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  1. Chad
    Today 09:04 AM - permalink
    Where is this woman? I must have her autograph!

    I didn't know that about languages. Seems my home state has a lot of German speaking people in it.

    That chapter was interesting. I may go back and read other chapters. I know I was kind of put off about the fire nation colonies, and the idea that Zuko wasn't Ozai's son, but it is canon and some parts are quite interesting.

    He had better be appreciative.

    I believe Combustion Girl drew the fire into her to strengthen her blasting attack. So she can firbend normally.

    Shell Smash increases physical and special attack, as well as speed, but reduced your physical and special defence. I like using it with Cloyster, because its physical defense is so high that even cutting it down leaves it with decent defense. Plus its special defense is already so low, reducing that doesn't make much difference. Then if it has the skill link ability and a king's rock that can cause flinching, it can do considerable damage with a decent chance of preventing a pokemon from attacking. The only drawback is that steel types resist all of its multihit moves.
  2. Chad
    Yesterday 05:04 PM - permalink
    He probably wouldn't be able to firebend if a lunar eclipse stops all firebending.

    Oh, dang. Beifong just straight up disowned her? He's gone from ignorant and overprotective to ass-hole. Just no excuse.

    Sokka is this close to inventing the miner's helmet. I can see it now.

    Zaheer learning under Aang would explain his knowledge of airbenders.

    learning how to melt earth from firebenders sounds reasonable. I've heard of cutting off hands as punishment, but not your entire arms. Maybe they cut off her arms thinking it would keep her from waterbending, but she was able to do it anyway. What they did will depend on how much the storywriters want us to sympathize with them. I don't think they've done anything yet to really send them over the moral event horizon, aside from maybe kidnapping Korra. Even then I'd like to know more of the context of that.

    I don't know why they didn't deal with the bones without having Kakashi and Obito jump in front of them. It does seem like they should have had more options, gravity or no gravity.

    If Kakashi can open any gates, this would be the time to do it. The chakra gates reminds me of the old kaoken move in DBZ, where you can increase your power and speed, but overdoing it causes your body to break down.
  3. ich Will
    Yesterday 01:25 PM - permalink
    ich Will
    Well perhaps they can stop the deterioration.

    Strange, I would have expected the combo of the two Kamui eyes to produce some sort of new technique.

    For me it's more how miniscule and rushed his sacrifice seems so far, rather than the fact that he's good. But eh, it is what it is.
  4. ich Will
    Yesterday 01:05 PM - permalink
    ich Will
    I didn't really get what his two eyes together can do though, doesn't seem like anything special so far to me. And it seems I'm the only one that thinks his sacrifice is a bit meh, so what if he saves Kakashi once, Kakashi could get into trouble a dozen more times. I guess I was just expecting more.
    Well perhaps he'll give his eyes to Kakashi, or just one of them, this time the one Kakashi never had? Because that one has a pretty overpowered Kamui.
  5. ich Will
    Yesterday 11:27 AM - permalink
    ich Will
    No idea, perhaps Sasuke was temporarily tired from using that teleportation thing. And maybe the gravity contributed too, I dunno. It seems this is being poorly written.

    I hope there's more to Obito's death than this.
  6. Chad
    Yesterday 11:09 AM - permalink
    Toothless has been compared to cats before, so I'm not surprised that his movement's were based on an artist's cat.

    How far Kakashi has fallen. he's like Piccolo from DBZ. Once one of the most dangerous characters in the show, reduced to standing to the side and wishing he could be useful. There are a lot of parrallels between the two series.

    I'm not really sure how to answer the Avatar questions. I'm just not really sure.
  7. ich Will
    Yesterday 08:45 AM - permalink
    ich Will
    Hmm not much to say about this new chapter.
    Spoiler tag in case you haven't read it yet:
    They were just fighting as usual, and it seems Obito has saved Kakashi once again and is about to sacrifice himself. I don't see the point of this sacrifice though, he didn't even achieve anything with it. Feels forced.
  8. Uzuki Cheverie
    07-22-2014 06:30 AM - permalink
    Uzuki Cheverie
    The Centre for Arts and Technology; 2D Animation and Digital Art; thought about it, unsure at this point; longer than my other relationships; next week, bring cake; smashing; I am going to have kittens; yeah, it sucks as always; I don't like fixing ❤❤❤❤; my kitten learned to use the litter box the other day; does monopoly money count?

  9. Chad
    07-21-2014 10:07 PM - permalink
    Man, I need to watch more abridged stuff.
  10. Uzuki Cheverie
    07-21-2014 09:06 PM - permalink
    Uzuki Cheverie



    in all seriousness i do suck at math but i made it through high school and I'M ALL FINISHED HUZZAH
  11. Uzuki Cheverie
    07-21-2014 07:55 PM - permalink
    Uzuki Cheverie
    Get me through grade 12 math in a reasonable amount of time without failing and maybe - 3-
  12. Uzuki Cheverie
    07-21-2014 06:30 PM - permalink
    Uzuki Cheverie
    True, true.

    Y'know, I was never good at math... :3
  13. Uzuki Cheverie
    07-21-2014 12:34 PM - permalink
    Uzuki Cheverie
    do bees have wings? :3

    PS: NOPE. I don't think I've been single for 24 hours since the 9th grade, and I'm on my third relationship since then. Isn't that sad? Bwaha.
  14. Chad
    07-21-2014 11:43 AM - permalink
    Do I want a gumball that's been through a foosball game? It seems interesting, but I'm just not sure I'd want to eat the gumball afterwards.
  15. ich Will
    07-21-2014 08:09 AM - permalink
    ich Will
    Well I don't really have anything to say about Naruto at the moment.

    I do believe there may be life out there, but I really doubt that we've actually had UFOs here probing us and stuff.
  16. Gina
    07-20-2014 11:38 PM - permalink
    Thanks! I'm at this weird point where it's not that I think it looks BAD, it's just that I really miss having long hair. In a way, the long hair is like a security blanket for me.

    The apartment is "off campus" in that it isn't managed by the university, but it's pretty much right on campus.
  17. Gina
    07-20-2014 09:44 PM - permalink
    Yeah, my hair grows semi-fast. I cut it like this last February and by this May it had grown a considerable amount. I'm just getting used to the fact that it used to be almost past my boobs and now it's not even touching them.
    Here's a comparison. First picture is the day I got it cut (May 18th). Second picture is the 11th of this month. So I guess it's growing nicely enough.

    I really don't have a night life when I'm at home, so I guess I'll just have to wait until August.
  18. Chad
    07-20-2014 09:19 PM - permalink
    I think we really do interact with too many people to have real peace, since people are just too different.

    I'm not really sure why people back then thought someone born and raised here would suddenly side with the Japanese once they decided to attack. But it happened. And then we sent most of our troops across the Atlantic instead of the Pacific.
  19. Chad
    07-20-2014 08:39 PM - permalink
    Yeah, I don't know what the big problem is. There has been some propaganda about "black men stealing our women", but honsetly I don't know why people would consider any woman "theirs". How long do we have to wait before people realize that the only people that women belong to is themselves.
  20. My life from Z to A
    07-20-2014 08:22 PM - permalink
    My life from Z to A
    I'm going to inbox you. I'm having some issues, yet again. Thanks again for being here for me, it seems like you're always here when no one in real life is.

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