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Conversation Between fedex_714 and Quark
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  1. fedex_714
    11-20-2010 05:03 PM - permalink
    Thanks bro.
  2. Quark
    11-20-2010 04:50 PM - permalink
    I can't say that I've seen your post. I'm not the best at checking that thread regularly.

    And it's going to take a while to build trust before I'd personally give out the IP, partially because right now it seems you only want to be liked so you'll gain access to the server. If you truly want to be trusted, try to sincerely get accepted on the forums. Sign up for the clan test as soon as you're able, maybe visit the Escapist Haven if you have a thing for writing and want to RP with some people. There is a niche for a wide range of groups on ZU, it's not too hard to find your own after testing some of the waters.
  3. fedex_714
    11-20-2010 04:18 PM - permalink
    Fine, i'm trying to get known so i can fet into the minecraft server.
    Did you see my post on the minecraft thread?
    Thnx for asking BTW.
  4. Quark
    11-20-2010 04:11 PM - permalink
    Good, you?
  5. fedex_714
    11-20-2010 03:54 PM - permalink
    Hello, how are you?

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