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  1. Golddron Sex
    12-08-2013 07:29 PM - permalink
    Golddron Sex
    I did! It was the first one in a family setting since 2009 for me .

    I'm on Long Island!

    Oh nice. That's awesome, did you get any pictures? I only spent a little bit of time in Europe (Germany) while our plane was refueling and then again on the way back from my deployment, but it was gorgeous.
  2. Golddron Sex
    12-03-2013 09:52 AM - permalink
    Golddron Sex
    The life of Brian....well, I'm in New York now! Transferred to the Air National Guard a few months ago to be with my girlfriend (Lady Sunshine on here).

    How's the life of you, my good sir?
  3. Golddron Sex
    11-25-2013 08:53 AM - permalink
    Golddron Sex
    Great! . Sorry, I would have responded sooner but I've been having a lot of issues with my laptop and been busy a lot as it is xD.

    But I'm really glad to see you back!
  4. Golddron Sex
    11-11-2013 09:55 PM - permalink
    Golddron Sex
    Just a checkup. Hope you come around again. A looooot has changed lol.
  5. Golddron Sex
    04-06-2013 01:08 AM - permalink
    Golddron Sex
    :'< *hugs*

    Ah good, hope so. I miss you, bud.
  6. Golddron Sex
    04-02-2013 09:52 PM - permalink
    Golddron Sex
    Man, you know how to lay the hard stuff down without warning lol. I'm sorry to hear about your dog. How old was he/she?

    Well I'm glad to see you still around. :'>
  7. Golddron Sex
    04-01-2013 06:01 PM - permalink
    Golddron Sex
    Same old Golddron, I assure you

    Anything new going on for you?
  8. Ike!
    04-01-2013 10:57 AM - permalink
    oki,thanks so much do you know how people put those tiny rectangular images at their custom ranks?
  9. Golddron Sex
    03-31-2013 12:28 AM - permalink
    Golddron Sex
    So why don't we talk anymore?

  10. Ike!
    03-26-2013 07:01 PM - permalink
  11. Ike!
    03-26-2013 01:39 PM - permalink
    oki,thanksmay I ask how people uses the quote?
  12. Ike!
    03-25-2013 08:55 PM - permalink
    oki,thanks so much for tellinghow do you send friend request?
  13. Golddron Sex
    11-10-2012 09:45 PM - permalink
    Golddron Sex
    Law career sounds fun. Dunno about film stuff though. Not my thing.

    And hell no. In 8th grade I first decided what I'd like to do, which was become a video game designer. Then as high school came alone, I thought computer programmer would be fun. But as I neared the end, I realized that I wouldn't be able to do college, just because I knew my parents had exhausted their resources sending my brother and sister to college. And I didn't want to get messed up and stagger under debt for the foreseeable future like my brother and sister.

    Came from a very military family, so it seemed like the thing to do.
  14. Golddron Sex
    11-03-2012 08:52 PM - permalink
    Golddron Sex
    Pffft, don't worry about it. You're busy.

    I don't really play [at all], but yes, ZU is a very good alternative.

    What do you want to do? [and I apologize if you've told me before. :<]
  15. Golddron Sex
    10-09-2012 05:34 AM - permalink
    Golddron Sex
    There really isn't much to do lol. Some people probably go play ping pong, or something. I tend to be online as much as I can. I don't even do much on here though.. I deleted my facebook before I left, so I really don't keep in contact with people from home. I made a new one for my sister and dad though.

    I assume you don't have much interest in being a priest?
  16. Doctor You
    10-08-2012 07:14 PM - permalink
    Doctor You
    Well, sadly, no, it's not code--basically just today. I'll be back for long-term eventually, I'm sure!

    And that's great, I'm really glad to hear that life is going so great! And even MORE awesome is that you're an adopter now. Do me proud, yo!

    Don't ever leave ZU, so when I next get on a long time from now you'll still be here, okay? ^_^
  17. Doctor You
    10-08-2012 11:10 AM - permalink
    Doctor You
    YO! Just popping in to ZU for a short time to say hello!

    And thank you for the early birthday wish, that's awesome. ^_^ I hope life's going well!
  18. Golddron Sex
    09-29-2012 11:48 PM - permalink
    Golddron Sex
    Well, I'm off today, so that helps!

    And it's not bad. I'm working out every other day, keeping busy. 12 hour shifts, 6 days a week, but so it could be worse.

    Anything new with school related things?
  19. Golddron Sex
    09-29-2012 06:19 PM - permalink
    Golddron Sex
    Glad things are going well!

    I'm doing decent. Couple bad days this week, but things end up working out.
  20. Ruki
    09-26-2012 05:56 PM - permalink
    ❤❤❤❤ YEAH.

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