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  1. EzloSpirit
    05-29-2012 09:52 PM - permalink
    Ah, that makes sense. I've had other adoptees who actually PM'd people repeatedly when a recipient wouldn't respond. But your case makes sense. Stupid technical difficulties.

    Anyway, you can send me your script whenever you'd like! I'm also not guaranteeing that I'll be able to look over it this weekend (probably, though) because I have my final exams next week and need to do some studying. But I'll get it back to you ASAP.
  2. EzloSpirit
    05-28-2012 08:57 PM - permalink
    I actually talked with him over Skype Saturday night, and he told me that he will be getting back to you shortly. He also told me that you've been PM'ing him repeatedly, sometimes more than once a day. There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes of the podcast, so you got to be patient.

    It may be a while before we start working on another podcast episode, by the way, so it may be a while before anything happens with your segment. That said, I'm staying active with producing my segment and other podcast-y affairs during the hiatus, so I can still take a look at your script if you'd like!
  3. EzloSpirit
    05-13-2012 02:04 PM - permalink
    Great! I look forward to taking a look at it.
  4. Drammor
    05-10-2012 05:10 PM - permalink
    Hi, Skyward. I just wanted to let you know, I've been checking in on your character from time to time, and I'm still looking forward to seeing your character's approval.

    Don't forget about us; we haven't forgotten about you.
  5. EzloSpirit
    05-08-2012 08:36 PM - permalink
    Yeah, that makes sense. Big 'cast. But that sounds like a yes to me! If you want to bounce ideas off me or send me your finished script, I would be happy to help.
  6. EzloSpirit
    05-07-2012 08:59 PM - permalink
    In the YOUTUBE tags, try pasting everything after the "v=" in the URL.
  7. EzloSpirit
    05-07-2012 08:35 AM - permalink
    [YOUTUBE](put URL here. Make sure that it's the full thing, not the "" URL)[/YOUTUBE]
  8. EzloSpirit
    05-05-2012 01:35 PM - permalink
    Great! I like member segments!

    Yeah, Liah changes her username like she has a never-ending identity crisis. Currently, her username is Daenerys Targaryen, of which I was just forced to look up the spelling. So I don't blame you!

    However, the ZUBC has undergone some major changes in its production staff. Liah is actually no longer the producer (or a regular ZUBCer; more like an advisor) of the ZUCast. Instead, Hombre de Mundo (who rarely changes his username, so you should have little trouble there!) has reclaimed his original (2008) position of producer!

    Basically, it would be better to contact Hombre instead of Liah. Or both of them. Good luck, and let me know how things go!
  9. EzloSpirit
    04-29-2012 09:16 AM - permalink
    Yeah, I can't stand other gaming magazines since they tend to be much more geared to PlayStation and Xbox players. Well, GameInformer is more moderate in that respect, but I like having a magazine dedicated entirely to Nintendo, since that's all I play.

    What do you think of the more recent spinoff series, like Ranger, Mystery Dungeon, and Rumble?
  10. ZorroMikau
    04-28-2012 05:44 PM - permalink
    He's the best Zora in the whole series so far!
  11. EzloSpirit
    04-27-2012 11:13 PM - permalink
    Ah, yes, Pokémon Conquest, the game that nobody saw ever coming stateside but TPCi decided to surprise us with anyway. I probably won't be getting it because I am not a fan of grid-based strategy-RPG's, but after reading the newest Nintendo Power, I am filled with more confidence that it has a chance outside of Japan. I am interested in seeing how it fares.
  12. Sikora
    04-27-2012 10:50 PM - permalink
    Yeah, i think it didn't succeed because it's one of those questions. I like posting in new threads in the Fun and Games section.
  13. ZorroMikau
    04-27-2012 02:25 PM - permalink
    Hey just wondering, what's with the friend request? No problem with it, just curious.
  14. EzloSpirit
    04-27-2012 10:31 AM - permalink
    Awesome! Yeah, as awkward as it is to admit it on a Zelda forum, I am a bit more of a Pokemon fan than a Zelda fan! (12 years of fandom, and counting!) XD What's your favorite game(s)? Mine are actually Black and White Versions (which I get a lot of "hate" for) because I loved the plot, the characters, the more mature atmosphere, and (believe it or not) the new Pokemon! Prior to those, my favorite games were Gold/Silver/Crystal/HG/SS. Gold was my first game.
  15. EzloSpirit
    04-25-2012 07:44 PM - permalink
    That's been on hiatus for over a year. I'm planning on starting it back up when I have more time. Within a year or two.
  16. Aniday
    04-25-2012 06:52 PM - permalink
    It probably is harder in the sense that specialized knowledge about editing and software is needed to edit like I do. We all do a lot of work, though, and I appreciate everyone in the ZUBC.

    Narrating is one of my favorite things to do. I would like to be a Voice Over at come point in my life.
  17. Cody
    04-25-2012 06:41 PM - permalink
  18. Aniday
    04-25-2012 06:40 PM - permalink
    No. I've been doing it for long enough that I can do it in my sleep, lol. It's just time consuming. Why do you ask? :3
  19. Hombre de Mundo
    04-23-2012 06:07 PM - permalink
    Hombre de Mundo
    Thank you. It's always really nice to hear that people appriciate what you do
  20. Hombre de Mundo
    04-23-2012 01:22 PM - permalink
    Hombre de Mundo
    Spanish, and yes.

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