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Name: Thomas

Gender: Male

Race: Human (Salowelfish)

Age: 15

Thomas is very shy around strangers and extremely quiet when working. He is very polite and well mannered and never puts a foot wrong. Thomas is very proud of his job and will always greet customers (If at all.) with a smile. Otherwise, he will try to stay out of people's way and keep himself hidden.

Thomas wears his Waiter's Uniform most of the time, as his job rules most of his life. It consists of a very smart, black waistcoat jacket, black trousers and polished shoes. Of course, there is the trademark neckerchief that he wears with pride, showing the logo of the Apple Pie restaurant.
Out of work, Thomas can be seen wearing very plain shirts and jumpers, usually in the colours Teal or Maroon.
He has very dark brown hair which he keeps neat and tidy without a strand out of place and deep green eyes. His face is slightly pointed which he inherits from his father.

Thomas has grown up in Salowelf City all his life where he lives in a tall terrace house above a small convenient pharmacy which his mother runs. He is very caring of his mother as she has raised him well and always putting him first.
He attended the local Salowelf Junior School where he was the quiet boy who liked only to read. Thomas made a few friends but not many he keeps in touch with as they have all moved to faraway towns to begin their future. Thomas, however, stayed in Salowelf and signed up for a Waitor's job in the Apple Pie restaurant where he has been serving since.
He likes Gina very much, especially her bubbly personality which he finds amusing when she makes mistakes. Sometimes, he helps her learn how to read and write during special sessions, as she never attended school. One day, he aspires to join a major university in a grand city where he can take his studies further and possibly become a doctor, but his family cannot afford the fees.

Anyone who wants permission, please PM me!

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