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Name: Gina

Gender: Female

Race: Human (Salowelfish)

Age: 15

Gina is very bubbly around people and can be a little eccentric. She is always pleased to meet new people, especially customers in the restaurant where she works. She is rarely serious and is always smiling, a great quality for attracting customers. She is very generous with her belongings and loves her uncle Cogan very much for caring for her. However, her loud personality can sometimes be a shock to strangers and they can feel intimidated but all Gina wants is a new friend.

Gina has jet black hair with a ruby red hair band. She has a small fringe which dangles directly down the centre of her forehead. Her eyes are hazel coloured and she has faint freckles on her cheeks, making her look incredibly young despite her true age. Her face is very regular and her skin tone is somewhat pale. When working, Gina wears her waitress outfit: a black dress with a white apron which makes her look pretty plain but she doesn't see this as a disadvantage. When not working, she wears her only other item of clothing, a red blouse with a worn black skirt.

Gina was born in a northern port town where she lived with her parents, a fisherman and a waitress, until the age of six when her father lost his life at sea and her mother sent her to live with her uncle in Salowelf City, knowing that her wages weren't enough to support both her and her daughter. Her uncle, Cogan, appointed her as a waitress in his restaurant where she has worked ever since under the care of him.

Anyone who wants permission, please PM me!

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