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Old 10-23-2005, 07:45 AM
Irish rover Ireland Irish rover is offline
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Did Zelda influence?

What I want to know is did the fishing in Ocarina of Time influence sega to create sega bass fishing.
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Old 10-23-2005, 08:02 AM
delboy Scotland delboy is offline
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Re: Did Zelda influence?

I wouldn't so, there might be influences but I doubt it.
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Old 10-23-2005, 01:55 PM
Frost Guardian Frost Guardian is offline
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Re: Did Zelda influence?

If anybody mentions that movie Legend, I think I'm going to blow up in a frenzy. And nobody will like it. Not only because there are so many vauge assumptions about that cursed movie but the release dates of the two make it physically impossible to suggest that. People's impressions of fantasy have been so hammered, it grows utterly pathetic enough to say "hey, a zelda movie wud be jus liek lord of the rings!111 lol!"

But yes, I suppose there could have been influences but not really carbon copies of them. You could say Link resembles Peter Pan. What with the green outfit and Navi/Tinkerbell but again, it's not that crystalline. Of course, the Zelda world seems to be inspired by the medevial setting, but who dosen't know that? But anyways, it's a creative series. It's not as if batalantly copies anything.

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Old 10-23-2005, 02:08 PM
Ljnk Ljnk is offline
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Re: Did Zelda influence?

Originally Posted by SearanoX
There have been fishing games made ever since video games became a viable way to make money. Ocarina of Time's fishing mini game was quite good, but I doubt that it had a huge impact on subsequent fishing games.
yeah, enough said. the mini game in ocarina of time was good, but its doutful thats the reason why other fishing games have been made.
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Old 10-23-2005, 02:13 PM
happymaskman11 United_States happymaskman11 is offline
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Re: Did Zelda influence?

Since it was only a mini game I dont think it had any influnce to Segas bass fishing.
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Old 10-25-2005, 06:40 AM
GoronicWarrior Australia GoronicWarrior is offline
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Re: Did Zelda influence?

I agree, the zelda fishing game isn't really a great role model for another game to be based on. It isn't all that fun.
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Old 11-12-2005, 01:46 PM
Zelda Freak93 Zelda Freak93 is offline
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Re: Did Zelda influence?

Originally Posted by Irish rover
What I want to know is did the fishing in Ocarina of Time influence sega to create sega bass fishing.
I completly doubt why on earth would they copy that fishing thing i mean seriously...but the truth is no they just thought it would be fun to have a fishing game.


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Old 11-13-2005, 01:39 AM
Janus Janus is a male United States Janus is offline
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Re: Did Zelda influence?

SearanoX, I don't know about you, but I really can't see a reason for this thread to continue, seeing as how everyone is saying the same thing.

So, just to be different- I think Zelda's swordplay influenced fly-fishing worldwide. *nod*

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