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RIP Robin Williams (8/11/14)
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  1. Chad
    Yesterday 09:10 AM - permalink
    Hugs and get well wishes.
  2. Tesla
    09-12-2014 07:01 AM - permalink
    Thank you so much for the informative articles, BGS

    I was off for quite a while, hence a late reply. How are you, man?
  3. Chad
    09-11-2014 05:19 PM - permalink
    Comments on One Piece. In chapter 3 you've got a corrupt marine ordering a subordinate to kill a child. The guy doesn't want to, but the leutenant says he outranks him so he has to. The subordinate doesn't say this, but I'm pretty sure you can't order someone to do something illegal. Not that the leutenant would care if the guy said so. I'm prety sure rank and orders only go so far. Someone tells you to shoot fleeing unarmed civilians, you are legally alowed to say no. Again, not that it matters either way when your superior is corrupt.
  4. Chad
    09-10-2014 03:41 PM - permalink
    I have read some of One Piece, and apparently when Luffy was a kid he was hot headed. I have seen the anime, and I don't remember him being all that hot headed. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe he grew out of it. I doin't think the anime started when he was little. He just already had a ship and his powers.

    I was thinking about Dragons, and maybe the Bewilderbeast and Drago would retreat to Dragon Island. It would seem like an ideal place to recover.
  5. Chad
    09-10-2014 08:59 AM - permalink
    I guess Sasuke wants to wipe the slate clean and start over. Though I'm not sure what he intends to do to prevent the same thing from happening, besides just removing the tailed beasts. I didn't really expect him to do something like this.
  6. Chad
    09-09-2014 07:15 AM - permalink
    Yeah, I'm about burned out. I'm at chapter 425. Aizen is dead. I feel like I need a break. Maybe I'll jump on One Piece just for a change of pace.

    Yeah, I see a pattern there. There was like no point in Orihime going with the enemy, beyond strengthening them and making the heroes go to the enemy. And taking away the best healer the heroes had. She literally rejects a reality she doesn't like, and substitutes her own.

    That's a good moment. I may have told you my mom liked Tetris back in the old days, and she liked Doctor Mario because she could play with me. I also had a friend who weirdly didn't go through a cartoon phase. He was all about live action from the start.
  7. Chad
    09-08-2014 05:42 PM - permalink
    I have noticed that in these battles, characters like to attack from the shoulder down, instead of just slicing off the head. It's a little odd that the advice Kuchika gives in the beginning of the series is tried so few times.
  8. Chad
    09-07-2014 07:27 PM - permalink
    In a chapter a little before 319, the old commander uses his fire ability to trap Aizen and two others in a circle of flames. What I wonder is, if he can trap someone in flames, why doesn't he ingulf and roast them while they're trapped in flames?
  9. Chad
    09-07-2014 08:33 AM - permalink
    It would be funny if Orihime was able to reverse all the regeneration she ever did to something. So by healing all of the enemy arrancar, she'd also have the power to destroy large chunks of their bodies.
  10. Chad
    09-06-2014 09:51 PM - permalink
    I'm in the 230s in Bleach, and the bad guys gave Inoue an ultimatum to go with them or they'd kill her friends. as if they wen't already attempting to do it, or planning to do it. And of course she said yes. This always grinds my nerves, when someone buckles just like that. It makes no sense to go with them, because they're not threatening to do anything that they weren't already planning to do in the first place. It's not like this is some "I'm going to join them so I get to live" kind of deal either.
  11. Chad
    09-06-2014 04:47 PM - permalink
    OMG, that little black haired pigtail girl who I felt sorry for in the beginning of the manga for being picked on, is scary when she's serious. I saw a bit of her potential before when facing Ichigo, but i chapter 207 she's gone Terminator on an Arrancar.
  12. Chad
    09-06-2014 07:20 AM - permalink
    chapter 189? Somewhere around there.
  13. Chad
    09-05-2014 08:27 PM - permalink

    I'm up to the point where Ichigo's dad kills a hollow. I'm so confused right now.
  14. Chad
    09-05-2014 02:38 PM - permalink
    I thought Aizen from Bleach was one of the good ones.
  15. Chad
    09-05-2014 08:29 AM - permalink
    The conspiracy to kill Kuchiki as soon as possible reminds me of a plot piont in a game I used to play. A group of Elves demanded the banishment of a group of Dwarves for something that was somewhat out of line, all so they could use the Dwarves to release a prisoner.

    Apparently there are Shinigami who want to destroy Soul Society, and they need to execute someone to unlock the power of the weapon used for executions, and Kuchiki is just a convenient tool.
  16. Chad
    09-04-2014 08:43 PM - permalink
    Yeah, still beats paying for it.

    I'll put one piece stuff in spoilers past chapter 73. That's how far you've gotten, right?
  17. Chad
    09-04-2014 08:24 PM - permalink
    I'm disappointed in how many fights Ichigo is getting, compared to the others. I know he's the main character, but I'd like to see the rest of the team fight too. I'm up to the point where Ichigo and Rukia meet again, and Ichigo is about to fight Kuchiki.
  18. Chad
    09-04-2014 06:50 PM - permalink
    I'm past a hundred out of 500+ chapters of Bleach. I may finish it in a week, so I think I'll get it out of the way before reading one Piece.
  19. Chad
    09-04-2014 11:16 AM - permalink
    Is the next chapter up now? I checked yesterday, and it wasn't. This is becomign inconvenient.

    I'm glad she doesn't come back as a hollow. Though since they went to Soul Society, I'm curious if he'll see her there.

    I'll start working on that soon.
  20. Chad
    09-03-2014 05:59 PM - permalink
    Ok. I thought he just had so much untapped power that he needed training to unlock it, instead of actually making himself stronger.

    Yeah, I could read One Piece with you. I'm still going to read Bleach because I'm interested now. Not to mention that there's a badass character named Chad, who will hopefully have many awesome moments helping people.

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