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  1. Windra
    06-16-2014 04:18 PM - permalink
    is it a Cockney one?
  2. Windra
    06-16-2014 03:02 PM - permalink
    Ah, I see.
    That sucks. Now I cant learn alienease!
  3. Windra
    06-16-2014 02:48 PM - permalink
    teach me the language of your alien peop-oh nevermind you're a conqueror
  4. I Can Hear With My Teeth
    07-07-2013 09:47 PM - permalink
    I Can Hear With My Teeth
    It all makes sense now!
  5. I Can Hear With My Teeth
    07-06-2013 04:55 AM - permalink
    I Can Hear With My Teeth
    Speaking of those kinds of theories I just spent an hour and a half watching a "documentary" on youtube about how the pyramids are actually rocketships built by genetically modified aliens who control every human government in the world. That's my dose of faith in humanity for the day
  6. I Can Hear With My Teeth
    06-30-2013 06:53 PM - permalink
    I Can Hear With My Teeth
  7. Momo
    06-06-2013 12:44 PM - permalink
    You just create a nintendo ID, go into the home menu, go to friends. We put in eachother's Nintendo IDs. Mine is MomoShepard.
  8. Momo
    06-06-2013 09:07 AM - permalink
    your avatar is the best ever.

    We must be WiiU friends. (:
  9. Fatal
    02-06-2012 01:59 AM - permalink
    Guess I was wrong then. Had me fooled, though. lol
  10. Tyler
    02-05-2012 11:14 PM - permalink
  11. Tyler
    02-05-2012 11:00 PM - permalink
    What's the name on the profile?
  12. Tyler
    02-05-2012 09:23 PM - permalink
    Do you still have this person as a friend?
  13. Tyler
    02-05-2012 03:40 PM - permalink
    Hey there. Yeah, I severely doubt you know her. You live in Texas. Far away from us.
  14. Great White North
    11-29-2011 08:58 AM - permalink
    Great White North
    There needs to be a rule in this thread that all females posting must post pics.
  15. Miss Tetra the Pirate
    01-22-2011 02:54 AM - permalink
    Miss Tetra the Pirate
    hehe i just was playing ocarina of time
  16. Miss Tetra the Pirate
    01-19-2011 12:43 PM - permalink
    Miss Tetra the Pirate
    Hello, how are you doing?
    Just thought I'd chat since we're friends!
    So what games do you play often?
    I enjoy zelda series, but I also have many hobbies, like the beach, shopping, camping, movies, and chinese restaurants!
  17. ~Priestess~
    01-14-2011 07:53 PM - permalink
    Oh ^^;;

    *feels silly*
  18. ~Priestess~
    01-14-2011 06:27 PM - permalink
    Sorry for the weird question but who's face is that in your avatar?
  19. Notsil
    01-13-2011 08:22 PM - permalink
    Hey man, not tryna bug you, but if you have any problems from the staff, don't hesitate to send a PM!
  20. Coconut Water

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