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Shrub 01-04-2011 12:26 AM

Character Awards 2011 Announcement
Character Awards 2011 Announcement

Welcome to the new Character Awards. We're going to be doing them a little differently this time. Firstly, there will no longer be any nomination threads, as they have found to be redundant and more work than they're worth. And if all goes well, we'll be doing these monthly.

Rules of the Awards:

1. Each participant will select ONE character OF THEIR OWN to be considered for awards. This character's name and a link to their profile will be PM'd to me, Shrub. All nominations are due by: 1/14/2011

WARNING: CHARACTER SUBMISSIONS WITH NO LINKS WILL BE DECLINED. I refuse to go and hunt down your character profiles for you.

2. Another notice will be given prior to the creation of the voting thread. Once created, I will include the names and links to all characters received. Also included will be all possible character awards. All members may post their vote once in the thread. Any character submitted may be selected for multiple awards in one post.

3. After a 4-7 day period, voting will close.

*Special Awards*

Now these characters awards we'll be doing a little different than the rest of the characters awards, due to their nature. You may send all nominations for these awards, be they your characters or others, to me via PM AND ONLY PM.

Pair Awards:
The Meant to Be Award (Best Couple)
Most Mismatched Couple
The Daydream Award (characters you wish were a couple)
The Best of Friends Award (Best Friendship)
Best Rivalry

Specialty Awards:
Best Character Drawing
The Bumper Sticker Award (Best Character Quote)

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