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  1. Sabbo
    09-27-2014 06:41 PM - permalink
    Okie doke; fine by me. Have fun 'til then.
  2. The Wizard of LoZ
    09-27-2014 04:33 PM - permalink
    The Wizard of LoZ
    Alright, thanks! I'll make it soon. This time for real.
  3. The Wizard of LoZ
    09-27-2014 04:25 PM - permalink
    The Wizard of LoZ
    Oh man, I totally forgot about this. Can I still make the thread?
  4. Sabbo
    09-27-2014 06:26 AM - permalink
    Oh good. Either would be fine, but it's good to make sure.
  5. Sabbo
    09-27-2014 02:19 AM - permalink
    So would that be noon or midnight my time? 12 o'clock always confuses me.
  6. Sabbo
    09-26-2014 07:19 PM - permalink
    I'm available most of the time. Since we're on near opposite sides of the world though, just pick a time in the early morning or late evening and it should be fine.
  7. Sabbo
    09-21-2014 05:33 AM - permalink
    Hrm. Well I guess for timing purposes it will likely be the better choice. Oh well.
  8. Sabbo
    09-20-2014 10:59 PM - permalink
    ...Whoops. Was playing HW again.

    Will Showdown be available for you beyond Monday?
  9. Sabbo
    09-20-2014 08:15 PM - permalink
  10. Sabbo
    09-20-2014 07:51 PM - permalink
    I was so busy I had forgotten too. Also I was playing Hyrule Warriors yesterday.

    Sometime today, I guess? I'll be too busy tomorrow morning-midday.
  11. Aguará Guazú
    09-19-2014 02:40 PM - permalink
    Aguará Guazú
    I'm sorry, but i won't be able to play due to conection issues
  12. Tharja's boingy bits
    09-19-2014 02:34 PM - permalink
    Tharja's boingy bits
    Sweet and Salty Desserts | Food & Wine

    I realize most of those have either chocolate or caramel in them, but still.....blegh XD
  13. Aguará Guazú
    09-18-2014 02:15 PM - permalink
    Aguará Guazú
    Perfect. In 24 hours will be, because i'm about to leave for a football match
    So, 17:15 here in Uruguay, then!
    I would wish you luck, but i want to keep it to myself
  14. Ty
    09-18-2014 11:43 AM - permalink
    Yeah, that works for me.

    I think I have my party conforming to the rules. I basically just copy/pasted my Y team.
    No legendaries though.
  15. Ty
    09-17-2014 10:43 AM - permalink
    I think i'd rather do Showdown for record purposes. I'll just have to tinker with it a figure out what i'm doing. Haha.

    Umm, I guess weekdays are fine after 10 PM or time. I'm off work at 4 here, so I think that's 10 there. Which I guess starts getting kind of late.
    Or weekends 4 PM or later your time.
  16. Aguará Guazú
    09-16-2014 12:18 PM - permalink
    Aguará Guazú
    One more question.
    I'm allowed to use any generation of Pokemons as long they fulfill the restrictions?
  17. Aguará Guazú
    09-16-2014 12:17 PM - permalink
    Aguará Guazú
    For me, that's a great hour.
    It will be at 11:00 PM here, so it's ok!
  18. Sabbo
    09-16-2014 04:26 AM - permalink
    3DS, because it'll be easier to avoid the traps of the metagame Showdown nearly requires.

    Friday afternoon/evening, AEST. For perspective, you sent this VM at 6PM Tuesday, my time.
  19. Nesi
    09-09-2014 04:49 AM - permalink
    Discuss twith the Finnish weather .
  20. Nesi
    09-09-2014 04:25 AM - permalink
    I Finland får man ha lunch utan .. begging, I don't have the vocab for this.

    Also its raining, so I am 100% wet, snart ska jag bli sjuk med dig :]

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