fairly conservative about their speech. Practically the only situations in which Harken was known to address his parents in English were in teacher conferences and such. He speaks Russian fluently and articulately, is able to read and write it efficiently, but likely does not put as much emphasis on the accent as a true national. Typically his thoughts are in English.

Other Notes: (Psychogenic Amnesia)
By unknown means, Harken has lost the ability to recall any information from a specific time in his life. The span of which covers approximately two years of memory, specifically from 2009 to early 2011. As it was an experimental procedure, this memory loss might someday expire. It is imperfect, unbeknownst to him. Some important aspects of his life in the forgotten time sometimes provoke strange physiological responses from his body ... usually if they are physical things that he can get close to. The ‘triggers’ can vary. In some instances he takes it a level further, trying to associate these things as puzzle pieces for his lost memory. Extreme headaches are often a result, perhaps even anxiety attacks.

It is common for Harken to sustain crippling fatigue after restless nights, complete with nightmares of past traumatic experiences.

Harken is a pleasant young man to acquaint with in that he’s very genuine. Not exactly the cheeriest fellow out there, yet his tones have all the sounds of earnestness. This boy is serious in almost every aspect of his life in a sort of responsible manner. This is offset by his very lax and unruffled demeanor - Harken is still young and dislikes the all-work-and-no-play lifestyle that he sees some are just confined to. People might think that he is a bit mysterious particularly if they notice that his tranquility is accompanied by a rigidity seen on his face. But Harken doesn’t usually give off the vibe that he’s crazy or harmful. There is in fact a harmlessness about his eyes. He doesn’t often reach for social situations, but if they are inviting he may welcome them.

A free spirit, Harken is generally cool and unfazed by things that some people cannot stand. He is polite and respectful to other people no matter their social status, hardly ever competing with his peers moreover. His level of patience is admirable for one his age. He is fairly open-minded and likes to study behaviors and different personalities, finding amusement in things he has not been able to experience. He doesn’t seem to display any particular passion in life, but it takes getting to know him to determine for sure. Those who have looked into his life know that he is very focused in his training as though his will were being fueled by some kind of obsessive intent. Harken would only say that he was probably born to do the things he can do with his body. There is also a selfless purpose behind all of it, but he has yet to define it completely.

He’d rather avoid a fight than start one. Knowing that, it wouldn’t be a surprise for him to help a defenseless person in need.

Harken will show the people around him his standard expressions and states of mind without worry. It’s when he starts losing stability that he almost becomes afraid of himself, afraid of what he might do to other people if his emotions remain unchecked. He doesn’t like to show these sides of himself. Harken knows how to conceal himself or parts of himself when he wants no one to see who he really is. He could be so uninteresting that no one would really notice if he’d leave for good.

Especially because of recent events, Harken avoids complex relationships and friendships. He won’t often talk about himself.

He carries no weapons - most of the time. The few firearms that he did possess were seized for precautionary reasons after he lost his memory, due to the recent spike in school shootings. His mental stability is indefinite and he has been considered a risk by the IDS, a local guild of vigilantes watching over the city. Harken may have several combat knives stashed somewhere in his apartment for self-defense, though.

Vehicle: Something small and simple, a 2003 Infinity G35 Coupe. It is stick shift transmission, so not many could drive it if they tried to steal it.

Carried Possessions:
  • For school he carries a dark-brown shoulder book-bag, which stores some books and materials needed for the next class or for homework.
  • Some type of smartphone, always on his person when he’s out.
  • Wallet and keys to his studio apartment, and his car keys.
  • A silver watch always worn around his left wrist, a gift from a friend he’s forgotten all about.
  • Harken is incredibly skilled in the Russian martial art known as Systema. Composure and a fearless attitude toward physical threats is important in this style. It uses very fluid movements in a relaxed state of mind, its swift and connective maneuvers intended for disorienting and disarming the enemy, often subduing them to the ground by throwing them completely off balance. Its abrupt and unexpected techniques require composure and precision, both of which Harken has plenty. Systema is an excellent defensive martial art which aims to manipulate the adversary’s own inertia. Practitioners seek out openings and weak spots of the body, forcing the adversary to less threatening positions by controlling their limbs, their joints, and the stability of their posture. The martial art is specially tailored to disarming enemies with close-range weapons such as knives and handguns, often turning their own weapons against them in mere moments. It is unwise for unskilled individuals to attack Harken with a knife, and even those with proficiency should not underestimate his ability to effectively disarm his foes.
    Offensively, the style concentrates on decisive and connective strikes that stun his enemies. Knockout points and pressure points are especially sought out. It utilizes mostly the sides of the hands, the elbows and knees for strikes. Strength is drawn from the core of the body. Strikes are often used in rapid succession, requiring accuracy and knowledge of the human body to target the most vulnerable areas quickly. It does not require much strength nor energy against those without good discipline. Even skilled martial artists can be in for a surprise, particularly the hard-hitting styles.

  • He has been trained to use several models of firearms, particularly submachine guns and handguns, often with live rounds at camps. He is an excellent marksman at least at close range, which is the effective range of the firearms he has personally handled. He is not as familiar with the longer-range rifles, but it wouldn’t take much time for him to pick up some proficiency with them. As with guns, Harken has been obligated to have great skill with combat knives. He seldom carries them however, and even if he does, Harken tends to keep them concealed for as long as possible. Typically so that his adversaries do not have much of a chance to study them.

  • His training never required him to sharpen his stealth probably because it was never intended for Harken to be used as an assassin. Despite this, Harken has a natural talent for sneaking into places unnoticed and remaining tactically hidden. He has a knack for finding the best spots to conceal his presence where it wouldn’t occur to anyone. And he can traverse from point A to point B with dead-silence if he wishes to. He is good at stashing things, too.

  • Has good survival skills in rough terrain, and isn’t unfamiliar with stepping out of his comfort zone. He is a useful teammate in any situation as well as he is a lone wolf, but don’t expect him to take on the role of leader.

  • He can drive manual/stick shift transmission cars as well as automatic ones.

  • He’s good at organizing things and keeping records of important dates, information, etc.. Needless to say he is meticulous about things. The tidy condition of his apartment, his car, and all of his possessions in general, remarks his attention to cleanliness, though it’s more of a learned habit from his late mother.

  • Harken puts theories and teachings to the test quite effectively. He tends to learn quickly when it comes to schoolwork and fighting techniques. His level of focus is also commendable, so it isn’t unusual for him to get good grades. However, due to his memory loss he has been unable to access certain knowledge that is necessary for his current classes. He might struggle a bit unless he relearns the curriculum.
Battle Strengths:
He has shown to incapacitate groups of criminals much older than himself, even without initially using a weapon. His ability to stealthily engage and bring down his adversaries, using incredible martial arts skills, helps him confine a fight to his liking. He is great at ambushing or sneaking up on enemies, and disabling or avoiding surveillance equipment that would otherwise compromise him. The disciplines of the martial art he practices have helped him attain the skill of quickly disarming foes using close-range weapons against him, often even snatching them from their grasp. The pinpoint precision of his strikes is also sometimes entertaining to watch. He does not need brute strength to win a fight - all it takes is finding the vulnerabilities, which he has been rigorously trained to exploit. It is for this reason that he can take out foes much larger and stronger than himself.

Battle Weaknesses:
Harken is well balanced in many respects, but he is not the strongest guy out there. His abilities tend to require precision rather than brute force, so he finds that they are more suited to urban environments. He’s a close-quarters guy. Open fields and empty lots can sometimes see him at a disadvantage in case of a sudden skirmish, considering he relies so much on his close-range abilities. Firearms targeting him at a distance pose a threat. Especially because he is almost never armed unless he has a specific intent to hurt someone. And considering how passive he is, this would be unusual.

If he does take an enemy’s weapon and turns it against them, Harken is likely to enforce a truce rather than maim or kill them. He is extremely picky about whose life he feels he can justify taking. In general, he likes to avoid physical disputes.

Harken has just recovered from a gunshot wound to his liver and a subsequent surgery to remove the bullet. The area is healing up generously but is still tender. He will avoid strenuous physical activity where he can until he recuperates completely in a few months.

His father had always been an ominous individual. Viktor Naxull was an obstinate believer of “survival of the fittest” to a maniacal degree, preaching that the weak and disabled did not deserve to live on grounds that their existence hindered humanity’s progression. The man himself was a self-proclaimed “prime example of an efficient human being,” both physically imposing and vastly intelligent. His beliefs eventually became ambition. His countless illegitimate children were the results of his flawed ideals. It seemed he had regarded himself so highly that he was certain he was doing humanity a great favor by passing on his beneficial genes. Any child that did not live up to his expectations was eliminated, and any promising candidate was put on the market along with its mother. Many of his surrogates were purchased/traded from other criminal organizations or captured by his own. Viktor Naxull bought his way into the country and worked a legitimate career as a surgeon. By night, he supplied the black market with human slaves and fresh stolen organs.

Harken and his fraternal twin brother Clein were trophies. They were the only children that Viktor Naxull called his own, raised by the only woman he could call his spouse. But like trophies, they were kept only for display. Naxull had to go to such lengths to relieve him of suspicion from Blancwood’s law enforcement agencies, which had begun to retake power. And despite Viktor’s unwillingness to involve his family in the shadowy parts of his life, he still had many plans for his twin boys. They were to be the best that they could be at everything they did, whether they wanted to or not.

The dangers of Blancwood almost demanded that the boys have at least the most basic knowledge of self-defense, but Harken and Clein didn’t have the choice of taking the novice courses. From a very early age, they were drilled in things such as survival techniques needed in the wilderness, and the proper ways of exercising the body. The drills became more rigorous the older they got, until about the age of nine that they began combat training. These were typically run underground and very strenuous. Summer vacations were always spent at these boot camps. The boys had the slightest semblance of a decent childhood only because their mother was very loving and merciful, whereas their father was ... cruel, demanding, and really just their sperm donor.

The more she learned of Viktor’s double life, the more she feared for hers sons’ well-being. Perhaps what drove her to seek a way to escape with her boys was the prospect of them becoming monsters like their father. Sadly, it was ultimately what got her killed. Her death had almost no indications of foul play, but her sons had a feeling that it was purely Viktor’s doing. At 15 years-old there was little they could do, and Harken preferred not to delve too deeply into it until they had the freedom to decide for themselves. But Clein let his resentment get the best of him and started eavesdropping way too much. Surmounting persistence from the IDS and local police pressured Viktor to devise an elaborate ploy to get them off his back. It was intended to be a false flag operation implicating rivaling criminal organizations ... killing several birds with one stone.

Clein lost his life quite barbarically, and Harken was forced to watch it. They were 16 at the time, but for some reason Harken doesn't really remember anything after that traumatic experience. He lost two years of memories up to that point and is trying to figure out if he can get that lost time back. And how in the hell he lost all that information. After the horrific experience he endured to have his memory wiped, his mind was still hazy and he woke up thinking he still had time to save his brother. But the intel he remembered procuring that led him to his brother that day instead led him to two other boys being held captive, not to his brother. He saved them anyway, getting shot in the process, but surviving the ordeal.

In recovery he at least regained the terrible nightmare of his brother getting killed. He had learned that his father was in prison, and that he no longer had any family to come home to. The place he lived all his life, moreover, had been requisitioned two years back. Harken was missing all that time. He could not continue to attend school while he recovered from his wound and thus was unable to graduate. Within the two years that he currently cannot remember, he did not live in Blancwood and was housed under the care of the IDS somewhere in a nearby city. But learning that he was now 18 he decided he’d move back to his hometown, the only life he knew.

Harken was generously compensated for saving the grandchildren of the IDS director. On top of that, he was given his own car and apartment so that he'd have flexibility over what he could do with his life. Little did he know that one of the boys he saved had once become his best friend, the person that invited him to his home when he had no family to spend a holiday with. Coincidentally, this boy would transfer to the same school as Harken.
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