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  1. Sapphira
    07-10-2008 10:19 PM - permalink
    Eeee, congrats to you both!

    And the good news is that I got my internet back at my apartment (as evidenced by the fact that I'm online after 9:30 pm). I'll be home for a bit this weekend, and my internet might not work there, but whatever. Hopefully, we'll get a chance to talk soon.

    Have a wonderful night, both of you!
  2. Breeze
    07-09-2008 01:27 AM - permalink
    It smells like poop in here.
  3. Sapphira
    07-05-2008 02:25 AM - permalink
    Hope your 4th kicked ass beyond belief! I didn't have any cotton candy this year, but maybe that's good because I don't think I need that kind of pure sugar in my system.
  4. Malia
    07-02-2008 02:21 AM - permalink
    Eeek, hello, 'Lex!

    Liahmia indeed XD <3.

    I'm doing okay, though I'm missing the Aussie ZUers, Mr Spork in particular, like crazy from our two week vacation together! Mr Spork had said to me when I was with him "Why can't everyday be a day as awesome as this?" to which I replied "because it costs muchly money to do so, sweetie" Grrr, restrictions of monies.

    Eeek, I'm gonna start rambling again as I do, so! All in all, I'm sad missing friends, but glad to be at work since I love my job. Also, I could do with some chocolate right now.

    I realise you didn't ask for my life story, but, hey, take it anyway *gives* XD

    How is you, dearest?
  5. Sapphira
    07-01-2008 01:59 PM - permalink
    As I've said to all guys I know who've gone from long hair to short hair, thank you :-p
  6. Sapphira
    07-01-2008 03:39 AM - permalink
    Haha, really? That's really weird. I did kind of have a long-lost twin I met at camp once, but we hardly look like each other now.
  7. Breeze
    06-30-2008 04:22 PM - permalink
    Me, too. Too bad we don't have enough money to even walk. XD


    I'll haunt you IN YOUR SLEEP.
  8. Breeze
    06-27-2008 04:54 PM - permalink
    Hai. You're right next to me. Sharin my Internetz.
  9. Breeze
    06-26-2008 05:05 PM - permalink
    *shoves, IRL*
  10. Breeze
    06-26-2008 04:56 PM - permalink
    No, but I heard you.
  11. Breeze
    06-25-2008 09:41 PM - permalink
    You are watching me type this.
  12. andi
    06-14-2008 05:57 PM - permalink
    Let us go, then!

    What time do you guys want to meet up? All the movies start at 8:30 - if we want to catch the earlier shows, if we want to play it super-late the box office closes at 11:15. Or if you guys just want to do one, just pick one out. I leave the choice of features in your capable hands. :3
  13. andi
    06-13-2008 04:22 PM - permalink
    Is this typical enough for you? :3

    Van Buren
  14. Anime_Queen
    06-12-2008 05:10 PM - permalink

    What a most charming message!
    I had a not-so-happy day today but EVERY time I read that message, it had me smiling wide! ^_______^
    A thousand thanks for leaving such beautiful things behind you Lex - and a HUGE welcome back! That is gREAt news!

    I am not alone when I say that you have been thoroughly missed, and noticeably so.


    I hope you AND your wifey are doing great! how goes the whole living together thing? as easy and straightforward as imagined? I certainly hope so ^______^

    Peace, always, good sir!
  15. andi
    06-06-2008 04:11 PM - permalink
    how does next Friday work for you all?

    And the place? Disneyland, perhaps? Or what do you two lovebirds have in mind?
  16. Selah
    05-29-2008 01:53 PM - permalink
    Lex! It's so lovely to hear from you! I'm doing quite well, thank you, =D I'm taking the summer to look for a job and the autumn to start on the path of an Associate's Degree, while all the while working on the Great American Novel(TM) that won't leave my imagination alone, xD

    But how are you?
  17. Breeze
    05-17-2008 09:49 PM - permalink
    Hey hey hey, guess what? You're sitting on the couch in the living room right now playing Wii and I'm looking at you literally as I type this. Also, Narcalepsy is sitting out the window, and Ying-Moo just walked down the hall (probably to terrorize our room).

    And and and! I love you.
  18. Foo
    05-12-2008 06:26 PM - permalink
    Heh, NP.
    I'll likely be on all night, cept for my own dinner. I am running AIM though, if that's easier. Your still using 'Seran Aileron'?
  19. Anime_Queen
    05-09-2008 05:36 PM - permalink
    Yes I heard the news! And I am EVERSOEXCITED to e-witness this through ^___^
    I've already pledged a present tot he first ZU couple who get married so ... let it be you two! **laughs**
    We'll have a forum wedding as well =D

    Les, keep me updated! I wish you two all the love and tranquility possible, at every turn! ^____^
  20. Breeze
    05-09-2008 01:42 PM - permalink
    *giggles from the tickle-age* I had fun, thanks! <33 Love you! <3

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