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Warrior of Fire 07-26-2011 05:01 PM

our Subspace Emissary
As everyone who's played the mode before knows, the Subspace Emissary is the Adventure mode in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, completely revamped from Melee's Adventure mode, giving an actual story and allowing players to save their progress to continue playing later. However, instead of taking the Brawl characters to use exactly how the SSE goes, we're going to replace the Brawl characters with our own. There's 32 characters total, with special rules depending on what you want to do with the character. Characters from video games that don't appear in any of the Smash Bros. games (excluding as trophies, Assist Trophies, or out of Poké Balls) are welcome (preferably, not from a series that has NO games on any Nintendo console), as are characters from books (ex. Lord of the Rings) (including comic books), movies, etc.; and your own personal RP characters. And if you want to have any new Pokémon, there's a limit of five to that: two that just stand on their own, and three used by the Pokémon Trainer. On the profile, under source, put where that character comes from, and what type of source material (if an RP here on LP, list the first game used, then put "(RP)"). If the character is a robot or other similar thing, put "none (insert thing here)" under gender. And if one character has two forms, separate them with a slash, with the first form appearing on the left and the second form on the right. And all characters are allowed to have dialogue, but if a character is an animal (if you have a character from the Star Fox universe, ignore the rest of this) or Pokémon that can't speak the basic language (a.k.a. English), the human characters won't be able to understand. To start, everyone is allowed only one Hero (the characters that are going to all end up in the party towards the end of the game, starting at the Great Maze), and will be allowed more as time progresses without many people joining within a certain time limit (measured in weeks). You're allowed to have a boss character if you want to, and all of the bosses, with the exception of Ridley and Meta-Ridley, will be included (we'll need two new bosses (can be the same basic character with the second appearance being upgraded in abilities), so there, use the same profile as for the Heroes, but leave out specials), but only one boss character per player (you can have a Hero and a boss at the same time if you want to). All parts of the below profile are required to play as a Hero or a Ridley-replacement boss (the other bosses are already set, so you don't have to fill out the profile for one of them). The standard enemies in each area, or the lackeys, as I like to call them, are all NPCs, so during gameplay, everyone fighting the lackeys are allowed to control them during the fights, and in the areas where the Mario enemies (Goombas, standard Koopas, Paratroopas, Bullet Bills, and Hammer Bros.) usually are, we'll replace them with some simple Zelda enemies (Mad Scrubs for Goombas, Wolfos for Koopas, Keese for Paratroopas, real Bombchus for Bullet Bills, and Lizalfos for Hammer Bros.). And finally, the same basic story that's in the actual SSE will be the story that we use, but some parts will be changed according to the characters involved in the area (like the scene where Bowser's goons steal Donkey Kong's bananas being changed to something else).

rules: the same rules as in the topic Role Playing Guidelines apply, and here are a few more to add on:
1. Only the lackeys can be defeated without being able to defend themselves and when fighting other Heroes (even the Shadow Bug versions, like with Bowser, Diddy Kong, Peach, and Zelda), the fights end when one is "knocked off screen" (shown like that, but after the battle, shows the loser falling from the KO blow as a trophy).
2. You can't control other Heroes except in one of two conditions: A) given permission by the user in question, or B) the whole group is walking together.
3. Absolutely no swearing (the minor words that don't have a second meaning are excluding (since they aren't used as a derogatory term)), unless your character censors him/herself by replacing the word with "bleep" ("What the f***?" would become "What the bleep?" and so on).

1. Michael Ayers (me) (replacing Link)

1. Petey Piranha
2. Rayquaza
3 & 4. Galleom
5. created boss 1
6. Duon
7. created boss 2
8. Tabuu

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