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  1. Altamira
    04-08-2014 03:37 PM - permalink
    Naw, just had to wake up early and I'm not a morning person/didn't sleep enough. x3
  2. Altamira
    04-08-2014 02:06 PM - permalink
    Sleepy Aikies though *yawns*
  3. Altamira
    04-08-2014 01:48 PM - permalink
    Nooo, es not your fault, just like I said, I needed to see how it worked out written down before I could see where we might need tweaking. <3 Be home from work in a little while.
  4. Altamira
    04-08-2014 08:06 AM - permalink
    Postie was good, but I think too much time was given for Josefa to get a shot ready or to ambush her while the door was left open and waiting, so maybe we should rework that part. As it is, she's given too much time to prepare or get the jump on Lyssa, so her gunfire would be more successful and she'd probably be close enough for Lyssa to hear when she calls out.

    I expected Lyssa to dart out quicker with less signs beforehand. As it stands now, at that pace and with the noises to announce her location, Jose would've hit the engine and then some. What do you think? ^^;
  5. Cascadian
    03-07-2014 07:38 AM - permalink
    We're doing work based on earthquakes in the area, so Seismology. I live in a very tectonically active area, so there's plenty of data to work with. I set up little sensors around the area I live, and these bring in data back to the lab, which I then analyze and compile.
  6. Cascadian
    03-06-2014 04:42 AM - permalink
    Geophysics, but it sometimes feels like rocket science!
  7. Cascadian
    03-05-2014 07:47 AM - permalink
    Afraid not, I've entered into a super competitive lab work work program with one of my professors, so that's occupying a ton of my time. Still alive, though

    Woo, we won a character award! I'd say it was well earned
  8. Cascadian
    02-22-2014 06:51 AM - permalink
    Thanks Rak!
  9. Cascadian
    02-15-2014 06:55 PM - permalink
    I took her to this amazing steak restaurant in my city, and then we went for a walk by the waterfront. It was really sweet, she's something special for sure (and really hot, so that helps )

    Yup, I turn 20 on the 20th. Going out for dinner, then coming home to host a party! Should be fun (I live with three of my best friends, I have no idea what they have planned...)
  10. Cascadian
    02-14-2014 09:17 PM - permalink
    Excellent! Just got back from a fantastic Valentine's Day date, finishing up a long project for school, and preparing to celebrate my 20th birthday in a few days! How about yourself?
  11. Cascadian
    02-12-2014 03:37 AM - permalink
    I logged in today and did the summary mission in the Dead End Bar, looking at all the objects the Priory brought on Scarlet. I hope we find out what she saw in the machine - its a pretty scary concept, losing your mind to something you weren't meant to see.
  12. Lysis
    02-11-2014 07:42 PM - permalink
    ah, so he was AWOL.
  13. Cascadian
    02-08-2014 08:40 AM - permalink
    Ree Soesbee is the main writer, and I'm pretty sure she has very strong feminist leanings. Although I confess that I haven't really been keeping up with the living story: can you give me a summary of what's gone on since halloween?
  14. HitokiriChibi
    02-01-2014 04:04 PM - permalink
    Omigosh forgot to upload it! Will do that after I get up and shower etc
  15. insaney
    01-31-2014 07:07 PM - permalink
    I watched the whole thing.

    I can barely remember it.
  16. insaney
    01-31-2014 05:33 PM - permalink
    The second season really stained the series .-.
  17. insaney
    01-31-2014 05:24 PM - permalink
    Yeah, the second is bad x3 First is pretty great, though.
  18. insaney
    01-29-2014 05:22 PM - permalink
    Anime like Monster is incredibly rare. Look up which ones you like from that list and I'll see if I can find more for you.
  19. insaney
    01-29-2014 03:48 PM - permalink
    Oh, also Black Lagoon is another action one. Not as dark/serious as Darker than Black, but pretty violent and still fun if you're looking for that x3
  20. insaney
    01-29-2014 10:26 AM - permalink
    These aren't like Monster, but try:

    The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (Exactly what it says on the tin)
    Kino no Tabi/Kino's Journey (About a traveller who goes around experiencing new cultures and customs in a beautiful and sometimes frightening world)
    Mushishi (A more peaceful anime about a wanderer who interacts with creatures called "Mushi" and help people experiencing trouble with them)
    Darker than Black (Action anime about 'contractors', people with powers who are each represented by the star in the sky)
    Baccano! (A more light hearted anime about tons of characters set in the 1930s, all characters crossing paths with each other. It deals with several time periods at once so it's little confusing)
    Durarara!! (Even more light hearted than Baccano, still about tons of characters living in one area who cross paths, with a mysteries surrounding a serial killing and a headless biker)
    Haibane Renmei (About a girl called a "Haibane", a being resembling an angel, who lives in a walled city with a single gate, that only one mysterious group is allowed to exit and enter)
    Puella Magi Madoka Magica (It's about the darker side of magical girls, it starts off really sweet and peaceful, and gradually gets darker)

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