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Alpha Ωmega 03-20-2012 10:57 AM

Asgard Legends
Hi. It's been a while since I was active here. I started a story called Darkness Rising, but I ran into trouble with that one. I am sorry to let you down, guys/gals. But to make it up to you all here is this series I have been working on for a while. The first book is done, and I am a few chapters away from finishing the second. In the 3rd book, I promise that I will include those characters who signed up for Darkness Rising. So yeah, I will be adding chapters bit by bit.

The story and main character is mostly made up by me, but you'll find elements from the Valkyrie Profile video game, such as a few characters. You'll find lots of mythological stuff in it, like monsters, etc.


Prelude: Part 1

Saga's Birth

1552 years ago, Tartakus, Netherrealm

"It's a baby boy, mi liege," the beautiful young maiden reported with her excited voice as she held the baby in her arms. "A handsome one."

"A baby boy you say, Ailyth?" asked the mother who had just given birth to the child, her voice sounded weak and fatigued, for it had truly been a pain delivering the newborn to the world. Though she looked to be like any regular woman from the world of mortals above, she was not a human, she was a goddess of great magical powers. Hel was her name. Her skin was of a light color and her hair dark and silky. Though she looked tired and troubled, that still did not rob her an inch of her true beauty.

Hel had sweat much during the delivery, and some of that sweat still trickled down her face, but finally, after several hours of agonizing pains, she had done it, she had managed to deliver her first ever son to the world. Hearing the baby's cries, Queen Hel smiled in happiness and satisfaction.

"Yes, one cute little baby boy," Ailyth responded at her mistress as she wrapped the newborn with a dark cloth, for the chamber where Queen Hel had given birth felt cold. The coldness could be credited to Iceheim, a nearby realm which was entirely composed of ice and snow.

There had been two other female demons within the chamber earlier, these had helped with the delivery, but when the newborn had finally been delivered, Ailyth had dismissed their service, they were now gone and Queen Hel and Ailyth remained alone with the baby.

"I want to hold him," Queen Hel said then, her voice weak.

Ailyth, with all the care in the world, leaned on to the bed and offered her mistress the crying baby. Queen Hel reached out with her weak arms and took a hold of the baby. She took a good look at him and smiled.

"Looks...just like his father."

At that, Ailyth glanced down at the baby once again, wondering who the father of the child was. She couldn't tell by just looking, and she wasn't about to be impertinent and ask Queen Hel who the child's father was, her mistress could chastise her for that. She did, however, ask. "What name do you have in mind for our beloved prince, my queen?"

Queen Hel kept the baby close to her, on her chest, then she glanced at Ailyth. "I...I really hadn't given that idea much a thought. I think...I think...his name will be...Saga."

"Saga?" Ailyth smiled at her queen, and the beautiful young maiden also took her hand to her chin and caressed it. "Prince Saga, I like that, sounds beautiful and also very royal."

Queen Hel nodded at her, then she gave her attention to the baby, touching his face with her right hand. Baby Saga was no longer crying, rather the reddish orbs he had for eyes seemed to be lost in the space all around the chamber, they moved from here to there as if the young one was beginning to understand what life was all about.

"Well," Ailyth cleared her throat. "Looks like my job here is done. I'll leave you alone with your baby, my queen, I am sure you want to be alone with him, and besides, I have tons of things to do."

"Yes, do leave, you are excused, Ailyth," Queen Hel let her go. Ailyth bowed and then exited the chamber, closing the door as she exited.

When queen Hel was alone with her newborn, she raised him up using both her hands and said as she stared at him. "Saga...my beautiful son, I will make of you someone great. You will be so special one day...like your own father."

And then, the queen of Tartakus had gone on to place an enchantment upon her son, a strong enchantment she'd had in mind performing ever since she had come to understand that she was pregnant. A beautiful magical silvery mask was placed on the baby's face, sealing his facial features in the process. All that was left of the baby's facial features to see were his eyes, his mouth, and part of his chin.

Only someone else besides her had seen the baby's face, but that was alright, queen Hel knew Ailyth's loyalty would never waver, she would keep the secret to herself as if only queen Hel was the only one who had seen the child's face.


Pseud O Nym 03-20-2012 12:33 PM

I like it so far. I'll be interested to hear more, including why the queen wanted to cover her son's face. Good work!

Alpha Ωmega 03-20-2012 12:39 PM


Originally Posted by Pseud O Nym (Post 4634477)
I like it so far. I'll be interested to hear more, including why the queen wanted to cover her son's face. Good work!

Oh, and you will, believe me. Thanks for reading btw, Pseud ;)

I am not sure whether I can double post in order to keep adding, I will check that with a mod and probably keep adding more chapters. Here's two more consecutive parts that still form the Prelude.

Prelude: Part 2
Magatha's Birth

597 years later, Tartakus, Netherrealm

Queen Hel had conceived again, and she found herself in her personal chamber, again delivering a newborn. This time, the outcome was different, instead of a boy it turned out to be a beautiful baby girl, whom queen Hel named Magatha.

Ailyth, Queen Hel's personal assistant, again had helped with the delivery. As to Saga, who was at that time a full grown demon at 597 years old and sporting a large pair of magical dark wings, well, he had wanted to be at his mother's side after she delivered, however, he hadn't been able to be there thanks to the presence of Ailyth.

Several years in the past Saga had come to learn that Ailyth had been a human maiden once. Because of that mere fact Saga did not like her. Ever since he had come to understand about life, how the world worked as a whole and the many creatures residing here and there in it, Saga knew the humans were labeled as weak creatures. Unlike many other races, the humans were fragile things and aged and died sooner than the rest. He hated Ailyth for having been part of that weak race, more so because she was his mother's second. Not even he, who was her own son and a prince, a candidate to take over the throne and lead the realm one day, had the power Ailyth had in the realm, and so he had not been present that time when his sister Magatha was born, all because of Ailyth. Saga would hold a grudge over that.


Prelude: Part 3
A disappointed Saga

In time, Saga was able to be with his mother and his dear little sister, and when his mother asked him why he hadn't come as requested, he had excused himself saying.

"My team and I ran into trouble near the Garathras pass. Troops from Iceheim set up an ambush there but we were able to deal with it."

"And...you have the bodies to prove you speak truthfully? I mean, it is rare these days to have the enemy invading our territory so easily, it is well guarded by our troops, the enemy has not shown itself for a long time."

Queen Hel thought Saga had lied to her. Months ago before queen Hel delivered Magatha into the world, Ailyth had spoken to her about Saga's behavior, about how she thought that Saga did not like her nor trusted her nor felt comfortable around her. Queen Hel assured her that she would look into the matter sooner or later. Ailyth had left the room that day feeling troubled, sad, and with a heavy heart, for in truth, she secretly admired Saga and felt something special for him. Since Saga's early years when he had become a full grown demon at the age of 21, Ailyth had laid her eyes on him, the demon had captivated her heart, though he did not know it. And so with hopes of making Saga change his views about her, she had gone to speak to the queen about the problem, with hopes that she corrected his ways. Ailyth didn't really understand her feelings at all for the demon prince, she knew Saga hated her to the core, the demon servants had been spreading rumors about it. So, even though she knew someone like him would never fixate his eyes on her, she'd had to give it a try, her heart had demanded it.

That day, Saga proved to be a clever one before his mother.

"I don't know how they managed to fool security," he responded right away without faltering. "but I have twenty or so bodies for you to see if that's what you really want, mother. You can send a team to Garathras Pass if you'd like, the bodies should still be there, I ordered my soldiers to cut their heads off and to place the headless bodies on poles...as a warning sign to others."

Saga, in truth, had ordered several of his legionnaires to go out past the boundaries of the realm and search for enemies. He knew that sooner or later he'd have to be present with his mother and would need an excuse.

His team, which was full of the most elite demons Tartakus could offer, had come back that day with twenty demons from Iceheim as prisoners.

"You didn't need to go through all that brutality," queen Hel told her son, for in truth, Tartakus had never before shown such acts of brutality against enemies, Hel was not pleased with Saga.

"I didn't do a single thing," Saga countered, crossing his arms before her as he remained standing close to the bed. "My team carried out the order."

Queen Hel just remained observant of her son and couldn't help it but sigh. She was troubled then. Who was lying to her? Ailyth or Saga?

"I believe you," she said moments later, and then she allowed him to come close to the bed. Saga, who had been wanting to see his sister, was able to do so then. And he wasn't disappointed in what he saw.

"My...sister," he proudly said as he knelt beside the bed. He touched her fragile face and added as he glanced at his mother. "She's of my blood..."

Queen Hel nodded at him and gave him a charming smile to see.

Happily at his mother's side, Saga added, "I'll make of her a great warrior, perhaps greater than what I am. I will teach her all that I know and--"

"She's going to be given to Ailyth," queen Hel more than stated, and that made Saga become upset, though he remained calm at the side of the bed. "She will teach her the basics of magic, and then I will take over and teach her the most advanced spells in my repertoire, just as I taught you a few."

Behind his mask and his inner self, Saga was very furious, he felt his blood rushing hotly through his veins. Queen Hel knew this merely by looking at him.

"But..." Saga stammered, rising up to his feet, his hands clenched in anger, though hidden behind his dark pants. "Tartakus needs warriors who can fight physically!"

"Magatha will become a feared Dage," queen Hel went on. "I already have a brilliant tactician and warrior in you, son. I want someone who will be able to support you with magic should our realm experience war. In the near future, we await the arrival of Ragnarok, if our realm becomes involved in that chaos, we will need to be magically strong, we need more Dages, we already have enough muscle in you and the many legions at our command."

Saga could have argued about it, but he knew his mother would never agree to let him train Magatha, she leaned more to Ailyth's side after all.

He nodded at her, then bowed respectfully and left the chamber, full of disappointment and anger. His feelings of hatred towards Ailyth had just multiplied ten times over.


Pseud O Nym 03-20-2012 01:46 PM

You're quite welcome!
More developments and a new baby! So Saga is a demon, eh? What do the demons look like?
Keep writing.

CrimeanSoldier 03-20-2012 06:38 PM

I like it, it seems that the demons leave others alone. I like the queen, and now they have a princess aswell as a prince, Keep going!

Alpha Ωmega 03-20-2012 07:23 PM

Oh I will, I just hope you people can keep up. And here are several pics of characters from the story that I drew a while ago in Paint. You wanted to know what demons looked like. Well nothing fancy, just like normal human beings, except with several differences. (Btw, during the story, if you read parts in different colored text, that's because that was not included in the first version of the story, and I went back to add that to make it sound better)

This is Sammy, a she-demon that you will be reading about in later chapters.

This is Repiv, another demon.

This is Saga, version 1.

And Saga, version 2.

Prelude: Part 4
Saga and his Pupil

Five hundred years would come to pass. Both Ailyth and queen Hel taught Magatha all there was to be known about magic, including some lost magical spells. Meanwhile, Saga had become overly obsessive in wanting to know why he wore the mask, a mask which he could not take off, for it was magical. Although the mask made him look tough and unnerving to others, Saga had wondered what his face looked like, and so he started to ask his mother about it.

His mother, a bit older now but the more wise, simply told him that he did not need to know. Saga insisted on knowing the truth, but Hel never gave him a true response other than say that his father had been a fierce warrior much like him. Saga never was satisfied with the answer, but he stopped asking about it once his mother gave him more power and ranking within the realm. To keep him from asking about why he wore the mask, or who his father had been, queen Hel wisely had ascended Saga to leader of the entire legions of Tartakus, and she just about let him do what he wanted from that moment on. What with heavy rumors circulating about the approaching event known as Ragnarok, queen Hel needed time to focus on those problems and not ones like the ones Saga was giving her.

One of the things Saga had wanted to do in a long time was to take Magatha to his very own castle and train her in the arts of hand to hand combat. Magatha, already being a great Dage, had been looking forward to it. She loved her brother as much as he loved her in return, and so she was up for the challenge and eager to learn from him.

In the confines of Tartiri, as Saga had named his appointed castle, he taught Magatha swordplay and even other combat tactics with other weapons. Soon enough, in less than a year, Magatha was as dangerous using swords and other weapons as she was dangerous casting magic. Saga couldn't have felt more proud of her.

As to Hel, though she felt proud to see that her son and daughter were great in what they did, she thought Saga was beginning to steal Magatha's love from her. She also had fears that soon, if Magatha continued to spend more time with Saga, she'd become as brutal and evil as him. And so when Saga and Magatha came to the main palace, he and his sister were given the same powers over the legions. The forces were split up between the two, with Hel having come up with a good plan to keep Magatha close to her, for she feared Saga would turn her into a full warrior like himself soon enough. She had never wanted that, rather had always had plans for Magatha to remain at her side and knowing most of the magical stuff she knew. A good excuse for her plan had been the realm's enemies who had been knocking on the door causing trouble here and there, a sign of unrest in the lower realms, for Ragnarok was approaching and the many realms wanted to take over other territories in order to be strong when the time came.

And so Hel sent Saga and his forces to deal with the problems at the main entrance to the realm of Tartakus. Meanwhile, Magatha and her forces were to remain securing the other front and the central region where queen Hel's castle stood.

Saga did not protest when he had been sent out, though he was sad since he would be seeing little of Magatha from that moment on. Likewise, Magatha felt the same way, if not worse, for she feared for Saga's life.

Four hundred and fifty five years went by, with Magatha now close to the thousand year-old mark. In the span of those four hundred and fifty five years, the realm of Tartakus had fought several wars against neighboring realms. Their bitter rivals from Kokot, Iceheim, Hinani, and the Fifth Inferno, (all surrounding realms near Tartakus) had failed to wipe out the Tartakuns. In response, Saga, who had become a tough and feared warrior in his own right ever since his mother had sent him to the main entrance to defend it, had led his legions out of the realm of Tartakus and invaded Hinani and the Fifth Inferno. The mighty demon god was aided by two of his best friends within his elite group: Repiv Dairym and Sammy. In a few months Hinani and the Fifth Inferno had been completely wiped out, Saga haven't taken any prisoners. During the invasion, Saga had taken the armor of Pliapakkus for himself and a sword named Cersus, which could fire off freezing icicles in the forms of daggers. Though obtaining the weapon and the armor had made Saga feel victorious and mighty, those feelings alone could not compare to the one feeling Saga had come to love during his conquering of the two realms: the satisfaction that came with dealing death to opposing leaders. It was there when he stood before the fallen body of Pliapakkus that the dark god knew his road would be long and just more pleasurable.

During his heroic return to Tartakus, Saga never expected that he would be seeing Magatha again so soon. He hadn't seen her since that time at the main castle when they had been forced to separate.

Magatha waited for his arrival near a large mountain known as Taarkata. With a group of about five hundred elite demons, she waited there. When Saga and his troops made it to the mountain side, Saga and his sister embraced in joy, but the happiness Saga felt within him lasted but a minute, for Magatha delivered him terrible news. She let him know that while he had been away dealing with the enemy, war had also erupted in the heavens.

"What, are you sure?" Saga incredulously asked, and by judging from the frightened look his sister held, he knew she was serious and very sure of it.

"Yes," Magatha responded, her voice worried. "I don't have many details, but war has erupted in Asgard, brother. I hear it's very bad. I heard my mother and Ailyth discussing it in the throne room along with all the servants, they even mentioned it could possibly trigger Ragnarok once and for all."

"Ragnarok?!" Saga shouted, his voice almost failing him so. He had known about that terrible event, their mother had told them about it multiple times. Ragnarok was supposed to be the end of everything, a catastrophic event brought about by a major war between the forces of good and evil.

Magatha nodded at him in return, and she had been very scared, so much that she had launched at her brother's arms seeking consolation and safety.

"I am scared, Saga. If indeed this collision of forces leads to...Ragnarok...all is lost...I don't want that...I want to live...I want all of us to live on..."

Saga kept her embraced and told her that everything would be alright, however, he wasn't overly sure.


CrimeanSoldier 03-20-2012 07:48 PM

Ooh Very good! I'm really interested. Just when I thought one thign was going to happen you change it. Keep it up.

Balthier Bunansa 03-20-2012 10:51 PM

I have exactly one problem with this story, that really isn't a problem: The story is going a bit too fast, now. The beginning was fine due to good detail and wording that keeps a reader on the edge constantly. Now, this story seems to be something I can have with my coffee.

But overall, it's great and immervise. Just tweak your writing style to show if you want this to be a story or a tale. I LOVE your artwork, by the way, and all of your characters.

(I will say Darkness Rising is better, though)

Alpha Ωmega 03-21-2012 09:09 AM


Originally Posted by Master Vainqueur (Post 4635591)
I have exactly one problem with this story, that really isn't a problem: The story is going a bit too fast, now. The beginning was fine due to good detail and wording that keeps a reader on the edge constantly. Now, this story seems to be something I can have with my coffee.

But overall, it's great and immervise. Just tweak your writing style to show if you want this to be a story or a tale. I LOVE your artwork, by the way, and all of your characters.

(I will say Darkness Rising is better, though)

Yeah, that's what I thought when I finished book 1, that the beginning had been rushed, especially with so many years in the count, it feels kind of weird now that I look at it. But I am glad that you have read it and that you liked it, also my art. If you must know though, the rest of the story isn't rushed like that, you know, the years going by so fast. But I will let you find that out by reading. Thank you, and also thank you CrimeanSoldier for keeping up with it, and anyone else who has. ~Saga

Prelude: Part 5
The Dire News

Saga and Magatha headed to the main castle, Saga wanting to hear more on the matter from his own mother. The castle was bustling activity, as it had always been there, however, Saga noticed more movement that day, as if Tartakus itself was bracing for an imminent attack. All sorts of demons were keeping tight watch here and there, Saga could see many extra guards, the security had been buffed up, which let him know something creepy was surely going on.

The throne room looked glorious with its many decorations, some of which were from the land of the mortals. Jars with drawings, assorted stone statues, a royal red carpet that covered the room, golden chandeliers that hung from the ceiling, and several portraits portraying natural scenes were just some of the decorations one could see within the throne chamber. Queen Hel had a secret group which traded with the humans and other races that resided above. Although Saga hated human scum, he never had really minded their arts and crafts.

Those standing all around clapped when Saga entered, they cheered for his triumphant return, however, seated in her golden throne, queen Hel rose her hand and all went silent.

Saga and Magatha strode to the very front and bowed and then knelt before their mother, who stood up right away. In his kneeling position, Saga was outraged, for standing proudly off to the throne's right side was the beautiful Ailyth, the human being he could not abide. Beautiful in her own right, Ailyth had proudly clapped along with the rest of the clique, for she indeed was glad Saga was back and well, and a whole lot more powerful with the sword and armor that he had acquired from the fallen gods.

That day, thanks to his mother's words, Saga became aware that Loki, the traitor and aggressor in Asgard, had descended from the heavens and had come down to Netherrealm seeking to form alliances with all the Netherrealmers. He had not come alone, according to what his mother had confessed, Loki had brought along two enormous beasts with him, the dragon Bloodbane and a wolf named Fenrir. Besides wanting the lower realms' support, queen Hel assured Saga that Loki had also come seeking an important relic, a treasure of old, to be exact.

"Treasure?" Saga had seemed dubious.

"You will learn about that in due time," Hel had told him in her personal chamber, where the whole family had retired to in order to speak in private. "For now, you and Magatha must prepare for the worse. Loki is not playing around, he means business."

All of Tartakus remained on edge as days went by.


Pseud O Nym 03-21-2012 01:26 PM

I like your pictures. Saga looks fierce. Keep up the good work.


...a whole lot powerful with the weapon and armor...
I think that 'more' should be inserted between 'lot' and 'powerful' and an 's' on the end of 'weapon.'

Alpha Ωmega 03-21-2012 07:08 PM


Originally Posted by Pseud O Nym (Post 4636289)
I like your pictures. Saga looks fierce. Keep up the good work.

I think that 'more' should be inserted between 'lot' and 'powerful' and an 's' on the end of 'weapon.'

Good feedback. I actually corrected it, but I changed the paragraph a bit. I didn't think weapon needed an s, for it was only a sword that he obtained, right?

Btw, thanks for reading. ;) Here are the last two parts of the prelude.

Prelude: Part 6
Dealing with Loki

Wanting not to become involved in the matter, most of the Netherrealm realms turned down Loki's offer saying that his business was with Odin and the Ęsier alone. In truth, the Netherrealmers had never wanted to be a part of Ragnarok when the event came to happen. When the event had been foretold a millennia ago in Asgard by Mimir, (a Seer who despite having been decapitated long ago by the Vanir continued living on to this day. *Odin kept her head) they had wanted to live in peace and had never aspired to go to war with the Ęsier, that is why they had migrated from Niflheim and had come down here to reside in peace in the lands below the surface of Midgard. Down here, though, as time had ground on, those powerful gods who had come together as a group opted to go their own ways, and so now they had their own wars and problems to worry about, just as it had been back in Asgard millennia ago.

Loki did not take their response very well. All who rejected his offer paid with their lives, five leaders to be exact, leaving the rest of Netherrealm shaking in fear. The news of the fallen gods' deaths spread like wild fire, and so Netherrealm was on high alert.

When Tartakus's turn came to answer to Loki's call, queen Hel led a large procession to the meeting place Loki had requested, which was the very same place where Saga and Magatha had met: Mountain Taarkata.

Saga, his personal elite squad, Magatha and Ailyth, had gone as well, for if it came to trading blows with the lunatic, they would all fight to preserve the realm of Tartakus and possibly all of Netherrealm, and perhaps even the whole universe.

"Agar, Gelar, Eion, Torl, and Sibel have already paid with their lives for having turned down my offer, Hel," Loki arrogantly said. The mad god was dressed in his reddish suit and carried a sword at his hip. Although he looked like a regular mischievous young man, he was tougher than that. "Now only few of you remain alive down here. Think about what you are going to say, think about your realm, your kids here present. Don't be a fool."

The two beasts stood beside Loki, one on each side and surely ready to act should their master wish it.

If queen Hel seemed unnerved or troubled before Loki and his beasts, she did not show it one bit. As to Saga, he was a tad bit nervous, Magatha scared and holding on tight to her brother, whom she deemed the strongest in the realm, even more than their own mother, for he had shown it bit by bit by conquering realms.

"We remain neutral," Hel had replied to the maniac, and when Loki's cocky smile had turned into a disappointed scowl, queen Hel was deft to add. "However, we Tartakuns know how to appreciate a worthy foe when we see one. You, Loki, have the power to confront Odin alone, we know you can bring him down if you have what it takes. Tartakus wishes not to join you in your conquest, for as you may be aware of, we came down here to live in peace and--"

"A peace that lasted you Niflheimers but a few human years," Loki laughed mockingly. "Isn't that right, Hel? Didn't your most trusted advisors stab you in the back and turn against you?" and he laughed on, his laugh echoing all over the place.

"I admit it that they did," Hel nodded at him, her voice embarrassed. "The place down here is big and suitable for living, perhaps some of those who came down here with us forgot about our vision and deviated from the course. Surely, we've been having inner wars amongst ourselves fighting for power, territory and survival, but that is not the case with us Tartakuns, we've merely defended our realm from obliteration and wish to live in peace still, the vision that brought us down here hasn't been lost to us."

"Join me," Loki proposed, his eyes on the beautiful Tartakun queen. "And I will make your lives better, I will help you get rid of all these other nuisances that trouble your realm and perhaps you Tartakuns will then have what you seek. Fight for me in my war against Odin and you will have the peace you desire."

Queen Hel remained silent for a while, as if considering the offer. Saga shifted uneasily in his standing spot, and Magatha wondered what her mother would answer to that. Queen Hel was wise, she knew Loki had already betrayed those who had shown him a bit of trust, and so her decision was an easy one to make, though she took the time to make it look as if she was really giving it thought.

"A tempting offer," Hel finally said. "But as I've said earlier, Loki, we will remain neutral and as far as possible from this conflict, however...we do have something special to offer as compensation for our decision to not join you."

Loki remained silent and holding a very disappointed face. However, he wondered what Hel was up to.

"What could you possibly offer me that will keep me from laying waste to you and your realm?"

Queen Hel did not like what he spoke, neither did Saga, who set into motion against Loki, or tried to, however, Magatha held on to him fast.

"Wait," she whispered on to him when Saga regarded her. "Let mother handle it, Saga."

Saga settled back down and gave Magatha a slight nod, then he turned his attention back to where Loki and his two enormous beasts stood.

"I have this to offer," Hel said, and Loki saw her raise her arm and snap her fingers. Instantly, a pair of demon weaids with crimson skin came walking forth carrying a large golden chest. They set it down before Loki and quickly returned back to their places. Saga and Magatha stared surprisingly at the chest, for they wondered what could be inside. What was their mother playing at?

"And what is this?" Loki asked as he stared down at the chest and then solidly at Hel. Reading a powerful aura within the chest, Loki unsheathed his sword and tapped the top of the chest, perceiving that it could be a trap. "You dare barter with me?"

"Hardly," replied queen Hel, too coolly. "I call it a gift, Loki. It's alright, go ahead and open it, you can count on my word, it's not a trap. It's a weapon of great power, actually, which I believe you came seeking down here."

Loki was not sure he could trust Hel, but he did stare at the golden chest and then removed the great lock by slicing it with his sword. He threw open the top part and inside was a dark sword, one of the four treasures of power! Though the sword's blade was as dark as the night, it gleamed radiantly, though its glow surely did not affect the eyes of anyone.

"It...it...it was you who had the Demon Sword Levantine all this time?" Loki couldn't believe it. He sheathed his piece and bent down low to retrieve the mighty treasure right away. And he felt tremendous power coursing through his entire body as he wielded the blade.

Seeing his reaction, Hel smiled lightly but that smile quickly vanished.

"How...did you get your hands on this? To my knowledge I thought Surt had it, but I dealt death to the fool and I came to know that Jotunheim wasn't housing the treasure, just as he had assured me. Poor bastards, I killed all those Vanir for nothing."

The news of Jutunheim's fall troubled queen Hel, but she still was able to speak. "I managed to secure it long ago and had been keeping it a secret mainly for all of Niflheim's and Netherrealm's safety," Hel replied, keeping her voice solid and her composure calm. "As you know, the sword maintains Niflheim's stability, just as the Dragon Orb, the Sylvan Bow, and Gungnir maintain stability in other realms. I am surely troubled to let go of such a relic knowing that it could mean the destruction of my homeland, which I want to be able to reclaim in the future as the way things are down here. I know the sword will serve you greatly in your trials to come, Loki. I know you will keep the blade safe and from harm."

"Yes, yes," Loki gladly said as he looked at the beautiful sword. "I know all about the sword's history. Oh Hel! Thank you! Now I have more power, I found what I came looking for."

Smiling widely, Loki looked upon Hel's beautiful face and added. "To be honest with you, I thought I would never get my hands on this precious sword. And so because of this fine gesture you have shown me today, I will spare you and your realm, although I would love to see some form of worship from all of you to seal the deal."

Queen Hel flashed him a light, fake smile, knowing what he was asking for. She unwillingly bowed before him and even fell to her knees, she knew she had to do it if she was to keep her realm safe.

When Loki looked around at all those others who stood nearby, they took his stare as an order they had to obey, and so they bowed and knelt too, although Saga remained standing and staring defiantly at the mad god. Magatha, who had bowed and knelt right away, tugged part of his shirt as a sign that he should bow and kneel, and quickly too!

Saga did not do so, rather pat his sister's shoulder to ease her troubles away.

"Are you stupid or just plainly have a death wish in mind, boy?" Loki cried, his voice surely angry, though he did not move from his place. The beasts at his side growled as if in anger, as if they knew trouble was coming, Loki, though, extended his hand and kept them at bay.

Saga said nothing, just remained staring back at Loki, his reddish eyes glimmering behind his mask. With the armor and weapon he had obtained, Saga truly believed he had a chance against this traitorous lunatic.

Loki became angry at the defiant stare, and so he stepped forward willing to head towards Hel's son, who provoked him the more by placing his hand on the hilt of his sword.

Never had Loki seen such bold bravery in an opponent before, not even in Lucian, an Einherjar who had been fool enough to fall to his tricks months ago. Lucian had been the very reason Loki had been able to get his hands on the Dragon Orb in the first place. The Einherjar was now dead, Loki had killed him and had used his death to make lord Odin believe Lucian had stolen the Dragon Orb and had sent it down to Midgard to the enemy. Loki had been seen as a hero then, and a month later, he had struck his traitorous blow against the Ęsier. And now he was here in Tartakus, again facing a brave one in Saga.

"Loki!" Hel's voice detained the god from advancing any further. "I thought we had a deal."

"Not as long as your stupid son continues to defy my wishes. Do you all want to die here today?" he stared back at Hel, but only because Saga's stare had unnerved him somehow. There was something in that demon that unnerved even gods, Loki would not be an exception.

"Of course not," Hel solidly said and with a hint of anger in her voice, for much was at stake here. "Forgive my son...he's a total fool."

Saga felt wounded deeply just by hearing his mother speaking those words. And Magatha, still holding tight to her brother' shirt, soothed his anguish by rubbing her hand on his arm.

"You all kneel before this traitorous rat?" Saga's voice was heard then, and everyone present felt shocked, rattled. "To this pathetic traitor who has not the guts and means to challenge the All-Father on his own terms, rather comes down here threatening everyone and seeking ancient treasures to aid him in his quarrel. I can take him down here and now, mother, just give the order!" And Saga took his act much further, bringing out the mighty Cersus and pointing it directly at Loki. The monsters growled angrily, and most of the legions gasped, believing Saga to be as demented as Loki himself. For show, Saga stepped forward and showed off some real sweet sword skill as he sliced and diced the air. So fluid and precise were his movements that everyone watched in awe as he maneuvered the blade expertly. Even Loki watched in awe and admiration.

"Come on," Saga said when he was done showing off his skills with the blade. "You and I right here and right now, Loki!"

Loki was enraged now, and he was about to walk towards Saga and engage him, but Hel stood up quickly and cried. "Stop! I'll make him do it! I'll make him bow and kneel before you."

"Then make him do it now and everything will be alright," Loki angrily demanded. "Otherwise, I will begin my assault upon your sorry-*** realm by feeding this little beauty here to my pets." And using his magical powers, Loki lifted Magatha off the ground and pulled her towards him.

The masked demon rushed forward, willing to defend his sister from the mad god, however, Saga soon found himself on the ground, an invisible magical force had hit him forcibly on the chest and had made him loose his grip on his sword. He then was forced to his knees, and though Saga struggled against the strong hold that had him controlled and forcing him to do what he did not want to do, he wasn't able to break free. He beat his dark magical wings wildly, wanting to take off from the ground, but they did not obey his wishes.

"There," Hel cried. "That should be enough an act of worship for you."

Loki's smile widened and he laughed out crazily, ridiculing the kneeling fool by pointing at him. "Look at you, weakling. Your mother had to intervene and save your life. You are so pathetic!"

From his kneeling position, Saga looked at the traitorous coward with murder in his eyes. Saga willed his magical powers and nearly managed to break free of the hold, however, Hel's magic was greater and Saga couldn't break free.

Loki let go of Magatha and shoved her towards Hel. He just continued to laugh at the kneeling demon before kicking him harshly away by planting his foot on his chest. Unable to defend himself, Saga took several other powerful kicks from Loki.

"Mother! Help him!" Magatha cried at her mother, who whispered on to her ear that Saga would be alright. Crying and fearing for her brother's well being, Magatha turned her attention back to Loki, who continued to kick the fallen Saga.

When Loki was satisfied, he dismissed his pets and then turned to regard Hel, who released her hold on Saga, although she made him stand up and remain in place, her beautiful dark eyes promising her son sweet revenge.

Embarrassed and pained at what he had just experienced, Saga just remained with his head hanging low. Magatha went to him and tried to touch him soothingly, but Saga slapped her hand away, hurting her feelings in the process, but Saga was not himself those minutes, and Magatha understood that.

"You've been spared...for now," Loki's voice sounded mightily, and he spun a full three sixty degree angle as he pointed at all those present. "Don't dwell on it too much, I may come back some other time and make of you my slaves." Laughing is how he dematerialize before them seconds later.

As soon as he was gone, all of those present sighed in relief...everyone except a figure. Saga.


Prelude: Part 7
Sweet Revenge?

"I could have taken the fool down," Saga argued, the demon still felt very enraged. They were now back at the main castle and inside queen Hel's private chamber. All the realm's legions had been ordered to keep a tight watch all over the realm.

"You probably would have given the realm a great show," Hel admitted. "Your skill with the blade is truly amazing, exceptional I do say, my son. But I doubt you would have been able to bring Loki down, he had in his possession two of the four treasures."

"And you helped him out by having given him another one!" Saga raged in his anger, but then his mother surprised him and the other two females when she lowered her head and began to chuckle.

"I helped him?" Hel laughed and even put an innocent face before Saga, Magatha and Ailyth. "I'd never help an enemy, son, much less by giving away an important artifact such as the Demon Sword Levantine, our realm's most beloved treasure."

"What did you do?" Saga asked, curious to know, although in the back of his mind he already had an idea of what had happened.

"I gave that dolt a cat for a rabbit," Hel chuckled and started to pace back and forth knowing that Saga, Magatha and Ailyth were wondering what she had done. "the sword I offered Loki was nothing more than a replica of the real one, which I still hold in my possession."

"Ah, well done, my queen," Ailyth happily congratulated and even patted Magatha's shoulder. Magatha smiled at Ailyth, her face brightening to her warm touch. As to Saga, he regarded Ailyth momentarily, but when the beautiful maiden turned to regard him, Saga turned his eyes to his mother, who had seen the exchange between the maiden and her son.

"So you mean to say...you fooled that trickster?" Saga asked just for verification.

"Kind of ironic, really," Hel explained, coming to a halt in front of him. "Loki is the master of tricks and foolery, I gave him a taste of his own medicine."

Saga blurted out laughing, his rage subsiding, for with this information he was sort of getting his revenge, sort of, but not entirely, for as he stood before his mother, Saga already knew of future plans he would indeed be setting in motion soon enough, this as payment for what he had been forced to do a few hours ago.

His mother had surprised him greatly with the revelation of her trick, and Saga felt proud of her then, for she had not aided that traitorous rat after all.

"I had to force you to kneel," Hel said then, touching the area of his mask where his right cheek should be. "else my whole plan would have been for naught. You see, by having given Loki a replica of the Demon Sword Levantine with meager powers, I have assured our survival and will obtain Odin's respect and approval for not siding with that maniac. Loki thinks he's managed to obtain the demon sword Levantine, the second strongest treasure in existence, the replica I gave him wont be able to help him against Odin, I will remove the powers I imbued into it when I learn the fight has started. I just hope that the All-Father is able to bring him down or else..."

"Or else?" Magatha was the first one to ask, and Ailyth shifted in her position uncomfortably but kept her hand on queen Hel's daughter.

"Or else we will all be in trouble," Saga explained as he looked at his sister then over at Ailyth again. "By we, I of course mean every living being in the universe, for if Loki survives and defeats Odin, there will be much to pay for, and probably we will be the first ones to pay."

Magatha gulped hard and stared at her mother.

A nod from queen Hel assured Magatha that Saga was right.

"All we can do now is wait," Ailyth nervously said.

Queen Hel nodded at her and then gave her opinion. "Whatever the outcome in Asgard, if war comes to our realm, we will meet the enemy with all that we have at our disposal."

Saga's eyes brightened at that, though he hoped it wouldn't have to come to that.

*End of Prelude*

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Very well done, I thought the queen was done for, I'm glad she'e not, for now anyway. Keep it up!

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Originally Posted by CrimeanSoldier (Post 4637340)
Very well done, I thought the queen was done for, I'm glad she'e not, for now anyway. Keep it up!

Thanks for taking the time to read it. I really appreciate that.


Thinking he had three of four treasures in his possession, Loki ascended the heavens days later, with no help from anyone save his two mighty monstrous beasts. He was sure he could defeat the All-Father with three of four treasures in hand, but Odin wielded the most powerful of all, Gungnir: a spear more like a double-bladed sword, which kept Asgard's stability intact.

Loki and his two monsters left many Ęsier and minor gods dead as he made his way to Valhalla, where Odin resided in his majestic crystal palace. With his beasts and three treasures in hand, the forces Odin had placed as security were not able to stop Loki's advancement. Loki defeated them all and left Asgard in near ruin in his wake.

And so because he did not want others to die in the hands of Loki, lord Odin came out of the palace to confront him head on. Freya, one of the goddesses of fate, came at his side and willing to help, but Odin told her to not get involved. Neither did Loki allow his monsters to get involved in the fight, rather ordered them to watch.

And so all Freya could do was watch in horror as Odin and Loki fought it out on the outer parts of the palace. They clashed and fought for nearly an hour, the very foundations of Asgard rocking to its core due to the power involved. Both opponents dealt much pain to the other, then Loki realized Odin should be dead after he had viciously hit the All-father several times with the Demon Sword Levantine. Odin still stood, bleeding and very hurt but still very much alive and willing to fight. Loki then realized that Hel had betrayed him, had played him and had made of him a fool, the sword he held was not genuine, he could no longer feel its power! How could he have fallen for that trick so easily?

Enraged, he tossed the fake sword to the ground and brought out the dragon orb, a genuine piece of the four treasures. He summoned all its power and used it against Odin in a series of devastating magical attacks. Finally, though hard as he had fought, Odin succumbed to Loki's power. The mad god managed to bring the All-Father to his knees, and Odin, knowing he had been bested, dropped his weapon and then collapsed on the ground. The terrible wounds would later claim his life, but for the moment, the All-father had to endure Loki's wicked laughs as he mockingly declared himself the true winner, the champion of champions and the universe's absolute force.

"Lo...k...i," Odin managed to say just as Freya rushed to his side. "I've been bested, I...gave it my all...my only wish is that you spare the humans..."

"Hahahaha," Loki laughed, caring nothing at all of what Odin spoke. "You wish to salvage those who you saw as nothing but mere slaves?"

"They...are the rea....Arghhh...son...we...gods...arghh..."

"Odin, please don't speak, keep still," Freya cried, her hands covering several of Odin's nasty wounds, for blood spewed forth freely. The All-father grabbed Freya's bloody hands as hard as he could, and he looked up at her.

"Cry...not and...be not...arrghh...saddened by my departure, child," he managed to tell her. "It is...the road we all have to take..."

"No, you will make it, don't speak like that, just hold on," Freya desperately cried as her tears streamed down her cheeks.

"This is but...a minor inconvenience...soon...all...will...arghh...be alrigh--"

Odin's eyes suddenly closed and his head lolled off to the side, and he expired. Freya, registering his passing, screamed in agony and pain.

And a few feet away from her, Loki blurted out laughing as never before. "Look at him, oh how the mighty have fallen."

Loki headed towards the spot where Gungnir laid and took a hold of Odin's weapon. Freya, truly hurt and pained at what was happening, at what had just transpired, stood up and rushed at him, but Loki knocked her down to the ground quite easily.

"You Asgardians will show me the proper respect...at least until I figure what I do with you." He could perceive a strong powerful aura leaving Odin's body, and it transferred itself on to the two-bladed weapon called Gungnir. Loki glanced at Bloodbane and ordered him to swallow the fake sword Hel had given him. The monster walked on its two hind legs towards the blade, he picked it up and swallowed it whole. As to Fenrir, he ordered the beast to move out to a certain spot close to a rocky hill not far off.

He watched as Fenrir left, and then he spoke to Bloodbane. "Well done, Bloodbane, you too head on to the hill, guard it and don't let anyone through, I will be busy moments hence destroying the world."

The monster moved to obey and Freya sobbed as she laid on the ground.

"You are mad," she cried, knowing what Loki was up to now. Loki walked over to her and threateningly pointed Gungnir at her, the goddess' face deformed in fear thinking death would claim her as well. Loki just laughed louder, relishing in her fear.

The mad god left her there, she didn't matter at the moment. And Loki flew to the highest point in Asgard Hill, where he contemplated the scenery all around him. There was devastation all around, but Loki's thirst for destruction asked him for more. He had never been truly accepted or understood by the Ęsier and the Vanir, so the dark god would make sure all of them paid dearly with their lives.

He focused his inner will and stretched out his hands, sending out waves of destruction of many forms. Fire blasts, thunder strikes, and even strong tremors hit the land of the heavens full force, and those many survivors scattered through out Asgard fled and hid from the fury of the dark god.

Soon, all was in ruin. Once beautiful grass-filled prairies were on fire, smoke rose here and there and many beautiful fortresses which had once stood strong, now laid on the ground completely destroyed. The once beautiful crystal clear waters of lakes and rivers turned grayish and all forms of life within them died. The mountains trembled and collapsed, and thousands upon thousands of angelus died as the devastation continued through out the minutes.

A few moments later, with nothing but devastation and desolation for him to see, Loki laughed sinisterly, pleased with himself, and then he remembered about queen Hel and all the fools in the netherrealm.

"Patience, my beauty. First I will deal with these pathetic humans, then you all shall follow."

He turned his attention to the mortal world of Midgard.

Waves of destruction similar to what had hit Asgard continued down in Midgard, Loki truly enjoying himself bringing about the destruction of the world, the mad god relishing in the cries of help, pain, sorrow and forgiveness coming from the creatures down below.

For the inhabitants of Midgard, it all started with the darkening of the sky, the day became night so to speak. The residents of the earth who saw the quick change taking effect above them became riddled with fear and lost all hope, for with the instant change had also come a feeling of despair and total doom. Then came the destruction.

Fire fell from the darkened sky, followed immediately by harsh thunderstorms that produced volleyball-size hail and deadly lightning. Powerful tremors brought down mountains, left cities in shambles, and the folk truly in horror. Because of these tremors, enormous tidal waves rose in several locations on the sea, the salty water inundating parts of the continent of Midgard killing thousands of people and other creatures.

For the humans, the elves and the few other races and monsters residing on the earth, the long expected end of the world had finally arrived.

It could have been much worse, the world was on the verge of its total destruction, except that in the heavens, a lone figure finally made its appearance. Lenneth Valkyrie, reborn as a new God in her own right, had arrived to save the day.

Before all this mess with Loki came to happen, Lenneth Valkyrie had been tasked by lord Odin to hunt the souls of fallen warriors in Midgard who were to aid the Ęsier in their struggles against the forces of evil in the upcoming event known as Ragnarok.

Because her human memories had begun to interfere with her goddess duties, lord Odin labeled Lenneth unsuitable to keep working as the chooser of the slain, and so lord Odin reawakened Hrist, the eldest of the three Valkyrie sisters.

Hrist took over the body of Lenneth, making her soul explode into tiny fragments, apparently forcing Lenneth to return back to sleep until her time to act as the chooser of the slain came again, however, Lenneth was saved from that fate by her own Einherjar and with the help of a human master wizard named Lezard Valeth. Through many special means and events, Valkyrie Lenneth was able to be brought back to life again, and somehow she had acquired the power of creation.

She no longer was a mere Valkyrie, Lenneth now had the power to defend all from the evil Loki. She had become the next big thing, the powerful All-Mother, a god who would succeed Odin as the most powerful force in the universe. Her eyes gleamed with sorrow and pain, for Lenneth could hear all the pleas for help, could feel the world's and its inhabitants pain and sorrow. Moreover, her dead love Lucian, an Einherjar Loki had killed, asked her for revenge. And so it was that Lenneth took the fight to the mad god.

With the help of her Einherjar and her newly acquired power of creation, Lenneth battled Loki's monsters and the mad god himself on the summit of Asgard Hill. The foe was strong, but stronger proved to be the All-Mother with the power of creation. On the summit of Asgard Hill, Loki, the enemy of all that is good and evil, was finally defeated.

*End of Chapter 1*

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Originally Posted by shadow226 (Post 4637916)
This is good. I really enjoyed reading it. Looking forwards to lots more of this.

Thanks for reading, Shadow. And I might as well add another update to it.


Asgard Hill

The day was dark with ominous clouds hanging all around. Fires still burned here and there, and dark grayish smoke rose all around, the land of the heavens had been devastated by the wrath of a single enemy. In his obsession for obtaining total power and control, Loki had left Asgard in shambles and nearly in ruins. Countless of warriors who had tried to stop him when he had arrived Asgard laid dead on the ground, others laid heavily wounded and inhaling their last painful breaths. Ragnarok, an event that was supposed to have brought great destruction and end life as we know it, had brought ruin, misery, suffering, and had left thousands upon thousands of dead in Asgard and Midgard. Only Netherrealm had been spared the wrath of destruction, although they had experienced several strong tremors that had left most of the land of Midgard devastated.

On the summit of Asgard Hill, Lenneth remained kneeling with her head hung low, her silky silvery hair fluttering playfully with the light wind that blew that day.

Lenneth Valkyrie was in pain, suffering greatly, and in tears. She was crying for all that had come to happen. Her God, her creator, a figure she had tremendously loved and respected as she had been taking on the task of soul-hunting for him, laid amongst the dead back in Valhalla Palace. But lord Odin wasn't the only one, there were many other living beings Lenneth had lost that dark day. She cried for all of them and for those down in Midgard as well, whose cries of sorrow, lament and pleas of help she could hear within herself.

Though Midgard had suffered catastrophic happenings here and there, it did not compare to the desolation and destruction Asgard had suffered.

Lenneth sobbed and covered her eyes and just continued crying, uncaring that behind her awaited a party of Einherjar she had recruited over the lapse of two years.

Not three feet from where she knelt laid the body of Loki, the god who had betrayed Odin and all of Asgard. Though he had been a bitter enemy to the very end, Lenneth was also crying for him, for as she had done battle with him the goddess had come to understand the motives behind the mad god's actions. Loki, having been born of Aesir and Vanir blood, had never been accepted by either side and the resentment he had felt because of that had only spurred him to betray the All-Father in order to destroy everything that was good and evil. He had failed but had left ruin and destruction all around.

Lenneth understood that soon she would have to restore peace and mend all the scars that Ragnarok had left, and not only in Asgard but also in Midgard.

Ragnarok, she remembered that word and it sent shivers running down her spine. It was supposed to have been the end of everything. Lenneth didn't know why the forces of good had triumphed again, but she was glad she had brought Loki's plans to an end, else all would have been destroyed.

Suddenly, as she continued to think about it, the All-Mother heard a mature female's voice speaking in her mind.

"Lenneth! Ragnarok has ended, again the forces of good have won the day...but rise...I see bigger trouble rising in the future...we must prepare for the next cycle."

Lenneth was now the All-Mother, she had acquired much power, and so she instantly knew who had spoken in her mind: Mimir the Seer.

*End of Chapter*

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I didn't think weapon needed an s, for it was only a sword that he obtained, right?

Ah, I get it. I read it the wrong way and thought it was multiple weapons.

I really enjoyed reading the rest of your prologue. Great work!
I noticed a few very minor errors.


All who rejected his offer paid with their life...
Agar, Gelar, Eion, Torl, and Sibel have already paid with their life..."
Since you are referring to multiple people, the noun 'life' should be made plural.

...before Loki and his beats...
I presume that the word should be beasts Too bad the spell-checker doesn't pick it up...

"The place down here is big an suitable for living..."
I do this all the time! It's so easy to leave the 'd' off of 'and.'

Ailyth happily congratulated and even pat Magatha's shoulder.
Since the first verb (congratulated) is in past tense, the second one (pat) should also be past tense (patted).

Of whom is the picture at the beginning of your chapters? Is it Lenneth Valkyrie? I really like the picture!
I enjoyed your first two chapters. They make me wonder and want to know what happens next! Keep up the superb work!

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Originally Posted by CrimeanSoldier (Post 4638551)
Great! I can't wait to see what happens next!

Hopefully you will enjoy this tale to its end. :-)


Originally Posted by tetra (Post 4638780)
I love the story, I couldn't stop reading. I hope you will be able to finish another chapter soon.

I have all the chapters finished for this book, but I am posting them bit by bit, so as to not give the readers too much too read at one time.


Originally Posted by Pseud O Nym (Post 4639303)
Ah, I get it. I read it the wrong way and thought it was multiple weapons.

I really enjoyed reading the rest of your prologue. Great work!
I noticed a few very minor errors.

Since you are referring to multiple people, the noun 'life' should be made plural.

I presume that the word should be beasts Too bad the spell-checker doesn't pick it up...

I do this all the time! It's so easy to leave the 'd' off of 'and.'

Since the first verb (congratulated) is in past tense, the second one (pat) should also be past tense (patted).

Of whom is the picture at the beginning of your chapters? Is it Lenneth Valkyrie? I really like the picture!
I enjoyed your first two chapters. They make me wonder and want to know what happens next! Keep up the superb work!

You caught all those mistakes, eh? Haha, that's cool, I like going back to correct my mistakes. Thank you for pointing those out, I will correct them ASAP, when I finish posting this update up, that is. XD And yes, that's Lenneth Valkyrie, and you will see an introductory picture to each chapter, most of them will be characters from my own art.


Originally Posted by ZoraMikau (Post 4639829)
I thought it was pretty good. A nit confusing for me to begin with, but quite a good story. :) I'm kinda excited for more actually.

Yes, the beginning can be very confusing because of the many years that went by, perhaps, but I am glad you liked it. ;) Thanks for reading.

Now here is the next update.

(Part 1/2)

Asgard Hill

"She will be alright, Mystina, just let her be," spoke a warrior with a tough voice. Arngrim was his name.

"But look at her, she's devastated, and she's definitely hurt and bleeding," cried Mystina, who before having been turned into an Einherjar had been a mage in the Flenceburg Academy, which was located in the southeastern regions of Midgard, the world inhabited by humans, elves and many other creatures. "She needs to be tended to, consoled, I'll be doing just that."

And Mystina started running towards Lenneth, or started to, but Arngrim's strong arms detained her as he took her by the waist and held her at bay. "No, just leave her be, Mysty. She'll be fine, she needs to be alone, trust me."

Mystina, a blond long haired cutie dressed in a purple sleeveless blouse and a dark mini skirt, shook off the warrior's hold and turned to regard him with an angry expression as she pointed her long scepter at him, however, when she realized what she was doing, she softened her semblance, lowered her scepter, and relaxed. After what had happened that day there was no need for her to feel angry like that.

Mystina glanced off to the side, embarrassed. "I am sorry, Arngrim, didn't mean to act in such a way."

Arngrim was a fierce looking warrior, he even had scratches and scars to show up for it. One such scar ran through his eye but did not affect it, he could see perfectly fine with it.

"Ah, don't feel bad, Mystina, I'm sorry, too. I think I did the right thing, though, Lenneth needs to be alone at the moment, so forgive me if I roughed you up."

"Fine, no hard feelings, but know this. I will allow you to touch me in that manner this time only since we've been through a lot, don't do it again or I'll slap you or worse."

"Yeah, yeah," Arngrim said. "I could have died many times before, I believe I am living on extra time, so I really don't care. But come on, enough of us, lets see how everyone else is holding up."

Mystina nodded and walked beside him back to where the rest of the party remained.

Nearby were the other eighteen Einherjar composing Lenneth's gathered group during her time as a Valkyrie. Though they were all spirit-like beings, they all had a tangible body similar to a human's. Most were battered and dirty from battles fought back in Midgard. Some were sitting and others standing but looking restless and still scared.

A blond girl dressed in a royal white blouse, dark leggings, and a red caped-robe, rushed to Arngrim and hugged him.

"Jelanda, all is fine, sweetie," Arngrim consoled the young girl in his arms, for the mage princess had started to cry. "It's all over."

"I...I thought we were all going to die today," Jelanda sobbed in his chest, and at Arngrim's right side, Mystina rose an eyebrow in surprise. "I feel bad for all that is happening down in Midgard. How is my father doing? My country, my friends?"

"Relax, little one," Arngrim calmed her down, patting her head tenderly. "I am sure things will be alright in due time, all we can do now is wait."

He let her cry in his arms for a while, but then he noticed someone from the group inviting him over with a signal from his head. He left Jelanda and Mystina in good hands with another Einherjar mage named Lorenta, who was a beautiful mature woman. Arngrim then excused himself from the mages and then headed walking towards the man.


Chapter 3: The Einherjar's Agreement (Part 2/2)

Arngrim made it to where his old pal Badrach stood. Badrach was a tall, dirty-looking man who had been a drunk, a thief, and a mercenary down in Midgard. He wore a greenish mercenary outfit and carried a mighty crossbow at his back and several daggers around his waist belt.

"Well whadaya know, Mister bodyguard?" he said in his rough-and-tough voice when he saw Arngrim approaching. "Still hitting on the ladies, eh? Or is it the other way around? Haha."

"That is not the case..." Arngrim solidly said just as Badrach draped an arm around his shoulder and took him along for a walk. "She needed to be consoled, I was just offering my--"

"I know, I know. Listen, Mister body guard. The Lady Lenneth is shaken too, as we all are, no doubt about it, but uh...all is over, aye? The war, I mean...What was this event called...Ragrock or..."

"Ragnarok," Arngrim corrected him, perceiving a hint of nervousness and fear behind Badrach's voice.

"Yes, that," laughed Badrach nervously. "It's over, right?"

"Badrach, there is no reason to fear at the moment," Arngrim told him. "The enemy has been defeated...But look all around you and tell me...What do you see?"

Badrach let go of Arngrim and took a look all around and saw the devastation, he even whistled as if surprised. From where they all stood in Asgard Hill, he could make out Valhalla Palace to the south. Smoke rose all around that region, and Badrach could see fires ravaging the once grassy-filled prairies all around the royal palace. The scene saddened him greatly.

"I see destruction all around," he said sadly, just as Arngrim joined his side.

"Exactly," said Arngrim, crossing his strong arms. "Asgard is a mess, it will need rebuilding in the future. You and I will have to show our worth here, friend."

Curiously, Badrach regarded Arngrim, and because he thought Arngrim looked tough with his arms crossed over his chest, the archer did the very same thing. "Whadaya mean, Mister body guard? What are ye saying?"

Ever since the two had met during a mercenary mission down in Midgard when they had been living their human lives, Badrach had been calling Arngrim just that: Mister body guard. Apparently it had stuck, not that Arngrim minded it, he'd been called by so many names that he hardly cared what he was called.

"All I am saying is we will have to help in the rebuilding," Arngrim explained. "You know we are no longer humans, we now belong to this realm here, Badrach, you and I, and all the rest of the Einherjar as well. This is our new home...unless..." and Arngrim turned his head over his shoulder to regard Lenneth, who had now stood up but seemed to be considering her surroundings. The tough mercenary knew quite well that the once Valkyrie had acquired grander powers and had become a God herself, else she wouldn't have defeated Loki.

"Unless what?" Badrach asked.

"Never mind that," Arngrim turned to regard him. "But tell me one thing. Can I count with your support for this? I just want the Asgard folk to look at us humans with respect and approval, helping with the rebuilding will surely do just that. So, are you in? Do you agree to help me with this task?"

Badrach put a serious face for Arngrim to see. The two remained observant of each other, and when Arngrim rose an eyebrow up, Badrach blurted out laughing.

"Yes, sure, I'll help you, mister body guard, whatever you say. I still haven't forgotten about that day back in Midgard, the day Jelanda turned into that creepy ghoul...I was helping you back then, guess I have no choice but to help you here as well."

Arngrim pat Badrach's shoulder and smiled at him. "Alright, that's what I wanted to hear, old friend."

"Old friend? You never called me that back in the day when we was two lone mercenaries working together."

"I know," Arngrim remembered. "We didn't know each other but for a day, to me you were just a stinkin' knave."

Badrach's face toughened. "Am I still a stinkin' knave to you, ye dolt?"

"No, things are changed now, we are friends after all we've been through," Arngrim admitted, and he draped his arm around Badrach's shoulder and shook him in a friendly way. "So relax, big guy, it wont just be you and me, I will try to rouse others from the group as well."

"Get that sweetie of a lady in and I'll be your slave," Badrach told. "I want to meet her."

Arngrim regarded who Badrach pointed to.

"Lorenta?" he said, surprised. "I doubt she'd be interested in beginning a relationship with anyone, she lost her husband months ago, Badrach, you waste your time and your eyes with her, set them somewhere else, like Lyseria or someone else."

"Bah! Screw you!" Badrach spat aside. "Always nothin' good for old Badrach to take, to have, to keep...Grrr! It pisses me off!"

"Deal with it," Arngrim told him, and Badrach nodded stupidly, shrugged, and turned around.

A few seconds later, Arngrim patted Badrach on the shoulder again and left his side, leaving the ex-thief grumbling and mumbling to himself as he remained staring at Valhalla Palace.

*End of Chapter*

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