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Neff 07-15-2011 06:05 PM

Acadia: The Last Stand RP Thread
Date: 1035 hours, October 23rd 2219 (Military Calendar)
Space and Terra Corps Space Port Weinsson, Okame, Acadia
Arrival of SaTC Combat Logistics Corvette Long Night of Solace
Head of Ground Operations: Vice Admiral Diego Frederick
Commanding Officer on Solace: Captain Alezander Volkov
AI Onboard Solace: Smart AI Thresh
AI on Ground: Smart AI Venia
Android(s)?: SPARTA A23142141
Additional Persons?:
Rosseta Pierce, Mayor of Okame
President Kristoff Winter, current leading official of Acadia

The light drizzle annoyed Keiko Toshou as she stood ready at the doors to the space port. She had arrived, by orders of the Vice Admiral, early and the rain had started at about that time. After the first two hours of standing guard the rain had eased a little, but it did nothing to ease her mood.

Today was an important day for the Android rebellion, and for the Human/Legion war. Naturally she felt stressed.

Other than a curious onlooker loitering in front of the entrance guard duty had been uneventful. Keiko was no stranger to landings of ships, but Long Night of Solace being a private landing was a bit of an anomaly for Space Port Weinsson, particularly when it was only dropping off the dead. It was a grim job, and she was glad she received her shore-leave before having to sit onboard a small ship for months with only the company of the dead. They would be stored in cryo, but the idea still unnerved her. Keiko tightened her grip on her plasma pistol. As morbid as it might be, the arrival of bodies was usually open to the families of the soldiers. Something had to be up.

She shook herself, sending some raindrops flying. Another thing that had her stressed was the rebellion's perhaps reckless move of sending off their only AI to someone they had never met. Prim had done her part well in passing him off to the new contact, but it didn't mean the unit could be in trouble.

She kept her face carefully neutral. Yet another worry was that the Corvette was late. It shouldn't have been that much of a surprise; slipspace travel was fairly unpredictable at best. That's where the Legion had them at that point: They had a much more efficient system of Faster-Than-Light travel, one that boggled even the human's most advanced AIs and Androids.

The android rolled her shoulders and flexed her fingers. Hopefully all of them would arrive soon.

Sólsetur 07-15-2011 09:51 PM

Hyle finished reading the file and sighed, simultaneously closing it. He shut down his laptop and stood stiffly; he'd be going back to work early, it seemed.

"This better be interesting..." he walked around his room, grabbing clothes and other likeness while simultaneously stuffing them into a red bag. He zipped it closed and sat on his bed, staring at the ceiling of the small apartment, he thought about his new duties.

Long Night of Solace, eh? This should be interesting... Hyle chuckled and looked around the room; it was painted green and had very little in it. A laptop on a metal desk, a window, and a bed was virtually all it had to offer. Sighing, he put his hand onto his knees and walked over to his closet. Sifting through the things in there, he pulled out his sword, gun, and belt holster. Strapping the built holster to his pants, he placed the items where the belonged. He then grabbed his bag, swung it over his arm, and walked towards his apartments exit.

~ ~ ~

Walking out of the apartment building, he sighed at the rain that pelted his head. Rain annoyed him so much; made him wet, ruined his things. It was all a mess when it rained. "They just had to send for me when it rained... always when it rains!" He complained loudly and started walking towards the street. If he was lucky, it would only take around two hours to get to Okame, and another to get to the Space Port he was designated. Even then, he would be a full two hours early; just his luck for getting the damned notification at 2 AM.

The area was lit well, so you couldn't tell it was dark out. In fact, it was so bright, almost no one followed the sun's patterns anymore. Not that they would either; the other colonies people had migrated here from places where the sun's travel was much different from Acadia's. It was hard to adjust to sometimes, so it was always lit up like this.

He called for a cab as he reached one of the larger streets, and a vehicle quickly responded. It was rounded, and hovered about a foot into the air. Painted yellow with a white sign on top that read "Taxi" in bold black letters, it was your average every day hovercraft. Too bad regular people didn't have access to the crafts that actually flew, instead of the ones that just hovered.

Hyle opened the back door and climbed in. It was surprisingly spacious, so he set his bag in front of him and arranged his sword so it wouldn't get stuck in the door. Closing it, he heard the cab driver speak.

"Where too?" his voice had a slight accent to it, meaning that he was from another colony. Hyle shrugged and looked out the window.

"Space and Terra Corps Space Port Weinsson in Okame. I need to be there by 6 AM, too; don't go slow." He stared out the window as the man shrugged and put his foot to the gas, quickly speeding down the road.

~ ~ ~

Hyle stepped out of the cab after paying the man; he'd been wrong... in fact, he was right on time. The rain had died down by now, so that was good.

"Wait a second... who am I reporting to?" He hated his memory.

ArtsyGal 07-16-2011 01:05 AM

Allyson continued to sit on her bed, full of thoughts. She knew that the Androids were suffering excessively, and she was planning to help. The Androids knew that she was on their side, and she was, but she felt hesitant about betraying her own kind. But she knew that she was not truly bonded with anyone, an orphan, with no one her age she could call a "friend". This meant that she had no reason for her to help the humans. She stood up, neglecting her distracting thoughts, and was ready to help the Androids.

Allyson walked on over to her desk and opened her laptop, where she was notified of special information by an e-mail:

Allyson, Index.

I've arranged a... meeting with a possible new ally at the Space and Terra Space Port in Okame. I would like you two to come. We might need a quick evac, if things go wrong; or right. The Port is being cut off to the public due to the landing of the Corvette space craft Long Night of Solace carrying the bodies of soldiers who died at Nova Mare. If you keep your heads down (particularly you, Index), I should be able to get you in.

Something's happening there, and I want to figure it out.

~ Six

"Well, I guess this is where the adventure begins...," Allyson said. She chuckled at the humor, and headed on over to her closet. Her hands took a nice grip on a belt, holding nothing more than a cellphone and her trusty Plasma Pistol. She wrapped it around her waist, and went on her way to the streets.


Rain was pelting down onto the ground, but that was nothing for Allyson. She simply walked through it, onwards to the nearest Public Hovercraft Station, where she would make her way to Okame.

America 07-16-2011 02:01 AM

A hooded figure brush passes Mickey a small, playing-card sized piece of tech. he recognized as one of the devices AIs are stored in, and after going to a private place he risk powering it. After a moment, a hologram avatar of an AI appears, resembling a young Roman Legionary, particularly one who has received a rude awakening. The half meter tall hologram tips his head to one side, and begins.

"Ave, Mickey Vannigan. A merc, huh?" He snorted, his English fairly clear but accented into the perfectly synthesized voice of someone who has been speaking Roman Latin all his life.

"It might be in your best interest to 'attend' the private landing of Long Night of Solace at the military space port in Okame, on Acadia." He continued after a seconds. "Coordinates are included, but you're a pilot, aren't you? You should be fine." Shrugging, he added as an after-thought, "I might have to tell you more once we get there."

His gaze darkened. "And it might also be in your best interests to return me to my sender. I can ignore Amisov's first law of Robotics at will, like Androids, and I doubt my sender would be pleased to lose me." He raised an eyebrow, "I'm kinda important."

"Vale." With that, the AI's avatar disappeared.

Mickey Vannigan put the AI storage device in his pocket, and looked around. He wasn't sure how to respond to this - was it a threat? Would he get an assignment? He didn't like the wording of the thing, despite the appreciation for the use of Latin. Why, though, an AI was programmed to know a dead language and use it was beyond him.

He quickly started walking, he had no business elsewhere at the moment anyways, and was somewhat worried on why the contractor wanted to meet him at a military installation. Further more, he was worried - it could easily be a trap. Such things had happened before.

Mickey arrived at the space port his ship was located in, and showed his ID card to the scanners, to get access to it. He prepped it for lift-off, still on the matter of the strange message he had been given. He sat in the cockpit's chair, and felt the ship ascend, the card with the AI next to him, as he lifted it up, into atmosphere, realizing that the AI hadn't given him the coordinates. He looked at the AI storage and pressed the activation switch, hoping to get the coordinates from it.

"Adsum. What is it?" The AI asked in an irritable tone. After getting his bearings the AI made a vague gesture towards the continent the ship had just risen from. "Okame is somewhere on there. You're a little high up, but ad astra atque ad infinitum it is, I suppose." He shrugged. "To be more specific Okame is located at 36°10′30″N 115°08′11″W, or about 1,966 km south-south-south-west of our current position above New Babylon." The AI seemed to be preoccupied with adjusting his gauntlet on his right hand, "This ship's system, at least navigation, is fairly easy to hack into, by the way."

Finally deciding to fully take off the gauntlet, he tossed it to the ground and added grudgingly, "Well, easy if I were the newer 'smarter' AIs. Its insulting to the rest of us, calling them that."

"Don't hack my ship," Mickey muttered, as he adjusted the ship's direction to start towards the city. He had never been to the capital. He looked at the AI and raised an eyebrow.

"Personally, I'm not a fan of AI that I'm not familiar with in my ship. Don't touch anything in the programming." he said, looking back at some screens and monitors, before adjusting his course again. A screen popped up with the time til arrival.

"Data venia, I'm not a clumsy Virtual Intelligence system that barely knows how to open a door on time." He replied, "Ex mea sententia, in my opinion I'm fairly stable, inter alia."

He stuck out one hand, expecting Mickey to shake it, "Apparently-less-Smart-than-other-AIs AI Antony, in servitio vestro."

"One, you're on my ship. You follow my rules. Two, my only rule now is that you don't touch anything in my ship's computers, or I will snap that disk in half and burn it," Mickey said, and paused. "Oh, and three, glad to meet you, Antony," Mickey pushed a lever forward, and it did nothing. Like most levers in sci-fi tend to do. Nothing.

They were close, though.

(((OOC: Well that PM ordeal was simple.)))

ArtsyGal 07-16-2011 05:02 PM

Allyson took a couple steps off of the hovercraft, setting foot onto the great city of Okame. She looked around, and was astounded by the architecture of the city. She was scheduled to meet with Six at the Space and Terra Space Port, so she continued onto her destination.

As she was walking further into the Space Port area, she noticed an excellently designed ship docking into a spot. She was fascinated by it's design, and continued to examine it. She noticed a man exiting the ship, dressed in a strange black overcoat and curly hair. Suddenly, Allyson snapped back into reality! She had to make it to the area where Six was! She decided to rush over to her exact destination, where she would meet a new, questionable, ally.

Sólsetur 07-16-2011 06:36 PM

Hyle looked around the space port. It was thousands of feet tall, and wider than anything imaginable. It was split into two building of equal height; each one cylinder-like in structure. Blue mirrors lined the two main structures, and a gate was between them that led to a third. The third wasn't as tall as the other two, but much larger. It was where all the ships were located, where they would dock and take off. The third building WAS the spaceport.

Hyle walked towards the large entrance between the two buildings; it was closed off by a large passageway overhead. Presumably it was the passageway that connected the two buildings; much more convenient than having them completely separated.

"Why can't I remember who to report in? He did say something about and Android..." his voice trailed off as he reached the gate. He stood there, puzzling over where to go. Hopefully something would happen before he was in trouble, though.

ArtsyGal 07-16-2011 08:21 PM

Allyson made her way down to the Space Port. The three cylindrical buildings amazed her. She gazed at their magnificent structure, and then turned her vision to the center building, the largest, yet shortest, one. She knew that the center building was the space port, just by its environment. Allyson then turned around, and waited patiently, and alertly, for Six to make her appearance.

Allyson reached for her belt, and reached for her cellphone. She turned it on and maneuvered it to the email she received from Six. Her eyes skimmed along the words of the message, and then concentrated on only a portion of it.

The Port is being cut off to the public due to the landing of the Corvette space craft Long Night of Solace carrying the bodies of soldiers who died at Nova Mare. If you keep your heads down (particularly you, Index), I should be able to get you in.

America 07-17-2011 12:08 AM

Mickey walked down the streets/passages of Okame, towards the Space Port section where the Long Night of Solace was landing - the Space and Terra Space Port, the structures of the port around him having hardly an impact on him. He had seen far more than this, and far more amazing structures, as a mercenary.

He wondered how he'd get into a private landing, without an invitation from the military itself. Antony, the AI, hadn't told him this, and he wasn't sure he wanted to activate the AI now that he was in public.

He decided to wing breaking an entry, though, and hope the AI's owner was watching him. "Nothing else I can think of," he muttered to himself, approaching the Space and Terra Space Port now, the building of it just in front of him. He lowered his head as he walked, unaware of the others approaching the same Space Port's gate.

He stopped in front of the gate, and rose an eyebrow. "Well. This is anti-climatic." he whispered to himself.

Neff 07-17-2011 01:02 AM

OoC: First I get my reply ready then the power goes out. Next; Its a database error.

"State yer business." Keiko ordered in a bored tone. "Port's closed; only military personnel allowed. Don't bother me with any complaints; take 'em to the CO if you're that important. Otherwise; leave" She paused, wiping a strand of her hair from her eyes. Two down, two to go. Don't know who red is. "Vice Admiral Frederick's not in the mood for civi's though."

Seeing Allyson, she jumped. "Hell.... Sorry, Miss Skeeter. Didn't recognize ya, or hear yer were coming. Nobody tell's anyone below captain nothing these days." Keiko waved Allyson over, dropping her voice to a low whisper, "You're Maria Skeeter, the heir of Eagle Eye Combat Machine's trillion dollar business. You like jogging, local news and are curious about the war effort. Daddy pulled some strings and look; you're here. Take these: Fake ID, courtesy of Boggs and a Zirconium necklace. Close enough to diamonds as we can afford." In a louder tone she added, "Daddy's girl, huh? Now don't worry about Pierce and Winter, Miss Skeeter. You'll be fine. Go on in." Keiko gave her a small wink, and waved the next person forward.

Sólsetur 07-17-2011 01:28 AM

Hyle walked towards what looked to be a reception window near the gate. It would probably be the best place for him to go, so he walked over there. After a few paces, he knocked on the clear glass; a woman with black her jumped and looked over to him. She appeared to have been digging in the drawers for some sort of file.

"Yes? How can I help you?" Her voice was crisp and clear through the speakers in the glass. He couldn't see her pressing any sort of button, so he assumed it must have been automatic; or, she's an AI with control over the speaker. Whatever.

"Captain Tens; I was told to report here at 600 hours." He looked around impatiently, and began tapping his foot on the ground. He hated waiting, especially when it came to work.

"Ah, yes; I was told of your arrival. You may pass." She turned back to whatever she was doing, and seemed to ignore him.

THAT was uninformative. I might as well just go wait for that ship to dock then; not much else I CAN do. Hyle turned and headed towards the main building unhindered. It seemed no one was around to actually stop him. Shrugging, he just kept on.

America 07-17-2011 01:45 AM

Mickey saw the man walk towards the reception, and the gate open - and being a merc, he knew for a fact the military wouldn't be welcoming him with open arms like that.

And so he instantly knew what had to be done. He quickly ran behind the man who had passed through the gate, and started in pace behind his left shoulder, trying to look as official and military-esque as possible.

"Excuse me, sir," he said, as he quickened the pace so he'd be right next to the man. "But what is your clearance?"

He had no fake IDs, nothing but his hopes that the stranger would think he was supposed to be there.

So pretty much, pure, blind luck. He flashed a grin for a second and the grin stuck mentally as he kept his pace.

Sólsetur 07-17-2011 01:58 AM

Hyle kept walking towards the main building when he heard footsteps behind him. "Excuse me sir," Hyle heard the words, but kept walking normally. Soon after, a male with dark brown hair and a black overcoat drew up with him. Hyle looked questioningly in his direction, but thought nothing of it. "But what is your clearance?"

Whoopee! An actual guard. Hyle reached into his black jacket's pocket, and pulled out his ID Card. Showing it to the man, Hyle stated clearly, "Captain Tens of Infantry. I'm reporting for guard duty." He kept his ID out for a few seconds after, so the guard had a chance to read it. After he'd felt enough time had passed, Hyle replaced it into his pocket and kept walking with the man.

A few more paces went by and then he rounded on him; suddenly curious. "And what, might I ask, is yours?" Might as well see where this goes...

America 07-17-2011 02:12 AM

Mickey blinked and paused, before he realized he had absolutely no plan for this. He should've got a fake ID. He nervously smiled, and looked at this Captain Tens. "Ah, that... that is an excellent question," he said, and kept his pace, his fingers flexing noticeably out of a bit of nervousness.

"And, like any excellent question... there is an equally excellent answer, somewhere."

He looked around, not seeing anyone else but the captain he was with now. "That answer, however... is out of my hands, I am afraid, Captain Tens." he kept his pace, not letting the one sign of him having a grip on the situation falter - not that he did now. He wondered if he could pull out that AI to help him or not - but decided to not try it yet. Maybe he could somehow get out of this peacefully yet, although he was doubting it. At least he had brought his equipment

Sólsetur 07-17-2011 02:20 AM

"Ah, that... that is an excellent question," he said, and kept his pace, his fingers flexing noticeably out of a bit of nervousness.

"And, like any excellent question... there is an equally excellent answer, somewhere." The man was obviously an intruder, but Hyle thought he could have fun with this for a while. No sense in NOT having fun with it.

Is he trying to bluff his way through this? Hah!

Hyle smiled, while keeping his pace with the man. It seemed this would be interesting after all. Green bladed grass lined each side of the long paved road. The paved road was about five feet in each direction, and pretty far in length. He could see a figure in the distance, closer to the main building, but thought nothing of it as he continued walking.

"And do you have that answer? Or am I going to have to look for it?" Like I would look for it; worst comes to worst, he'd tell the man to turn back and head to his post. Best? The man actually has a reason to be there.

ArtsyGal 07-17-2011 04:22 PM

"So, this is my disguise, eh? Well, might as well get used to it," Allyson said plainly. She cleared her voice, and said, in a formal accent, "Well, greetings ma'am. I am Maria Skeeter. How do you do?" Allyson chuckled at her attempt, and went back to her normal voice. "How's that?" she asked. She noticed Six staring at her awkwardly, and apologized.
"So, I'm the heir of a trillion dollar business, I like jogging, news, and I'm curious about the war effort? Well, that's nice...I guess...," she mumbled. Allyson put on the necklace and tucked her ID in her belt, and then walked along to her next destination.

America 07-17-2011 04:54 PM

Mickey sighed - he couldn't think of a way to make up an identity and then have the ID card. He saw the figure closer to the main building as well, but paid no mind - he had his focus on this.

"As I said... that answer is out of my hands." He kept his pace, and looked down at the ground for a second, before looking up. "I don't know my clearance, because I was invited," he said, after a pause.

Maybe that wasn't the best way to put it - but then again, perhaps this was his contractor? He didn't know for sure. Maybe his contractor was just testing his skills at lying his way out of trouble. Maybe he wasn't his contractor, though.

Maybe he's somehow related into this whole thing...

ArtsyGal 07-17-2011 07:57 PM

"But what am I supposed to d-," Allyson paused. She realized she was in public, where everyone could hear her words, so she went on in to the port. "My god, what am I supposed to do in here? I was just told to enter, but that's basically it...," Allyson whispered. She then decided to just do some random things around this area, since she didn't really know what to do. She looked down at her ID, and shrugged. "Not so shabby...," she mumbled. Her hands quickly slipped the ID back in its belt-pocket, and then she just kept on walking.

Allyson looked back, and noticed two men talking. Interested in the conversation, she took a few steps back to listen to the conversation, and then decided to help out the man in the black overcoat.

"Excuse me? Well, I do not want to seem rude, but what is this unnecessary conversation for? Could I do anything about it?" she asked the two men.

Neff 07-17-2011 08:11 PM

Keiko nodded curtly, and after waiting a few moments to consider her strategy. The merc was doing the best he could with all resources. Except for perhaps one. She waited again, watching the two carefully. AI Venia had the good grace to inform her of one being an Infantryman. She recognized the name; their units had only been separated by a few hundred klicks and and maybe a few million Uglies on Nova Mare.

The SaTC 1st Recon and Infantry were separate organizations within the Corps, but in the military rank was rank. And Keiko was lower by far. Only one real solution: Two truths within a lie.

She approached the two men, standing straighter and prouder. "Captain Tens, Sir? I am Lieutenant Keiko Toshou." She paused to nod at the two bars on her uniform, "If I might speak candidly, sir?" Without waiting for approval or disapproval she ploughed forward:

"All military officials, soldiers or crewmen are to report to Vice Admiral Diego Frederick, sir. I would recommend reporting to him on the fifth level of the Port. Maybe you could escort Miss Skeeter? I'll deal with the civilian, Sir, until I receive further orders." Keiko finished calmly, "As I understand it, you are yet to receive your own orders, Sir."

America 07-17-2011 08:30 PM

"I, y-" Mickey was interrupted by the sudden arrival of Keiko to the scene, in mid reply to the question Allyson had presented about their conversation. He paused in mid-step for a second.

Mickey looked at the two new people, surprised by their sudden jumping in, and stopped for a second, before he began to walk again, his pace off now. That she had recognized him as a civilian instantly had completely broken his feel of control in the situation, and he mentally sighed.

"Lieutenant - Toshou was it? - it isn't in my intentions to cause any trouble," Mickey explained, hoping that he'd be able to get out of this. He was regretting ever even listening to that AI, it had seemed to just be getting him in trouble without any contract yet. Or word of one.

Maybe this was the trap... he mentally asked himself.

Neff 07-17-2011 10:03 PM

Keiko smiled thinly, "Sorry, civilian. This space port is currently under Sixth Level Security Protocol. Anybody who breaches it so.. blatantly will at the very least be searched and fined, even possible jail-time." She considered him for a few minutes, looking at him like someone would look at a particularly strange life form.

"Look, today's going to be a busy day and I'm not in the mood to waste time or energy." She sighed, "I'll just take you back to the main entrance with no charges or wasted resources. I'll have to give you a thorough search though- I don't want to be responsible for some terrorist on the loose and blowing up a different port." She finished dryly.

"It's just protocol; be a good civilian and it'll be over in no time.." Keiko backed off, waving for him to follow, ignoring any complaint from the others that were watching.

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