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let's all go sleep
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  1. Yawn
    Yesterday 03:47 AM - permalink
    Hey there!
  2. Cap'n Harrie
    07-22-2014 01:23 PM - permalink
    Cap'n Harrie
    I think the sail symbol would look nice!
  3. Cap'n Harrie
    07-21-2014 08:59 PM - permalink
    Cap'n Harrie
    Generally we use zelda symbols right? Quite a few on here have not yet been used!
  4. Cap'n Harrie
    07-21-2014 06:19 PM - permalink
    Cap'n Harrie
    Yeah that sounds like a good idea!
    For the colours, it's probably best to check with EL what is being used but I do recall there being an old signature banner for contest winners that was in light blue, so we could go with that!
  5. Sólsetur
    07-21-2014 03:48 PM - permalink
    they are not involved. i dont really care so eh. my friend said i can stay so i have a place to stay, a decent paying job, and i've bought new clothes and stuff already
  6. Sólsetur
    07-20-2014 10:12 PM - permalink
    my mom took almost everything i own and burnt it. the only thing that really wasnt burned was my bed and tv, which i cant get, and some stuff i had at my friends house already.
  7. Cap'n Harrie
    07-20-2014 09:44 PM - permalink
    Cap'n Harrie
    yeah i see what they mean by it potentially causing ambiguity, but I would be inclined to use dashes or brackets rather than commas in most of those ambiguous instances anyway
  8. Cap'n Harrie
    07-20-2014 09:36 PM - permalink
    Cap'n Harrie
    It seems like it's generally required for formal things, but the rules are slacker in more informal stuff like most grammar rules are, so that could be why people didn't use it much!
  9. Cap'n Harrie
    07-20-2014 09:34 PM - permalink
    Cap'n Harrie
    I dunno then!! I should look into this
  10. Cap'n Harrie
    07-20-2014 09:30 PM - permalink
    Cap'n Harrie
    ahaha no worries i was jus' joking around haha
    I think it might be less accepted in america or something? I dunno!
  11. Cap'n Harrie
    07-20-2014 09:27 PM - permalink
    Cap'n Harrie
    on the muse post haha
  12. Cap'n Harrie
    07-20-2014 09:25 PM - permalink
    Cap'n Harrie
    bECAUSE you did the Bad Grammars, instead of writing 'Traditional Art, Character Design, Writing, & Digital' you forgot the oxford comma and wrote 'Traditional Art, Character Design, Writing & Digital'
    im very disappointed in u
    (i am joking most people forget it hahaha)
  13. Sólsetur
    07-20-2014 07:24 PM - permalink
    my mom kicked me out. im staying with a friend at present, it depends on his step-dad as to whether i can stay here until i either graduate high school or my mom lets me back in.

    i've been here like two days though, so i think i might be able to stay. if not then im living on the streetz
  14. Sólsetur
    07-15-2014 05:24 PM - permalink
    sorry i wasnt able to get thing done, my girlfriend and i had broken up literally an hour before you had PM'd me so i wasn't feeling particularly great. that, and i didn't really have much time to work on something nor was i inspired by the theme that much.

    that said, if there's another competition i'd be fine with participating
  15. CrimsonMatt
    07-08-2014 09:09 AM - permalink
    Just wondering when the banner is gonna be ready, sorry if I'm annoying!
  16. Malia
    07-01-2014 04:35 PM - permalink
    I am! But I am also running clan wars/judging for you.

    What's up?
  17. Link the Zora
    06-30-2014 08:38 PM - permalink
    Link the Zora
    Just to clarify: judges aren't allowed to enter their own entry, right?
  18. brokenjoker
    06-30-2014 08:18 PM - permalink
    there, it has been done!
  19. Link the Zora
    06-30-2014 08:13 PM - permalink
    Link the Zora
    Hey, found a judge. Just need one more.
  20. brokenjoker
    06-30-2014 08:06 PM - permalink


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