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  1. brokenjoker
    Today 04:38 AM - permalink
    I am doing much better! I had a month long cough that finally just went away. x_x Thank you for the check up. <333

    Is it soon time for judging of round two?
  2. Stardust Wishes
    10-29-2014 09:29 PM - permalink
    Stardust Wishes
    Alright. Just two questions though.
    1.) For the hair, I don't have a certain way of telling the style. Will a pic. do?
    2.) How do you make spoilers?

    Thank you!
  3. Stardust Wishes
    10-29-2014 09:46 AM - permalink
    Stardust Wishes
    Alright, thank you!
    I think I'm ready to start!
    I'll PM/VM the profile to you as soon as I'm finished.
    Again, Thank you for the help!
  4. Stardust Wishes
    10-29-2014 02:04 AM - permalink
    Stardust Wishes
    Thank you for the help!
    I'll start on it soon! Maybe later.
    Personality and Weaknesses are going to be hard though.
    Any tips? Thanks!

    Until next time!
  5. Stardust Wishes
    10-29-2014 01:11 AM - permalink
    Stardust Wishes
    Thank you!
    I'm just about ready to start.
    But one last thing though.
    I have heard there was a form or something to help make your character.
    Do you know what it is? If so, is there a link for it?
    Thank you once again!
  6. Stardust Wishes
    10-28-2014 11:15 PM - permalink
    Stardust Wishes
    Ok. Thank you!
    One last question before I start though:
    Any tips on how to make a character?
    Anything I can keep in mind to avoid and such?
    Finally, how long does it take on an average for someone to make a character?
    That's all! ( Until later though. ) Thank you!
  7. Stardust Wishes
    10-28-2014 10:49 PM - permalink
    Stardust Wishes
    What kind of roleplays?
    I don't know . . . I really want to try both.
    Story-based, or character based?
    I guess I'll try the character-based one. ( The Crossroads )
    Maybe later the VCR.

    For now though: Character-based one!

    Question for fun: Which do you prefer?
  8. Aguarį Guazś
    10-28-2014 07:14 PM - permalink
    Aguarį Guazś
    I don't want to bother you too much, because I know that mods have gazillions things to do
    But when you have free moment, I edited my Character Profile as requested, and would love that you could check it.
    Thank you in advance!
  9. Stardust Wishes
    10-28-2014 06:08 PM - permalink
    Stardust Wishes
    Questions, eh?
    Well, since I'm new to these things:

    What is RP'ing? How is it like?

    My next questions:

    1.) What is the difference between these " Crossroads" and "VCR" ?
    2.) What is the Battle Arena?
    3.) A little about yourself? ( I want to know a little at least about my adopter ) .
    4.)Links for some useful tips?
    5.)When can I start? I'm excited!

    If you want to know about me, sure! Just ask!

    I'll be waiting for your reply!
  10. Ameera Mae Laramie
    10-25-2014 09:52 PM - permalink
    Ameera Mae Laramie
    Well come down a few states and come in my area! I know my job is looking for a few extra people, after your second year you get vacation time, some benefits, and a few other things! Plus you'll be near the beach!
  11. Ameera Mae Laramie
    10-24-2014 06:48 PM - permalink
    Ameera Mae Laramie
    I work in a bakery where I package bread and stuff, it's really nice. Get vacation time, good pay, and good hours. I may come back in the future.
  12. Vespy
    10-23-2014 07:42 PM - permalink
    Can i still make an intro thread even if its 4 years late?
  13. Ameera Mae Laramie
    10-23-2014 06:29 PM - permalink
    Ameera Mae Laramie
    I've been doing a few day trips around my area when I'm off from work, I've also been doing a lot of jewelry making the last few months. Sold a bunch to my co-workers. I'm trying to get back into writing and stuff, one day. >.<
  14. Black_Drago89
    10-23-2014 11:21 AM - permalink
    I'd like to use Vespy from now on since i started with that one.
  15. kisspower12
    10-23-2014 10:57 AM - permalink
    Hey ruki. I will be back within this week definately. Look forward to seeing you all again. Can't wait to continue knocks folly and omg. I didn't know people read others roleplays! My derpy moment
  16. Black_Drago89
    10-23-2014 12:55 AM - permalink
    Will i be able to stay? i mean i really like it here.
  17. Black_Drago89
    10-23-2014 12:47 AM - permalink
    i joined in like october of 2010
  18. Black_Drago89
    10-23-2014 12:35 AM - permalink
    Could i have been banned?
  19. Black_Drago89
    10-23-2014 12:29 AM - permalink
    its either vespy or vespy89.
  20. Black_Drago89
    10-23-2014 12:24 AM - permalink
    Well i got on my old account last night and was unable to post so i was unsure of what the problem was

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