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Trisa Shahoma

Name: Trisa Shahoma
Nickname/Alias: Tris
Title: Princess Shahoma
Occupation: Princess of the Gerudo Thieves

Date of Birth: December 6th, 2026 HC
Age: 16
Apparent Age: 17
Zodiac: Sagittarius

Sex: Female
Species: Gerudo

Height: 5' 4" (163 cm)
Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)

Eye Color: Golden bronze (Example)
Hair Color: Deep red
Skin Color: Mocha

General Appearance: Tris is very nearly like the girl in the linked pictured, with exception of the headband and her skin is a dark tan. She also wears the traditional Gerudo crest upon her forehead. This is a symbol of her status among her people as a princess, since she is the half sister of the current Gerudo king. She is considered something like his lieutenant.

The stones she wears around her neck are called aqua aura. She doesn't wear as much jewelry as most Gerudos of her status normally wear. All she has are the gold in her ears, several in both, some are thicker and more complicated in design as they traveled up the rims of of her ears, and two bracelets around her biceps. She also wears a small stud with a tinier piece of amber on her left nostril.

Her hair is straight and layered around her face, never reaching past her shoulders. She is a slim and toned girl, but not as much as the older women of her tribe; she is certainly leaner. Her features suggest a beautiful and young desert pixy. She wears dark pink skirt with slits up the sides of her thighs. It's a very short skirt with thick, maroon bordering along the edges. Around her waist is another dark pink sash with light pink line designs all over it. She wears white underwear and is unabashed if it shows during combat. She wears a narrow white top that only covers over her breasts, which are smaller than shown in the linked picture. She also wears a vest of the same color as her skirt with no buttons or ties and a thick, maroon border only around the bottom edge. On her feet, she wears sandals that lace more than half-way up her calves.

Scimitars - She wields these two scimitars, carried strapped and crossed on her back. The hilts are 10 1/2 in (27 cm) long, and the blades are about 2 ft (61 cm) long--a little shorter than usual.
Spike - A scimitar-like knife, with a handle longer than its blade. The handle is 7 in (18 cm) long, while the blade is 6 in (15 cm). She keeps this hanging from a sling around her waist, so that it rests against her right hip.

Armor: NA

Carried Possessions: NA

  • Trisa has no magic capabilities, despite being next in line to become the Sage of Spirit, since her mother died. Though, there is certain potential there, none of it has made itself known to her yet.

  • Trisa is skilled in dual-wielding her scimitar blades. Due to them being rather short, she is a close-range fighter. They were made for her with that fact in mind. When she fights, it almost seems as if she's dancing with them.

  • Trisa is also very skilled in acrobatics and gymnastics. She's good at leaping, dodging, flipping. She also has rather light on her feet, which she is good at sneaking about on.

Battle Strengths: Trisa is quick and agile. Her fighting style also gives her enemies very few pauses between her attacks, as her swords flow about rather continuously. It's hard to find a significant enough pause to strike back at her with. Trisa attempts to overwhelm her enemies, mostly with this speed and continuous attack pattern. She will attempt ambushes whenever she can. She has no problems with assassinating when necessary.
Battle Weaknesses: She's a slim girl. So her blows aren't very strong. She also can't attack forever. Trisa has fairly impressive endurance, since it's something she's practiced at, but she can't keep an attack pattern continuously past 7 minutes. Since she has no magic, she has no defenses against magic besides dodging. She's fast and agile, but it's still within the realms of human capability.

Personality: Trisa is a light-hearted girl, despite the things she has seen in her life. She was 7 years old when the Drow Empire attacked the Hylians in Hyrule. She has since seen the spoils of war as her people secretly aided the Hylians. She saw her first battles at age 14, and had been trained with the fact in mind that they would have to help the Hylians defeat these dark elf invaders. She lost her mother in an attack, and her brother was tortured by them in the end. Her life has not been easy, even if others have seen worse.

It always still hurts sometimes, but Trisa is very resilient. Thus, she has retained a similar personality since before the war had started. The only thing she may have lost is her naivety. Her innocence is still firmly intact. Innocent in the fact that she doesn't jump to conclusions or assumptions about people or things. Her eyes remain unclouded by the normal preconceptions many tend to have. However, part of her is still deeply terrified of losing her brother.

She's talkative but knows when to be quiet. She enjoys silence and doesn't feel awkward in "awkward silences." But she also likes people. She's care-free and easy-going. Trisa does her best to keep a positive attitude. She's a hard person to irritate or anger because of this. She tends to give others the benefit of the doubt, but not to a gullible extent. She's perceptive and often knows when something fishy is afoot. Despite being care-free and fun-loving, Trisa is also very responsible. She aids her brother every day in governing their people.

Theme Songs:
Hero, by Skillet (lyrics and youtube)


History: Trisa's mother was Nabooru Shahoma, and her father was the previous Gerudo king, Ganondorf Dragmire. Trisa is what the Gerudo call a "pure blood." This is because her father was not a Hylian, like so many others were to her people. She was always favored among the Gerudo Crones for this, more so than her brother ever was. Blaze Dragmire was mothered by a Hylian woman Ganondorf had raped during the civil war with the Hylians. It was only because of Nabooru that her brother lived at all.

Nabooru had been Ganondorf's chosen consort to produce a pure blood Gerudo. She had refused for several years after seeing the corruption in the war he brought upon Hyrule. She gave in only to save Blaze's life. Thus, Trisa was born. Blaze, her older brother, was taken in by Nabooru and raised along side Trisa as her own. He was also the crown prince, due to being male.

Trisa was raised in Gerudo politics, a game her mother and Blaze always had to play with the Crones in order for Blaze to survive and to help the Hylians when the Drow Empire invaded. Trisa grew up knowing the truth about the Sacred Realm and the Triforce and that her mother was the Sage of Spirit. She knew why her father had vanished from the world when she was 6. Something that she always viewed as a blessing, for nothing scared her more than her father in the early days.

She was not scared of him because she believed he would harm her. No, like the Crones, Ganondorf favored his "pure blood" daughter, a result from mating with the woman he loved and favored. She feared for her brother's sake. Ganondorf paid no attention to his son for the majority of Trisa's memory of those days. Except for one night in which, she walked into her mother's room and found her father with his huge hands over her brother's neck. Nabooru had been holding a blade to Ganondorf's throat, and they had been locked together, poised in violence. It was only when she called out that her father let go of Blaze and left.

That was the last time she ever saw her father again.

Then war came, and she met Ren Nevisu. Ren had been a captive Blaze lugged into the Fortess only because Princess Zelda refused to execute him. Ren tried to kill her almost as soon as their eyes met. He tried to hold her hostage to escape the fortress, but failed. Trisa had never been so close to dying before. Ren scared her, but she also pitied him. She learned his history from Princess Zelda, who knew him best. It saddened her, and she always did her best to be kind to him despite his harsh words and violent ways. He did not like the empire, but he was forced to do their bidding. She believed he could change. To her surprise he actually did, and he saved her life in a battle.

After this, Ren officially broke away from the empire and joined the Rebellion, much to Trisa's pleasure. More to her surprise, she found she loved him. Even more a shock, Ren expressed similar feelings, even if he never said the words. Their relationships came into being without words. Just silent understanding.

The war continued, and she lost her mother when she was 14 in a raid on the fortress. Her brother then took up a crown she knew he had always loathed, and began to the lead the Rebellion himself until he was shortly captured and dragged over to Hyrule Castle to be tortured in the dungeons. Ren left to save him, promising her that he would bring Blaze back alive. He did, but her brother only just barely survived. His body was then forever covered in scars, and his handsome face was marred and hardened by what the drow had done to him. Trisa dedicated all of her time and energy is helping him get back on his feet and support his fragile mental state.

The war came the an end, and the empire was driven out of Hyrule. Her brother recovered and resumed his rule over the Gerudo. A year or so has passed since.
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