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Black Tide Crew

"Into the ocean, end it all"

Name: Liam Nordstar
Nickname /Alias: Maelstrom
Occupation: Captain of the pirate ship Black Tide
Age: Unknown
Apparent Age: 29
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 170 lbs
Eye Color: Silver
Hair Color/Style: Silvery white, long.
Theme Song:
The Iron Sea

General Appearance: Maelstrom wears his hair tapered about his face in the front, with the rest of it straight and grown out, the length of it reaching his waist. Unlike the Jade, his hair is untangled, finely combed and free of adornment. He prefers to wear it loose, shimmering and windblown, beneath his elegant pirate hat. His face is elegant, angular and handsome in its intensity.

Maelstrom has a taste for elegance and finery, which is evident in his dress. Over his white, silk pirate shirt, and black silk trousers, he wears a finely tailored coat befitting an admiral. It is made of deep, indigo blue material, with golden embroidery and scarlet inner layer. He wears a belt buckle inlaid with jewels. He prefers high topped boots, with cuffs that reach to his knees, made of fine black leather and complete with sturdy heels. He carries himself with an air of royalty and confidence, with a striking physique neither too muscular nor too slender.

Weapon(s): He is best known for his enchanted blade, named Curse for the wounds inflicted by it, which are cursed and refuse to heal. The wounds are afflicted by a curse, which causes the flesh to turn black. It is progressive and often results in death, unless it can be magically countered. The blade itself glows with an eerie blue light. It has a finely crafted hilt, inlaid with gold and gems.

Aside from his blade, he often fights with a claw-like glove, which he wears on his left hand. The glove consists of sharp fingertips and an armored-like extension over his knuckles, also sharpened.

Although he doesn't prefer it next to Curse and his claw, he has been known to use a pistol -also of the finest craftsmanship and of exquisite design. Something fit for a king. And as all pirates know, a small, discreet blade is a good thing to have at all times. He keeps one in his boot, which is also ornate, beautiful and deadly sharp.

  • Indifference
  • A following of loyal subjects

The pirate ship Black Tide. It is his pride and joy, a bright shimmering vessel made of dark stained wood, gold and brass trim. It glitters like a gem on the water and as are all Maelstrom's possessions, it is swift, true and deadly. The ship is known for its speed and precise, responsive keel.

  • Underwater breathing, only for saltwater.
  • Dark moon favor
  • Forked tongue

Dark Moon Favor: Grants Maelstrom and his ship complete invisibility, so long as it is a new moon.

Forked Tongue: Grants Maelstrom the ability to speak untruths very truthfully and convincingly. It is an ability which has allowed him to win the unwavering loyalty of his men, by making high promises and filling their ears with what they wish to hear.

Battle Strengths: Maelstrom is a mastermind of strategy, manipulation and extremely attentive to detail, which often allows him to predict his opponents' strategies. He is quick, precise and deadly sharp -in fighting style as well as intellect. He has a keen sense of a man's abilities and how they may best serve him.
Battle Weaknesses:As it is often said, when men plan the gods laugh. And so it is that his plans are exquisite, yet not foolproof.

Personality: Maelstrom fancies himself the Lord of the Sea in god-like proportions, but he insist that he is a humble man who takes great pains in looking after his flock. He grants favors and deals judgment as though he were such a god, as though everything were his to rule by ordained right. If he sets his sight on something, whatever it is, he will have it. When victory is achieved, he is exceedingly generous, dealing out the spoils and booty in grandiose proportions. Yet, when crossed he is an unforgiving force to be reckoned with, who delights in public humiliation, as well as public execution -when necessary.

Like the Jade of the Morning Star, Maelstrom is known for taking on crew members in dire need. However, his code is entirely different, as is his motive. Although he sees himself as a generous benefactor of the world's strays, he only accepts those who will stay in line and accept his dominance, or those who he deems worthy of an esteemed partnership -especially when they have a common cause or goal in mind.

Maelstrom is charismatic, handsome, charming and powerful. He promises the world to those who would aid him in his victories and smites those who would challenge him in any way. He has very few who are close to him in any way, which he does so purposefully. Although they are rivals, he still fancies the Jade as his one true love in all the world, convinced it is her foolish pride in her own pirate code that has caused the rift between them. Most of his exploits, though beneficial to him in many ways, are attempts to reunite with her and make her his queen, so they may rule the seas together.

Likes: Elegance, finery, control and loyalty. He always rewards his most loyal subjects according to their dedication. He is incredibly indulgent and fancies the most highly sought women, clothing, weapons, and treasures. He believes in living life according to one's desires, regardless of the consequences.

Dislikes: Disloyalty, challenges to his authority or being wrong. As for being wrong, even if he is, he will never ever admit to it, to anyone. If he does, it is a ploy.

Fears: He is convinced he has faced his death and therefore has no mortal fears left to him. However, the truth of the matter, is that he fears only himself, in the knowledge of his own lies and self deceit.

Virtues: Passion and generosity. He is a convincing and inspiring leader, because he truly believes in his own lie -that he is living for freedom. From certain standings he is a generous benefactor, who cares for his charges and delivers on his promises, when his goals have been reached.

Vices: He has a penchant for wine, young women and overindulgence. If he does not have a treasure or plot to give chase to, he will often spend days in bed, indulging in food and drink and pleasurable company. Yet he also bores quickly and that too is a vice, which he will exact cruel means to appease.

History: Into The Ocean

Maelstrom once sailed on the pirate ship Morning Star and was the Jade's lover, but after he passed through the eye of fierce sea maelstrom, he came out changed. The Jade believed him dead and when they reunited, both were relieved. However, in short time their differences made themselves known and the Jade decided they were irreconcilable. Thus, they parted ways and have rivaled each other since.
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Re: Black Tide Crew

"Keep your heart off your sleeve."

Name: Neil Sazgo
Nickname /Alias: Slate, or Squid but most don't call him that to his face.
Occupation: First mate of the Black Tide

Age: 21

Sex: Male
Species: Human

Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 155 lbs

Eye Color: Light brown
Hair Color: Black

Theme Song: Motherland

General Appearance:

Weapon(s): He usually has about three pistols on him most of the time. He favors guns in fighting, but he also is rather fond of blades, mostly because he just thinks they're beautiful. So he also carries a cutlass and a knife. The cutlass is rather plain around the handle, but the blade is a strange black. It seems to be made of an unknown material that has a Moh's hardness of 6.5 (average weapon steel hardness is 5.5). The knife is orient and wickedly curved. It too is made of the strange black metal as the cutlass. He knows how to use them, but not as well as he knows his way around a pistol.

Armor: Icy attitude

Carried Possessions: Neil has a quirk in which he never leaves the ship without his father's rolling dice. They're black with gold, real gold, markings.

  • Shooting, is a pretty strong shot as it's his favorite thing to do.
  • Sword and knife fighting, not his strongest skill, but he does enjoy cutting people up.
  • Strategist: pretty clever, as he had been fixing to take over for his father as a mob lord. He knows how to make deals, manipulate, and trick others into what he wants.

Battle Strengths: Good shot with a pistol, quick, lithe on his feet. Fights with his mind, plans quick and calmly through heated situations. More of a mid-range fighter, likes to back up Maelstrom, providing him cover. But he's also very good at slipping out of nasty situations, such is why the crew often calls him "Squid" behind his back.
Battle Weaknesses: Not very physically strong in the muscle. He avoids such direct conflicts that would put him at a disadvantage when it comes to strength. Weaker when it comes to short-range fights with swords and knives.

Other: Is completely loyal to Maelstrom.

Personality: Neil is cool and calm in demeanor and always calculating, but not without the sharp hint of arrogance and superiority. Except when it comes to Maelstrom. He always respects his authority completely. Maelstrom has his complete respect, admiration, and loyalty. No one else does he show this to. He treats everyone else as beneath his notice. He keeps a cool and calm affect at all times. Maelstrom is something of a new father figure or older brother to Neil. He actually truly cares about him and loves him, but he never wants anyone to know that. Neil is scared to die, but he would if it meant saving Maelstrom.

Likes: Fighting, outwitting his enemies, killing and dominating others. Collects swords and blades of all kinds, mostly unique in design. Especially favors those beautiful, expensive, unique, and if it was once a fallen enemy's possession, he likes those even better.
Dislikes: Being talked down to, being told what to do (except by Maelstrom), government authority, losing, and losing face.
Fears: Being exposed as inferior, death, losing Maelstrom's confidence, showing his true feelings.
Virtues: Fiercely loyal to those who gain his trust and respect.
Vices: Self important, strong sense of self entitlement, sadistic, cruel, cold and unfeeling.

History: Neil grew up in the city as the son of the most notorious gang leader of the Sazgo family. They were something of a mob. He grew up learning to shoot from a young age, for he was his father's heir and would take his place when he passed on. He learned to fight, lie, con, steal, and murder. It was their way of life. However, there were other rival gangs, and one day he and his father were ambushed and captured. They started torturing Neil in front of his father, they took out his left eye before his father started talking and making deals with them. He promised them everything they wanted, but in the end, they shot him anyway.

Maelstrom happened upon the situation, and saved Neil. He offered him a place on his ship afterward. Neil wanted nothing to due with the mob and gangster life in the city, he didn't want it without his father anymore. So he joined Maelstrom's crew on the Black Tide, determined to prove his worth to Maelstrom.

“We must be greater than what we suffer.”
[Between the Worlds|A Light in the Dark|Empire of Darkness|Under the Red Sea]
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Re: Black Tide Crew

"Beautiful Like Me"

Name: Unknown or otherwise Unpronounceable by the human tongue
Nickname /Alias: Daisy
Occupation: Deckhand on the pirate ship Black Tide
Age/Birthdate: Unknown and unrecorded
Apparent Age: Mature
Sex: Female
Species: Orc
Weight: 260 lbs
Eye Color: Orange
Hair: Long, wavy, thick, worn past her waist
Theme Songs:

General Appearance: Daisy is an orc woman, with a distinct green hue to her skin and noticeably built musculature. Her ears are large and pointed, adorned with steal rings pierced along the edges. Two bottom canine teeth protrude just over her upper lip. She has thick lips, a big orc-ish nose and defined brow, with dark well grown eyebrows. Above her brow, at her hairline, she wears a steal cap. Around her neck she wears a chain of claws hung on a length of sinew, blackened with age. She is tall and thickly built, with all her weight in muscle.
As orcs, her people were not as fond of excessive clothing, preferring to display their size and stature to signify one's status. Intimidation was a great part of their social interactions, which relied on visible displays of strength. In her clan, all orcs fought. Men, women and children alike.

She wears a steal brazier, fitted to her form by leather straps. She wears brown, leather breeches, with a loincloth type skirt fashioned from tanned hides. During her travels, she learned that a belt was a useful thing to have, for hanging pouches, weapons, etc. So, she also wears a plain, leather belt loose at her waist. At her feet she wears steel, orc fashioned boots that guard her shins as well. From elbow to wrist, she wears a leather wrap.

Weapon(s): Her favorite weapon is Crusher, her mace attached to a bone handle at its chain. The bone is weathered from the use of her hands, the mace is old steel and rusted, but it is a familiar weapon she knows well.

She has been known to fire a gun, but only if nothing else is available. The concept of it is too foreign to her and she is a terrible shot when it comes to range weapons. If it can crush, she can kill you with it. But fancy blade work is not to her taste.

Armor: Just the sparse steel pieces mentioned above

Carried Possessions: Not much to speak of

  • Bludgeoning
  • Strength
  • Intimidation
  • Heightened sense of smell
  • Adrenalin Frenzy
  • Hide tanning

Intimidation: Allows her to induce fear or at least dissuade her opponents from opposing her will. It can be described as the channeling of all her aggressive nature, triggering an intense fear on a primordial level of base animal survival instincts. Doing this, she can effectively project a debilitating sense of fear into her opponent.

Limits: Her influence on another is dependent on the strength of their internal will or emotional discipline. Most people are not emotionally disciplined enough to recognize what is happening to them, or to act apart from the sense of fear instilled. Most people have a deep seated or secretly harbored fear within them and this is what her intimidation triggers, regardless of whether the internal fear is related to her tactic or not. However, those who have faced their fears and made peace with them will not likely be as affected. Those who utilize or are familiar with aggression or similar intimidation tactics may stand a better chance at resisting, depending also on their level of self control.

Adrenaline Frenzy: Allows her to go on fighting, without feeling the pain of her injuries in the heat of battle. She can sustain a number of superficial injuries before she tires, looses coordination, grows weak or goes down -and only then, it is usually due to a great loss of blood or other severe trauma to bones and internal organs that brings her down. It also gives her a resistance to poisons, which renders normal doses ineffective. A higher dose may have a delayed response and eventually take her down, but it would have to be a lot.

Battle Strengths: Daisy is a brute force fighter, with explosive strength. She also possesses great endurance and can withstand a great deal of injuries before she has to retreat or back down, due to her Adrenaline Frenzy. If she isn't too heated, she will usually back down before her injuries become too severe. Otherwise, she tends to barrel through her opponents with an animalistic roar, laced with intimidation, which can often stun a man or at least startle him momentarily. She has one weapon of choice and she wields it well, like an extension of her arm. If she is disarmed, however, she will make use of other bludgeoning weapons and she does not mind killing with her bare hands -breaking bones, strangling, punching, etc.
Battle Weaknesses: She is not particularly smart or strategic, with very little defensive tactics to her offensive tendencies. Due to her size and build, she is not necessarily slow, but she is not quick. Her attacks tend to be wide, sweeping wings with the mace, which can often leave her open to attack if someone can manage getting in close. As stated, she is a terrible shot with pistols, or any other range weapons for that matter.

Personality: Daisy considers herself to be an elite warrior fighter of her race and clan. As per the social customs of her clan, she is highly confrontational. Any perceived slight toward her person, is a direct affront to her status as an alpha warrior fighter female. Teaching others a lesson and putting them in their place is her specialty, which she considers gaining respect. She is vengeful and delights in dishing out punishment, which she is very good at, as she enjoys breaking bones one by one.

She is not smart in a calculative way, but she is quick to perceive disrespect for her status, as well as any fear lurking in the hearts of others. She doesn't highly value material or monetary goods, therefore she doesn't own many material possessions. Drinking only makes her uncoordinated and drowsy, so she doesn't see the fun in that. All she really wants in life is the opportunity to be her orcish self and live a life warring.

Likes: Eating in large quantities, breaking things and torturing prisoners of war
Dislikes: As a warrior fighter, she has never cared for magic and distrusts it greatly
Fears: Being hunted as an outsider race and "taken"
Virtues: She can't lie, it's just not in her make-up. Not that she wouldn't mind knowing how.
Vices: Roast children...yum

History: As alpha woman in her orc clan, she learned at an early age how to fight, intimidate, punish, bribe and coerce to achieve her position, as well as maintain it. Yet, as an "outsider race," her clan was often hunted by the races of men and elves. Daisy's clan depended on hunting to survive, as well as raiding nearby villages and towns. They often dragged their victims back to camp and ate them, which didn't seem to go over well with the "insider" races. Orcs were therefore kill-on-sight and hunted. It didn't make sense to them, because the humans ate the flesh of animals and the orcs do not consider themselves or humans or elves to be that different. For the most part, the orcs didn't mind the conflict, as they enjoyed warfare. Yet, to be hunted down constantly did grow tiresome for some.

Daisy, for one, detested it. A life of fierce competition for status and survival, with the addition of being a hunted race honed her into the weapon she is today. Through her travels, she learned that there were those who did not shy from interacting with orcs if it served their purposes. People who understood and lived by the same laws from which she was reared. It was not too great a leap to a life of piracy. In fact, it was incredibly appealing, because she would not be hunted in the way she once was. She still lived outside the laws of men and elves, which she never sought to understand. As a pirate, the way she sees it, she hunts them.

Maelstrom was easily able to make use of her affinity for warfare and had been known for recruiting "outsider" races on the premise of equality and freedom. To Daisy it didn't matter who she warred for, so long as she got to make war. She fights for Maelstrom, because it is the one place she has been able to make full use of who she is, other than her home clan, which had long since merged with another clan to survive in the wake of dwindling numbers.
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Re: Black Tide Crew

"What does it got in its pocketses?"

Name: Unknown or otherwise Unpronounceable by the human tongue
Nickname /Alias: Biter Thingy
Occupation: Deckhand on the pirate ship Dark Tide
Age/Birthdate: Unknown and unrecorded
Apparent Age: Mature
Sex: Male (presumably)
Species: Gremlin (presumably)
Weight: 80 lbs
Eye Color: Orange and bloodshot
Hair: Topknot
Theme Song:
Madness Clown Theme

General Appearance: But for the horns on his head, Biter Thingy is often mistook for a Goblin, for the green hue of his skin and his short stature. The truth is, not even goblin kind would like to call him one of their own. He is a short creature, with large, bat-like ears, beady malicious eyes and a wide grin full of wicked, sharp teeth. For the most part, his head is bald, but for some sparse stubble. What hair he has is fastened up in a coarse, black topknot. His hands have three fingers and an opposable thumb, all of which are equipped with sharp claws. His feet have two toes, also with claws. For a creature so small, he is powerfully built, with taught, corded muscles.

Strapped across his trunk, he wears a leather apparatus, which also carries his sword at his back. He wears a loin cloth and belt, securing pouches and adorned with bones.

Weapon(s): Although, Biter Thingy prefers to use his own teeth and claws, he also favors any kind of blade that is size appropriate, with a serrated edge for ripping and tearing.

Armor: Just the a few sparse leather articles.

Carried Possessions: Not much to speak of.

  • Mayhem
  • Speed
  • Bite
  • Smell Blood

Smell Blood: Gives him the ability to smell/taste blood on the air or in water, no matter how minute it may be. In this regard, he is somewhat like a shark, drawn to the smell and able to zero in on it, despite a significant distance.

Limits: It may be possible to overpower the scent of blood with a significantly powerful odor that overwhelms the smell. The scent may be lost with a substantial distance of 5 miles. The closer the blood, the stronger the scent and the more difficult it may be to disguise it with other smells.

Bite: Biter Thingy's bite is considerably stronger than his size, comparable to that of an alligator's jaws. Once he clamps down, it is very difficult to pry his jaws open, if he wishes to keep them closed.

Battle Strengths: Biter Thingy is far stronger than he appears, which means that he is often underestimated in this regard. Despite his stature, he has powerful, compact muscles, with superior reflexes. He has significant speed, due to his small size and quick reflexes, but in truth is major strength is in his ferocity. In battle, Biter Thingy is a savage beast who delights in ripping things apart, without reservations. He has keen, instinctive senses and can maintain an exhaustive pace at when in a battle frenzy.
Battle Weaknesses: He has no sense of strategy, planning or organization. He is simply a ripping, tearing, bloodthirsty machine who acts on his major impulse to kill and demonstrates a dog-like loyalty to those who reward him for acting according to his drives. It is a diluted sense of loyalty, which can easily be outweighed by other factors, so long as they appeal to him. Because he has a one track mind geared by his primal drives, he can be misled, tricked or led into traps that bait this aspect of him.

Personality: Biter Thingy is like a mad dog, always hungry and capable of wreaking considerable havoc once he is let loose to indulge in his hunger for blood and savagery. Although he is not much of a thinker, he usually possesses a strong sense of who values his nature and allows him the most room to indulge in it. He has no inclination toward strategy, leadership or intellect, but he has a strong sense of body language and hierarchy. Because he doesn't give language that much importance, he can often sense when people are being dishonest or deceptive, due to subtle changes in their posture or behavior.

His favorite thing in the world is red meat, as raw and bloody as possible. He detests fire, smoke and is afraid of most forms of magic. He has a peculiar hate of technology, which he will seek to destroy whenever possible. Although he is not much for lengthy conversation or small talk, and he is more known for making animalistic sounds, he can surprise with clear verbal communication if it suits him. Although he is vicious and quick, when not in an attack state he is usually very still and intently watchful, with an eerie, wicked glint in his beady eyes.

Above all, he has no sense of remorse whatsoever.

Likes: Blood, raw meat, biting, chewing, gnawing, tearing, ripping, gnashing, etc.
Dislikes: Fire, smoke, magic, technology or cages.
Fears: Magic.
Virtues: A sense of loyalty that comes and goes.
Vices: Inclined to sabotage machinery.

History: Biter Thingy is a member of a rare, dying breed of something no one knows the name of anymore. He retains no memory of his origin, homeland, people or customs. All his knows is what came instinctually and what was encouraged in him throughout his life -bloodthirsty savagery. Maelstrom came across Biter Thingy on the black market of a shady port town, where Biter Thingy was used like a rare breed of fighting dog. People seemed to enjoy putting him up against all sorts of vicious creatures to see how he would fare, and for the most part he managed to fare better than his opponents. Although he lived in a cage, which he detested, Biter Thingy enjoyed the moments when he was released to act on his impulses and do what he knew how to do best -kill things with vicious tenacity.

Maelstrom was intrigued by Biter Thingy and made his owner an offer he couldn't refuse -his life or the creature. It was a gamble, because the creature could have easily turned out to be a liability, but Maelstrom had already identified how he sought to reign in Biter Thingy's instincts. He knew from watching him that he could speak and understand, as well as how to win his loyalty, while channeling his basic nature.

To this day, Biter Thingy serves on the Black Tide, because it allows him the freedom he desires to do as he does best. He is afforded free roam of the ship, insofar as he does not harm crew mates or destroy any part of the ship. In battles he is given free reign and Maelstrom makes use of his ability to track the scent of blood over a given distance. In return, Biter Thingy is rewarded with raw meat and granted an equal status as a member of the crew. A far step up from life in a cage.
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Re: Black Tide Crew

"Control magic, and you control everything."

Name: Vertas Akawhen
Nickname /Alias: Smoke
Occupation: Wizard
Age/Birthdate: 250 years
Apparent Age: 37
Sex: Male
Species: Elf
Weight: 130 lbs
Eye Color: Golden hazel brown
Hair: Long, white, worn in multiple braids.

General Appearance: Vertas has the physique of a willowy elf, if a bit on the stiff, unbending side. His body is slender and wiry, but not with the smooth graceful air of his kin. As an elf who has devoted himself to the alchemic arts, he is not built or conditioned for fighting. His shoulders are stooped as though burdened by some constant weight and his mouth is almost always turned down to resemble a frown, regardless of whether he is pleased or displeased. One of his most noticeable features is actually that his hands are elegantly shaped, deft, dexterous and strong.

He wears his long, white hair fastened into five separate braids, with two on either side of his head and one like a ponytail in the back. Although he does not always wear it, he has been known to don an ornately designed wizard's helm. It is worn on special, formal occasions, or when preparing for battle. It is wrought of special metals and gems, with specific alchemical properties designed to enhance his abilities. He usually wears a long wizard's robe, the color of the dark night sky filled with stars, with golden tendrils lining it. On his feet he wears simple, brown, leather slippers. Fastened at the waist, he wears a belt, secured with pouches that contain alchemic ingredients. Also worn at his waist, is a silver chain, which bears a large amulet with the symbol of a strange eye.

Weapon(s): Vertas primarily wields magic, but he also carries a small dagger hidden within his robes. It is common looking, but enchanted by one of his own spells to enhance its damage.

Armor: Evasion and deception.

Carried Possessions: Alchemical tools, ingredients and a quick reference spell book.

  • Fire Ball
  • Curse Blade
  • Minor Levitation
  • Potion Making
  • Poison Crafting
  • Agony's Touch

Curse Blade: A spell which allows him to lay a curse on a blade so it inflicts more damage. This is the very spell he used to curse Maelstrom's blade, allowing it to inflict cursed wounds which will not heal unless treated by strong, healing magic. The type of curse varies, depending on the desired outcome. Some curses are minor, while others have more devastating effects. It depends on the level of time, energy and resources he devotes to laying the curse. Other enchanted items may be incorporated in the curse, lending power and qualities to the blade's edge.

Limits: The curses are generally limited in that he cannot lay a curse on a blade in order to make it impossible to dodge, block or parry. The curses are in no way related to the person's ability to wield the weapon. Rather, they are only able to take affect when they have made a strike.

[U]Agony's Touch:[/I] A skill which allows Vertas to inflict pain on an individual simply by touch. All it takes is some measure of contact with his target, however small, and they may be crippled with agonizing pain. He has the ability to control the level of pain, like controlling the water on a faucet. The touch is akin to establishing an electrical circuit and once established, even the lightest touch can drop a person to the ground instantly. This spell actually targets the central nervous system of an individual, triggering pain receptors in the brain, but the result is that the pain is experienced as sensation throughout the body. He has the ability to use it on up to two persons at a time, one for each hand.

Limits: Naturally, this spell is only effective if he can come close enough to his victims to establish a connection. Although he can control the severity of the pain he is inflicting, he cannot control another person's threshold for pain and some are more resilient to his spell than others. Turning up the volume on the level of pain is an effective way to counter this threshold resilience, but it does take more concentration and focus on his part, so it can be difficult to maintain substantial volume for an extended period of time. Also, it will have no effect on anyone without a central nervous system, like androids or other more machine based life forms. The spell may also be countered, or at least resisted, by those who have significantly developed their ability to manage pain or shut off the body's pain receptors.

Battle Strengths: Vertas is a skilled alchemic wizard, whose strengths are best utilized on the sidelines of battle, where he can safely perform magic behind those more suited for physical combat. His most aggressive forms of magic involve summoning and manipulating fire. However, his real area of expertise is in preliminary military preparations. He delights in combining magic with technology, infusing weapons with enhanced properties to inflict more damage, creating poisons and potions to aide in combat. His ability to inflict pain make him an effective tool for interrogation. Although he is not a skilled combat fighter, his ability to inflict pain at a touch act as an effective defensive maneuver, should anyone make it too close to him.
Battle Weaknesses: Vertas is not a physically strong person and he has no weapons training, nor does he desire it. If faced with direct combat, he will do his best to evade it, disappearing in a flash of light and a puff of smoke, if he can manage it.

Personality: Vertas thinks very highly of himself and generally very poorly of everyone else. He has a strong distaste for brute force and deems himself above such things. He never saw the need for weapons training or physical conditioning, because he has usually been able to find a spell to achieve the same ends with far less effort or time involved. He believes that a spell exists for every desired outcome, or if it does not exist it can be invented. Sometimes he will carry out this belief in exaggerated ways, like using magic to produce table salt. To him, magic is the end-all-be-all, the holy grail, the fountain of youth, the secret to the universe, etc. He is, in a word, obsessed.

As a person, he does his best to make himself unapproachable, exuding a general aura of unfriendliness and pervasive dissatisfaction. He is generally irritable, short with others and if he chooses to open his mouth, it is usually with the intent to insult. The only time he has been known to smile is when he is inflicting pain by using Agony's Touch, which brings him particular satisfaction, as it is a spell of his own personal design and he is immensely proud of it.

Likes: Rice pudding, inflicting pain and creating new spells.
Dislikes: Crude, brutish, insipid lower races. And well...everyone.
Fears: The day magic fails him, which he doesn't believe it ever will, but the prospect of it fills him with such absolute terror that the only way he can gain control of himself is to convince himself it will never happen.
Virtues: Innovative and stubborn. He will never give up on creating a spell, once he has set his mind to it.
Vices: He has a thirst for spell crafting that will never be quenched, so long as the possibilities of new spells exist. It is, in a way, an addiction.

History: Vertas was banished long ago from his homeland, for the misuse of magic. He was in the early stages of creating Agony's Touch and was found out. After repeated threats, he could not bring himself to stop creating magic which his race of elves deemed wicket and wrong. Therefore, he was banished for crimes unbefitting a member of their race. Since his banishment, he traveled to various nations to hone his skills and deliberately sought out the dark arts, lured by their dark promise of limitless potential.

Due to his general attitude he has not been welcome among most groups, despite their ambiguous alignments. His own undaunted sense of superiority and competition to supersede those around him affords him few friends or welcome companions. As such, he hasn't remained in one place for long before he is generally unwelcome and no longer interested in subjecting himself to the stupidity of others who cannot fathom his genius.

Maelstrom saw an opportunity in him right away and was particularly pleased with his demonstrations of Agony's Touch. At last, Vertas felt he had found himself an equal of sorts, who could appreciate his talents. Indeed, Maelstrom afforded Vertas a special status as the ship's alchemic wizard in residence, and also indulged Vertas in his obsession with magic like adding fuel to a fire. In this way Vertas feels he has complete creative freedom and an avenue for his magic that serves him well for the time being. Travelling aboard the Black Tide allows him to visit shady, underground black markets in various port towns under the protection of other more physically domineering crew members.
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Re: Black Tide Crew

"Yooouu taallk toooo slooow!"

Name: Drawde Enots

Nickname: Mr. Squawks

Occupation: Sentry

Theme Music: YouTube - Prodigy - First Warning

Gender: Male

Race: Human (probably)

Age: mid-twenties, about 22 or 23.

Hair: Blond and straight, reaching just past his ears.

Eyes: A very pale green. His eyes are almost always bloodshot and have deep bags under them.

Height: 5 feet, 6 inches. He appears shorter when he hunches.

Weight: 110 Pounds

Personality: Drawde gets very impatient very easily. He does very little coherent speaking, but when he does so he hates to repeat himself. You better catch what he's saying the first time or you'll regret it. When he does speak, it's usually very slowly so that others can hear him the first time. If he's excited or anxious, however, he can speak so fast that it becomes almost impossible to understand. Occasionally his voice sounds quite normal, but it seems to be rare and random when it actually happens. Usually, however, he speaks in loud squawks and screams that mean various things, though he only uses these in the heat of battle, when he's angry, or when he doesn't want an outsider to know what he's saying. Most of the crew has come to understand the meaning of each of his noises. Because of his tendency to squawk instead of speak, he has a pet cockatoo named Daniel who speaks for him. No one knows how or why the bird is able to speak for him, but it seems to do a well enough job.

Squawks prefers to keep to himself, high in the crow's nest. He could stare for hours at the sea and never get board. The ocean is the only thing that can hold his attention longer than wenches and mead. One particular wench of the ship, Fable, causes him to swoon. She hasn't drawn any attention toward him. Since he's a man of little words, and she's one of a lot of words, he doesn't see anything happening aside from him spying on her from the crow's nest from time to time.

By default, Mr. Squawks has an expression of boredom and slight annoyance plastered to his face. He's always like this because of the fact that everything around him is perpetually moving in slow motion, due to his hyper-active mind. Everything becomes boring after too long to the point that he's always bored. There are things that don't seem to bore him, like the ocean, mead, women, and birds, but at other times he's just annoyed with everything.

Many think Drawde is slow in the head because of his strange speaking behaviors, but he's in fact very intelligent due to how observant he is about everything. He has a perfect memory and sees everything in slow motion, so very few details can possibly get by him.

Likes: Birds, the ocean, mead, women, apples, crackers, eating, guns, loud noises, fast moving things, eyeballs, violin music, explosions, storms, monsters, writing, Fable, Maelstrom, Biter Thingy.
Dislikes: Sleep, slow people, slow things, sunrises, sunsets, waiting, pain, alcohol that's not mead, magic, Vertas Akawhen, Slate.
Fears: Being tortured, going blind, being imprisoned, going on land, talking to women.
Vices: Quick to anger, impatient, loves to shoot people.
Virtues: Vigilant, loyal, intelligent.

Drawde is a very scrawny, bony person. His face is sharp and narrow, almost always showing signs of sleep deprivation. His eyes are always moving and his head moves in quick, erratic motions, especially when he's on the lookout. His scruffy chin and reddened eyes show how little he keeps up with his appearance, though to some he would still be classified as a sort of “rugged handsome”.

His attire is festooned with a vast array of accessories, usually bearing the motif of skulls and crossbones. He has a pair of over-sized boots loosely strapped around a pair of brown and white striped socks. On his head is a dark brown bandanna bearing a skull and crossbones. With earrings in both ears, patches over all his clothes, and bandages on every limb, he's certainly a unique sight.

- Rapier
- A vast number of pistols (most of which he stores in the crows nest)
- A hand-cannon (which is also stored in the crows nest)
- Keen eyes
- Perfect accuracy
- Skilled duelist
- Sees everything in extreme slow motion at all times
- A great listener (though impatient)
- Lightning quick reflexes
- Fast
- Quick Thinking
- Energetic
- Observant
- Physical strength
- Magic attacks
- Being backed into a corner
Drawde hasn't told anyone about his early past, aside from Maelstrom. No one else knows about how he seems to live in a heightened state, everything inching past him in extreme slow motion. He's frustrated daily how there's nothing he can do to speed things up, apart from rushing himself.

Maelstrom found him after raiding a transport ship. Drawde was about 18 or 19 years old. He seemed to have been kept at sea his entire life, but the pirate captain saw potential in the boy. He had an incredibly fast mind and was extremely quick to learn, never needing anything repeated for him to get it the first time. Ever since that day, Drawde sailed on the Black Tide, serving as Maelstrom's sentry.

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Re: Black Tide Crew

"Cast your eyes to the ocean. Cast your soul to the sea."

Name: Elias Faein
Nickname /Alias: Silver
Occupation: Former Captain of the pirate ship Silver Falcon
Age: 329
Apparent Age: 57
Sex: Male
Species: Elf
Weight: 190 lbs
Eye Color: Light blue with hues of light green
Hair: Once black, now graying
Theme Songs:
Requiem for a Dream
Dante's Prayer

General Appearance: Elias/Silver is a stalwart, sea worn elf, who knows the tides like the back of his hand. He is gaining enough age to where it is beginning to show, despite his elf heritage. His long coat, once black with silver trim, has faded to gray. His hair, once silken black, is becoming gray, tangled and coarse. His complexion, once fair, has grown weathered with time and rough waters. He has a stoic demeanor and though the yeas weigh heavily on his shoulders, he still carries himself with the high air of his race. The dark tattoo over his right eye and the dark around his eyes, lend his hard stare an edge and intensity. It is a stare that seems to cut right through those it is leveled at.

He wears silver, ornamental skulls. On his hat, on his belt, at his boot. All that remains of his elf origins, other than his build, tall ears and mannerisms, are the three silver loops he wears on his right ear. From the other ear, he wears a silver, skull pendant.

Weapon(s): He carries only what he needs, and nothing more. In this case, that means one rapier and one pistol, with one dagger tucked into his bracer with its handle sticking out just at the elbow.

Armor: He doesn't wear any, believing that armor gives the illusion of safety, while it really encumbers and burdens its wearer. Armor always has its weak points. It is better to rely on skill and vigilance.

Carried Possessions: Things can always be taken away, therefore it is best to have nothing.

  • Keen vision and hearing
  • Military strategist
  • Reverie
  • Navigation
  • Cutlass and pistol

Reverie: Reverie is a form of resting and dreaming, which does not require a total state of sleep, yet is just as restful and rejuvenating. It allows members of this race to rest and recuperate, without needing sleep. An elf in reverie still has his keen senses attuned to his environment, allowing him to detect movement and the presences of others. It is most easily characterized by a far off look in his eyes, as if gazing into the distance at some unidentifiable point on the horizon. The eyes may dilate and go without blinking for some time. During this time he may dream, or go dreamless, or recapitulate past events in his life.

Limits: It does take some discipline and attentiveness to maintain watchful senses, while in the state of reverie. Therefore, if he truly believes himself absolutely safe and lets down his defenses, it would be possible to take him off guard. Deep reveries have also been known to take hold of an elf, especially one with so many years of age and those with a tumultuous or unresolved past.

Battle Strengths: With so many years at sea, his skill with the cutlass and pistol are masterful. He has a variety of other weapons skills, but these are the two he has relied and depended on throughout the centuries. He fights with effortless mastery of technique, which turn the opponent's force against themselves, rather than attempting to over power. He does his best to exert as little force or effort as possible. He hones in on the weaknesses and imbalances perceived in his opponent, then lands his blows accordingly.
Battle Weaknesses: Naturally, due to his age and light build as an elf, he does not possess great strength. The way he sees it, at his age and after the hardships he has weathered, he tends to tire easily compared to his younger years when he could spar a man in circles until his opponent tired. This is another reason why he tends to fight with technique, rather than force, so as not overexert himself or expend his valuable energy.

Personality: The truth of the matter is that Elias is a weary soul, rather than an aged one. Although he has lived a long life, it is his internal weariness that weighs him down and exhausts him. Having centuries to master his skills, he is extremely proficient at what he does, whether it is fighting, military strategy or navigating. He knows these things like the back of his own hand. Yet, none of it truly carries any zeal for him anymore. He does what he does, because he is good at it, but he doesn't really care anymore. He is a captive without chains, because he has nowhere else to go, no ambitions, hopes or aspirations. The intrigues of the human world never really interested him in the first place, apart from what he might gain from it. Yet, now none of it really seems to matter. As a result he often keeps his thoughts to himself, unless expressly asked his opinion. If asked his opinion, one best be better for the answer. If you don't want to know, don't ask, because he will tell you. He has little patience or tolerance for dancing around the subject matter and prefers to give direct answers, with very little bull or sugar coating.

While he has very little care for anything in the world, the one exception is his daughter, whom has gained the alias "Nails." He is proud of her and at the same time conflicted about the life he has led her to live. He wanted her to be tough as nails, so she would not be conquered or deceived on the uncertain tides of life, but now as he reaches the twilight of his life, he wonders if he did her wrong. All he wants is for her to be safe and happy. Although she is capable of handling herself in any situation, he worries that she will never learn to drop her guard enough to allow love or happiness. In his life of piracy, he never taught her that. He never saw it as important, until recently.

Unlike his daughter, he remembers his homeland. He remembers the songs of the trees and the rivers, but he remembers them with the grief of losing his wife, who died of a mysterious illness.

Likes: Reverie and little else.
Dislikes: Anyone who interrupts his reveries.
Fears: A meaningless death.
Virtues: Never admits defeat.

History: A life at sea began with his military career, as a captain on the elf nation's naval fleet. He had a love of ships, the sea, navigation and a natural ease with military strategy. All that changed after the death of his wife, when he left his homeland forever, with his daughter in tow. Her death was a like a great betrayal of all he ever knew or loved. All he had left that made any sense was the sea, so he made his living as the captain of a merchant ship, until it was overthrown by pirates. Rather than forsake their lives, he and his daughter joined them and their life as pirates began.

For a short time, he was the captain of his own pirate ship, the Silver Falcon. His daughter was his first mate and together they sailed the seas, seeking treasure, fighting other pirates and enjoying a life of freedom and abundance, which it afforded them. When they sailed into Maelstrom's waters, all of that ended when their ship was conquered by his. Again, rather than forsake their lives, they joined his crew. With their expertise, they quickly became some of his most elite crew members.

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"Freedom's just another word for another way to get f***ed."

Name: Ahwheyafen Faein
Nickname /Alias: Nails
Occupation: Pirate of the Black Tide
Age/Birthdate: Mature by Elvish standards
Apparent Age: Mature
Sex: Female
Species: High Elf
Weight: 120 lbs
Eye Color: Violet hue of blue
Hair: A silver hue of white, straight, worn loose to just past her shoulders.
Theme Songs:
Requiem for a Dream
Marco Polo

General Appearance: Nails has a tough-as-nails disposition and demeanor, which gained her such an alias. Tall, thin and wiry in build, she has a sharp, keen, hardened attitude. She wears boiled, studded leather armor and weapons head to foot. Her body language and hardened gaze do not make her very approachable, which is she prefers things.

As an elf, she does not possess any muscular bulk. If she weren't covered in leather and knives, she could easily be seen in wispy silks in some elvish garden or shrine. Yet, a life at sea has hardened her body and her mind. Her musculature is still thin, but with taught chorded muscles beneath her thin appearance. The green jewel at her forehead and the tattoos over each eyebrow stand in stark contrast to her mean expression, which she wields like another blade. Her tall, pointed ears are ornamented with small, silver loops. Her silver hair, though soft and wispy as an elf's should be, has been weathered by a life at sea. Her overall demeanor is very guarded, mean and distant.

Weapon(s): Weapons are her closest friends and there is seldom a time when she is without at least one blade. She has a love of daggers, especially, of which she carries many. On a typical day, she will wear three at each shoulder, three at her hip, plus her rapier and another dagger in her boot. She has equipped her boots with a sharp rim of steel at the toes.

Armor: Boiled leather, with steel studs.

Carried Possessions: Whetstone. Compass. All she really needs, other than her weapons.

  • Night vision
  • Heightened sense of smell and hearing
  • Agility and quick reflexes
  • Reverie
  • Mastery of any blade related style of fighting

Reverie: Reverie is an elf's way of resting. In this state, their eyes remain open, with a distant, far of gaze. They enter a dream state, without fully sleeping. This allows them to maintain a sort of consciousness, while resting, with all their other senses still fully active. It makes them difficult to sneak up on.

Limits: If an elf's reverie is particularly intense, or deep, their attention may be more focused on the reverie at hand and less of their senses will be tuned in to their surroundings. In this case, it would be easier to evade detection with exceptional care.

Battle Strengths: Nails is a masterful swordswoman. She prefers to fight with a rapier in one hand and a dagger in the other, which allows her to move comfortably between close quarter fighting and longer distances. She fights with a cold, hard detachment, and prefers blades to guns or other range weapons.
Battle Weaknesses: While she is not physically weak, she does not have a lot of weight or bulk to throw around.

Personality: What most people will ever experience of Nails is her hardened, unfriendly, mean spirited side. She arms herself with her hardness and uses it well. She does her best to keep anyone from getting in close to her, physically or emotionally, because she has learned that the majority of people only want to get close to another because they want something from them. Personally, Nails does not want anything from anyone. All she wants is to be left alone, and that is how she prefers to be. She believes that it is best never to trust another person, because as soon as you do, they will let you down and betray that trust.

The only person who really knows her is her father, Elias. That remains true, simply because he has known her all her life. He is the only one who she will really talk to, but even then she prefers to keep most things to herself, because she does not want to burden or worry him.

Likes: Sparring, a worthy opponent, solitude, good wine, the stars, the ocean, ships, dolphins, trees, and music.
Dislikes: Sexual overtures or advances of any kind. Any instances where she feels like another person has power over her. Detests mead and meat.
Fears: Love. Vulnerability. Having to trust another person for any reason.
Virtues: Independent, resourceful, adaptive, and fierce.
Vices: Tends to use reverie for a sense of escape from life circumstances.

History: Nails does not remember much about her homeland or the ways of her people. In her reveries, she still sees the memory of some trees and rivers, with an elusive sense of peace which was not long lived. She spent most of her life at sea, with her father, and a life of piracy is all she has ever really known. Having travelled the world and seen many different lifestyles, she believes it is the closest she will ever get to a life of freedom. She revels in life at sea and has no desire to settle down in order to attempt to scratch a living on some square feet of dirt to call her own when all the sea can be hers.

Her father's life at sea began with his time as a captain in their elvish military, when he joined the naval fleet. With the death of her mother, they left the elvish nation and began a career, as captain of a merchant ship. She and her father became pirates when his merchant ship was overtaken by pirates. Instead of falling victim as so many did, if they resisted the pirates, they turned everything over and joined them. Eventually, that ship entered Maelstrom's waters and was conquered as well, in which case they joined rather than be killed.

Maelstrom took an immediate liking to her, acknowledging her strength, prowess and natural seafaring qualities. It was clear to her, right away, that he was trying to manipulate her and he made it clear to him right away that she had no interest in him other than a mutual career interest in piracy. She told him that she would fight for him, so long as he let her be. She has been one of the most difficult loyalties he seeks to win, but he recognizes her kind fairly well -a pirate born of necessity, able to bend with the wind out of necessity. He makes sure she has enough of a sense of freedom and respect from her crewmates, as one of his elite crew members, to feel comfortable on his ship. He leads her to believe he understands and respects her and her father, that one day he can help them achieve their deepest dreams.

Although, it is her dream that one day she and her father will have their own ship again, she understands that a life at sea is always changing. Power and loyalties shift with the tides. Sometimes, the winds are in one's favor, while other times they are at odds. It is a game she knows too well, and she plays whatever part is necessary to survive.
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Re: Black Tide Crew

“Riddle me this?”

Name: Ben Lars
Alias/Nickname: Riddle
Occupation: Pirate of the Black Tide

Age: 28

Sex: Male
Species: Human

Eye Color: Hazel (right: brown and green; left: blue and green)
Hair Color: Blond

Height: 5’ 10”
Weight: 160 lbs

Theme Song: Angelo Badalamenti - L'anniversaire D'irvin


Weapon(s): Just his two claw gloves. Each blade is about ten inches in length.
Armor: N/A

Carried Possessions: N/A

  • Skilled in dual-wielding due to the types of weapons he carries. He’s very proficient in them. He also knows his way around a sword, if one ever ends up in his hands.
  • He can also shoot a pistol, but it’s not a weapon he uses often. His aim is good, but not perfect.
  • So very proficient in hand-to-hand is it is very related to his weapon’s style of fighting anyway. He often uses his feet and other limbs in combination with any weapon he uses.
  • Skilled in the art of pain, torture, and interrogation.

Battle Strengths: Riddle is fast, agile, and flexible. Surprisingly and maybe even a bit eerily so. It’s part of his edge in that his opponent does not expect the kinds of contortions he will suddenly perform in the heat of battle. It catches them off guard and this is where Riddle achieves the majority of his kills. He is also fairly strong in muscle, athletic and active. He has a high endurance. He’s also a good long distance runner if need be.
Battle Weaknesses: He’s a bit insane, so he may not always back down when he should. So he does not always know when to retreat. He does better when he is under the command of someone else for this reason. He tends to lack that sort of better judgment in his actions. He also tends to follow orders to a fault and will not stop until otherwise order to. His physical strength is also just a human strength, there is nothing supernatural about it. He also has no magical abilities.

Personality: Riddle got his nickname because no matter what he says, he is asking a question. Whether it be rhetorical or not, it will be a question. Though he tends to be a rather silent individual, he is not entirely mute or stoic. His eyes are always rather attentive and watchful. He never seems bored with his surroundings somehow. He is always looking it seems. There is also always a subtle smile twitching at the corners of his mouth, even if it is not an out right grin.

Riddle tends to smile more than anything else. However, he tends to smile at the most inappropriate moments. A funeral, an argument, or otherwise solemn and serious events. Riddle grins even when he’s angry. He is more on the manic end when he gets emotional about anything. No matter his emotional climate, fear, sorrow, anger, or disappointment: Riddle smiles. Even if the smile is somewhat painful in appearance.

Riddle is not exactly social. He doesn’t talk about himself or his past. Though sometimes he will make unusual remarks that often times have nothing to do with the conversation being held around him. However, he does often make comments and suggestions that are sometimes helpful, but these come more in times of action than relaxed and idle conversation.

Likes: Torturing people, cutting people, hurting people, following orders, being part of a team, and asking questions.
Dislikes: Riddle doesn’t understand the concept of disliking things. It’s an emotion that causes him confusion. He doesn’t know how to label it when it occurs in him.
Fears: Cells and cages. Being alone and without instruction.
Virtues: Cooperative
Vices: Insane, doesn’t understand the emotional context of others, sadistic, and unable to make decisions on his own.

History: Riddle is Ben Lars. Ben Lars entered the military as soon as he was old enough, mostly because his father was a military man as well. He grew in age, ranks, and skills as time passed. Eventually, he became an interrogator. However, while his acts were never questioned by his superiors, eventually news escaped to the people. They became appalled. Ben’s superiors claimed they had no idea what he had been really doing to his prisoners.

Ben was arrested and locked up an insane asylum. He eventually escaped into society. While on the run, he ran into Maelstrom, who offered him freedom from those who pursued him. He also needed a new place, people, and superior to belong to. So he became a pirate on the Black Tide and has been very content there.

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