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  1. Scanty
    06-17-2012 03:18 PM - permalink
    And so, the pony clan lives on.
  2. American Soldier
    06-17-2012 07:00 AM - permalink
    American Soldier

    We meet again, Pinkamena.
  3. The Dude
    06-16-2012 09:38 AM - permalink
    The Dude
    Thanks for the add!
  4. DeiStar
    06-16-2012 07:39 AM - permalink
    For a second, I thought Pinkie Pie had changed her name.
  5. Yawn
    03-27-2012 08:33 PM - permalink
    What's up?
  6. Scanty
    02-20-2012 12:55 AM - permalink
    Originally Posted by Protoman View Post
    Pony clan tag FTW. This makes me 20 million % cooler. Much as i care.
    Your welcome.
  7. Quark
    02-13-2012 01:31 PM - permalink
    Just look for a mod with the Super Mod banner. Doesn't take too long to find one.

    Try Melpomene. She might be willing, but don't get your hopes up. I'm not sure you'll get your wish, they typically don't do that kind of thing. I'm personally only a mod of the Battle Arena section so I'm only good for solving Battle Arena matters. Banners are usually only added as awards, for clans, or for positions of power. Good luck with it, anyhow.
  8. Quark
    02-13-2012 11:54 AM - permalink
    I don't have that kind of power, sorry. x3 Try asking a super mod.
  9. Fluttershy
    02-13-2012 09:57 AM - permalink
    PM the banner to a Smod or Admin and ask nicely
  10. Quark
    02-13-2012 09:51 AM - permalink
    I'm not entirely sure, try asking the person who has it.

    Typically Nayru is seen as the "pony clan" since we're just about the only clan that tolerates and accepts discussion of the show, though there are just as many people who despise it as love it.
  11. Quark
    02-13-2012 01:17 AM - permalink
    There is no Pony clan. There's only Nayru, Farore, and Din.

    But if you wanna join one, you gotta take the test. This post tells a lot about it.

    Good luck and I hope you land in the clan you want.
  12. Lord Aranhil Emerion
    02-11-2012 10:41 PM - permalink
    Lord Aranhil Emerion
    No, I was just wondering
  13. Lord Aranhil Emerion
    02-09-2012 12:37 PM - permalink
    Lord Aranhil Emerion
    oh, ok. So how did you find me?
  14. Lord Aranhil Emerion
    02-08-2012 01:39 PM - permalink
    Lord Aranhil Emerion
    You did what? I was asking what made you decide to send me the friend request?
  15. Lord Aranhil Emerion
    02-06-2012 01:34 PM - permalink
    Lord Aranhil Emerion
    Sure. What made you send me the friend request?
  16. Coconut Water
    02-05-2012 11:01 PM - permalink
    Coconut Water
    Ah. Well, I'm five episodes in now and will be uploading the finale tomorrow evening.
  17. Gaba
    02-05-2012 03:56 PM - permalink
    Sure! Why
  18. Coconut Water
    02-03-2012 07:15 PM - permalink
    Coconut Water
    Is there a meme about Kid Icarus that I'm unaware of?
  19. Coconut Water
    02-01-2012 09:38 PM - permalink
    Coconut Water
    Valentine's Day special!

    It's not exactly Mega Man, but probably just as hard!
  20. Papahl
    01-29-2012 11:34 AM - permalink
    Why hello stranger. I'm good, thank you, how are you? How's school and all that? Yeah, it has been a long time... I don't know how long either.

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