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  1. spirittracksmaster
    04-13-2011 10:52 PM - permalink
    Great! so why do you want to be friends? ( just wan't to know!)
  2. An Hero of Time
    04-13-2011 06:22 PM - permalink
    An Hero of Time

    What's up?
  3. TheCrazyFinn
    04-13-2011 06:03 PM - permalink
    Well my friend, I'm pretty old. 21 to be exact. And yourself?
  4. Coconut Water
    04-13-2011 04:28 PM - permalink
    Coconut Water
    I like potatoes. Idaho potatoes are the best in the world.
  5. Artemis
    04-13-2011 04:26 PM - permalink
    I can't say I have.

    -Now I have and I can say that it was one of the weirdest things I have ever seen in my life.
  6. Certifiable Frivolity
    04-13-2011 04:25 PM - permalink
    Certifiable Frivolity
    not too too much... working on a project.
  7. Papahl
    04-13-2011 03:17 PM - permalink
    Ah shucks, you're in Farore! But congrats none the less, I hear that's a good, social clan to be part of! XD

    I'll see you about the temple of light anyway if you get into the games. I'm particularly fond of the candy quiz game.

    Oh my. Without a doubt my favourite is Link's Awakening, as is my avatar of one of its most whimsical characters. And yours?
  8. TheCrazyFinn
    04-13-2011 03:15 PM - permalink
    Just heading to school. You?
    p.s. I wanna be in Farore too somedayyy!
  9. BronyofTime
    04-13-2011 03:08 PM - permalink
  10. The Princess Zelda
    04-13-2011 03:03 PM - permalink
    The Princess Zelda
    Nada, man. U? How are you doing lately? Congrats, dude. Farore clan! That's cool!
  11. 齐天大圣
    04-13-2011 03:00 PM - permalink
    I guess the best thing you can do is your best
  12. Amariel
    04-13-2011 02:54 PM - permalink
    Ooh! I love curling up with a cold drink under warm blankets and reading a good book!
  13. TheCrazyFinn
    04-13-2011 02:50 PM - permalink
  14. 齐天大圣
    04-13-2011 02:40 PM - permalink
    Akwardness is something that you have, it's not anything to be ashamed of
  15. 齐天大圣
    04-13-2011 02:33 PM - permalink
    I used to be the same, but I began to branch out and now I have tons of real world and internet friends haha

    How are you doing?
  16. 齐天大圣
    04-13-2011 02:31 PM - permalink
    Well thanks man, I don't think I am the coolest, but thanks haha
    you seem like a nice guy yourself.
  17. Amariel
    04-13-2011 02:26 PM - permalink
    STRESS BUDDIES! YAY! Or not... Anyway, I'm gonna go punch someone! Or a thing... Playing video games washes away all of my worldly worries and replaces them with other world worries! SO COOL!
  18. 齐天大圣
    04-13-2011 02:23 PM - permalink
    Hey man whats up
  19. The Rose
    04-13-2011 02:21 PM - permalink
    The Rose
    *thumbs up*
  20. The Rose
    04-13-2011 02:16 PM - permalink
    The Rose
    You got into Farore ? That's great ! You're like my brother now ! 8D

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