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  1. LinkedFilmer
    Today 08:44 AM - permalink
    That's why like Amazon. Nickelodeon can't tell them what to do. They release wary. Nic doesn't care about the show. They only care about their crap.

    Sorry, I just can't stand Nickelodeon.
  2. LinkedFilmer
    Today 08:26 AM - permalink
    Amazon. I've used Amazon all the way.
  3. Chad
    Yesterday 06:29 AM - permalink
    Nice picture.
  4. Flames of Valor
    08-20-2014 09:39 PM - permalink
    Flames of Valor
    Now that I reread it, it does sound that way.

    But, I am not.
  5. Chad
    08-20-2014 04:40 PM - permalink
    Yes, if they're going to involve Zuko, why isn't Katara involved? What is she doing? Maybe when she hears the red Lotus beat the crap out of her son and endangered her grandchildren and her husband's dream, she'll get into action. Mama bear, where art thou?

    If they haven't even talked about the acolyte's uninvolvement, maybe I should get on there. Send me a link to the thread.

    Oh, I didn't know that was a callback. nevermind.
  6. Chad
    08-20-2014 07:30 AM - permalink
    New Naruto chapter. They seem to have Kaguya cornered. I think there might be some weird translations, because at the very end they seem to think/say some strange stuff.

    I'm not sure why Naruto starts fighting with Sasuke over who her opponent is. They're both her opponents because she's stronger than both of them individually. In fact they're lucky Kakashi got an upgrade.
  7. Flames of Valor
    08-19-2014 01:45 PM - permalink
    Flames of Valor
    I'll have been here for 10 years within the next 6 months. Crazy to think about it like that. So, thanks for giving me a good introduction to the forums those 9 years ago!
  8. ich Will
    08-19-2014 04:44 AM - permalink
    ich Will
    Speaking of Naruto's future, I wonder if Naruto will possibly become a sage of sorts, travelling the world and spreading the message of peace. Maybe he'll even be something greater than a Hokage, like a leader of several villages or leader of the world or whatever.

    Weird thing is, everyone wants to be the Hokage now. Sasuke, Konohamaru, Kiba, Naruto, and some others from Naruto's age group I think.
  9. Chad
    08-18-2014 06:26 PM - permalink
    Yeah I know bloodbending is illegal, but if she was cornered or something I think her friends and family would show leniency if she did a little. I doubt she'd show up and just start bloodbending before actually waterbending.

    I haven't checked for any Korra threads. I wonder what the general consensus is about this episode and the fact that the acolytes did nothing. This isn't like DBZ. weaker fighters are not automatically useless just because they can't go one on one with the enemy.

    You mean the metal clan. I hope Su and the others aren't working for Zaheer either. If she's not, I wonder if Zaheer would target Su. Yes she's a leader, but it's just one small city instead of a whole nation.
  10. Chad
    08-18-2014 07:42 AM - permalink
    I'd like to see Katara show up during a full moon at some point. Scary old bloodbender lady. Quote Hama at least once.
  11. Chad
    08-17-2014 08:52 PM - permalink
    I guess it's true that they had little to no experience, but following the leads of people that did, and using their 5-1 odds against the Red Lotus should have made up for it.

    Given what Kai was able to do, I'm sure if there were two or three more up there they would have pinned her down.

    I think air may be good against water, given that it should be harder to use water tentacles on an air bender.

    Bolin is just a friendly guy, and I think trying to be friendly towards the lava bender may be a defense mechanism. You know if there's any chance the guy has a heart, which it seems he does, then trying to connect just a little might help. All he had left was the ability to talk, so he used it. Given Zaheer's command to keep him quiet, it's possible it might have worked given enough time.

    Yes there were. The metal benders were likely better, but still I think they should have tried. Bumi is a war general, yet he had zero input.
  12. Chad
    08-17-2014 02:18 PM - permalink
    I just checked, and none of the other airbenders seem to have decided to get their heads shaved. I figured at least a few of them would volunteer after the baby bison rescue, due to the one guy avoiding a net despite not having to look behind him.

    I got around to doing a head count (15:27 if you want to look), and there are 21 besides Tenzen's wife. That's five to one odds. I think this actually bugs me more than the siege of the north episode.
  13. Chad
    08-17-2014 10:49 AM - permalink
    Yeah, ok. It was kind of funny when Bolin got distracted by Meelo talking about the baby Bison.

    I knew this fight was going to happen. I just didn't think the acolytes would be treated like defenseless civilians that should run and hide while Tenzen and his sibling fight the Red Lotus three to four.

    I mean there's like a dozen of them. Have two or three each support Tenzen and his siblings. Have a couple raise a dust cloud and get his wife and baby out of the way. Have the rest take down Zaheer's air support. Hell, Tenzen shouldn't need any help against Zaheer, though one or two people watching his back would have been good.

    I really should memorize these people's names. I know the red Lotus is the main villainous group, and only Korra can be allowed to beat them because she's the hero, but it bothers me when writers choose to put characters in a position through events that shouldn't happen. It breaks willing suspension of disbelief.

    I'm a little disappointed that Tenzen's sister didn't go up against the lava bender. I'd like to see how superheated rock goes up against water. Actually it might just evaporate the water instead of turning the rock into mud.
  14. Chad
    08-16-2014 09:28 PM - permalink
    If there was ever a chance to show their skills against something more than poachers, it's fighting against the Red Lotus. It's just one of those times where a writers have to ignore certain things in order to make the story go in the direction they want it to go.

    That was cool. I would fully expect Tenzen to win, except not against all four of them at once. Honestly he should have attempted a retreat when he got ganged up on, instead of trying to continue fighting.

    I don't really know why Tenzin has a problem going to the spirit world.

    You would expect it to come up, since they're certainly close.

    It would be a bit silly if valka was pregnant.
  15. Chad
    08-16-2014 07:36 PM - permalink
    Do you think we'll see more of Valka doing stuff in the next dragons season than we've seen Stoik doing in the past seasons? The problem with Valka is that she out Hiccups Hiccup. Stoik was different enough that he didn't overshadow Hiccup, but Valka is already everything we expect Hiccup to become, regarding dragons.

    I'm not sure what they would do with her, without making Hiccup seem redundant.
  16. Chad
    08-16-2014 03:27 PM - permalink
    Tenzen also had a wife and multiple children, as well as siblings, so I might expect a little more papa wolf badassery at that moment. I just really think they should have done better, and the air acolytes should have been supporting the others instead of being treated as defenseless civilians. I really hope Tenzen doesn't wind up dead.

    The clone wouldn't explain popping back in the exact same spot, with the exact same equipment, I don't think.

    At least we managed to get some things. It wasn't a total bust.
  17. Chad
    08-16-2014 02:05 PM - permalink
    I don't know if you've heard of the horror game SCP (Secure, Contain, Protect) Containment Breach. One of the endings has them consider you a possible SCP, due to your ability to survive the impossible. It made me think what sort of powers a character might have in your standard horror game to explain such a thing. One would be some control over time, since you die repeatedly, but you can always restart. So whenever the person does get killed, there's some sort of time warp where he goes back with the knowledge of what he just did. Saving the game is just the character making a sort of pocket dimension where he can regenerate or something after he dies.

    Another power could be mastery of any item he finds, or is given, since most characters in games have no problem using whatever they find, regardless of what it is. Link can use a sword, a bow, and an assortment of other things expertly.

    You start the game as a Class D personnel, which is basically a guinnea pig, and there's a note in the starting room that if you cooperate, you'll be released after a month. Though there's also information in a loading screen that says all class D personnel are killed at the first of every month. So even if you survive, you'll still be killed. The only bright side is that most Class D's are guilty death row inmates. Unless the supply starts running low, then they take other people.

    The SCP guys are of the mad scientist variety.
  18. Chad
    08-16-2014 11:32 AM - permalink
    A thought just came to me. Given the origins of the Avatar, it seems to be less about keeping balance in the world, and more about the Raava/Vaatu conflict that comes up every 10,000 years. So when did the Avatar become this keeper of balance between Humans and Spirits? I forget if Wan started working on that after sealing Vaatu.
  19. Chad
    08-16-2014 10:58 AM - permalink
    We did manage to get some doors in the auction. Some stuff went too high in the bidding, and we had to cut out before all the stuff my parents were interested in came up. Otherwise we would have had to stay another night in the hotel.

    The hotel wasn't quite as good as my mom had hoped. The floor wasn't spotless, and the breakfast didn't have as much as we expected. It was mostly jellied toast, cereal, and fruit cups with coffee and milk.
  20. Chad
    08-16-2014 10:56 AM - permalink
    I'm back, and I watched the Korra episode. I don't buy that Zaheer could hold Tenzen off that long. I expected him to be all "class is in session", and maybe make a tornado or something. Pull them all in, whirl them around, and send them flying.

    I thought that sending the message to Su first was exactly what they were going to do. I don't know why they bothered to wait.

    I doubt the airbenders will die. I don't know why the lava bender didn't use it against Tenzen, except maybe he was at his limit? But I doubt that would go uncommented on. I kind of expected the other airbenders to help with the fight. Why didn't they raise a dust cloud to obscure them from the firebender? With a dozen or so airbenders supporting Tenzen and his sister, I think they could have dealt with Zaheer. It reminds me of the invasion of the northern water tribe. They really shouldn't have lost, or at least lost that badly.

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