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Devoid 02-27-2012 04:08 PM

This is my third full story, I just finished it today.
Demons followes a series of stories, and I greatly encourage you to read the first stories of this series:
Anyway, Enjoy!


You will do what I was unable to. You shall destroy the one that has destroyed me. The boy is not the impenetrable force that he thinks he is, and you shall destroy him from the inside. His imperfections and inner weaknesses will lead to his ultimate demise. So go, my puppet. Go, and show him his true darkness.

Chapter 1: Worry

Link’s hand was hurting, his right hand to be specific. At times, it hurt constantly, while other times it would stop for a while and come back later. The pain would constantly test his patience and pain tolerance.

However, despite the constant throbbing pain pestering him everywhere he went; today was a truly beautiful day. The sun was shining with not a single cloud in sight. Seeing as Link was no longer a guard at the castle, he liked to sleep in a lot more than he had before. Which was the main reason behind the sun was already almost to the noon position.

As to be expected, and rarely otherwise, the town market was practically overflowing with people running to different buildings and sales booths.

Several people ran past Link as he leisurely strode through the market. As they did, a brown hair young man rammed into Link’s shoulder. “Oh! Sorry, are you okay?” the teenage boy asked worriedly, screeching to a halt of the brick laden ground. “I’m fine,” Link growled through his teeth, while rubbing his shoulder. For some reason, the impact had hurt Link more than he would have thought it would. After a few moments of the both standing there, the boy ran off saying “Well…okay.”

Link continued his way to the castle, past several buildings and up the beaten garden path. The guard that was standing at the castle gate noticed Link from afar and proceeded to unlock the gate. “Good morning, Sir Link,” The guard greeted him. “Morning,” Link responded, as he sustained his brisk walk up the garden path.

Inside the large stone walls of the castle, Link leisurely searched for Zelda; looking down every beautiful corridor he passed. He couldn’t find her, so he went ahead and aimed himself for the throne room.

Just as he headed down the corridor towards the throne room, Zelda came around the corner. “Oh, good morning,” She greeted him, her face beaming at the sight of him. “Good morning,” Link responded. “I was just coming to see you,” she told him.

“Well, here I am.”

She noticed that he was rubbing his shoulder. “Are you alright?” Zelda asked.

“I’m fine; my shoulder got slammed into in the market.”

“Well, I hope you’re okay,” Zelda responded worriedly. “Zel… I have literally died in the past and you’re worried about a sprained shoulder?” Link questioned.

“No…” Zelda retorted leisurely, “But can’t a girl worry about her boyfriend?” She then lightly kissed him. “I’m fine,” Link assured her. “Okay, good,” Zelda said taking Link’s wrist and pulling out to the main garden of the castle.

“Zelda, where are you taking me?” Link asked. She gleefully spun around to him. “I don’t know where you want to go today?” she inquired. “You know me, I’ll do whatever you want to do,” Link responded, non-chalantely.

“Hmm, let’s see…” Zelda murmured, “Can we just spend the day together? Go to the market and spend some time together?” “Sure,” Link responded. Zelda quickly grabbed his hand again, pulling him off towards the market.

Chapter 2: Forewarning

Several hours passed. In which time, Zelda had been darting between various buildings and shopping kiosks, all the while making Link carry most of the items she bought. Various food items, clothing, and a few masks, from the newly opened Happy Mask shop, littered the inside of several shopping bags of which Link was carrying.

Zelda had stepped aside for some unknown reason, presumably to use the restroom. Thus, she left Link, and the shopping bags, leaning against the fountain in the middle of town.

Link couldn’t do much more than watched the innumerable amount of people rush themselves around the market. Link searched the flooding crowd for people he may recognize but he searched to no avail. That was when his eyes caught something.

What he saw was beyond a corner, in the back alleys of the town. It was Zelda, she was talking with someone. This someone was a relatively short, black haired boy of about the same age as her.

Link slowly and stealthily crept up to hide behind the corner to the back-alley street. “So…what do you say about us dating sometime?” The boy asked her. “I’m flattered, truly. However…” Zelda started.

She, unfortunately, was unable to finish her sentence as, at that exact moment, Link sped around the corner. He charged at the boy, picked him up by his shirt and pinned him to the wall.

“What do you want of the Princess?” Link yelled. “Link,” Zelda exclaimed in horror. “You’re the Princess?” the boy asked.

“Don’t pretend like you didn’t know,” Link growled. “Link, get off of him,” Zelda urged him, pulling on the back of his shirt. Link reluctantly let go of the boy’s shirt, to which, he scampered away as fast as he could.

“Link, why did you do that?” Zelda asked him, with her tone starting out furious but then slowly calming down. “Seeing you with him…awoke something in me,” Link responded, trying to stay as calm as possible.

“Well, for your information, we were just talking, and I was going to tell him that I had a boyfriend,” She explained, lightly pushing him, “Now, I think we should back to the castle…before you wreak havoc upon someone else,” She mumbled. They then both headed off towards the castle after Link grabbed her bags.

Chapter 3: Dark Link

Lightning flashed in the distance.

The light of it gave him a very brief look at his surroundings. He was standing on top of Hyrule castle. He wasn’t on a spire but a flat platform on top of a spire. He tried to search for anything of true significance.

He knew this was a dream, seeing as he remembered going to bed. Lightning struck the pitch black sky again. He then heard quiet, menacing laughter from behind him. Link turned, not expecting much. To his surprise, standing there was a dark version of himself.

This mirrored, shadowed adaptation of Link merely stared at Link with its piercing red eyes.

The ominous chuckling exuding from it slowly grew to maniacal laughter as an even bigger shadow rose from behind it and opened its eyes. The gigantic shadow was immediately recognized as the dark beast that Link had fought before. Link tried to ready his sword, but it wasn’t there. Both the dark beast and the dark formation roared at him, and then charged at him.

lightning flashed one last time.

Link awoke, shaking. His heart was pounding in his chest, almost ready to leap out. This wasn’t the most disturbing dream he had ever had but it had to be one of them.

Link swung his feet around to sit on his bed. He dropped his head into his hands and sighed. Recently, he had been getting a lot of strange dreams; it made him feel a bit overwhelmed.

Instead of worrying for now, Link just plummeted back onto his bed and fell back into a dreamless asleep.

Link awoke several hours later in a daze. He wasn’t exactly sure what time it was; all he knew was that the nightmare he had didn’t permit much sleep. He was still tired. He slowly, and carefully, arose from his bed and riffled through his dresser drawers. A glint of green cloth, under all his other clothes, caught his eye and he forcefully grabbed and pulled it out from the drawer.

He had gotten the Kokiri children to make him a few more enlarged Kokiri tunics. He had to pay for them; of course, Mido wouldn’t have it any other way. He did really like the tunics; they fit him well. After pulling the tunic over him, and grabbing the fabled master sword from the side of his bed, Link quickly left his house and headed for the castle.

Chapter 4: Revelation

Zelda leisurely pushed herself out of bed, yawning and stretching on the way. She stumbled over to her mirror table, laughing at herself. She grabbed her brush, after sitting down, and combed her hair back. It was then that she heard a gentle knocking at her door.

“Come in,” Zelda responded.

“Hey Zel,” Link greeted as her pushed the door open to reveal himself. “Oh, hey Linky,” Zelda responded cutely, quickly jumping out of her chair to run at him then kiss him.

“How’s your day been, so far?” Link asked after they kissed, then dropping his body onto her bed. Zelda giggled, puzzling Link. “I only just woke up,” Zelda explained, noticing Link’s questioning stare and returning to her seat.

“Oh…” Link said. Link breathed a heavy sigh. “What’s wrong?” Zelda questioned, turning in her seat to look at him. “Nothing, I just had a crazy dream,” Link explained. “What was the dream about?” she asked, sitting next to him on her bed.

Several minutes passed as Link explained his nightmare to her.

“What worries me the most is that my more recent nightmares have all come true,” Link continued as he stared at the floor. “Its okay; if anything happens then we’ll deal with it when it occurs,” Zelda said trying to comfort him. She then kissed him.

Something clicked in Link’s mind. That something wanted more than just a kiss. It needed more.

Link thoughtlessly lifted his hand to slowly move up her nightshirt. “Link, what are you doing?” Zelda asked, slightly pulling away from him. He only continued to her back and started to unhook her bra.

“Link…stop…” she spoke. After a few more seconds, Zelda pushed Link away. “Link, stop,” she warned him, getting ever more forceful.

“Don’t you love me?”
“What? What am I saying?” he thought, shocked.

“Yes,” Zelda responded, “but like I told you, I’m going to wait until I’m married.” Despite her warnings, Link continued to take their kiss farther.

It was then that Zelda got mad at him, for the first time. “LINK, STOP!” She yelled, shoving Link off of her and into the wall behind him. “You’re starting to act like Tarn,” Zelda continued, furiously.

She was right; despite himself, she was right. Link couldn’t think of what to do, so he did the only thing he could. He bolted into a standing position, and sped out the door, running headlong out the castle.

He was making sure he couldn’t hurt Zelda anymore.

He busted through his door. Link tried to calm down, to think his self over. He closed the door and let his body fall to the floor. He then curled up into a ball, hating himself. What was he becoming? Why was he doing things that he would never do?

The questions that he asked himself, he could never answer.

Someone knocked on the door behind him. “Link, Are you in there?” Zelda’s voice rang. “Go away,” he responded, “I don’t deserve you anymore.” “I know you don’t believe that. Please Link, let me in.” she pleaded. Link reluctantly stood and unlocked the wooden door.

As soon as the door cracked open, she exploded through the door, immediately hugging him.

“How can you forgive me so easily?” Link asked, however, he was relieved. She just hugged him tighter and said “I know you’re not like this, Link. Whatever is happening, we need to work through it.”

“Thank you,” Link responded, “I’m sorry…about everything.” Zelda backed away from him and asked, with a bit more of an edge in her voice, “What’s going on with you?” “I don’t know, I’ve asked that question myself,” Link told her.
“Could this have anything to do with your nightmare last night?” “It’s possible,” Link thought aloud.

“Maybe you just need some sleep,” Zelda guessed, praying silently that she was right.

That night they fell asleep together, in his bed.

Chapter 5: Control

Link woke up with his heart racing. It felt like he was having a heart attack.

Panting, Link quickly jumped out of bed and ran to his mirror, hoping that, whatever was happening, it would pass. Link looked at the triforce symbol on the back of his right hand and say that the triforce of courage was glowing. But then, the golden shining triangle became manifested by a deep black glow.

Something was taking over the Triforce of Courage. He was at a loss as of what to do. Millions of questions sped through his mind.

Why is my heart racing? What is taking over the Triforce of courage? What does this have to do with my dream? Could it be that the dark apparition that I saw in my nightmare is taking over? WHAT’S GOING ON?

Zelda groggily sat up in the bed and rubbed her eyes. “Link, are you okay?” she asked. “NO,” he snapped, “Zelda, something is happening to me.”

Zelda quickly ran over to him and looked in his eyes. “What’s wrong?” Zelda questioned, worriedly.

“I DON’T KNOW!” Link yelled. He couldn’t control his self, “SOMETHING IS TAKING OVER THE TRIFORCE OF COURAGE AND I CAN’T STOP IT!” Zelda’s mood immediately changed from worry to panic as Link started towards the door, attempting to get away from her. "Link! Stop!” she pleaded, pulling him back towards her.

“NO! I have to get away from you so I can’t hurt you.” Link said as he shook out of her grasp and ran out the door, away from her.

It was then that the power of the Triforce of Courage took over his body. He fell to the ground as the most intense pain flooded into him. The entirety of his body began to shine an intense green. His body was changing, drastically.
Link’s eyes lit, blazing with an intense red glow and deep black, bat-like wings grew from his back.

Link’s body contorted back to look at Zelda. “Link, I know you’re in there, and you won’t hurt me,” she spoke, showing courage but also scared for her life as she realized that she wasn’t exactly speaking to Link.

Words sprang from Link’s mouth, but they weren’t his, they were otherworldly…demonic. “You’re little boyfriend destroyed me and I promised I would have my vengeance. The world is soon to rue the day that the hero stepped in my path!”

The dark beast had taken control of Link’s body, that much was clear.

The demon wings spread wide as they lifted his body off the ground and flew into the midnight sky. Zelda was left standing there, staring upwards into the starry abyss. She did the only thing she could think to do.

She ran to the castle to search for help, praying that she could find a way to break the curse on Link. Her tears had just begun to fall.

You said we’d take the hero together. Now, give me my power!
NO! You are weak, just like him. Even you have an affinity for the Princess!
I’ve given you all of my strength and abilities thus far. And now, you deny my right?
Yes, fool! The hero is mine to control now!

Chapter 6: Rescue

She shoved her body through the door to her father’s bedroom to see he was still in bed.

“Father!” she wailed, holding back tears. The king suddenly shot up in his bed.“There’s something wrong with Link!”

“What ever do you mean, Zelda?” The King questioned, quickly jumping out of bed and over to her. “Something has taken over Link and plans to use him to attack the citizens!” She hastily explained. “I’ll call the guards, meet me in the castle town square,” The King quickly responded before running out the room.

Zelda ran all the way back to the market. Thankfully, at this hour, nobody was out at the market, so there were no real possibilities of casualties.

The demon was using Link’s body to tear up the market. It tore apart the brick laden ground of the market. It ripped away the shingles of the nearby houses and destroyed the multiple sales booths around the town.

The dark beast seemed pleased with his work so far. “I’m done with the market for now,” he spoke to his self, “next, I’ll attack the castle.” His eyes caught sight of Zelda observing him, defenseless. “I think I’ll start with the future of Hyrule,” he said striding towards her, “The wayward Princess Zelda!”

Zelda showed no fear, despite her being truly scared for her life. The demon charged at her, and she closed her eyes waiting for what she knew was coming.

She felt a wind gust pass her, then a loud clanging in front of her. She hoped for the best but feared the worst as she cautiously opened her eyes. In front of her was one of the designated guardsmen, holding a gigantic shield in front of him.

Zelda saw Link, or at the very least Link’s body, stagger backwards after ramming into the shield.

“Impudence; pure impudence. You worthless humans delay you’re inevitable doom. It only a matter of time before your world is destroyed,” The demon spoke with rage before it shot up into the night sky once again.

“I think it’s clear that he’s going to try to destroy the castle,” The King spoke breaking the nervous and expectant silence throughout the small group of guards. Just as the King finished his sentence, five beams of light exploded around them, shining various colors. Standing there were the five Knights of Hyrule: Mido of the Forest, Kalonia of the Flame, Mikau of the Sea, Kelon of the Shadows, and Ashei of the Sand.

“Well, Good Morning,” Kelon greeted, sarcastically. “Kelon, and the other knights, please, help Link,” Zelda pleaded. Kalonia slowly stuck his palm out and responded to her, “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of this.”

“Leave this to us,” Mido assured before running off, towards the castle. The rest of the Knights quickly followed suit. They all dashed up to the castle garden, where they saw the demon standing there in the center.

The demon slowly knelt down the ground and pressed his hand against lively soil. “First, this will injure their moral foundation,” he murmured as a wave of black energy shot from his palm. The wave spread throughout the entire area, leaving a small, desolate wasteland in its wake.

“Next…” He continued, standing up from the ground. He wasn’t able to finish as the Knights had suddenly ran up behind him. “Change of plans, it would seem,” The demon said, turning to face them, “It seems the meager Knights of Hyrule have come to challenge me.”

“We’re not here to have a conversation,” Ashei spoke, and then she jabbed one of his two broad swords forwards, at him, “Leave Link now, or face the consequences!

“Sorry, but I’ve worked too hard to you pathetic beings to stand in my way!”

A force field formed around Link then flew in all directions, knocking all of the Knights off of their feet. The only demon smiled as they picked themselves off the ground.
Kelon whispered to the others of the group. “It’s obvious that we can’t kill him,” He said, “We’ll have to subdue him somehow.”

“Link is still in that body, somewhere,” Mikau assured.

They all tried to surround the demon, but just before they could attack him, he launched into the air, hovering above them.

“Despite what you do, I will always have something you don’t. I can still fly,” the demon taunted them. Kalonia, getting irritated by the demon, shoved his foot into the ground, bending the earth and launching a rock into the air. The large stone collided with the demon, knocking back to the ground.

Kelon knelt to the ground, placing his hand on his wavering shadow. “Go,” He whispered. His shadow then separated from him and sped away towards the demon. Kelon’s shadow wrapped itself around Link’s shadow, leaving the demon’s body in a suspended state. The demon was trapped, subdued.

“What have you done?” The demon screamed, “Release me now!”

“Sorry,” Kelon responded, picking him up, off the ground.

Chapter 7: Exorcism

“Are you sure there is nothing more you can do?”

“I’m sorry, Princess,” the old, strangely garbed, man spoke, “The demon’s spirit has waned due to my treatments, but I’m afraid that I do not have the perfect solution for your problem”

“Thank you, master exorcist,” Zelda responded. The exorcist silently strode out of the brightly lit dungeon. The demon was now chained to the wall of the dungeon, with a barred window just behind him. The sun shone brightly through the window, baring down onto Link’s back.

Over the past several days, they had subjected the demon to several treatments from doctors, priests, exorcists, and even a self-proclaimed wizard. Zelda was at a loss as to what she should do.

She dropped to both knees, throwing up a plume of dust, in front of the demon. “Link,” she said, hopeful. “I know you’re in there, and if you can hear me…” She trailed off, “I want you to fight. You’ve fought this demon before and won. I know you can beat him now… I don’t want to lose you. I love you.” The demon only growled at her, bearing its fangs.

Footsteps rapped into the chamber as someone headed down the stairs. “Zelda, lunch is read…” The king spoke, but stopped as he saw the scene before him at the bottom of the stairs. “Zelda…are you ready for lunch?” he asked trying not to destroy the moment. Zelda slowly stood up from the ground. “Yes, father,” She responded following the king out of the cell.

Without a word, they made their way for the dining hall. They both sat across from each other as several cooks filed into the room. The cooks dropped silver platters onto the table and lifted the covers. Smells immediately filled the room, making Zelda’s mind race, attempting to aimlessly identify each food. It was then that she realized that she wasn’t in the mood to eat.

“I’m not hungry,” Zelda said, standing from the table. “Zelda, you have to eat,” The king responded worriedly. “No, thank you,” she held. She then turned and left the dining hall.
“I understand how she’s feeling,” The king said to anyone who was listening, while breathing a large sigh, “but she still needs to eat.” “Would you like for me to send a plate to her quarters, your highness?” a waiter asked.

“Yes,” he responded, “she may not eat it, but it would give her a chance to eat on her own terms. That’s the least we can give her.”

Zelda was curled up into a ball on her bed, hugging her legs. She was surrounded by Link’s belongings. His cap was on her pillow, while his sword and shield were leaning against the wall, even his boots lay at the foot of the bed. The only thing they did now was get her more depressed.

A slight tapping rang on her door. “Come in,” she called. In came a chef, holding another silver plate full of food and a drink.

“Your father asked me to bring this to you,” the chef explained as he walked through the door. “Just set it on the mirror table,” she responded, then dropping her face back into her folded arms. The cook slowly slid the plate onto her desk and backed out of the room.

Despite her mood, everyone was right, she did need to eat. Link would be urging her to eat something. She slithered from her bed and over to the full platter. There wasn’t much that caught her eye. Therefore, she reluctantly grabbed a piece of cooked cucco and began to nibble away at it. After a few bites, she sipped at her drink.

Unbeknownst to her, the door to her room had begun to gently slide open. Standing there was the king, watching his daughter gradually work her way through her plate of food.

“Ah,” the king spoke, making Zelda jump, “you’ve decided to eat after all.” “Please, don’t scare me like that,” she retorted, pushing her hair back after it flew into her face, “and yes.”

“Well good,” he stated.

The king pulled a chair to where Zelda was sitting and sat down next to her. For a few seconds, they didn’t say anything as Zelda finished her plate and drank the last of the tea. A waiter has standing at the door and, as soon as he saw that Zelda was finished, grabbed the plate and left with it.

“Happy?” Zelda asked, not angrily but as if she had done something against her own will. “Yes, I am,” her father responded.

They both sat there in dead silence for a moment before the king spoke. “Listen,” he said, taking her hand and encasing it in his own, noticing the glowing triforce on the back, reminding him of the Triforce of Wisdom that she still possessed, “I know what kind of pain you’re going through right now.

The emotions that are attacking you now are ones of helplessness, and even anger at yourself that you can’t do anything. Trust me; I felt the same things when your mother was sick.” She just stared at the floor, averting her eyes from him. “I know it has to hurt to see Link like this.”

Zelda suddenly plunged her head into his chest, softly crying. “We’ll find a way to break him free of the demon,” He assured her, “you still have the Triforce of Wisdom; surely the goddesses will guide us.”

After a few moments, Zelda slowly sat up and wiped her tears away with her hands. “I know,” Zelda spoke, “We will just have to pray for their help.”

“I shall summon the clairvoyant of Kakariko to see if he can do anything for Link. Until then, I suggest you get some sleep; times like these can be very physically, and mentally, tolling,” The king told her as he left the room.

Zelda crawled back into her bed and lazily rested her head onto the soft pillow, clutching Link’s cap in her hand. The world became hazy as she fell into deep sleep.

Chapter 8: Prophecy

Clouds were all she saw. Zelda looked down and realized that she was standing a thin layer of water. She was surrounded by a bright blue sky along with countless white, feathery clouds.

She was utterly confused. What was she doing here? Was this a dream?

Her sky-like surroundings gradually turned dark. It was darkness reminiscent of that of the twilight hour. Thunder clapped and the area was quickly flashed by lightning. The environment suddenly erupted with a loud roar, which rang in her ears for several moments.

A colossal shadow, one that looked incredibly similar to the Dark beast that Link fought, rose from out of the water, about fifteen feet away from her.

She gasped in shock when she saw it. The beast only stood there, though. After a few seconds, the area became bathed in a golden illumination. Standing there, between her and the beast, was the Master Sword inside the pedestal of Time. The Triforce mark on the sword still shone of the golden light.

The glow of the Triforce then gradually grew until it hit the Dark beast. The beast, seemingly, deteriorated by its radiance. The beam emanating from the sword then altered the area back to its sky-like appearance.

As Zelda examined the environment, a peaceful, pleasant voice spoke to her, a female voice. “Your Grace, use the blade to cure Link of his curse,” it told her.

She was left wondering many things as the world around her faded away.

Zelda’s eyes shot open.

Unlike how Link explained his dreams, she didn’t wake up in a cold sweat; her heart was racing, though. Everything was quiet but, when she looked at her Hyrulian wall clock, she realized that it was nowhere near time for everyone to be in bed.

In fact she had only just slept past dinner. She turned her head the other way and looked out the window. The moon was just barely dawning over the tree line.

Zelda sat up in her bed and eyed the master sword. “Could it really be that simple?” she asked herself. She rolled out of bed, grabbing the sword, and ran out the door. She continued on to the dungeon where the demon was kept.

Zelda leaped down the stairs, stopping at the bottom. She began to stare at Link’s almost motionless body. He was bent over, on his knees, seemingly staring at the floor. Thankfully, his chest was still rising with every breath.

Zelda crept into the moon-lit dungeon and stood in front of the demon. She heard the demon take a large smell of the air. It recognized her and immediately shook awake in attempts to break free of its shackles.

Zelda slowly unsheathed the master sword, stopping for a moment to stare at the Triforce symbol. She then placed it on the ground and carefully pushed it towards the demon. The demon’s eyes widened as it saw the master sword in front of it.

After several moments,though, nothing happened.

She fell back in frustration, again tossing up a small cloud of dust. What was she not doing that she was supposed to? “If the mere presence of the master sword won’t work…then what will?” She whispered.

The voice she heard in her dream spoke again. “Your Grace, you must impale the demon with the sword”

“What? Are you out of your mind?” she yelled to the voice, “You realize that it’s still Link’s body, right?”

“No, I’m not crazy, as you claim me to be. I regret that it must be this way. However, logic suggests that, if you want to keep the people of Hyrule safe, this is what you must do.” The voice then faded away, leaving Zelda with her own thoughts.

“Goddesses, I can’t do this,” she thought. Zelda stared at the master sword for quite a few minutes as the demon continued to try to squirm out of its restraints, to no avail.

Zelda carefully eyed the demon until it stopped squirming then crept towards the master sword. The demon hadn’t caught on to what she was doing. She grabbed the sword and slowly slid it back towards her, creating a soft screeching sound against the stone floor.

She sat back, against the wall, clutching the master sword tightly. In fact, she practically wrapped herself around it. She began to subconsciously rub her thumb on the Triforce engraving on the blade as she contemplated what she had to do.

The only noise was Link’s heavy breathing, which emanated though the room.

Zelda stood up, grasping the master sword firmly in her hand, and stepped towards the demon. The demon remained unresponsive, so she inched ever closer. She dropped to one knee in front of it and moved her hand forward, attempting to touch Link, if only it was truly the demon.

As she inched closer, the demon’s breathing rate increased unexpectedly, making Zelda slightly pull her hand back. However, the demon was unable to do anything more against the subject.

She made contact with Link’s exposed chest.

Chapter 9: Link’s awakening

As if a sudden stirring occurred, Link’s consciousness regained control of his body.

“Zelda,” He exclaimed, “Where am I?”

“Link!” she yelled, wrapping her arms around him. “You’re in a dungeon, inside the castle,” she explained, taking a much more serious tone.

“The last thing I remember…I was panicking because something was taking control of the Triforce of Courage. How did I get here?”

“It’s a rather complicated story, actually.” She began, while releasing her hug, keeping a hand on her shoulder, “You see, after you panicked, the demon took control of your body and used it to destroy the marketplace.” “In fact,” she continued, “He almost killed me in the process.”

“Great,” Link said sarcastically.

“He began to destroy the castle but, luckily, the Knights of Hyrule came, subdued the demon and jailed you, both, here,” Zelda explained.

“So, now what?” Link questioned.

Link followed Zelda’s eyes as she started to stare at the master sword.

“Well,” she began.

“Oh,” he spoke, shocking Zelda, “So, that’s what that meant.” “What are you talking about?” She asked.

“I had a dream where the master sword produced a powerful beam and destroyed the dark beast.”

“I had the same dream!” Zelda exclaimed.

“I now know what that dream must have meant,” Link whispered, seemingly to his self. “Then, you know what must be done,” Zelda assumed.

Tears swelled in Zelda’s eyes when Link merely murmured “Yes.”

“I’m sorry that it has to be this way,” Zelda apologized. “As am I,” Link told her, shifting his eyes to meet square with the stone floor.

“What are you thinking?” She asked him.

“What is one supposed to think, when his life is laid out in front of him, laid to rest?” He then looked up at her, “Especially when the girl he loves must do so. Though I may die, you will continue your life, and that is all I ever need know.”

Tears ran down her cheeks and, with a shaking voice, she said “I love you.”

She kissed him, but she subconsciously moved her hand away from his shoulder. The second that contact was released, the demon took over Link’s body again and started to break the chains away.

Zelda plunged the master sword into its stomach. She watched as Link’s body fell limply to the floor. Her tears continued to fall.

Unable to look at Link’s body any longer, she ran out of the room. Zelda exploded through the door to her bedroom and threw herself onto her bed, weeping into her pillow.

“It’s over, isn’t it?” a voice asked from behind her. Zelda wrenched her body around to look at the doorsill. Standing there was her father, the king.

“Yes,” she cried. He walked over to her bed as she sat up to face him and hugged her. “My regret that this had to be done is great, however, I’m sure yours is immeasurable,” He softly told her. She only continued to cry into his clothes. “

“And, this won’t be something that will be easy to get over, he was like my son, but, to you, he was so much more.” He hugged her tighter as she began to wail into his chest. He had felt this pain before, when her mother died, so he knew what she was going through.

“Trust me when I say this,” he spoke out of the silence, “The best thing for you, right now, is sleep.” “Okay,” she whispered, pulling herself away from him and falling back onto her pillow. Her tears wouldn’t stop, however.

“Get some sleep, and stay strong, Zelda,” He said, attempting to give her words of encouragement. He then left the room, leaving her to sleep.

Zelda lay there, silently sobbing, eventually crying herself to sleep.

Chapter 10: A Golden Power

His eyes groggily opened. His face was partly in water. His mouth was dry and he felt truly horrible.

He forced himself to stand, straining enough to suddenly inhale a large amount of air. Once he fully stood, he began to hold his head because he had a headache out of the blue.

“Oh, how the mighty have fallen,” A voice whispered.

Link looked forward and saw the dark reflection of him again.

“You!” Link yelled.

“You know who I am?” it calmly spoke.

“Yes,” Link responded, “You’re that creepy premonition I saw in my dream.”

It’s chuckling rumbled throughout the area.

“Not exactly, Link,” it began, “You see, even you, the hero of Hyrule, have a dark side. I am the embodiment of your evil, your anger, your hate. Jealousy, greed, all of it is me.”

“So you’re the one that took control of the Triforce of Courage!” Link assumed.

“Again, wrong,” It held, “You remember how, during your battle with the Dark Beast, you attempted to touch one of the crystals? You remember that pain that shot through your hand? That was the Dark Beast sending part of its spirit into your body. And, ever since then, it had been trying to take over you.”

“So, what do you have to do with this,” Link asked.

“I, seemingly, was a pawn in its little game of torture upon you. When he invaded your body, we met. He was much stronger than me, yet he declared a truce upon us. He promised me a piece of your power and that I would get anything I desired. Of course, you can imagine what I wanted the most, I wanted to get out of the cage, this metaphorical hell-hole that you had put me in and to roam the earth of my own accord…however, I digress. When the time came for him to make his most important move, though I had serviced him, he threw me to the side, not giving me a single nibble of your powers.”

“Now what, then?”

“Now…I have your power, all of it.”

“So, now you’ll make your escape?”

“On the contrary,” it began, shocking Link, “Much to my own dismay, I too have cravings, or perhaps feelings, for your pretty little girlfriend, the Princess. I have seen the pain that I’ve caused her and regretted every last second of it. I have found a way to heal her of her grievances. Know that what I’m about to do is not for your benefit, but hers.

Dark Link lifted his hand to show Link the back of it. There shone the Triforce symbol.

Suddenly, a bright light burst from it hitting Link in full blast, increasing his headache.

Link woke up on the cold stone floor. He, again, had to pick himself off of the floor.

He noticed the Triforce still shone on his right hand.

He carefully pulled the master sword out from his stomach, with much pain, making him scream in agony. The wound glowed with the same golden color as it quickly healed itself.

The shackles that bound him broke apart, leaving him free to move. Link quickly jumped up the stairs to leave the dungeon. He ran through the door but stopped when he saw the king sitting in front of it.

“Ah, Link, I had a hunch that you would be back.”

“Where’s Zelda?” Link panted.

“She’s in her room, but, before you leave,” He spoke, standing to face him. He flew towards Link, hugging him. “It’s great to see among the living once more, Link.” The King moved back. “Now, go,” The king commanded.

Link ran, full speed, to Zelda’s door and inched his way through. Zelda was asleep, he could tell by her randomly, and quietly, saying his name. He crept inside, and sat down by her bed.
After several minutes of watching her sleep, her eyes began to flutter. They opened to show her bright blue eyes. She didn’t look shocked to see him.

“Even his image haunts me,” She murmured, turning over to face the other way.

“Zelda,” He spoke.

Zelda quickly spun back around to face him. “Link,” she said, “You can’t be alive, I…” Her voice trailed away and her eyes averted from him. She couldn’t admit to what she had done.

“It’s okay, I’m alive.”

Zelda stretched out her hand to touch him, pressing against his chest.

“Link?” she exclaimed in astonishment.

Link grabbed her hand, encasing it in his own. “It’s me,” He responded. Zelda leaped from her bed and jumped at him, hugging him as tightly as she could.

“I can’t believe that you’re really alive,” she said, happy tears streaming down her face, “I saw you die.”

“It’s a complicated story,” Link explained.

They then kissed; it was their most passionate kiss yet. Several moments passed and Zelda moved back down to hug him again and spoke. “I love you,” she said.

“I love you, too.”

American Soldier 02-27-2012 05:43 PM

...the manner in which you center text is very irritating and painful to read. Pinkie Pie recommends you change it to standard left-aligned formatting.

Devoid 02-27-2012 08:00 PM

I disagree, I believe that the alignment helps with the storytelling

American Soldier 02-27-2012 09:54 PM


Originally Posted by Devoid (Post 4600280)
I disagree, I believe that the alignment helps with the storytelling

Storytelling helps with the storytelling. The alignment just makes it difficult to read.

Devoid 02-28-2012 09:06 AM

Alright, Alright, I've gotten a second opinion, you win.

Pseud O Nym 02-28-2012 05:36 PM

The dark version of Link must be Dark Link? I find Dark Link an interesting character. Is there more to this story?

Keep an eye on those commas. You have some extra ones. I like to put commas where they don't belong in my writing too...

American Soldier 02-29-2012 12:32 AM

You have a strange method of spacing you work. When posting on a site that destroys a word processor's formatting, put a blank line between each new paragraph. It's difficult for Pinkie Pie to tell what sort of system you're using now.

Devoid 03-02-2012 06:24 PM

I've always thought that Dark Link was a gentlmenly, yet demented soul. A poetic, yet disturbed mind, if you will. I might bring him back some time in the future, I'm not sure yet.

American Soldier 03-02-2012 06:56 PM


Originally Posted by Devoid (Post 4604611)
I've always thought that Dark Link was a gentlmenly, yet demented soul. A poetic, yet disturbed mind, if you will. I might bring him back some time in the future, I'm not sure yet.

...all he did was try to kill you.

Devoid 03-03-2012 05:32 PM


Originally Posted by Pinkie Pie (Post 4604675)
...all he did was try to kill you.

IF... you actually had the chance to interact with him, of course.

American Soldier 03-03-2012 07:18 PM


Originally Posted by Devoid (Post 4606046)
IF... you actually had the chance to interact with him, of course.

And you always did.

Devoid 05-30-2012 10:03 AM


Originally Posted by Pinkie Pie (Post 4606238)
And you always did.

...You know what I mean.

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